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  1. Grain of Salt

    The Elon Musk Fan Thread

    He is an idiot.
  2. Grain of Salt

    Finely Crafted Fetish Film [7 puzzle maps for boom]

    Oh so that's why you didn't tell me what it stood for :l @everyone else: play this wad, it has tons of cool stuff in it
  3. Gusta give me ks2, i will pay you in duck pictures

  4. Grain of Salt


    Tod, play sunder
  5. Grain of Salt


    Gold + blue with murals etc makes me think this is a Protoss theme, almost
  6. Grain of Salt

    Harassment towards John Romero

    This thread is now about profile pictures. What's everyone's favorite profile picture? Mine is mine.
  7. Grain of Salt

    Doom - The Way Romero Did - Let's show Romero we support him

    Actually, playing games and improving at them is exclusively for women, because it requires the ability to accept when you're wrong.
  8. Grain of Salt

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    +++Dunk your head in a barrel of icy water I think this would do you guys a lot of good.
  9. Grain of Salt

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I read "early version of Unholy Temple" and thought of Dark Citadel for some reason, so I experienced multiple layers of wrong-map-ness. Although NEWCAT3 is clearly map12 Altar of Pain, I do think it could also be the "first iteration" of Unholy Temple, since they have similar enough layouts. I think taking a second shot at a layout idea and ending up with something distinct enough to be considered a new map is a common enough occurrence. I always liked the map12/map23 square tiers maps in d64. It's a cool layout archetype, and you don't see it much. Kinda has a bit of a "classic" feel while being flexible enough that you could give it modern gameplay/detailing/whatever if you wanted. Edit: the rock detailing in newcat, mee2 and canyon is very nice. Kind of ahead of its time, feels more like 2000s maps than 1995.
  10. Grain of Salt

    does any one like passenger of shit

    POS kinda just seem like an edgier, less interesting version of Venetian Snares Go listen to venetian snares:
  11. Grain of Salt

    The DWIronman League dies to: Hellfire: Dreams

    You can do it, I believe in you
  12. tumblr_p20wktOA991riihdno1_500.jpg.3a94400015ae851f55f771f62763f38e.jpg


    Merry christmas ya silly old cat