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  1. Merry Christmas to EVERYONE :)
  2. Theres a Swedish programmer making Wolfenstein 3D on the Gameboy Color and holy crap this actually looks impressive. More info on this Kotaku article:
  3. Whoops that definitely wasn't intended and will be fix on the next build once I finish up episode 3.
  4. New Alpha version is up containing E1M1-E3M4,E3M9 Feedback of course is welcome :) DOWNLOAD:
  5. Egyptian & underwater themes...or both at the same time :P
  6. MASSIVE SUPER BUMP After several months of inactivity, I'm resuming this and hopefully will finish this up before the end of the year. E3M4
  7. Happy Birthday Doom and grats to all the winners :)
  8. Sorry for the bump but I just found out about this today after being inactive for several months. I'm deeply sadden that this happen considering that I was involved with a few speedmapping sessions(including his first public release that was also mine) with him along with a DM project that as far as I know was never finish. I will miss you my friend ;_;
  9. This. Also yea new young Conker design looks like something you would throw in the garbage.
  10. Some Division Open Beta shenanigans...
  11. Love this game to pieces but sadly for nearly 2 years I still can't beat ornstein and smough :(
  12. Current status: Progress is slow due to being too busy with other stuff but completed ep2 last week and halfway done with ep3 E2M7 E3M2
  13. I can't wait to rip & tear through this game :D
  14. Never heard of these "Fine Bros" people until I notice Alphaomegasin's video mentioning them a couple of days ago. Whoa I didn't know he was still around.