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  1. @Bloodite Krypto I'm still waiting for you to finish that scythe 2 -fast playthrough you were doing in 2009 :^)
  2. More women, please. Additional request: no salty responses.
  3. Killing a cyber with 2 bfg shots, killing a rev with 2 ssg shots, and killing an arach with the ssg. Those are my favorites, I think. Arachs are like the perfect monster. They force you to deal with them without dealing a huge amount of damage, they have a predictable firing pattern so you can multitask more easily, they're big so it's easy to get good ssg shots on them, and they give you a ton of space when they die.
  4. Presumably Mach as in "Mach 1". Breaking the sound barrier, etc. Also, congratulations to all the winners! Especially Ribbiks, Anotak and Mechadon, because I was hoping/predicting they'd win.
  5. 8 - Stardate 20x7 7 - Sunlust 7 - Shadows of Chronos (if Elf Gets Pissed is allowed i'm assuming this is) 6 - Kama Sutra 6 - Plutonia 2 6 - Back to Saturn X E1 4 - Speed of Doom 4 - Scythe 2 4 - ESP 3 - Bauhaus @savagegrant you have "ESP" and "Eternal Slumber Party" listed separately, but they're the same wad.
  6. This is actually the Doom Editing subforum :0)
  7. Shadows of Chronos won, very deservingly.
  8. One thing I dislike is when switches start in the activated texture and change to the deactivated texture when you use them. I have a terrible memory and it just makes it hard to tell which switches I've already used.
  9. OP didn't specific whether the "map length" means playing with prior knowledge or blind, but I think besides being a long max, avj32 is also one of the longest mentioned so far if you're going by blind play. Although I guess it's hard to objectively measure the length a puzzle should take without prior knowledge...
  10. In what format?
  11. Isn't there some other map that would take ~8 hours to max... can't remember which one though...
  12. Tea and what now?
  13. These might be the worst opinions I've read on doomworld. Which means it won out over quite a lot of racist burbling, so congrats. The ability of US citizens to mentally erase the rest of the world is truly terrifying.
  14. If this uploads correctly, it's a quick map30 I made in september to test whether I could use deh to make the IOS summon cyberdemons and chaingunners. It works, with a couple of side effects. You can exit if you survive for five minutes.
  15. Not minimal enough! Look at all that detail!