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  1. Graf Zahl

    Was there a 32mb gpu available in 1999?

    Actually, 16 gb / 4-6gb GPU is not state of the art anymore - for that you already need 32 GB RAM and at least an 8 GB GPU... :P
  2. So developing a port for a game is a nerdy niche? :(
  3. If that's all, the answer would be "no." The World Tour renderer is based on Polymer which uses proper 3D projection. Polymost is something of a bastard - although it doesn't have shearing it also does not perform proper 3D projection but something in-between.
  4. So we got the same discussion all over again - again missing the forest for the trees. Is Doom 3D? Yes, surely. Even with the patially crippled z coordinate that is still true. But is it 'true' 3D? My answer would actually be 'no', because one thing is not 3D, and that's the map format. Same for Build, actually. Yes, sure you got heights, but what you do not have is free z-coordinates for each vertex. Vertices are actually only 2D with the z coordinate coming from an external shared data source, i.e. the sector. 'True 3D' means to me that all aspects of the game have fully realized xyz coordinates and that's clearly not the case for these old games.
  5. It's not really that hard. What you need is a stencil buffer to mask out the part you want to draw in and then render the part of the sector plane into it. After that clear the stencil again.
  6. The Build engine is as much 3D as the Doom engine - but it allows different sections of the map to overlap in XY space - but only as long as you cannot see both parts at the same time.
  7. Graf Zahl

    The problem with Strife in GZDoom.

    Also, please post the startup log, especially the list of loaded files. Yes, that is a new feature in Strife. If you drop below 10 HP you cannot run anymore
  8. Graf Zahl

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    Ok, where are the bug reports that could have ensured that the maps works without such hackery? If you people ciontinue to heap workaround after workaround onto a map without getting the engine fixed, it is no surprise that such monstrosities are conceived.
  9. Graf Zahl

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    The reason for that is, however, that Boom's scroller implementation is pretty poor, apparently conceived by trial and error until it worked. Try to refine your math and it will show off some problems. There is one compatibility option for the most obvious difference, i.e. Boom's scrollers are additive when an item is on the boundary, while ZDoom's are averaging. For this one a compatibility option exists. But you are clearly exaggerating. Most Boom maps never run into these edge cases - you have to try really hard to do odd things to encounter compatibility problems.
  10. Graf Zahl

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    There is no option because no actual map outside of test cases needs it. Needless to say, once a map pops up that depends on Boom's broken crusher implementation that option will be added. But there's really no point adding new options for things that have no practical use.
  11. Graf Zahl

    GZDoom/Woof: How do you separate saves?

    That probably means you already had an INI in your user folder from some earlier session.
  12. Graf Zahl

    UMAPINFO "episode" Unspecified Behaviour Resolution

    The main issue here is that the internal handling of map progression is very different between ports. Since this part had been completely redone and generalized in ZDoom long ago it was quite natural to extend the existing rules to UMAPINFO in GZDoom. Writing the corresponding code for PrBoom+ was an entirely different matter and I may have missed a few details as a result. This code needs to handle the defaults after all which GZDoom does not - all internal episodes are defined with MAPINFO after all. Regarding the single episode thing, this is also just a carryover of the ZDoom rules. As a menu with a single entry is redundant and for Doom 2 it needs to skip this single entry menu anyway to be 'correct'. this is what happens with UMAPINFO and what I implemented in PrBoom+ as well. Regarding the summary screen, it gets skipped in E?M8 because the original MAPINFO record says so. UMAPINFO does not touch that field.
  13. Graf Zahl

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    Two thumbs up from me! :D
  14. Graf Zahl

    What do you think about Wikipedia?

    It may have some occasional problems and certain people trying to abuse it, but not having it would be a major loss.
  15. Graf Zahl

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    This sounds suspiciously like an issue I had in the past with several Build ports when VSync was on. They showed inexplicable stuttering although the game ran fine when VSync was off. From what I found out when investigating this is that modern NVidia GPUs do not seem to like it when textures in OpenGL use their attached sampler state. The problems went entirely away after switching to dedicated sampler objects. PrBoom+'s GL code - which DSDA inherited - is very old and hasn't seen any modification/modernization in many years and it still uses this outdated method of handling textures, so it may actually be the same problem. This can be particularly bad if the settings are being constantly changed.