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  1. The DWIronman League dies to: 50 Monsters

    Oh, hehe, all right then ! It makes sense. Thanks. I don't know if watching my playthrough will be enjoyable to you, as I played slowly and carefully and its surely not what you intended. There definitely were some intense moments though, such as the majority of map 11. :)
  2. The DWIronman League dies to: 50 Monsters

    You'll find my runs attached below. Along with Claustrophobia 1024, 1Monster and many others, 50 Monsters is a cool little megawad filled with short levels based on a particular gimmick - this time, every level must contain exactly 50 monsters, not counting Lost Souls, with only a couple exceptions. This idea may seem restrictive, but I think the maps remain fun and interesting all along, the monster restriction is never felt. AD_79 has managed to keep things fresh by using strategically-placed monsters and nasty ambushes here and there. The new DEHACKED monsters are also a nice addition and help to give the mapset its identity. This wad also has a wide variety of cool visual themes, ranging from classic techbases and human-built structures to Valiant-ish natural landscapes, making for quite a colorful set of levels. It's also interesting to see how AD_79 improved as a mapper and honed his skills throughout the set to directly tribute the authors he likes the most. One can understand why this wad has been called a Valiant ripoff upon release, as skillsaw's style has been closely emulated in most of the maps starting from episode 2 onwards, but other references are present (Back to Saturn X, Sunlust, Sunder, even Resurgence). It's fine by me, as I like skillsaw's maps as well. :) Overall, it's well worth a play or two, although I'm not fond of every map (I avoided map 31 on purpose). Also, there's a lot of instances in which items (medikits and ammo boxes) are placed directly on the player's path (in front of a switch or in the middle of a corridor), and it's annoying trying to avoid them so that they don't get wasted - see my run here. In those modern mapsets in which resources are scarce and backpacks aren't available, it's particularly annoying. Oh well. Great stuff nonetheless. 50monstr-Ironman-WHdemos.zip
  3. I think Doom should have taken a more Quake direction

    I prefer Quake's dark and gothic looks to Doom's. Monsters like Revenants, Mancubi, Arachnotrons, and Spider Masterminds never gave me that "Hell" vibe, as opposed to Quake's enemies. Thankfully, the author of Demon Eclipse / Hell-Forged has made new monster sprite sets for most of Doom II's roster, which have been used here and there already (in Ancient Aliens for instance). These sprites look much creepier and hellish than their classic counterparts. Doom's gameplay is still far superior than Quake's, though, and that's why I stick to Doom. FTFY Quake's Shotgun always sounded like some kind of repellent spray to me.
  4. The DWIronman League dies to: The Warlock's Hearth

    Category 2, played carefully as usual, and survived. The most dangerous element in this map might be... the custom music, IMHO it's too distracting and can cover enemy sounds. Aside from that, it's a nice adventure with a plethora of different themes and distinct areas. WarlH-Ironman-1h06-wh.zip
  5. [Resource][DEHACKED/BEX] Soulbruiser of Hell

    @ rdwpa : yeah, I didn't want players to be able to just brute-force their way through this thing with the BFG without some kind of added risk, that's the main reason for the heat burst. Besides, it makes sense considering how the death animation looks. Comparing it to the venerable Afrit is fair : they both belong to the mid-boss tier and obviously their attacks are based on the same projectiles. I hope that this monster is interesting enough to claim a spot in future releases, and, more generally, I'd like to see more diversity as regards to custom monster usage in the years to come (Valiant and Ancient Aliens already helped a great deal in that regard). Thanks for the demo, as usual you've completely destroyed my minions without breaking a sweat. :) Let's say you've won round 1 against the Soulbruiser of Hell, but he'll be back with a vengeance. :p @ printz : hmm, well there's still a good chance a SSG blast stops this thing in the middle of its attack routine, so it's all fine by me. But thanks for the note.
  6. Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Here's my section, it's basically a fiery pit with lava and red rocks and evil thingies. Notes : - The FIREBLU-textured walls are placeholders and are to be replaced by junctions. - You're supposed to take on this part with full health and (at least) the SSG and RL. Plasma Gun isn't required, but it would be a plus to help less skilled players survive the main encounter. Impromptu_WH_v1.zip
  7. Jim Flynn

