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  1. I don't hate anything except starting something new. How are things like texturing and thing placement unpleasant??
  2. Can't speak for Ribbiks, but I think the 20x7 method gives you a lot more freedom to use the old/classic colours alongside the new ones, rather than putting the purple front and centre all of the time. Besides that, the green range is used for other built in stuff like the color conversions for multiplayer (green->grey/red/brown), so replacing it can be messy.
  3. That's because stardate 20x6 (presumably!) replaced the green range of the palette with purple, while stardate 20x7 replaces the blue range.
  4. I just really don't like tormentor's style of detailing. It's hard to put my finger on, but a lot of it seems to come down to the idea that you should always detail everything. "Carpets can go anywhere", etc.
  5. Reading the bad advice in this realm667 article is going to give me heartburn.
  6. Hexen doesn't have any puzzles. It has switches and scoreboards that keep track of how many of the switches you've found. That doesn't count as a puzzle, whatever the ingame messages say.
  7. Haven't played any of the past versions, so I'm psyched to play through this finally. Sticking to hmp, I think.
  8. It is actually productive and appropriate to ask for clarification when someone's suggestion is unclear. Since "WR instant kill of the activating player" is obviously possible in several ways in boom (I chose the example of teleporting into a voodoo doll because it's a simple one) I wanted to ask traversd to further describe what he wanted from the new action.
  9. I don't see how magic teleporting lava is a problem if you're already chosen to use a WR line for the effect, and thus decided to potentially insta-kill the player in midair above the lava.
  10. Why not just use a regular WR warp to telefrag a voodoo doll?
  11. Swan.



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  12. I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall when John Romero and Adrian Carmack first learned John Carmack's name.
  13. That's exactly the kind of stuff I like, for the record :^)
  14. Two character wad names that contain numbers make lmp filenames painful to read imo. (For example: "s212t1340.lmp").