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Prologue (A Short Doom II Speedmap)

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Near the beginning of December I started working on a doom map with the intentions of finally releasing something after my first mapping attempt fizzled out earlier this year. The map itself was taking longer than I wanted, so to get myself out of this slow mapping trend of mine I finally decided to have a go at speedmapping. I gave myself three hours to make a map, and this is the result.

A Few Screenshots:


Its not the worse map in the world, so I decided to upload it here for comments. Its for Doom II UDMF format and tested with ZDoom. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or death threats.

A few notes first. I spent a little too much time on details in the red key room, which left me with limited time to finish up the rest of the map. While I don't think it affected much else, it really made the last room suffer. Its just not pretty. Anyway, here's the download link

Download Link(Mediafire)

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Was a cool map, nicely balanced. I got killed once at the blue key, I didn't notice the chaingunner walk out and I got killed by a rev missile trying to avoid the Arch Vile.

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Apparently a speedmap (rectangular and/or oversized rooms, rushed texturing), but except for the ever-present mess on STARTAN walls, it looked okay. It was too easy, though, and the player could just run away from monsters pretty much everytime. I liked the beginning the most, the rest was half-baked, but okay too. Not bad for a speedmap.

Be aware that player can get stuck in the yellow key room - after he gets out with the key, if he presses the already-open door from outside and then walks in the room again (perhaps to kill remaining monsters), the door will close and never open again. Keep that in mind for your further mapping more than anything, here it's a redundant oversight, because I can't imagine a person doing that unintentionally. On the other hand, sometimes (not in your map) monsters can open-then-close such a door themselves, and then it might break the game.

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Oh shit, I typed a long post yesterday and totally forgot to submit it.
Everything is fine. It's not groundbreaking but map was very neat and virtually had no problems with design. Even classic STARTAN textures looked nice. 4.5/5

Well, it's one of those maps where you can just run past everyone which I did the very first time and finished map in 2:05. Part of the problem that there is overabundance of good resources. Two soulspheres? Hell, I did not even notice the second one first time playing neither I needed it. Next time I replayed map trying to do a speedrun and finished it in 0:58 with no problem whatsoever hardly killing anyone. Apparently, it's not made for that playstyle. Look at the red key room for example: you can grab it and run past everyone and Barons won't stop you either just because they don't interfere with players pathway in any way. There is no incentive for player to fight anyone.
Then I tried to 100% it ignoring soulspheres because they were too OP. It was not hard either except that archvile. I did not know he was there because I always ran past him earlier without knowing it was here. RL is an overkill too. When I ran out of ammo for SSG and CG and had about 37 rockets to finish the map which is more than enough. I tried to find a challenge purposefully and I didn't succeed.
That being said, it's a fun map. I replayed it a few times after all. Will check out your later maps for sure.

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