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  1. Grain of Salt

    Down the Drain - 32 vanilla maps - RC2

    For every well-meaning(?) bit of over-generalizing advice like this, I can think of several examples of games that broke it in order to do something really cool. Like, surely you can think of tons of games where you can discover something super dangerous if you explore the right area, and it's a really fun scary moment. The only universal advice for "game design" is ignore everyone who claims to have universal advice for game design. "Don't punish the player for exploring", "don't have unavoidable damage", "don't have overly confusing secrets", "don't have difficulty spikes"..... it's all bollocks.
  2. Grain of Salt

    More Memorable Maps

    FCFF map04 and map05 Stabbed With A Sword Mutabor Noye map31 The Egg of Human Endeavors Can't think of any other interesting maps tbh
  3. I watched your stream of map03 and when you started trying to do it in one movement I was like "nooo" :3 Idk if I could do this platforming bit without saves (I think its okay to save on each platform if you're doing a hard platforming bit for the first time), but I can provide some advice: I think if/when someone maxes this map, they'll probably take a couple of attempts to do that platforming... unless they're part of that new crowd of ridiculously good players who d2all ribbiks wads for fun, one of them could probably do it first try One thing about map02 is: you can nearly always just leave an area if you want. If it sucks, hit da bricks :D
  4. Grain of Salt

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    "Lord," they said unto him, "how will we recognize the true Hell Revealed 3 when it comes?" And Jesus said unto them: "Well, it won't have joe-ilya maps, lol."
  5. Grain of Salt

    Best Non-Slaughter High-Difficulty Maps?

    Arch-Vile Jump. The whole wad, but particularly map32, which combines the av jump challenge aspect with puzzles, platforming and confusing non-linear progression, and takes like an hour even in a speedrun. There are harder platforming levels out there, and harder puzzles, etc, but surely there are no other maps that combine all of these skills at such a punishing level.
  6. Grain of Salt

    Talk about some custom monsters you likeĀ 

    You can still use mancubuseses, but their fireballs will use the orange plasma sprite, which does change how they feel to fight (even though the behaviour and hitboxes are the same as usual for manc fire) "Orange plasma sprite" sounds like a soft drink from the future that I would like to try.
  7. Grain of Salt

    Talk about some custom monsters you likeĀ 

    Ya ya, exactly!! That's why the green cyb* is probably my favorite custom monster. It doesn't feel like an addition to the gameplay dynamics of the base game, it just sharpens one aspect a little bit. You could probably even do 1/4 hp cybs in actual vanilla without deh if you really wanted, with some janky crusher trickery (although they would look the same as normal cybers and would not infight them). My problem with a lot of custom monsters (which greencybs avoid) is they lack the sense of "contributing to a transferable skillset that applies to basically any wad" that fighting normal monsters have. When you fight a cyberdemon you're practising skills (and discovering ways to have fun) that you can use on thousands of other levels, but when you fight a scythe 2 afrit... there's only like 20 of them in existence, so kinda what's the point. * - imo the canonical name is green cyb or even greencyb, rather than other things i've heard like "teal cyberdemon" and "cyberdemon knight". Iirc I did the sprite edits for magnolia green cyb but not the deh or the original idea, so I have 33-50% custody. Nop, ww3 is boom but I'm 99% sure it would work in vanilla :D The deh just gives arachs two of the mancubus's attack codepointers. Which is why I call them firespiders.... even though the projectile doesn't look very fiery tbh. If they end up in other wads people will probably end up calling them Arthropod Deacons or something. They haven't been used much (yet?) but I love firespiders. They just make you move (and think about movement) in a really fun way. They take what I love about arachs and make it subtly more threatening and sort of shmup-esque imo. I'm sure we haven't scratched the surface of cool things you can do with them. Other custom mons that are cool: the eyes from magnolia, and their precursors in some other wad (by Purist maybe?) that use archvile attack on you. I have a soft spot for sc2 afrits even though they have obvious flaws. The ridiculous green cacodemons from some TimeOfDeath wads (which I think are taken from or inspired by an earlier wad?) are kinda great too.
  8. Grain of Salt

    AI Generated Title Screens

    This one is a pretty solid character design imo
  9. Ribbiks is as alive an active as usual, he just doesn't like foruming for some reason. I am powerless to explain this. As others have mentioned, you can keep up with what he's doing on his web 1.0 style doom site, his blogspot blog, or his youtube channel. @Pseudonaut I can't believe I never thought of activating that lift as you drop down.....
  10. Grain of Salt

    AI Generated Title Screens

    I've been playing around with neuralblender to see if i can get any usable textures or skies out of it, and my favorites so far are: fwiw you get about 5 disappointing/generic results for every surprising success, so you gotta try a lot of things to get anything nice I think.
  11. Wad has been updated to fix the teleporting monsters in map02. Link is the same. Sorry for inconvenience (and to desync your demo Maribo :/ ) Initially I just changed the crusher actions to be non-generalized, but ribbiks pointed out this causes a NEW issue where monsters that are stuck in the teleporter whirlpools can get unstuck warp into the fight while they're being crushed, which is not very good, since you can no longer get to that area. Ribbiks has very kindly rebuilt my janky last-minute teleporter system, and everything now works.
  12. Yeah, those teleporters suck. There's some weird effect where monsters on a scrolling floor freeze when they hit another monster, and then any other monster that hits them also freezes. They don't break all the time, but it's pretty annoying. However! When you start the final fight, those teleporters should turn into crushers and get rid of anything that's stuck in there, so I'm reasonably confident max isn't impossible.
  13. Yeah, the rocket launcher is time-based iirc. It just comes down after a bit to give you the means to clear up the HKs faster I think. You can do it! Never give up!
  14. "firespiders are fucking lethal" - me while playtesting, several times