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  1. +++ Speed of Doom
  2. I think you shouldn't overanalyse demon usage. Demons often change encounters in a pretty subtle way, which is hard to put your finger on but really noticeable if you try taking them out. Don't only use demons when you think you know exactly what they're adding to the gameplay, because you'll be missing out on a lot imo. Spectres are a different kettle of fish. A lot of people seem to only use spectres in situations that really emphasise the danger of not seeing them, making the encounter a bit of an all-or-nothing type thing. I think it's better to take it down a few notches, and just use the risk of not seeing spectres as a bit of spice... ideally for an encounter involving other, more fun monsters.
  3. Recommend me horror movies. Please.

    1. walter confalonieri

      walter confalonieri

      The first that comes in my mind:

      Brain dead

      Bad Taste

      The Shining

      Dawn of the dead

    2. Ledillman


      Does The Thing(1982) count as horror movie? 

    3. Cynical

      On the border of whether they count or not, but Alien and Silence of the Lambs.

    4. YukiTakashi



      Friday The 13th


      Those are the only 2 I've watched so far. I think I've seen others, but I don't remember

    5. Benjogami


      Jacob's Ladder

      The Thing




      Event Horizon


      Roughly in order of recommendation strength :P I like horror movies that flirt with other genres. Jaws is amazing but is the least horror-y, hence its low position on the list.



    6. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      Seconding all of Benjogami's suggestions, adding:

      The Descent


      The Shining

      The Fly

    7. Jaws In Space

      Jaws In Space

      Get Out

      Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

      The Burrowers

      The Witch

      Don't Breathe

    8. Nine Inch Heels
    9. dew

      I'm not the biggest horror fan, but I think just throwing names your way might not be the best approach, heh.


      Braindead and Bad Taste are comedy horror. Good, fun, but more about gross out than, uhm, horror. Might as well add Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead 2 (yes, 2) on that pile.

      The Shining is a psychological horror, maybe the best one depending on who you ask. Others may say Rosemary's Baby, which is more subtle and yet more creepy. Others would say classic Hitchcock movies, and if you want to see the "prime mover" of this particular subgenre, there's the 1955 French classic Les Diaboliques. Also as a kid I've been very struck by The Medusa Touch, gave me bad sleep for weeks.

      The Thing and Alien are the top picks of the sci-fi "a monster takes out the crew" sort of horror. As a Doom fan watching Event Horizon is an absolute must. Otherwise the genre tends to be schlocky, but I'm probably forgetting a bunch of good ones.

      I'd say out of all the Japanese scary movies, the original Ringu is still the best. Legit scary and groundbreaking before the genre got super-derivative. I tend to avoid the Murcan remakes like the plague, but some people prefer them, they're less psycho and more popcorn scare.

      The original Hellraiser is a lot of fun with very cool horror imagery and if you want what's, like, the only good Lovecraftian movie, check In the Mouth of Madness.


      I'm not a fan of zombie horror or French ultra-brutal slashers and I despise "found footage" with the exception of the original Blair Witch Project (don't tell Enjay), so I'll let someone else expand on those.

    10. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      Thanks everyone! I didn't expect this many replies tbh. There's too much here to really respond to anything specifically, I hope thats alright (if I start responding to one suggestion I'll end up typing a wall of text that covers every suggestion and no one wants that). Anyhow, American Mary is next up on my list rn.

  4. @HavoX I think "no" was the answer this question called for.
    Engaging and quite pretty in parts, but verges on obtuse.
    Wonky and dated, but quite charming in its offbeat use of ACS features. Worth a look.
    Solid setting, atmosphere and detailing. Engaging and very well-judged gameplay. It's a shame it's only one map.
    The cohesion and quality control of this wad are unmatched. BTSX is the defining moment of this era of mapping.
  5. There's some kind of weird forum issue where lots of people aren't following me.

  7. I beat doom 1 fairly as a kid, and then learned about IDKFA at some point during thy flesh consumed or doom 2. I 100% cheated through final doom as a kid, though, since I knew all the cheats by then. You can't really blame kids for cheating imo. It's hard to tell when short-term enjoyment is robbing you of long-term enjoyment, even for adults.
  8. Apropos of nothing in particular, if I made that status bar bg today, "arms" wouldn't be a completely different shade of grey to the rest of the text.
  9. deadpan unimpressed rei is a good avatar.

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      The source is jsyk. May all your days be filled with casual reis.

  10. In terms of collision detection, the mancubus' fireballs are actually tiny, the same size as an imp's fireballs. Similarly, plasma projectiles (from arachnotrons and from the player) are noticeably larger than their sprite suggests, having the same width as a BFG projectile. I guess this is because the plasma projectile is essentially just a recolor of the red projectile from the press release beta BFG and PG.