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  1. RPG maker does has their share of terrible games but there are some good gems out there worth playing.
  2. I wont make it to the first session due to work but I will participate the 2nd session :)
  3. Or a Dante's Inferno sequel :(
  4. Personally to me there is no such thing as a "worst" Plutonia Experiment map.
  5. So the Russians landed on Deimos in the future...seems legit.
  6. The Vex from Destiny 2 has an odd obsession with Pokeballs.
  7. Replayed through Scythe on UV but on @printz's Autodoom cooping with 3 bots which took about 2 hours or so to complete.
  8. Um what about the contentious increasing mod support that is call Steam Workshop that supports a LOT of games.
  9. Some more Cygnus IV UV-Max demos. Port: Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 Map 06 UV-Max in 1:20 Map 07 UV-Max in 1:16 Map 08 UV-Max in 1:35 Map 09 UV-Max in 1:33 Map 11 UV-Max in 0:49
  10. Cygnus IV by John Bye Port: Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 Map 01 UV-Max in 5:48 Planing to doing more UVmax demos on this wad later on when I have time ;)
  11. @HexenMapper I wouldn't mind participating in a Hexen mapping project ;) If this does come into fruition may I make a few suggestions to simplify things: - Make one large hub map that connects to all maps except last map AKA Korax boss map - Make it require to complete a certain number of maps to access last map - Since its Zdoom format would it be possible to reset inventory after a map completion so you wouldn't be able to carry duplicate keys or puzzle items to other maps?
  12. Salamander which is also know as Lifeforce depending on version.
  13. @trello Both of these wads are ineligible for this year's cacowards because they were both release last year before December 10th. Also I'm putting my vote for Super Mayhem 17 too :)
  14. The Afrit from both Scythe 2 & Dues Vult 2
  15. That neat sky reminds me of Doom's episode 4 sky but orange with stars which isn't a bad thing :)