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  1. What's "Metal" anyway? There's so many subgenres here that it is impossible to have it all universally appeal to the same listeners.
  2. This and my personal experiences as an app developer made me discontinue using any kind of app entirely a long time ago. It is utterly unbelievable how much data these things are leaking into the internet, and if anyone can net that off people will be in deep trouble. Using a smartphone is fine, but I restrict myself to the web browser - especially for sensitive tasks.
  3. Even then, the feature has been misnamed ever since the first editors appeared in 1994 and that misnaming is causing confusion because the incorrect name is implying something that is simply not true. What's the point in intentionally propagating that confusion?
  4. Yes, but dind't this contain only a fraction of the game's content? In any case, the problem is not the distribution format but the invasive DRM that's being employed to 'protect' the game's content. One has to wonder what will happen if the creators declare some game obsolete and discontinue DRM management which would effectivlely render the game unplayable. Sloppy implementation nonwithstanding, which may create compatibility issues with more recent hardware and OSs, games from 15-20 years are generally still playable without too much of a hassle. Wanna bet that 20 years down the line today's games will just be digital garbage?
  5. But considering that even for large maps the blockmap is far from being the largest resource this will rarely become a critical factor.
  6. As long as these sectors do not contain any detail their impact will be minimal. The number of lines is far more critical to performance.
  7. The oldest stuff I still have is the source code to the first PC/DOS game I programmed: There's nothing older because I only got my first PC in 1991 when I developed that game.
  8. I wouldn't expect them to consider ACS a problem. But ZScript is an entirely different story...
  9. A big problem with Apple's policies is "no downloading of executable code". Which obviously poses a problem for ZDoom-based ports. Overall it's more a matter of principle. I strongly disagree with Apple's policies and feel no desire to support them in any way.
  10. If you want to run some random software on your phone that may not be liked by corporate goons for whatever reason, better steer clear of Apple products. Some of the limitations Apple imposes are just ridiculous, and will kill lots of hobbyist software right out of the gate. I have to deal with their red tape enough on my job and there's no way I'll ever support them voluntarily.
  11. The actual issue in the real world would be that projectiles are subject to gravity. So while each single shotgun pellet may just be as harmful if you discount the loss of velocity due to air friction, it'd never arrive at its destination but quite a bit closer to the ground.
  12. Since you can call down to ZScript from ACS I don't really see much of a point to implement such a thing now.
  13. The Doom movie was bad because it was conceived by bean counters with a director who had no connection to the franchise. It's no surprise that this ended up a mess. It's probably for the same reason that most movies based on video games end up underwhelming. You got to need a director and a writer who have some personal investment in what they are trying to bring to the screen. Overall, for me the most disappointing video game movie was Max Payne, though. This could have been great in the right hands - the tone of the game was perfect to make something truly remarkable - but again it ended up in the hands of studio drones who had nothing better to do than making a generic and lifeless action movie out of it.
  14. The ACS Spawn... functions return the number of spawned actors, so if this is 0, nothing got spawned. Of course you can count most of what you need with the ThingCount... family of functions.
  15. It all depends on how it gets used. I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Many maps use swimmable water in areas that are either optional to enter or just serve as a connection between places and those generally work well. On the other hand, there have been a few occurences of maps that took place nearly entirely or at least to a large degree in submerged areas, and they usually played like utter garbage. If you want to experience this kind of 'fun', there's a few examples in Super Sonic Doom.