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  1. Map10 was updated since initial submission: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1517553 (direct link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7m2f4n402vbmb74/xnv-prar.zip). I think I forgot to email it. Only if you are trying to speedrun it! Can't recreate it in the megawad version. What engine version are you using? Can you also check newer map version?
  2. Updated "Problem Areas" http://www.mediafire.com/download/7m2f4n402vbmb74/xnv-prar.zip
  3. I love this idea but isn't 9 contrubitors a little bit too few?
  4. xnv

    What is a flawless wad to you?

    Are you being double-contrarian?
  5. xnv

    My first level

    Oh yeah, because you're so going to be infected with malware from opening a RAR or a WAD file. Thanks for the heads up. Anyway, it's a really cool little map but those Hell Knights in the narrow hallways were real mood killers. Other than that it's sure worth checking out. Liked you hommage to ORIGWAD too.
  6. This is very sexy. Quickly skimmed through the MAP01 and it's very retro yet fresh. I will wait until this mapset is finished to play experience it seamlessly. Is there any completion estimate?
  7. xnv

    Somewhere in Irem

  8. I refuse to play maps that have less than 4 linedefs per 8 map units squared.
  9. Does not seem like he does but at least he is fully aware of what he created. We should suggest him to make a map though.
  10. xnv

    Deem 2: ReDeem'd

    Looks god.
    ey my map is bretty good i made it in one hr
  11. Do you mean letterboxing? I guess for that "cinematic feel".
  12. Thank you very much for testing! Glad to hear that it's balanced too! I will fix that HOM and add a few missing light effects later and that map is basically finished.