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Grain of Salt


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meh. A little too cramped, the fight would've been more fun for me if there weren't arachnotrons so I wouldn't get stuck on them. The approach that got me through (without max kills btw) was not nearly as fun, sliding over those 8 unit high stairs. Try making them 16 or 24 high so the stair ice isn't quite as bad. The plasma gun and RL could've made this a bit more interesting that simply blasting everything with the ssg, but it works out ok.

Architecture looked good, though I barely had a chance to look at anything when in the melee. Music ... is ok. Not a choice I'd make, but I like more symphonic/metal/rock midis in my slaughter maps.

Anyway, if this is a first release, good job. If not, keep at it ;)

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I actually liked the crampedness, Doom monsters are more effective in close encounters. Architecture is good, music is ok I guess.

I don't think there's enough ammo to finish off those Cyberdemons, even with infighting.
Good job overall. Maybe add a secret somewhere, and more ammo :)

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