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  1. They're free for use, so there would be no need to for BD to obtain explicit permission, but I would appreciate credit, purely because I credit everything I use. Then again, it's BD, so I am by no means expecting it ...
  2. I didn't realize they were frowned upon :P They aren't to my taste, personally, however I do enjoy maps which have slaughter sections (MAP07 of Titan 2 comes to mind immediately).
  3. Well, since I've only released one (and a half?) map projects so far, I'd probably go with the DECORATE zombified scientist enemies I made a couple of years ago. They've shown up in a good few projects from other authors and it's alway nice to see a little bit of me in someone else's work (Grezzo 2 doesn't count :P).
  4. Gunlord on the Dreamcast. Was a massive fan of the Turrican games back in the day, and this scratches that itch deep. Just love the fact that people are still making games for this thing.
  5. I've been waiting for this one:
  6. Above anything else, TRUST NOTHING!
  7. Yes, specifically the 32x version. Don't laugh.
  8. Currently edging my way through the Arcane Dimensions mod for Quake. It is as pretty as it is brutal, and no death is slow, painful and undignified enough for those damn flying droids. If the mod had kept the vanilla shotguns, they'd still be annoying, but manageable. With the move to projectile only weapons, the only way to get rid of them efficiently is with the Thunderbolt, but considering every map forces an inventory reset this is a rare luxury. Oh, and whoever came up with the "genius" idea of making the Spawns poisonous needs a stint on the rack, because that shit is just sadistic.
  9. I'm a sucker for maps with custom monsters/weapons - I played a lot of SP Quake back in the day and many of the most renowned mapsets contained at least a handful of custom enemies. As a result the first time I discovered DECORATE was a revelation. It's always great to see the same sort of thing in Doom maps, especially if it results in really good boss fights. I'm not a huge fan of straight gameplay mods though ...
  10. Hey, don't get it twisted, the game is fucking amazing.
  11. Quite a lot in my neck of the woods, actually. Vandalism is rife and there is rarely a month goes by without some little shitheads destroying the junction box at the end of my street. So what? You're saying I should move just so I can reliably play games that I own? Also, your scenario is ridiculous and in no way what I was inferring. Upgrading your rig only to discover afterwards that your internet is down, THAT'S what I was getting at. Long story short, I am never going to be okay with this. Ever. The only acceptable level of DRM failure is zero. I do not pay these companies money to be screwed around. And I have been. Multiple times.
  12. @geo: Weak excuse - leaderboards need a one-off check-in at most to send/retrieve data to/from the servers and are by no means integral to a game's functionality. Remember that bullshit EA tried to feed us with Sim City? About all of those "server-side calculations" that were too awesome for your lowly rig to handle? Proven to be utter shite within minutes. The game was perfectly functional offline and could continue to run up to twenty minutes after pulling the ethernet cable, only quitting when the online check-in failed. @Edward850: In other words, if you're planning on upgrading your CPU/GPU/RAM/etc, don't do it while your internet is out, otherwise you'll break your games. Nice.
  13. "Impenetrable", perhaps? Syntax aside, a four-month delay on software being cracked is very much the exception rather than the rule. Denuvo specifically is being cracked within a few days in many cases, thus only serving to piss off legitimate customers. There is also the simple issue of managing information. I can't speak for everyone, but on a personal level I don't like being lied to. I honestly believe that SEGA deliberately tried to slip this past their customers. And everything that they have put out in the last two days has been nothing but PR spin, even going so far as to potentially throw the dev team under the bus. In fact, given the friction that this has apparently caused, SM2 might not happen.