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  1. WH-Wilou84

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Played up to map 11, really enjoying the wad so far. Difficulty seems fine to me on UV. Spotted a bleeding midtexture here on map 09 : Misaligned support texture not too far from that spot : Misaligned texture on map 31 as well :
  2. WH-Wilou84


    Amazing stuff guys. Axing them skeletons in one Berserk strike is a lot of fun :) I loved the secret hunt on map 03, couldn't find more than 10 secrets but I'll definitely come back to it. Noticed a slight misused texture on that map : texture on linedefs 9644, 9648, 17834 and 17839 should probably be BRICTBRN instead of NMB1_11.
  3. Congrats on the release ! Just got softlocked on map 07 : action on linedef 6433 should be WR, not W1.
  4. Judgment by Rayziik features a Spiderdemon variant that may shoot BFG projectiles. It's interesting to note that the BFG charging sound is emitted at full volume whenever she uses this kind of attack, obviously to tell players when to hide.
  5. WH-Wilou84

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    To add up to Monsieur E's post, are we indeed sure Requiem wasn't designed with Pistol start in mind as well ? I mean... - Weapons are given in each map - Maps were made by different people, and surely not in the order in which we play them (balancing them for continuous play only would then be a chore for mappers who'd have to wait for the finished maplist to rebalance their maps accordingly) - UV Max demos exist for each map, which means that each map is at least playable on Pistol start As regards to map 24, the text file explicitly states that you have to "find the remains" of your fallen comrades to proceed. Ammo drought and the need to find the not-secret ammo caches are the core concepts of this map, and these would simply be ruined if played continuously. MtPain was indeed harsh on some maps though, particularly on maps 06 and 10 which I like immensely. But hey, to each their own.
  6. The map comes highly recommended from me.
  7. Congrats on releasing this new issue ! So far, I've only read Biodegradable's take on playtesting, the Roofi interview and your E4M1 apology. The latter reminded me of Coincident's retentless UV Max attempts on that map that I had watched a couple weeks ago, and yeah this map is indeed a banger, easily top 3 material in Thy Flesh Consumed along with E4M6 and E4M2. Wouldn't call it the best Doom level (it's obviously E1M5), but despite all the pain it causes, E4M1 is definitely fun to blast through and a very strong opener for E4. If you do decide to fix these errors in an updated release, here's some other ones I've noticed along the way : - Roofi interview, page 17 : "ubt" instead of "but" - Roofi interview, page 16 : the legendary mapper Roofi alludes to is "Iikka" Keränen, not "Likka" - Pictures gallery, page 87 : netcurse2000's screenshot is actually taken from a Tarnsman map
  8. Here's mine as well : (DSDA Doom -complevel 2, Ultra-Violence) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xg6m31i4sqz43r/ad-nstlg-fda-27-05-2023-wh.zip?dl=1 Loved the (main) theme right off the bat, nice contrast between abstract vivid blues and pale green stone structures. Between this, Stardate 20X7 and Capybara, it's cool to see these textures getting some attention. Gameplay-wise, I had a good time, this is a fantastic level from what I've seen so far. Things pick up slowly but steadily as you pick up basic weapons and work your way towards the mysterious Nostalgia Generator and its assorted plane-shifting adventures. I only found like 2 or 3 secrets, but I haven't finished the map yet. There's still a lot remaining to explore in there, I'll definitely give it another try. I'd like to see if trying to get that BFG9000 was worth the risk. MIDI is spot on, too. Fits the moody theme like a glove. Great work ! It was certainly worth it to pick that map up and resume your work on it, although I'm pretty sure it would've been a solid addition in your project instead of a solo release.
  9. FDA for "Power Tools (v1)" : (DSDA Doom, -complevel 9, Ultra-Violence) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mccaltqr1nd6fz/Power Tools-fda-1119-wh.zip?dl=1 Pretty good small-sized map in the spirit of Erik Alm's "Pressure Point", and with a difficulty level that felt adequate for its early slot. The overall darkness kept me on my edge, reluctant to use the Rocket Launcher at first until I got a clear grasp of the surroundings. I liked both key ambushes, obviously they're easy but also memorable. Felt clever when I found a way to abuse the Hell Knights trapped behind their wall, until I realized it was much more effective (and fun) to use the crusher. Had I not activated the crusher before lowering the wall, I probably had sufficient rocket ammo to do the job anyway, which is great. The map has a cute charm to it, and you avoided one of the common pitfalls when presented with such a huge texture pack (which is to use as many textures as possible) and kept focused on tributing the source material. The map succeeds at emulating Scythe's early style. Some observations : - These dumb Demons cannot get down the stairs near sector 644. I'd enlarge the stairs, if possible. - Is there a way to grab the Computer Area Map ? It counts as an item, so it would be nice if the player could get to it somehow. - The ending fight was quite rad, could've died there if Lady Luck wasn't by my side. I felt there was a bit too much ammo in the room itself though, particularly these Cell Packs on platforms. If you really want players to use the Plasma Gun, I'd suggest replacing one of the rocket boxes you give before the fight by a Cell pack. ______ FDA for "Mattress Warehouse 2" : (DSDA Doom, -complevel 9, Ultra-Violence) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2f7e3itp8ue46cd/Rusty Drill 04-fda-525-wh.zip?dl=1 Ooh, this is probably the most brown level I've played in ages ! Not that it's a bad thing mind you, there's actually a solid theme here and the white rocks present a nice contrast to the wood beams and brown bricks. Difficulty felt appropriate for slot 4, the level is fun, it definitely has some spiky moments and never feels dull. The red key fight is obviously a threat if you don't bypass or brute-force through that sneaky Mancubus up the stairs. There's no armor in the map, but I didn't feel the need for it. Gotta be careful with these Revenants. Despite its short and compact layout, the map also involves some slight degree of exploration, as I almost missed the Chaingun and its assorted fight. Overall, I'd say that one didn't particularly remind me of Scythe, it's more of a shortened and re-skinned Tetanus map, but it definitely fulfills its promise in being short and action-packed. Great work :)
  10. "Midnight Skinny Dip" has a very nice theme to it ! Had me interested in FoxTex.
  11. WH-Wilou84

    [Limit-Removing] Shevirah (on /idgames)

    Yay, a new Demonologist map, can't let that one slip away ! Here's a FDA for v2 on UV recorded with DSDA Doom on complevel 9 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xp8y84pjom99h6/shevirah_v2-fda-wh-05012023.zip?dl=1 Was overly cautious at the beginning, I was expecting intense fights every time a door opened but it's more of a slow burn, immersing you into this giant, ominous fortress. Completely blundered the demo, that central sniping Arch-Vile is a top-tier threat and I should've rocketed him right away. I'll retry with saves later on. So far, this is pretty fun :) Music choice made me feel like I was playing an old Eternal map, hehe. Good times.
  12. WH-Wilou84

    Okuplok Slaughter Map Demos [-complevel 9]

    Congratulations, this is insane.
  13. WH-Wilou84

    Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Sky?

    I recall skillsaw made a map for Stronghold : On the Edge of Chaos which features cool-looking northern lights in the sky. Judging from the map titles on the wiki page, it surely is "Aurora Emitter" (STR24).
  14. WH-Wilou84

    I make Quake maps now.

    Yeah, good call. Despite what some filthy heretics may claim, Quake's objectively the better game.
  15. 1000 Lines 3 Community Project uses a black variant of the Heretic gargoyle.