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  1. @ rdwpa : thanks for the demo on my TN map ! The strategy I had envisioned is roughly the same as yours, but there are some slight differences here and there : during the beginning of the western crescent room fight, for instance, I usually spend some time in the northest part of the crescent to kill all the static Viles, then empty my rocket stock on the Demons from this spot before going for the rockets and holding my ground from there as you do. In the last fight, once both Cybs are out, I usually hide in the lower Cyber hideout (but it's unwise to stay there for too long). Never thought about going into the higher cubby tbh, as I thought it would be too risky getting caught between a stray Cyb rocket and Revenant missiles. But yeah, as it turns out, it works well ! That's what you'd need skilled playtesters for, I assume. I'll record a demo too, once this thing hits the /idgames archive. @ rehelekretep : Congrats for your perseverance and tenacity. :) Overcoming seemingly impossible odds is one of the most rewarding ways of enjoying this game, me thinks.
  2. Having a blast with this in FFA against bots. This is addictive, fun, and super-fast :) The mod is also nicely packaged, with .bat files, manuals, etc... High quality all around. It was well worth the wait. Congrats on the release, DBT & team !
  3. These sprite edits are really gorgeous. Excellent work, good sir. In v13, I cannot find the white-clad Chaingunner shown above the Vulgar on your pic, though. Maybe it's not done yet... ? Edit : never mind, found it in 3 - SmoothDoomWardust v13.2.pk3.
  4. Lava and radioactive waste don't hurt monsters, but hot lead, explosions and plasma do. I don't think "logic" has anything to do with that :) It's just a gameplay element. We should not try to read too much into it.
  5. Hey, I'm here too, on the 25th hour ! Couldn't miss that one even though January has been a busy month for me. The 1CC ruleset is perfect for this kind of wad. Congrats to all of you who dared to try, and to the few usual suspects who managed to survive ! See you guys next month. C-Shock2-Ironman-Demos-wh.zip
  6. It is.
  7. All right, here are my demos for all 3 episodes. Category 2. DTWiD is one of my all-time favorites when it comes to classic Doom episode replacements. Most of the standard stuff we know and love are here, in one way or another, and the wad also emulates E2 and E3's occasional quirks very effectively. The team has done a great job imitating id's style, the whole thing almost feels like rediscovering Doom again (at least it did to me when I first played it). The only thing that angered me here was that one-time secret exit in E2M5, which gets sealed forever if you aren't lucky (or prepared) enough to go through the correct sequence of passageways. It almost cost me the run, as after realizing there was no way of opening the secret again, I desperately ran through the dreadful slime maze at the end of the level and barely survived. DTWiD-Ironman-demos-wh.zip
  8. Didn't like it much, to be honest. Sure, it's better and more inspired than VII and more memorable than Rogue One, it definitely has its moments, but... On the other hand, I liked Now I wonder how Abrams will be able to deal with all this and produce something that's not a total disaster.
  9. Rule of thumb : if an author feels obliged to mention that their wad isn't a terrywad, then there's something fishy.
  10. I like reading these long, in-depth reviews, it shows that Cacoward authors are passionate about these wads and the people who build them - how's that a bad thing ? People and lack of attention span these days, heh. We're truly f*cked as a species. That being said, congrats to all the winners. :) Nice to see Randi Heit being honored. I'm disappointed for Chris Lutz, though. He's a mapping veteran and made quite the comeback this year, he'd have deserved more than honorable mentions IMHO. But on the other hand, Dobu is a true artist (Saturnine Chapel and The Given look like Edgar Poe novels turned into Doom wads) and clearly deserves the recognition. Here's to an even greater 2018. :)
  11. Congrats on the release. :) This has to be the most impressive DEHACKED exhibition I've ever seen (haven't played Batman Doom yet though, heh). Map 03 does deliver, but I think the music's a bit too energistic for the lovecraftian mood you've tried to set up here. After spending some time in the "rotating" room puzzle, I IDMUS'd to 02 and kept it that way until the very end. Loved the Arch-Vile library, and the ending was quite hectic too.
  12. Cute little map, with a lot of care put into TEKGREN and METAL* texture alignments. What was ZDoom needed for, though ? The monster spawns could be done in Boom or even vanilla, with some dummy sector wizardry.
  13. By "spirit", I assume you mean "guidelines" (since the 3ha series doesn't have much of a global vibe or spirit I think, it's more a disjointed assortment of individual levels put together rather than a cohesive ensemble), and while I agree with your statement sensu stricto for projects in general (guidelines are here to be followed), I think it was a good move here to allow in maps that took more than 3 hours to make. Had the 3 hour rule been strictly enforced from the beginning for the three wads, quite a hefty amount of maps wouldn't have made the cut (all of Darkwave0000's, most of Necrotikflesh's work, all of my stuff, and some other maps as well). I'd like to thank JC again for having been lenient on that matter. Obviously the three Darkwave0000 maps took a lot more than the titular 3 hours to make, but they're still speedmaps - it's not as if they were made in several weeks or months. And it would have been foolish to reject them considering how great they are. :)
  14. The monster sprites are all cut off by the floor, unlike the player's. Besides, for this kind of wad you may want to use higher tier monster corpses as decoration. :)
  15. Yep, this sky ain't my favorite either. The concept of having weird clocks floating in the sky is neat, but here it seems like all the clocks are directly facing the player so it kinda breaks the effect.