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  1. You know, I deliberately cancelled my preorder when I found out 3DAS was emulated. Considering my old systems are still to hand, it seemd kind of pointless. There are only certain titles I'll double-dip on. Got my PS4 and Switch copies of Doom 64 locked in, so I'm sorted :P
  2. scalliano

    Video Game Cover Artworks

    Defender (Atari 2600)
  3. scalliano


    Does Xbox have enough IPs for a decent kart racer now?
  4. scalliano


    This must be how NFL2K fans felt back in 2005...
  5. Favourite: Suspense Least favourite: any of the metal ones. When maps take upwards of ten minutes to beat, there's only so much my ears can take.
  6. scalliano

    Behold: Pregnancy Tester Doom!

    Is the "Hellspawn" gag too obvious?
  7. scalliano

    50 Worst Video Game Voice Acting Lines

    "HASHTAG YOUR DEAD BRO!!" - Actual taunt from LawBreakers. No link for obvious reasons...
  8. scalliano

    WADs That Aren't Serious

    The Community Is Falling series by Kaiser. First two are pretty short and will take you about 30-40 minutes each. The third is the jokewad to end all jokewads - basically a full scale total conversion that will take several hours to get through. Be warned though, the whole series is pure memes.
  9. scalliano

    Subjective vision of new generations

    To be fair, I was being fecetious. But T2 and Aliens are my two favourite movies (Aliens being number 1).
  10. scalliano

    John Romero making you his B..

    John Romero is about to make you his buddy, Supafly.
  11. scalliano

    Subjective vision of new generations

    Movies stopped being good after Terminator 2. Not the Terminator movies, just... movies.
  12. Preemptive name-calling such as the above is precisely what I'm talking about. I find it personally unpalateable, but I will never call for your expulsion from the internet/your job/your payment processor because of it. Ultimately, that is what the OP is canvassing for. You know those soldiers I mentioned? Let me finish that story for you. As I was passing one of them, watching his every move like my life depended on it, he acknowlwdged me, and in the thickest Manchester accent, said, "Alright, our kid? Ya goin' to school?" I nodded at him without saying a word. And that was it. Nothing else happened, other than my realization that, fuck me, they're actually human beings too, and they probably don't want to be here as much as I want them gone. No one is telling you who you should and shouldn't hang around with. In fact, personally choosing not to associate with someone is exactly what I'm advocating, rather than relying on some authority figure to gulag their ass. But if you spend your entire life assuming the absolute worst in people just because of a difference of opinion, you're gonna be pretty miserable. Some people have had bad experiences that have clouded their judgement. Of course, there are just straight assholes, but there are FAR fewer of them in the real world than social media (or even mainstream media) would have you believe. Get. Off. Twitter. Ah, yes, this much-fabled "dog-whistle" I've heard so much about. I've never personally encountered it. Make of that what you will. As far as artistic works go, it's all about internal politics versus external politics. Internal politics are pretty much inevitable and a natural part of storytelling. External politics are invariably straight up propaganda and are where the issue lies for me. However, I was speaking more with regard to the fans themselves. If you consider yourself a fan of a work/hobby/whatever, and then claim that something fundamental to it is problematic and needs to be changed to suit your beliefs, then were you really a fan? Of course it is entirely legitimate to have criticisms of a work that you love, but if the issue comes down to the main character having the wrong skin colour/gender/religion, that's not a problem with the work. Let me make it live for you... We're hearing a lot coming out of the US about various police departments engaging in racial profiling and that it is racist. And I agree that it is. It should not be a factor in apprehending suspects. But if racial profiling is bad (and it is), why do it with media? Because when a work is scrutinized purely because of its ratio of different ehnicities, that's racial profiling. Same goes for gender, sexuality and all other immutable characteristics that we are being told we need to judge people upon under the conceit of "inclusion". I look at what is happening in California with the Affirmative Action Bill. I've read the Bill and it is nightmarish - it has fuck-all to do with AA and is literally scrubbing the part of the Constitution that prohibits discrimination or favourable treatment based on race, gender, sexuality, all that jazz. In their neverending crusade to prove how not bigoted they are, they are effectively re-legalizing "No Blacks No Irish No Dogs". Like I said, who are the real "reactionaries" here?
  13. "Human rights are for cucks," said no real person ever. You know, all this talk about "reactionary chuds" lurking around every corner strikes me as the kind of bad faith, unhinged paranoia that pervades places like ResetEra and frankly has never amounted to anything more than an excuse to excise people whom the complaining party doesn't like. As someone vehemently opposed to identitarianism (because I'm from Northern Ireland and I've seen where it leads - roughly 3,500 people dead over a period of 30 years), I will never be okay with race, religion, gender etc being used as a yardstick to judge another person. Even if they are the so-called "default" (you know what I mean). What is more reactionary than creating division between different groups of people who would otherwise get along despite their disagreements? That was what happened here in 1969 and carried on for decades. I still remember being 6 and having to run a gauntlet of heavily armed British soldiers patrolling my street on the way to school, partly terrified in case one of them got spooked and opened fire on me, and partly hoping they would so I wouldn't have to face another kicking in the schoolyard for being a specky nerd. It's why I don't take kindly to accusations of prejudice and/or privilege - I spent the formative years of my life being shunned because - guess what - gaming WASN'T cool when I was growing up. Gaming, like any other culture, evolves over time (gaming ESPECIALLY, given the technological advancements). But just like any other culture, it cannot be arbitrarily altered easily. Certainly, go ahead and do it, it's a free market after all. Just don't be surprised or offended if the regulars aren't very receptive. It doesn't make them bigots. I'm sorry, but if you look at an Orc and immediately think of a black person, that's on you. Sorry for getting so heavy, but this is something I feel really strongly about. Seriously, I'll say it again. Get off Twitter. "You wanna play? Let's play. Leave your politics at the door." - Liana Kerzner Also, +1 what Boxy and Boomslang said.
  14. scalliano

    Which is harder, Wolfenstein 3D or Doom?

    Wolf3D. Hitscan enemies, limited lives and some truly bullshit level design.