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  1. Grain of Salt

    New port (sort of) and crash [fixed]

    "Milk Chocolate"
  2. Grain of Salt

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Send us a postcard.
  3. Grain of Salt

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

  4. Which monsters do you use least, when you design maps, and why? Would you like to use them more, or do you think you have good reason to neglect them? Conversely, is there a monster you use a lot that you'd like to use less? In my case, I recently decided I underuse cacodemons and mancubi. I suppose because I tend to fall into the trap of thinking of cacodemons as only useful when their abiliity to fly is used. And mancubi I underuse just because I suck at dodging them, I assume. Excluding obvious joke answers like "wolf ss", "commander keen" and "romero head". If you answer with something like this you will activate my trap card and be exiled from doomworld forever.
  5. Archi hitscanners are good

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    2. Grain of Salt
    3. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      find love for the hitscanners within yourself

    4. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      find peace in your heart

  6. Grain of Salt

    TimeOfDeath wads and their demos

    We can go...... further......
  7. Grain of Salt

    2^n : A short slaughter arena map

    Finishing a map isn't reason enough to bump a five year old thread.
  8. Grain of Salt

    My Dexter wad for ZDoom and GZDoom

    Every human being thinks this. Dexter is a bad show.
  9. Grain of Salt

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    Pssst... want some ducks?
  10. Yeah, I wonder why recent 40oz stuff has been speedmaps
  11. Grain of Salt

    Your thoughts on Detroit: Become Human.

    Telltale are that bad??
  12. Grain of Salt

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Unreal 1 is pretty good, possibly guilty of atmosphere over substance, but hey. UT99 is great. Good times. Unreal 2 was dull and had nothing particular in common with the first game. UT2003 seemed silly so I gave it a miss. I hear other games exist, also.
  13. Grain of Salt

    'The most overrated videogames you've played' thread

    The touhou fandom is great. You just have to avoid all the men.