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  1. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: Monster Hunter Ltd.

    Here are my Ironman demos for this month. They were recorded back in October but I couldn't find the time to post them until now. As regards to the category, I'm not too sure : I think I've already played part 2 before, or at least I had some memories of the map, but I didn't recall part 1 at all. However, it wouldn't make sense to play part 2 without playing part 1 as well... Let's label these runs as category 2, it won't matter much here as I couldn't finish part 2 anyway. Part 1 completed in ~33 minutes. Part 2, I got stuck in an area behind some fake glass looking for secrets, heh. An interesting duet from Didy, and I should play more maps from him. I loved the unique dark industrial theme of part 1, and will definitely (re)check part 2. Mohu2-Ironman-Stuck-wh.zip Mohu1-Ironman-3350-wh.zip
  2. WH-Wilou84

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    Doom Annihilation is alright. I expected a total cringefest but ended up liking it. It felt a lot closer to the source material than the pathetic 2005 movie. Having a Doomgirl as the hero didn't bother me, because it's done right.
  3. WH-Wilou84

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    Here's a pack of FDAs recorded on RC2. Awesome work, it's nice to see a wad designed with D4V gameplay in mind for once :) Map 03 got me real good but I'll definitely retry it later on with saves. t-drought_RC2-FDAs-wh_08-10-2019.zip
  4. WH-Wilou84

    Which Alien Vendetta Version Is The Best

    The second one, definitely.
  5. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Survived in 3 hours, secret maps included. I've never played the wad before, but I've watched Maxi Akse's TAS 30uv speedrun a couple years before, so I guess it's a category 2 run... ? Anyway, yeah this is a good wad, featuring some nice and casual Doom II action. Obviously it's very easy by today's standards, with very few boss encounters and Medikits being generously offered all over the place. TVR certainly has its own identity thanks to the custom textures (particularly in the third episode). tvr-Ironman-3h02-wh.zip
  6. WH-Wilou84

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    @ Noiser : Thanks ! Sadly, the .zip file won't work either. Maybe it is due to the .bat files you mentioned. It's weird though, because I can still download and open Deus Vult II First Edition (which contains .bat files as well). Edit : yay, it worked !! Noiser kindly compiled another .zip file for me. Thanks a lot ;) I'm gonna try it on Khorus' Speedy Shit.
  7. WH-Wilou84

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    I get the same thing with this link too. That's weird. Can you please try shipping a .zip file instead of .rar ?
  8. WH-Wilou84

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    Yeah. I've tried re-downloading the file, to no avail. I've also tried opening the file with 7-zip, but it won't work either. I don't have any antivirus.
  9. WH-Wilou84

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5 - Fixes for GZDOOM and Odamex

    Am I the only one having problems with the downloaded file ? I can't open D4V_v1.0.rar, WinRAR tells me the archive is corrupted. I'd really like to give this a look :)
  10. WH-Wilou84

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    "Geôle Nécrosée", another vanilla map of mine :
  11. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: 2017 Collection

    I've played this earlier last week but couldn't find the time to post about it here. So here it is, a category 2 run. I remember playing the last two maps, the layout of map 05 in particular is really nice. Didn't remember the first couple maps at all though, heh. I think I died at the very last trap, or somewhere real close to the exit... :/ That's a shame, considering the huge advantage I had due to continuous play. Still, for a wad full of Tyson-style combat (which I despise), I'm somewhat proud of my performance. AN17-Ironman-Dead-wh.zip
  12. WH-Wilou84

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    I've just played through map 17 (on UV with saves). Took me the best part of 3 hours to get to the end of this devious, grand-scale evil techno library of sorts. Man, what a ride ! "Archives of the Technomancer" is shorter than map 16, but it is still a massive level, with plenty of verticality. Visually, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the bright yellow textures help to highlight the various shapes and structures. Most of the fights feature large groups of monsters due to the BFG9000 being given early on. Make no mistake, this is a true slaughtermap from beginning to end. This is cool, but I wish the BFG was given later, so that there could be more variety in the size of the encounters (like in map 31, my favorite among the new additions). Still, the fights feel diversified enough thanks to the various locales and the monster usage itself. There's some platforming in there as well, but nothing too irritating for my tastes. The hardest sequence, by far, was the crusher part near the end. It took me a ton of retries, and I don't know which was the most dangerous element - the seemingly-endless wave of Arch-Viles / Barons / Revenants, or the crushers themselves. I do have one main gripe about that part : when you activate the switch behind the yellow door, it's not clear what you're supposed to be doing next, and then I spent ages finding the switch that activates the lift allowing you to exit. Maybe it's just me, but should that last switch be easier to notice ? I cheesed through the ending fight by jumping over here, it's possible (though risky) to hop around the entire zone and wait for the horde to thin itself through infighting. Congrats on yet another mind-blowing map, can't wait to see what map 18 is about.... :)
  13. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vanguard & Lunatic

    Yep, I'm late even though I've played Lunatic early... Got a new keyboard last month, I'm still not completely used to it and it shows on the Lunatic playthrough. Vanguard went a bit better :) These are both excellent releases by skillsaw, already featuring a clean and modern mapping style on which he improved during the creation of Valiant / Ancient Aliens. As far as gameplay goes, Lunatic's Final Countdown area and the two orange maps at the end of Vanguard are obviously what I remembered the most, but there definitely were many more interesting ideas and epic battles in both wads ! Vanguard-Ironman-Survived-2h25-wh.zip Lunatic-Ironman-Survived-57m-wh.zip
  14. WH-Wilou84

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    "Yttrium", my latest vanilla "speedmap" :
  15. WH-Wilou84

    When Do Your Maps Get Named?

    Before opening Doom Builder, I usually have my entire map drawn on paper a Paint.NET file. Among other things, map name and music are chosen way before the actual mapping phase.