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Mystery Man in 3D

Did DOOM Registered v1.9 ever come packaged on a CD?

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Even though I can downgrade Ultimate DOOM to DOOM v1.1, then re-upgrade to DOOM Registered v1.9, I'd really like to buy this version someday, so I can at least say I bought the original version of DOOM.

Which leads me to ask: Was Registered v1.9 ever packaged on CD and/or Floppy? It's hard to tell from Ebay and Amazon offers, so I figured I'd ask the pros...

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Maybe, the order form with Doom shareware v1.9 states that a CD was to be available at the start of March 1995, though I've yet to see anything more recent than 1.666 myself on any sort of media.

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Improbable, although I won't say it's impossible to find one because I honestly can't say for sure. With E4 planned and certainly just around the corner by that date, the CD versions of 1.9 were more than likely favouring The Ultimate Doom exclusively over yet another release of Registered Doom though.

Saying that, maybe E4 wasn't really 'planned' as such, but rather just created on a whim at some point. Back then (and unlike now), release dates were rough estimates. There'd be no surprise in finding that a supposed CD release for 1.9 Registered suddenly got pushed back and turned into a CD release with a new episode.

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Registered DOOM v1.9 was on both CD and floppy.

I've got proof!








Ask the sellers for this info if you're going to go search for it.

Now I have a question, was DOOM 2 v1.8 or v1.7a ever on CD and floppy?

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I saw a shareware CD on ebay and asked the seller what version it was. He said he didn't know, but it said Id Software 1992 and GT Interactive 1995 on it.

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