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  1. Graf Zahl

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.2]

    A frame rate limiter limits the renderer, not the play code. So unless its implementation is broken it will not affect demo sync at all. Normally it is just a short wait after having rendered a frame.
  2. Graf Zahl

    New M1 Pro/Max Macbook Pro laptops

    Just thinking about it - who, aside from Apple would dare selling a $2500 computer with just 16 GB of RAM and a measly 512 GB SSD...? For that price I'd expect double that amount on both accounts. IMO that's a story of the past. I've heard some real horror stories about the later Mac generations after Apple decided to make them unrepairable. Yes, as long as these things work, they are good - but how long are they going to work and what will happen if they stop working?
  3. Graf Zahl

    Windows Vista

    I had the bad luck that back in the day my boss persuaded me to install ME over 98 at my workplace. It was the worst mistake ever, stability of the system went down the drain after the downgrade.
  4. Graf Zahl

    New M1 Pro/Max Macbook Pro laptops

    But maybe not rotten apples! :P
  5. Graf Zahl

    Null-Canceling Movement?

    I tried such a thing in the early 2000's. It played like shit so it got canned very quickly.
  6. Graf Zahl

    Windows Vista

    The main issue with Vista was that it was the first release with a new driver model. This had the unfortunate effect that upon release a lot of hardware had problems with it. By the time these got ironed out it wasnt really any worse than 7. UAC had to be disabled, though, to make the system usable.
  7. Zandronum is far too old to support any of MBF21. Even in GZDoom you need 4.7.0 to get a fully working implementation. Good to finally have some test material, though. :)
  8. Graf Zahl

    What is your most used editor?

    And you should keep in mind that supporting old, long obsolete hardware is not free. I'm sorry for the people that cannot afford anything better, but us developers do not have infinite time to support such old hardware because we do not have it anymore to test our software on and also need to prioritize our time. I think these days OpenGL 3.3 is a reasonable system requirement because aside from vintage GL 2 hardware from the early 2000's the only systems not capable of supporting it is 3 or 4 generations of ancient Intel laptop GPUs. Yes, it may suck if you are stuck with it, but the choice would have be to either have an editor as it is now or have none at all.
  9. Graf Zahl

    Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

    WTF are you trying to say here? Is is no longer allow for reasons of politeness to point out that a certain code base has issues that make it difficult to work with?
  10. Graf Zahl

    What does Vulkan do differently than OpenGL?

    Interestingly, NVidia's NVRHIlibrary does not use AMD's allocator wrapper. In any case, the version of the allocator we were using was ancient, so I updated the file. Maybe it works better by now.
  11. Graf Zahl

    Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

    That doesn't help the next person who wants to work with that code. The code is bad, so it is not optimal to work with.
  12. Graf Zahl

    What does Vulkan do differently than OpenGL?

    TBH, this is something that normally needs to be handled on the application side. All the system can do in out of memory situations is trying to swap out stuff and depend on heuristics. The client normally knows better which resources can be safely evicted and which can not. Of course all that becomes a moot point if the allocator in some drivers is broken and does not return a failure but instead locks up the system.
  13. Graf Zahl

    GzDoom: What kind of hardware gives the best performance?

    I'd recommend a shop that custom assembles a computer with the components you choose yourself. All of the prebuilts I owned had issues with some cheap parts in them and rather quickly developed problems. The last system I bought was custom assembled by a professional dealer, and it has been doing great work for 9.5 years by now - I only needed a graphics card and an SSD update in-between. I know I'll buy the next one at the same shop. :)
  14. Graf Zahl

    GzDoom: What kind of hardware gives the best performance?

    For general driver stability I'd strongly recommend NVidia. We've been having several and recurring issues with AMD driver bugs, even with Vulkan. The performance of the GPU mainly depends on what kinds of mods you want to play. For most use cases a GTX 1060 should be sufficient, more recent RTX cards only can play out their strengths on mods which make heavy use of material effects and custom shaders. But you should see to install a fast CPU.
  15. Graf Zahl

    What does Vulkan do differently than OpenGL?

    Vulkan has one problem: It doesn't gracefully handle out of memory situations. It either crashes or hangs if VRAM runs out.