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Unclosable Doors

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I'm a bit stumped at this situation. Basically, i make a door with an action of "117 - DR Door open wait close (fast)" on both linedefs, and create a special linedef just outside the door of "107 - WR Door close stay (fast)". This should technically close the door you just opened right? The special linedef and door sector both contain an identification tag of 1, so they're linked, but for some reason, when i play test it, the trigger doesn't work, the door never closes remotely by the outside linedef.

Test map:

Download the map here (mediafire)

Now i swear i've used the action event(s) before countless times, all without issue, so what retarded thing have i forgotten to do, or what could be the main issue? If the map works for you guys, then i have no idea what's up on my end.

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I think it's because the door is already "waiting" to close while you cross the "close door" linedef. I think you may have to use door open stay instead.

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Funny enough, that's all there is to it. Thanks for that, i knew i must have done something stupid.

I've been using Doombuilder for years, and suddenly the simplest things with simple solutions have for some reason, puzzled me... Awesome. Anyway problem solved, this wasn't embarrassing at all. Thanks gemini.

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