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  1. We didn't actually get Voltron this side of the Pond, but I remember my dad bringing home a pirate VHS of it when I was about 6.
  2. Don't know the name, but the one that samples E1M5.
  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I was getting at. Forget "Broke-Tober" lol TBH I haven't even touched Zelda yet, simply because Odyssey had been taking up all of my time (and FAST RMX :P) I grabbed DOOM and I have to say, as someone who beat the game on 2xGTX970s SLI, this port is fucking phenomenal. I remember the first time I fired up the OG Xbox version of DOOM 3 and how blown away I was. Switch DOOM evokes that same feeling. It simply shouldn't exist. Granted, there are some severe compromises in terms of visual fidelity (PC settings don't actually go that low) and there are the odd periods of physical slowdown, but the gameplay remains intact, and the fact that the devs were prepared to go that distance to get the game running on Switch is something only to be commended, Other third parties should take note. This is a current gen game running on what is effectively a tablet, and that's something special. All we need now is an eShop port of DOOM Classic Complete and job's a good'un ;) Sadly, no SnapMap, but then, SnapMap was gimped even for the big boy consoles ...
  4. Got my Switch last week. Damn, did I pick the wrong month ...
  5. Nearest filtering with the highest AF mipmap I can manage. Retains the original look of Doom without the distance noise/flicker.
  6. Microtransactions.
  7. No multiplayer whatsoever. That is so fucking ... refreshing!
  8. Guy's a genius, pure and simple. I guess that it really hit home for me when I played through Computer Station for the first time - I have always been more into the electronic side of music and the track featured in that level was probably the most purposefully synthetic up to that point. The subdued, noise-filled pads, the unsettling chord progression and those discordant blips buzzing around my headphones gave a real sense of being lonely and cold. And, of course, there's Mt. Erebus. One of the few times when the music reaches anything resembling epic - midway through, the bottom drone cuts out, leaving only the main pad to build to an ominous crescendo, all the while leaving you with the strong feeling of impending death. You just don't get that with a Pantera midi file.
  9. Indeed, I find it especially irritating given that I grew up on games like Turrican, Gunstar Heroes and Contra, all of which were brutally difficult and much more in line with Cuphead's gameplay. It's almost as if they geniunely think that difficult games didn't exist before Souls. It has spawned some hilarious crossover artwork, though ...
  10. Cuphead. They told me it was like Dark Souls. They lied. Seriously, though, this game is fantastic. As someone who is old enough to remember when these old cartoons still got shown on TV, I can honestly say they nailed it. The game just oozes charisma at every point, every character is memorable, and I wouldn't be surprised if these guys ended up getting their own Saturday morning show at some point. What I love about it is that it doesn't shy away from just how dark and flat-out terrifying those old shows could be, and all of the gambling, alcohol and tobacco references remain intact, yet it still managed an E rating. I can't stress enough just how goddamn fresh it feels to play. Yes, it is ball-bustingly hard, but that was how games were back when I was growing up and it's so refreshing to sit down with a game which just goes, "here are the buttons, now get to it!" And as tough as it is, it never feels unfair, it just makes you more determined to beat the giant freak keeping you from the next island. And the music! My GOD, the music! Those cats got some SERIOUS swing! All the while I was waiting for Cab Calloway to show up. So yeah, go get it, it's reasonably priced and runs smoothly on a housebrick. All in all, it sure is swell!
  11. Alien Isolation. Seriously, Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender just need to get a room.
  12. "We checked in and discovered that Visceral were making an actual game rather than an elaborate slot machine we could milk the whales dry with, and since DS3 and Hardline didn't meet the projections we pulled the plug. Don't worry, we've taken the assets and are busy reworking them into another one of those roulette wheel MP grindfests we know you all love so dearly. So get ready to cough up, fantards."
  13. I'm always down for more bullet hell <3 Looks great.
  14. So, I just got home from work to discover that the system has been hacked and Star Fox 2 has been dumped already. Sorry, scalpers, looks like my RetroFreak has me covered >:D
  15. Quake. First game I ever had on my old WinME machine. As good a start as any, I guess ...