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  1. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    Here's my demo pack for both episodes (category 2). Two solid episodes and great examples of wads using custom textures to create a fantastic and oppressing atmosphere. E2's my favorite by far. DARKEN-Darken2-Ironman-WH-demos.zip
  2. WH-Wilou84

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Currently playing this, having a good time. :) Really solid stuff for a speedmapping project, and I dig the gorgeous green sky. I just got stuck in E4M3, in sector 51 (a Supercharge secret) - seems like you can't escape from it. Edit : in the same map, I had to leave two Imps alive in the exit room due to lack of ammo and them being unreachable. That's plain sad.
  3. WH-Wilou84

    Phlegethontic Waves

    Hmm, that's weird. Here's the file ! phlegwvs-fda-27XX-wh.zip
  4. WH-Wilou84

    Phlegethontic Waves

    Finally got around to playing this one. I've completely missed the contest, but I've recorded a FDA anyway. Great stuff ! This medium-sized map features a nice classic hellish theme. I think it's the first map from you that exclusively uses Ultimate Doom resources. There's a classic progression here as regards to weaponry and monsters, which is perfectly fine by me, and the map ends with a cool large-scale (by Ultimate Doom standards) frantic battle and another skirmish at the very end. Both of these fights can be neutered pretty harshly if you find the secret battle leading to the BFG9000, and maybe it should've been slightly harder to obtain. You've already said that you didn't really care about vertical texture alignment on marble textures, so I won't complain much about that, but IMHO it's always worth putting that extra effort to give the map a stronger, prettier look. So yeah, it's nice to see you venturing into other styles while still aiming for a more than decent challenge. Keep going !
  5. WH-Wilou84

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I'm just gonna add my 2 cents here, but you can't expect everybody to be as good at Doom as some of the most seasoned players here. I mean, things like the Cyber 2-shot kill or the Mancubus dance should never be considered for granted by the audience, unless you're designing something calibrated for good players.
  6. ++ Struggle ++ Magnolia ++ Dimension of the Boomed
  7. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    Argh, sorry about the desync Alfonzo. RjY, I admire you for your knowledge, didn't even know about that option :) It just means Rush isn't truly Boom-compatible, but rather MBF-compatible (-complevel 11). See, that's precisely why I haven't upgraded to the latest PrBoom-plus - I mean no disrespect to entryway and all, this port is particularly convenient for viewing demos, but playtesting only with PrBoom-plus may lull mappers into believing their wads are Boom-compatible while they maybe aren't. As regards to me potentially winning, haha, well that's nice. Even if it seems I won because of my comrades' lack of will to retry on lower skills, I'll take it ! :) Good luck to all for next month, the Darkening duo is mostly easy-ish from what I remember but we'll see...
  8. WH-Wilou84

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    With the beta releases of Struggle and both MAYhem 2018 versions I barely found any extra time to play this... Still, here’s my demo archive for this month. Rush-Ironman-demos-wh.zip
  9. Congrats, antares ! Very nice job. I had a quick look at the beta version earlier in March. The very first map I played was map 32 I think, I just couldn't wait to see the pretty blue maps displayed on your various screenshots :) To be honest, the map was indeed very pretty and blue and all but I didn't like that map's gameplay very much. I think maybe I got overwhelmed by the amount of new weapons and items that I was unfamiliar with - the weapons all looked very cartoony (even for Doom), and I was irritated by the high-pitched screams of the blue Ophidian variants. Never really took the time to play again... Gave the wad another try when you released RC1, and this time I started with map 01 (as I should have). I'm at map 14 now, and man, it's a ton of fun. After actually taking the time to get used to the new weapons and enemy changes, according to a smooth and carefully-designed curve over the first 4 or 5 maps, I can definitely say that I'm having a blast playing this. While I still find the weapons a little too cartoony, I've grown fond of them somehow. The dual-handling automatic pistols are immensely fun to use, since they sound powerful and actually mow down low-tier monsters and even Demons like nobody's business. The hammer is a lot more enjoyable to use than the standard Berserk fist, and the Grenade Launcher, while being awkward to use at first due to the firing delay, is a worthy replacement for the old RL. On the other hand, I don't like the slower reloading delay on the SSG, but maybe it's only due to the fact that you used the classic SSG sprites and that gets me confused and angry. You should use another sprite set IMHO, there are plenty of good SSGs here and there (you may wanna try looking at LegenDoom for instance). I still think the Antaresia has annoying screams, too.... Heretic's standard Ophidian SFX would sound a lot better IMHO. Or anything but ear-piercing screeches. :) Aside from that, great job on the maps themselves ! You have a distinctive style to your work, and so far these maps are a nice blend of adventure, casual Doom II combat (albeit with heavily-modified gameplay), exploration, surprise monster closets, and crowded fights. Really cool stuff overall. Thanks for sharing this !
  10. WH-Wilou84

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    These immediately come to mind : - SkePLand - Grime - MAYhem 2016 - Chord3
  11. WH-Wilou84

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    The first map crashes PrBoom 2.5.0 with a "P_LoadSubsectors: no subsectors in level" error message.
  12. WH-Wilou84

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Yep. Happened only two times in many testing attempts, but still... While I'm here, I'll post an updated version of my map with some tweaks regarding easy skills. MAYhem2018Orange_WH01_v1a.zip
  13. WH-Wilou84

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I've added a proper ending to my map, which makes use of the new weapon in quite an epic fashion. :) The map is now in a "playtestable" state (good luck though). Resource wad bug reports : - During testing, PrBoom 2.5.0 had a couple crashes when a Hades Sphere exploded. - On two occasions, I've encountered an invulnerable Ethereal Soul. It wasn't in "ghost" state (i.e. I couldn't even damage it with rockets). Could it be caused by an incorrect resurrection sequence ? - As reported in an older post, there are stray blue pixels on the Shadow sprite set. MAYhem2018Orange_WH01_v1.zip
  14. Cool. I dig the Koultex texture set used here, I'll make sure to check it out soon. :) Nice natural landscapes, too. Monuments of Mars was great, but it was over way too soon for my tastes. I hope this one has some more meat on its bones.
  15. WH-Wilou84

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    All right, here's a playable (yet incomplete) version of my map. Map name: Volcaropod Music: "Death's Bells" (from TNT Evilution) Difficulty: Very hard, with a smooth curve Difficulty settings: Yes Tested in: PrBoom, ZDoom Screenshots : Doom Builder shot : All that's missing is the ending fight in the western area, after the green key door. It should only take me one or two days to build. Everything else is done. Edit : link deleted, see further posts for updates.