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  1. "Legs"
  2. When he said "1:11:seconds" I think he meant one hour, eleven minutes and an unspecified number of seconds.
  3. I think that was Okuplok, and not a TAS.
  4. Memfis I downloaded all your idgames submissions a couple of days ago and one of the descriptions was "named after a hentai I was watching".
  5. IIRC there are little switches that appear on each mancubus platform when you walk onto them, and those make each key accessible when they're both pressed.
  6. Hopefully this link should work:
  7. The best option is actually Crispy Heretic. Sure it's not supported anymore, but the past versions still work fine. As far as I can see, Crispy is the only limit-removing port for Raven doom-engine games that doesn't needlessly revamp the core gameplay, so I'm sticking with it for the foreseeable future.
  8. PZDoom, the port that plays cl2 demos, but also puts tacky glow effects on liquid FLATs. Coming this summer.
  9. To trigger one or more line actions or to kill the player on cue. Many potential reasons tbh. Also, the three maps you asked about are from TNT, Alien Vendetta and Hell Revealed 2 respectively.
  10. Thanks! That's weird, I thought I already had the DSDA version of sodfinal.
  11. Where can I get sod_old.wad? The mekworx link is dead.
  12. I haven't got there yet, but MAP14 is the bee's knees.
  13. j4rio please record E3 of hr2final already

    1. j4rio


      Your request has been queued. Please insert 5$ to finish your transaction. Thank you for purchasing j4rio_.lmp_manufacture™ service! Have a nice day!