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  1. Graf is probably visiting this forum with him logged out.

  2. Graf Zahl is fine btw, just posting in zdoom forums now :P

    (just for the people who dont know)

  3. Graf Zahl

    black screen when using opengl on gzdoom

    What's your graphics hardware? And which version of GZDoom did you use?
  4. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    Quake's way of doing demos is not really replicable in Doom. Essentially the demo player is an emulated server that's sending normal control events to the client. GZDoom does not have such a thing, and even Zandronum is not a clean C/S-port, as it still offloads a lot of work to the client to save bandwidth. But Zandronum would be thre closest option to implement it.
  5. The mechanics of the fights actually do not bother me - what does is that most of the more basic projects not only replicate the same monster encounters but also the same kind of architecture with the same textures. Opening a Doom 2 megawad quickly shows that they are nothing more than just another Doom 2 megawad - most of the time the maps are totally interchangeable between them. Back to Saturn X was one of the notable exceptions here - some mappers actually trying to push vanilla mapping to new limits. Whether it was successful must be left to the players, but I think it's still better than the 101st Doom 2 megawad with mostly Doom 2 textures and Doom 2 mapping style, preferably trying to replicate one of Doom 2's levels' concepts. Why should I play those? Maybe because it's an entirely different beast? The prime advantage to Doom mapping is that it can be done in 2D. Get any of these later engines and that simple concept gets thrown out.
  6. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    Precisely that. Demo compatibility is one of the most time consuming and most restrictive features out there. This is something that can grind feature development to a standstill, because even the most minute of changes will affect demo sync.
  7. Yeah, more of the same downtrodden stuff. What I like to see is people trying to experiment with ports' features and create stuff that hasn't been done to death yet. Most of these 'back to the basics' projects are so painfully similar that I get little enjoyment out of playing them. A good recent example would be the token Megawad Cacoward winner "No End in Sight". I'm sorry to say this, but these kinds of projects have lost me many, many years ago.
  8. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    It would require copying a lot code from SVE. The single player campaign was a little bit of scripting, actor definitions and a new entry to MAPINFO, but no real code being added to the engine, so that's why I didn't go further. CTC seemed like too much work for too little gain.
  9. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    Maybe when the hardware gets a lot more powerful than what it is right now... Keep in mind that the current shadowmap feature, simple as it is, needs quite some powerful graphics hardware. On the 5 year old Geforce 550Ti I used to use, it was virtually unusable, even firing a BFG with shadowmaps on made the frame rate tank for a moment.
  10. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    It's called "Intel Compiler." Entryway seems to have done some strong optimizations for this compiler as a binary compiled with Visual C++ is quite a bit slower. And GZDoom doesn't profit much from the Intel compiler at all. Seriously, while PrBoom can handle maps like Nuts better, it is not impossible to bring the engine down to a crawl. Ultimately, what we have here is that a simpler program is likely to outpace a more complex one at the simpler task it was made for.
  11. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    The thing is, that's not a 'just'. In fact, the code has gone too far to make it work again. By far the biggest thing, aside from small changes throughout is the fact that GZDoom has mostly abandoned fixed point and uses double precision floats for nearly everything.
  12. Graf Zahl

    How much room of improvement is there for GZDoom?

    There's lots of room to improve things. The main roadblock is simply lack of manpower to implement it all. @42PercentHealth: I can guess what you consider "compatibility". Rest assured that this kind of compatibility won't happen because it'd require reintroducing a shitload of badly written code we are glad to have gotten rid of.
  13. Graf Zahl

    Why does this appear?

    I think that box should be unchecked by default to consider this a 'friendly' installer. Say what you want, but many users have NO IDEA what this means and may screw up their config. Agreed on this, though. Never ever install software without reading what the installer says. Far too many have harmful options on by default.
  14. Graf Zahl

    Why does this appear?

    The question is whether this is even WANTED. I absolutely hate if some installer hijacks an extension without politely asking first.