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  1. scalliano

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Flashbacks of the Big Gun from Q2... But aye, I want this now more than ever. It pretty much looks like more of the same, which is exactly what I was hoping for. All we need now is a release date.
  2. scalliano

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Hanging around in Mt. Erebus and The Crusher longer than is strictly necessary in PSX Doom because Lamentation is just the greatest piece of dark ambient evil ever created.
  3. scalliano

    Getting annoyed by some words

    You will take my chicken chow mein from my cold, dead hands.
  4. scalliano

    Getting annoyed by some words

    "Privilege" is rapidly becoming one of those words that make me tune out upon hearing. My neighbourhood is 99% pasty white people and it's an impoverished shitehouse that I even as a grown-ass man am shit-scared to walk through at night, either alone or with others. Some privilege.
  5. scalliano

    The Doom Movie is Canon?

    DOOM 4 retroactively made everything canon. Including UAC Military Nightmare and wow.wad. Let that sink in.
  6. scalliano

    DOOM VFR - Thoughts of a VR newb

    So, I was having a few beers at a friend's house last night and finally had the opportunity to try VR for the first time. The setup was simply the PSVR headset, a base PS4 and a Dualshock 4, so despite being a VR virgin, I went all in on the movement options (it is DOOM, after all). This meant smooth movement, smooth turning and headtracking for aim. I also wear glasses full time IRL, but the headset is very comfortable and easily adjusted, so this wasn't an issue. First up, PSVR's resolution is quite low. This wasn't helped by id tech 6's somewhat aggressive antialiasing which ultimately game the game something of an N64 sheen, so as I started the game up I was pretty much expecting to have to run to the bathroom at some point to empty my stomach. This didn't happen. In fact, I ended up blazing through the entire main campaign in about three hours without a single headache, bout of nausea or any motion sickness whatsoever. Now, whether this is down to my experience in games such as Quake III and Unreal Tournament I can't say, but aside from the headset getting a little heavy towards the end, I had absolutely no problems handling it. The framerate is rock-solid and, despite the low resolution, still looks arguably better than the Switch port. Arguably. With the setup I was playing on, both the PC's hands are basically attached to my head, so no waving the guns around like with the Move or Aim controllers. This effectively means that my head was acting as a mouse, which I gotta be honest, is pretty damn intuitive. The control is incredibly smooth and the only two times that I died through the entire playthrough (HMP) were entirely my own doing. I really like the telefragging mechanic. Grabbing a Berserk powerup and just dashing around the arena at breakneck speed gibbing everyone is so damn satisfying that I did find myself breaking into laughter at the amount of fun I was having. Despite the limitations of the tech, this was still very much DOOM in all of its glory and just as much fun, complete with Mick Gordon's epic score. What reviews and anecdotes can't really prepare you for though is the sheer sense of scale you experience that even the biggest 4K flat panels can't replicate. The first time a Hell Knight came charging at me, I was like "fuck me, he's HUGE!" Needless to say, my friend was having just as much fun laughing at my reactions as I was playing the damn thing, and was actively encouraging me to keep playing. He actually said to me that I'd taken to VR like a duck to water. The campaign itself is, as I said before, quite short. About three hours, tops, not counting the bonus classic maps which are the same selection of levels found in DOOM 16. It does recycle areas from the main game, but throws in a few of its own maps too. Gameplay is as you were, outside of the telefragging which flat out replaces the melee attacks. I liked the idea of not playing as Doomguy, instead stepping into the combat chassis of very recently deceased Dr. Peters, the mission being to shut down a secondary Hell portal. All in all, it kind of feels like a mission pack for the main game, and is priced around the same as one. All things considered, I really enjoyed my time with DOOM VFR. Probably helped along by being in company and having a few beers along the way. Would I invest in it myself? Probably, if it wasn't the price of a whole new system. I definitely would like to check out more VR titles, now that I know I can handle the more advanced ones, but on a personal level I can't square the cost. If you already have a VR setup, this game is an absolute no-brainer. Unless you're still getting your sea legs, in which case you might want to hold off. Bu as it turns out, that's not a problem for me :P
  7. scalliano

    The Umbroteca (enigma website)

  8. Nominating Doom 64 for Doom II.
  9. scalliano

    British or American spelling?

    Irish here, so I'm more used to the rightpondian spellings, which is a bit of a pain in the arse when software constantly berates me for incorrect spellings >.< Even now, my browser thinks "arse" isn't a real word.
  10. I play primarily on GZDioom with freelook, so autoaim is the first thing I disable completely. If a Caco is higher up than the Archie behind it, I wanna kill the Archie first.
  11. scalliano

    Is it still a trap if you know it's coming?

    Because that in itself can get incredibly tedious. I've played some maps quite recently where absolutely everything the player does triggers a massive ambush and after a while I was like, "for God's sake, just end already!" Maps still need their downtime, otherwise, where's the suspense? But yeah, an obvious trap is still a trap.
  12. The general rule is that if the readme doesn't explicitly state that it's okay to reuse stuff, then your best bet is to get permission first. In Stronghold's case, those weapon sprites are originally from an early version of Demon Eclipse and were created by Eriance, who now goes by the name Amuscaria. He's usually pretty liberal with other people using his work, but for complete peace of mind you can usually find him over on the ZDoom forums. Hope this helps.
  13. scalliano

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Anything to Joanna? Come on, you knew SOMEONE was gonna go there...
  14. Very much depends on the game. Even in something like Dark Souls, the story is there, and it's pretty damn engrossing when you decide to get into it, but it never really gets in the way of the game. Something like DoDonPachi Sai Dai Ou Jou (a bullet-hell shmup, for those unaware), on the other hand, has constant dialogue throughout the game and even what feels like about five to ten minutes of exposition before the showdown with the final boss. It's... jarring, to say the least.