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  1. Graf Zahl

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    If there was a point to it we would have kept the lower limit, but ultimately such a thing doesn't add anything of value at the potential risk of people screwing up their config without knowing. There's really no benefit to it at all
  2. Graf Zahl

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    There's a very simple reason for this. In the old days the minimum limit was 16 and 32 the default. And it prompted bug reports from people who expected everything to work normally when setting this to the lowest possible value. Well, of course it did not so the values were increased that the fallout of the tinkering does not reach our bugs forum. Simple as that.
  3. Graf Zahl

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    There's really no point to it. The sound channels are not persistent resources but merely the maximun number the engine will allocate. So playing 16 sounds with a 16 channel limit will have the same CPU load as 16 sounds with a 64 channel limit. And since the sound system's inner workings are sufficiently different from the original, even setting it to 8 won't help making it sound like the original. If he's this resource constrained that lowering this affects performance he genuinely needs a different sound backend. If he wants to run GZDoom on a system below supported specs it's in his turf, but the sound mixer has no issues with 128 sound channels on any hardware that's officially supported (i.e. every multi-core desktop or laptop system from the last 10 years or so.)
  4. Graf Zahl

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    This is no different than dropping Windows 95, Windows XP or whatever else gets old. The old stuff causes work, as you yourself admitted (see the underlined part) and at some point that work yields no benefit anymore to warrant the investment If other developers are willing to invest the work that is fine but since 32 bit already requires disabling both the JIT and Vulkan and the user base is tiny already and further shrinking, it doesn't make sense for a port like GZDoom. Actually, modern mods need that many channels if they contain ambient sounds and the lower limit is set this high so that a certain kind of user cannot reduce it to values low enough that the sound does not play correctly anymore. It seems you have no idea how high the number of simultaneously playing sounds can get in an active environment.
  5. Graf Zahl

    Russian Doom 6.3 (October 29, 2023)

    It's still not ok to take another's project name without asking.
  6. Graf Zahl

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    You have to be careful with this. Not everybody wants to play mods on the most 'appropriate' complevel, but if these get enforced you will get negative feedback from those who prefer to play with all options on. Optimally a map should advertise which settings it needs and which it recommends, but experience has shown that modders often tend to conflate these two and enforce everything which then forces ports to implement countermeasures.
  7. PrBoom's sound code was quite a bit more messy than the other ports so the statement was correct, assuming the cleanup happened after forking Prboom+
  8. That's exactly the same approach GZDoom uses. The result is a CPU-side bitmap that gets uploaded as a texture, but it could just as easily be rendered to a software canvas. In fact it was before I made the code cross-platform last year. Let me guess: Dear IMGui. I wouldn't even call that modern. It's just another blast from the past - these elements were all invented in the 80's or 90's and haven't really aged that well - especially with that color scheme. My personal take is that the core UI is better left alone, but what can be done is making nicer, more modern looking option menus. Unfortunately when I overhauled GZDoom's menus I only went half way with it, and now it's too late to redo it again, it'd break all mods that extend the menus with custom items.
  9. My experience about such projects has always been that they come fast and go fast - the only way to have something lasting is to convince the parent project to integrate these, i.e. make a pull request out of them.
  10. Graf Zahl

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    Only that this does not work if you do not use the zone allocator anymore or have to clean up external resources like hardware rendered textures, or have to take care of other code holding references to the assets that just got erased. In GZDoom an engine restart is a complex undertaking that has to be careful taking down all allocated resources in the correct order and then rebuilding them, including all scripted content.
  11. While that is true, remember what subforum we are in here? As long as DSDA is hosted in the 'demos' section that misconception will continue to hold on. Why not sticky the main development thread in the 'source ports' section? That'd send a clearer message. Concerning ENDOOM, I am actually a bit surprised how popular it still is, so to satisfy your users and put this ever recurring discussion to rest, would it really be too much work to add a simple in-engine ENDOOM display? It'd obviously make lots of people happy and done right won't be a drag on the engine either.
  12. Graf Zahl

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    I have made a similar menu for Raze which even includes a map preview. Porting that to Doom should be possible but there's one gotcha: Build's file system works a bit differently than Doom's and unlike Doom where maps are WADs they are self contained separate files in Build. This poses a few problems because a) maps are harder to locate and b) place some restrictions on the map WADs. For example, this could only work if the map WADs do not contain other assets than the maps themselves.
  13. Graf Zahl

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Not nearly enough to cause problems on any hardware from the last 15 or so years.
  14. You are a Linux user, aren't you?
  15. Where's the terminal and where's the emulation? All this does in all these ports is a straightforward rendering to a bitmap. In other words: very simple code without any complexity at all. A 'terminal emulator' implies capabilities of entering text or scrolling the screen or other more advanced features. Chocolate Doom's library is more than 100x as much code as all of these.