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  1. Graf Zahl

    Flash thoughts on Hexen: Deathkings' design

    I mostly concur with Jimmy - the levels have serious design issues throughout and never get the balance between combat and puzzles right - both parts constantly get in the way of each other, the main problem being that most of Hexen's monsters are not that much fun to fight when they come in packs. When I play I mostly use the easiest skill and load a mod on top that disables the respawn scripts, because they kill all the fun for sure.
  2. Graf Zahl

    Should I ditch Zdoom/Hexen and just map for UDMF?

    Seconding Gez. Unless you need a feature that either requires UDMF or would be a lot harder to use without it, there's no need to convert the map. Since none of the existing converters is 100% perfect it always comes with the risk of some stuff getting broken in the conversion.
  3. Graf Zahl

    Do we need to keep the same rotations?

    It'd surely break some mods which replace the graphics. For example the unrotated frames only get picked if no rotated versions are present, so by providing rotated versions they'd block unrotated replacements.
  4. Graf Zahl

    Eternity uncapped framerate issue

    The only method to handle this without explicitly flagging the map is to test the movement thinker up-front and disabling the interpolation when it detects that the move is instant. ZDoom has been doing it like this from the beginning.
  5. Putting uncompressed TGA in a Zip yields about the same as converting them to PNG. And I do not think that any Doom port supports compressed TGA aside from simple RLE compression. In this case my JPG recommendation still stands. If you use a tool like ImageMagick to batch convert them (with a quality setting of 90 is recommended) and then check which ones are ok and which ones are not, you can only pick the good ones and save a lot on them. Even at high quality settings aJPG is still about 80-90% smaller than a lossless image.
  6. Are there duplicates or large areas of redundancy among the hires textures? If not there's obviously nothing to save. Aside from that, you can use the TEXTURES lump to compose hires textures out of patches, just like for low-res textures. If you do that you can even omit the low-res versions entirely. Another way to save space is to store the hires textures as JPG instead of PNG, provided that the quality does not suffer from the lossy compression
  7. Boom's watermap is also interesting but not quite as extreme as the lava. And since ZDoom has been replacing it with a simple color blend from the earliest days it's not really that well known anymore. I guess if it changed now I'd get more complaints than praise for the decision. For such extreme colormaps there isn't really much that can be done. The easy part would be to create a translated texture for the actual rendering, but then deriving a working blend formula is a different matter. It's not impossible, if you can calculate a blend factor and a fade color per level they could be interpolated by the shader (without a shader such a thing is actually impossible to process, though.) If this was the Build engine where palette manipulations are a lot more commonplace than in Doom it would probably be worth doing - actually it would be an essential part of getting the engine right -, but as things stand, the demand for supporting them in hardware rendering for Doom has not been high - in the whole time I've been working on GZDoom there hasn't been a single feature request for it. If I wanted I could add this in GZDoom with very little overhead because all the infrastructure for palette translations is already there and could easily be switched on for handling colormaps as well as palette translations for sprites. The downside, of course, is that it'd degrade true color textures and increase the resource load on the GPU quite significantly.
  8. Graf Zahl

    What's the most memorable game you've ever played?

    You and all your newfangled games. When thinking "most memorable", for me it means stuff like Missile Command and others of its vintage.
  9. Graf Zahl

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's a bit weird. I've yet to find a single MIDI synth where these two options improve playback quality and yet everybody seems to default them to ON. That has also been the case in GZDoom - it got changed when several people pointed out that they should be OFF by default - and after a quick listen I had to agree. So when I integrated Timidity++ I set them to off for that right away.
  10. Graf Zahl

    Doom In Build Engine

    Well, if you call visual overload "graphic fidelity" I'd agree. I've never seen any game that goes this overboard with high contrast visuals - but that really tends to cloud the issue. It's absolutely no comparison to making something truly detailed but with a more reasonable color scheme. BloodGDX is the more mature of these engines, so it is hardly surprising that it got less bugs. Instead of complaining that you cannot finish a map in NBlood, how about helping out and pointing its devs to the problem maps so that they can fix it?
  11. Let's also not forget that Boom compatible ports and up do not use the RNG table, so this will only work when playing with a pre-Boom port or on a pre-Boom complevel. This also only makes sense if you know what value the seed currently is. And that's pretty much impossible when more monsters are active because their movement code also uses random numbers.
  12. Graf Zahl

    WW2 in Doom

    Have you played it? While a war scenario mod it's not WW2 but some fictional future war.
  13. The problem is that lone "CACO" above the block. SNDINFO is a strict word based parser so this makes the assignments go out of sync. Unfortunately this is one of these old design mistakes that can only be fixed by creating a new format.
  14. Graf Zahl

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Doom, back in December 1993
  15. Graf Zahl

    Floating Torches

    Actually, they very much are, Without some understanding of how sectors are transformed into subsectors by the node builder it's very easy to construct nonfunctional setups.