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  1. That is not correct. There's defined aliases for all known IWADs - and identification is always based on content, not name.
  2. DirectX is not a graphics card but a graphics programming interface for Windows. GZDoom should say something about the graphics hardware during startup.
  3. Aside from the few limited events that are supported by the game originally, no. The only thing that can be used freely in any map is the KeenDie code pointer in Dehacked which will open a door with tag 666 if all monsters of a certain kind have died. But that requires altering the monsters, in the map itself there's nothing you can do.
  4. Funny that most option menus in games have been working like that since forever. So it cannot have been such a big problem to begin with.
  5. In the menu the frame rate is capped to 35 fps. Only if it dips lower there's a problem. But you STILL haven't told us what kind of graphics card you use! This is the only important factor because what you experience is clearly a driver issue. @purist: Windows 10 with certain Intel and AMD drivers is a known cause for problems. What's your specs?
  6. That will also make the weapon invisible, unless you got a buggy GZDoom version.
  7. There is no other way. If you change the player's render style this will always also affect the weapon sprite, because this is how, for example, the fuzz effect and translucency in Heretic and Hexen is being determined.
  8. That's correct. It requires some OpenGL 4 features. On older hardware it'd be way too slow anyway.
  9. If you just rename the BFG edition WADs they will be reconginzed as BFG edition. Detection is made on content and apparently both your Doom.wad and Doom2.wad contain the added lumps from the BFG edition. Zandronum is old, it predates the identification data for some IWADs.
  10. One of these days I'd really like to see a proper conversion of DN3D's levels (not to mention Shadow Warrior or Redneck Rampage) to GZDoom. Of course it'd require finding a solution for those moving sectors first and even then it'd still be a lot of work.
  11. The only thing that helps is posting graphics hardware specs. Also 'lags' is not very descriptive. How many fps? One thing that's definitely causing problems is running Windows 10 on manufacturer-deprecated hardware because the drivers may not be 100% compatible with Windows 10.
  12. There is no definitive answer. Duke Nukem 3D definitely has the better textures but I never could warm up to most of its monsters. Doom on the other hand has great monsters but only very generic textures. In terms of map design, even after so many years, my favorite game is still Redneck Rampage.
  13. Again the most important question: What's your graphics hardware. These problems are always graphics driver related.
  14. The problem was not OpenAL but setting the MIDI playback device to 'sound system'. On FMod it uses FMod's synth, on OpenAL it has to fall back to Windows's native MIDI synth - which is quite a bit broken. That's why GZDoom 3.1.0 includes a sound font so that it can use FluidSynth as its default MIDI player.
  15. The orange text is not an error, it's just part of OpenAL's init message.