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  1. Sometimes it was kinda heartwarming to see someone had a high reputation, because it was like "yep, this person's pretty cool, I'm glad other people like them" (EG, essel, rdwpa). Other times it was like "who the fuck is clicking like on this twit's posts" (examples withheld to protect the innocent). On the whole I thought it was quite fun and harmless, tbh. Even if people were "farming" likes or whatever, who really cares?
  2. "Revolution!" is easy to get into and lots of fun.
  3. This is me: 



    1. esselfortium


      That's a good picture of you!

    2. riderr3


      There is abyss ahead.

  4. You should form a clandestine alliance with the 20+ people who have this avatar:
  5. SF2011 is my Ice Town.

    1. loveless
    2. Memfis


      wat is ice town? (or who?)

    3. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      In Parks and Rec, Ben Wyatt was elected mayor of his hometown when he was 18 and bankrupted the town by building a winter sports complex called Ice Town. 

  6. +++ Eternal Slumber Party
  7. Duck.




    Bird attacks have doubled recently.




    1. esselfortium


      This world is a dangerous place.

  8. But actually.......... yes.
  9. Counterpoint: my onion is right.
  10. They're good at different things. Doom 2 is good for gameplay, Doom 1 is good if you like being wrong and whining about things. Edit: just my onion :)
  11. tumblr_opawydkGGy1vdbx3no1_1280.jpg

    1. Memfis


      What's going on here?!

    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I saw this picture and thought of you. Because I remember you like pictures like this.



    3. Memfis


      It's cool, yeah. =)

    4. Albertoni


      nice non-euclidian 3d space there

  12. Graf, when are you removing the straferunning bug from zdoom?
  13. Well, of corf you are.