    RIP, Jim. :/ My sincere condolences to his famity and relatives, and thanks for everything he's done for Doom and its community.
  8. Hello, As I'm currently testing DEHACKED monster ideas for some Boom projects here and there, I've decided to publicly share a couple of them as resources for other mappers to use in their own creations. The first one is the Soulbruiser of Hell, a strong Baron-like creature based on Björn "Vader" Ostmann's Bruiser Demon sprites found in Knee-Deep in ZDoom (and on Realm667). With its stupid spamming retentless fire attacks, it's designed to be a dangerous and somehow durable mid-boss that will definitely spice up most situations. The archive linked below contains : wh_soh_v2.txt : The text file. wh_soh_v2.wad : the main wad, which contains the monster sprites, sounds, and DEHACKED patch. wh_soh_TestMap.wad : a test map for the monster, that has to be launched alongside the main wad. Monster analysis : Health points : 1500 Radius : 25 Height : 70 Speed : 8 Pain chance : 15 Attacks : volleys of fireballs and homing flaming comets, heat burst (upon dying) How to use : If you want to use the Soulbruiser of Hell in your maps, just extract all of wh_soh_v2.wad's resources (including the DEHACKED lump), put them in your own wad using your wad editor of choice, and then place a Commander Keen in your map. The Commander Keen will be replaced by the new monster upon launch. Please note that the Soulbruiser of Hell uses a lot of frames from the Wolf3D SS nazi (and from the Pain Elemental resurrection sequence), so the nazi is now replaced by a blood pool. Test map : Also included is a basic test map (wh_soh_TestMap.wad). It's a small hellish fortress with four different battle scenarios involving the Soulbruiser of Hell. Warning, these fights are very dangerous and are a good show-off for the new monster's abilities, I think. You may get a (down)load of this hothead here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/bldhc29vh8y74jy/wh_soh_v2.zip
  9. Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Let's try to cook something up. I'll claim 700-799, please.
  10. Tangerine Nightmare Demos (-Complevel 2)

    @ Poncho : I'm using the /idgames version. Map 10 should be replaced regardless of the wad version though, if you get Doom II map 10 you're doing something wrong. :) You should turn off the spechits emulation (and I should've mentioned that in the readme file), as my monster teleporter setups involve a bunch of redundant teleporting lines for efficiency and it can lead to problems when monsters cross too many of these lines in -complevel 2. As for the map name, it's just another cryptic word combination from me, based on "Umbra" and "Nil". Another name candidate was "The Umbrakleion", which I'll reuse someplace else if given the opportunity.
  11. Tangerine Nightmare Demos (-Complevel 2)

    Thanks for the demos, guys. Here's a max of map10, as promised earlier. Gave me quite a lot of trouble, but I eventually got a successful exit. :) I've also attached my best (failed) attempt, which was a very nice demo up until the very end, hehe. YouTube link : TN10-max-2002-wh.zip
  12. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    I survived as well, in ~1h46. Nice pick for a short month. I did know the wad beforehand, having played it on release back then (another Category 2 run it is). Didn't remember the music selection was so catchy. :) There were only a couple low-health moments there, in the barrel-heavy map early on and near the ending. It's been a rather smooth sail otherwise. cafebrk1-Ironman-1h46-wh.zip
  13. @ rdwpa : thanks for the demo on my TN map ! The strategy I had envisioned is roughly the same as yours, but there are some slight differences here and there : during the beginning of the western crescent room fight, for instance, I usually spend some time in the northest part of the crescent to kill all the static Viles, then empty my rocket stock on the Demons from this spot before going for the rockets and holding my ground from there as you do. In the last fight, once both Cybs are out, I usually hide in the lower Cyber hideout (but it's unwise to stay there for too long). Never thought about going into the higher cubby tbh, as I thought it would be too risky getting caught between a stray Cyb rocket and Revenant missiles. But yeah, as it turns out, it works well ! That's what you'd need skilled playtesters for, I assume. I'll record a demo too, once this thing hits the /idgames archive. @ rehelekretep : Congrats for your perseverance and tenacity. :) Overcoming seemingly impossible odds is one of the most rewarding ways of enjoying this game, me thinks.
  14. QC: Doom Edition

    Having a blast with this in FFA against bots. This is addictive, fun, and super-fast :) The mod is also nicely packaged, with .bat files, manuals, etc... High quality all around. It was well worth the wait. Congrats on the release, DBT & team !
  15. Reskined Randomizer for smoothdW.11

    These sprite edits are really gorgeous. Excellent work, good sir. In v13, I cannot find the white-clad Chaingunner shown above the Vulgar on your pic, though. Maybe it's not done yet... ? Edit : never mind, found it in 3 - SmoothDoomWardust v13.2.pk3.