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  1. Philnemba

    [Shitpost Enemy] Paingunner

    LMAO I might borrow this for a future project 😏
  2. Philnemba


    Going to attempt to make my map (Map 42) this weekend as I have some ideas I want to try out for it :)
  3. Map 23 NM Speed in 1:08 Originally was going to do a UV Speed demo of this map but felt it was a bit too easy so I bump it up to Nightmare :P Youtube: https://youtu.be/Wky7Jb4_lko k223NM-108.zip
  4. Philnemba

    [MAP JAM WITH PRIZE] Hakros Pattern Editor

    Sounds like an interesting map jam to participate. I'm definitely going to give this a try since the submission period is a full year which is more than enough time while doing other projects :)
  5. So far played through episode 1 on UV and its definetly a fun "back to basics" KDitD theme episode like 2002ADO Episode 1 & Simply Phobos and really appricated that you put a computer map in E1M3 as I'm honestly not sure I would find the secret exit with E1M3's secret switch puzzle without it.
  6. Philnemba

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Mock 2 Map 10 UV Speed in 3:13 Exe: zdoom 2.8.1 UV max isn't possible because there isn't enough ammo to kill the arachnotrons in the red key room. YouTube: https://youtu.be/v4wseaLcuh4 m210-313.zip
  7. Philnemba

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (2nd Anniversary Speedmapping!)

    Map Name: Double Doom Dragon Author: Philnemba Music: Battletoads and Double Dragon - Level 1 (Tromocide Remix) by Lorenzo Parker Sky: City sky from Newgothic Movement 1 Format: Boom complevel 9 Difficulty Settings: none and only tested on UV Gimmicks Used: -No Hitscan Map -13 Monsters Build Time: 1 hour and 12 mins including testing Comments: It's just you in a hell infested city with almost nothing but your berserk fist to do some "negotiations" with demons 😈 PhilpussXXDoubleDoomDragon.zip
  8. Going to participate as I want to use October as a month to try another attempt at least a 3 map Hexen hub of some sorts hopefully without my brain giving up πŸ™ƒ
  9. Philnemba

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Hexen Map 39 Fighter Skill 5 Speed in 0:09.34 50+ attempts to get good rng through a swarm of fast Chaos Serpents, Centaurs & Slaughtaurs YouTube: https://youtu.be/YIELNW1pu9w 39fightersk5-009.34.zip
  10. Philnemba

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    hexnhub Fighter HxAll Skill 4 Speed in 0:55 Youtube: https://youtu.be/go7sYe4wDdk There's a level oversight in this Hexen hub where there's a specific door in Map 2 that has the same tag number as the castle key door that goes to the exit of the hub where normally you need to get the key at map 3 :P hexnhubsk4speed-055.zip
  11. Cute little platforming puzzle map set you have there even though Maps 2 & 4 weren't my cup of tea and that lave pit section with Cyberdemons was a neat trick in Map 3 :)
  12. Map 16 NM speed in 0:03.31 hoe16N-331.zip
  13. The 128 kb mapping extravagant "challenge" E3M9 UV Speed in 0:51 128k39-51.zip
  14. Wow its rare for a Doom wad to give me some sort of dread feelings & I think you nailed it good for the theme you were going for with this πŸ‘πŸ‘