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  1. Excellent map. This massive castle features everything we love about Eternal Doom (in terms of atmosphere, exploration and non-linearity) while not being overly complex or annoyingly puzzly, and there's sufficient ammo this time (compared to Hellscape). The docking area is particularly nice :) Played on UV with ZDoom. Snipers can indeed be irksome, particularly faraway Chaingunners, but there's nothing too bad if you're careful. I wish a map this size would have had a couple more secrets, but oh well, it's good as it is. Found some texture misalignments here :
  2. Excellent mapset Forli ! Oscillation-Ironman-PINKIED-wh.zip
  3. Some expert DEHACKED trickery on display here. Excellent work :) Took me more than two hours to beat map 02, with only 4 or 5 secrets remaining. Didn't find weapon 5, which may explain the trouble I had as regards to ammo (I was playing with RC1, on UV, with ZDoom, and got stuck in the same area as SiFi270 and Magnusblitz, as well as against some of the evil mouths here and there). The Grimoire was awesome though. Didn't know you could use health as ammo in DEHACKED, hehe. Aside from the ammo balance (which you seem to have addressed in RC2), everything was awesome. The atmosphere, new weapons and enemies, even the puzzles... Really cool :) My favorite moment is probably the rotating area, which can take some time to figure out but is fun and clever. The engine tricks were also a cool touch - I'm thinking of the sliding doors and laser beams for instance. Glad you didn't go crazy with the platforming, too. Thanks for releasing this, and good luck with map 03 !
  4. Yep, heh. We mappers didn't playtest each other's stuff until the beta release, so it's only natural that some of the most iconic and memorable Plutonia traps got mimicked in multiple maps. I'm gonna cast a vote on +++ 3 Heures d'Agonie 3 ... even though I think 3ha2 is slightly superior. It shall be fun to see how you guys fare in this one, and since the maps are short, 3ha3 would nicely accommodate to a month with low activity.
  5. Endgame - Survived in ~1h21 Endpoint - Survived in ~1h44 I've played Endpoint once, back when it was released. It's clearly not Eternal's magnum opus, but it does have its memorable moments. Had low health right from the beginning, but thankfully the secrets weren't too hard to find and helped me regain control. Map 03 cost me a lot of time due to a pesky ghost Baron that haunted me for quite a while, heh. :) As for Endgame, I didn't know much about it until I watched parts of Eris' video. Pretty good wad but it would've benefitted from a map slot rearrangement I think - map 07 felt tame after 06, and after two gothic maps it didn't really fit in thematically-wise. It has nice lighting effects though. The Cyberdemon chase in map 05 was quite thrilling, too, even though it could have been made more dangerous. Endpoint-Ironman-Survived1h44-wh.zip Endgame-Ironman-Survived1h21-wh.zip
  6. There's a grappling hook in Dissolution of Eternity (the second official Mission Pack).
  7. Made it as well, with some limited preknowledge thanks to watching parts of Archi's stream. Osiris is a pretty cool wad considering its release date, with lots of exploration and nice ambient sounds. The new sprites were ok... Didn't like the new weapons though, their sprites eat up a lot of screen space and I never felt comfortable using them as a result. And it seems you never have to rely on them anyway. Osiris-Ironman-57XX-wh.zip
  8. My favorite Monti wads are the original KDiTD-styled Favillesco episodes ("Genuflected on Io" and "Tragedy over Europa"), so I'd really like to see a sequel to these, maybe a Hell-themed episode in the same vein just to complete the series.
  9. Excellent pick once again. Good luck to all our remaining Ironmen, UR's not a slaughter mapset but it's still very hard and full of nasty traps (the first episode is surprisingly harsh). A survival from Krypto would be quite a feat, here. :) ur_final-Ironman-HehTyson-wh.zip
  10. Well, the team's not the same (esselfortium is the leader of TSoZD), and it's safe to assume that they're fully aware of KDiZD's weaker aspects.
  11. I do hope this project eventually sees the light of day. Judging from the screenies, there's been a solid amount of good work on it, and I'd also like to see what kind of new monsters the team had in store for us... KDiZD gave us the excellent Bruiser Demons, Satyrs, mechanical Demons etc., so surely we'd have had a fancy Cyberdemon counterpart here... :)
  12. Very nice screenies here Nirvana. :) I'm also a fan of Swim With The Whales, so I'm curious to see what your take on its gameplay will turn out to be.
  13. It's also worth noting that 3ha2 map 28 hasn't been vanquished either. :)
  14. Yay for more Quake texture usage ! My FDA on map 03 is attached below. I'll edit this post with more thoughts later on, but for now here's a couple things : - Yeah, map 03 is definitely harder than 02 but actually 01 is the map that scares me the most here, despite being the shortest one :) - The yellow skull fight is excellent with the three sources of pressure and the delayed Vile, but if you have the BFG9000 equipped it's probably too easy (as showed in my demo). I'd add maybe a second Plasma Gun in this area, as it's totally possible to enter this fight with only the RL and Shotgun if the player chooses the "wrong" path. The fight could still be doable with these weapons only, but a lot harder than what you envisioned perhaps. - Hmm, totally not sold on that secret BFG9000 man. If you get it too early, it trivializes the whole thing, although it makes the last fight a lot more entertaining. Removing the secret BFG9000 and adding it in open view just before the last fight could probably be fine... ? - Very cool Mastermind fight. NoctambulistRC1map03-FDA-4331-wh.zip
  15. Here's my attempt. insrtion-Ironman-FFS90s-wh.zip