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  1. scalliano

    GTA VI Trailer

    Gonna be THAT person for a minute: No Dan Houser No Les Benzies No LAZLOW And certain topics of satire have already been declared off-limits. Consider my expectations well and truly managed. Oh, and it's not coming out until 2026. I know this because R* games always have a minimum of at least 3 delays..
  2. scalliano

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    Pretty much this, although this position makes you a Sandy Hook denier in Rudolph's eyes if the last time this topic came up is anything to go by...
  3. scalliano

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    No way, this shit is official?? And premium??? I thought this was some fanboy's bedroom project, not a commercial product you have to pay for. The problem with meme games is that memes have a shelf life. Once the novelty wears off, all you're left with is a substandard Metal Slug knockoff that you just burnt $20 on. But hey, like others have said, those billions worth of legal fees aren't gonna pay themselves. Nah, just a mouthpiece. That's why he's into the civil courts for 9 figures but still a free man. 1A functioning as intended, folks. Talk shit, get sued.
  4. scalliano


    Pretty sure the Sensible World of Soccer is still getting fan updates, but I haven't checked back in about 2-3 years.
  5. scalliano

    Console Emulation Thread

    I see MAMEUI in there too.
  6. scalliano

    Console Emulation Thread

    My primary (gaming) rig: 6-core i9 12900k 3.2GHz 32GB RAM 12GB RTX 3060 My secondary (music and creation) rig: 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X 3.6GHz 32GB RAM 4GB GTX 970 (I have a 2070 Super, but my monitor is too old to use it) Both emulators run about as well as they can be expected to on both machines, the only potential issue being game compatibility (Scott Pilgrim, I'm looking in your direction). Xenia is kind of a pain in the arse though, as different revisions run different games and the newest release isn't necessarily the most compatible (there is precisely ONE revision of Xenia Canary that runs the CAVE games and another ONE that runs Quake Arena Arcade).
  7. scalliano

    Console Emulation Thread

    Emulation has been a staple of my PC gaming experience since first finding a cracked version of Bleem back in 2001 and using it to play Gran Turismo at 640x480 on my S3 ProSavage (yes, my first PC was that terrible). Since those early days, I've used emulation to explore tons of game libraries that I would never have had access to otherwise, the latest of those being the Sharp X68000 via px68k, allowing me to finally play the original version of Thunder Force II and Cho Ren Sha. I built a new rig at the beginning of this year following a cataclysmic system failure and am now enjoying the delights of Xenia and RPSC3, allowing me to bring games like WipEout HD Fury, Hard Corps Uprising and all of my 360-exclusive CAVE games over. I'm also a sucker for the mini consoles and the Raspberry Pi, although for me most of the fun comes from hacking/building them. Right now I'm pining for the next major hakchi update so I can finally mod my PC Engine Mini - KMFDManiac has apparently been able to engineer his way around the lack of a reset button (previously essential for hacking the minis). As an aside, the WipEout 2097-inspired announcer mod I made for BallisticNG was done with WinUAE. I spent what ended up being several hours getting Workbench set up just so I could install the speech program. Worked out in the end.
  8. Things aren't as bad as they used to be - we still kill each other from time to time, but despite the lack of a functioning government for several years now, we're at least able to focus on the important things in life like not being able to afford basic necessities. I'd call that progress.
  9. scalliano

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    That must cost a fortune in hairspray...
  10. scalliano

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Canon-welding in BallisticNG:
  11. scalliano

    Your Dream Games

    A sandbox crime game set in Belfast during the 1980s. Choose your alignment through the decisions you make, or go it alone and have the entire city come after you. Engage in missions that run the gamut from madcap heists to terrorist operations that would make No Russian look like Animal Crossing. Participate in fun side activities like bootlegging VHS tapes or hot-wiring runabouts for the local joyriders. All to a banging old-school acid-house soundtrack. Of course, those dinosaurs up at Stormont would immediately try and get it banned, but that's kind of the point. Who needs a marketing budget anyway?
  12. scalliano

    Unity goes full Unity

    Like clockwork.
  13. scalliano

    Sour vs hot?

    Sriracha because why not both?
  14. scalliano

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Jesper Krag Rasmussen aka Ixnatifual. The original Titan was the wad that introduced me to ZDoom and I had never played a mapset quite like it up to that point. The original is showing its age a bit now, but the sequel is a tour de force of Hell levels with that extra GZ-flavoured spice. I'd love to see another episode of his "vanilla+" style of level design with the modern featureset.
  15. scalliano

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Blur. A fantastic arcade racer that sold abysmally to the point that both it and Bizarre Creations were unceremoniously taken round the back and shot. I had no nostalgia for the game, I only picked it up on the cheap for the PS3 a while ago but I'm hooked. Nothing else looks or plays quite like it.