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  1. What map is the best map ever?? Your options are, uh... *throws darts at a board* E1M9, E2M1 and E4M4.
  2. "Okay now I'm mad" is a great title tbqh.
  3. Yes. Last week it was Domworld. That was a bad time.
  4. Do you know what hyperbole is
  5. Literally every male protagonist. What are you talking about.
  6. Why ya lyin'
  7. "Movement of jario", or "mario" for short.
  8. Plot twist: it turns out this is a trick Linguica documented in the doom bible and he renames it "j4riosucks" out of spite.
  9. There's a Ribbiks mapset where you have 1% health, called Pepper. Go play it.
  10. "Shmup" is fine. It sounds silly? Most words sound silly, who cares. Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou is the best imo. The exact sweet spot after Cave had perfected their gameplay and before they started putting creepy fanservice in everything. Ketsui is also cool. I've tried to get into Raiden games, but the slow movement feels wrong.
  11. Screen_Shot_2017-10-03_at_18.36.59.jpg


    You're our 18,000th member and you have won a lifetime's supply of chocolate!

  12. Albatrosses are cute.
  13. Wish Memfis would make a megawad. But he's too contrarian.