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  1. No idea why that happened. Of course the 2.1.7 release was rock solid, that version remained current for more than a year, after all.
  2. Any reason why you chose something right in the middle of a batch of point releases for the 'classic' version? 2.1.7 would have been better.
  3. Stupid or not, it often made for a great laugh, seeing how people made fools out of themselves. It really feels like a part of Doomworld has died with it. Post Hell had been a staple of the site.
  4. I'll leave the gameplay tweaks to Jayextee. You are right, though, that the monsters here need to be toned down a bit.
  5. I'll look into it tomorrow. I hadn't realized that the cut-out sections contained important items, I was more interested in general flow of the level.
  6. I had no idea what to do with it, except having a redundant switch. Actually, this was the most pointless switch in the entire level - just to open a room where you have to hit - yes - yet another switch! And seeing from other reactions it's 3:1 against the section, so all is well! :P Updated version with the door fixed and the secret leftovers removed.
  7. It got the wrong door type, should have been 31 instead of 103. What about the changes as such? I'm still waiting for some opinions if this version plays better, regardless of that single door that can easily be ignored (which is why I missed it when testing.)
  8. What do you expect? They flew pretty much under the radar for people to see.
  9. I mostly agree. It is salvageable but that doesn't mean I like it. And then thinking about Blastfrog planning to throw out maps that are clearly better than thi one, even in their current state... :? My main gripe has been that almost nothing could be activated directly, it was mostly a switch right next to the object to activate. Such a setup really kills the pace quite efficiently, which is why I changed it for all such doors I found with the exception of the Plasma Gun puzzle and the yellow key room. Had I had a fourth key at my disposal I would have used that for the yellow key room, but well... if Boom is not allowed it has to remain a remote switch somewhere else.
  10. Here's my attempt: What was changed? - removed Blur Sphere secret. - main entrance door right after start is directly openable. - shotgun was moved to the side room where the switch for the door was previously. To compensate for the lack of weapon when pistol starting, the Revenant from the side room was replaced with a shotgunner. - door after the stairs can be opened directly. - made Plasma Gun sector a secret. - made yellow key door directly openable. - removed the computer maze because all it was there for was a switch to open a room with another switch (i.e. utterly pointless) - removed two redundant switches in the 5-switch room. - cut out a section of corridors before the blue key door (this was just reinforcing the impression of a maze without adding anything of value.) I still can't say I like the map much, the same goes for Zok's other maps, it's not a mapping style I find engaging. Especially the path to the yellow key switch suffers from severe linearity, despite already having cut a part out - but looking at it it's just a long and winding corridor with two small side rooms. I was actually considering removing the entire part of the level but in the end felt too extreme.
  11. Ok, but what I was asking is, why was it necessary to put the opening switch for the yellow door into a side room instead of on the door directly? The map is full of such pointless switches and those are what brings gameplay down. Another thing is, the way to the blue door is an endless string of corridor after corridor after corridor. Here cutting out a section really may improve things. I think when this gets addressed and the 5-key room brought down to two switches it should be better, with the only critical remote switch being the one for the yellow key room.
  12. Many switches in that map are utterly pointless. Some examplex: Make the first door into the complex directly openable instead of having to go to the side room first. I think that is better utilized to put the shotgun there for a pistol start instead of putting it directly in front of the player. Same for the door after climbing the stairs. Why press a switch on another wall, it may be minor but it's just annoying that the door doesn't work on its own. Why is the switch for the yellow door in the blue key room? And why isn't the door itself marked? A far better solution would be to make the door itself directly openable with the key instead of hunting for a switch elsewhere which you may have forgotten about when needing it. I also cut out the computer maze leading to the switch that opens the room with the switch (ugh...) for the blue key room. That's as far as I got but let me say that the gameplay design of the areas I checked so far had been atrocious, always preferring a switch over some immediate action. It's a recurring and very annoying theme throughout the map. I'm going to leave the Plasma Gun puzzle in, but the sector should be marked as secret. And maybe some other secrets should be cut, I find the Blur Sphere in the start room particularly pointless.
  13. Ok, I'll give MAP15 a try. While I don't think I can improve on the layout, the pointless switch hunts and this compulsive need to have no dead ends without any useful functions is clearly the biggest issue here, and I think I can at least improve that part.
  14. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about those. ;)
  15. Maybe some input from someone who never played the map before is needed. I have to agree with Voros here, but as someone truly new to the map my reaction was a lot stronger - and a lot more negative. The gameplay of this map really sucks, it's absolutely not fun. After five minutes of running through corridors I felt totally lost and the excessive use of switches to trigger some actions kills all momentum. It's a badly designed maze at best, if you ask me. The absolute highlight for me was the switch room at (-224, 320). So you enter this room, the door closes. You press one switch, nothing happens. (Actually it opens a door one corridor down, but you get no feedback.) Right on the other side is another switch which opens two monster closets. In one of these closets is YET ANOTHER SWITCH which opens the door again. And to top it off, there's also a secret switch that, when pressed, OPENS ANOTHER SWITCH! ... which then opens a secret somewhere else entirely on the map. So, to summarize, that single room contains 5(!!!) switches to open one door and one secret area (of course with no clue where that secret might be!) Talk about inefficiency. One other thing that really bothered be here is the excessive amount of doors which makes the map feel incredibly cramped in most places. And from a quick sampling, MAP12 looks to feature the same annoying gameplay and the same overdetailed and at the same time non-descriptive look, that makes the maps a chore to play. This is stuff I'd toss into the dumpster after half a playthrough if I was sampling new stuff on /idgames. So, are the maps by this guy in Phase 1 as obtuse as this one?