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  1. You say that theme can be anything, but also that music should fit Heretic's aesthetic, so I wonder if the theme is also supposed to fit Heretic's aesthetic, or if creative usage of Heretic's resources to make something completely non-Heretic looking-and-feeling would be OK here. Say, a futuristic techbase.
  2. ^ That's nice, but rehelekretep would presumably (and I would definitely) be more interested to know the differences in noticeable appearance (however subtle) rather than the differences in internal function, if the former exist and can be described precisely.
  3. There are 2 main differences between classic software renderer and OpenGL: 1) 256 color palette vs. true color. Limited number of usable colors is a clear disadvantage. Crispy light diminishing can look bad in some scenarios and great in others. Therefore, I mostly (while not completely) prefer true color. 2) Two point perspective with y-shearing vs. three point perspective. Not being able to look straight up or down is a clear disadvantage. However, in a game that uses sprites for game objects, three point perspective necessarily makes some of them look terrible under some view angles. Let me add that being an apparently 3D game using sprites for game objects is an important aspect of Doom's appeal to me. Therefore, I prefer two point perspective with y-shearing in this game. Overally, I prefer software renderer.
  4. So is UDMF an option? I'm honestly puzzled how was this not clear. :P
  5. OK, what about this: Make alternate versions of the items in DECORATE, so they would look and behave like the original items, except for not being affected by gravity (use NOGRAVITY flag), and in the map, set their Z height so they'd be floating 1 unit above the scrolling floor, therefore not being affected by it while seemingly standing on it.
  6. I mean use those teleports in combination with monster blocking lines, so that items get blocked, active monsters teleport away.
  7. Purple.
  8. Try making the teleports activated by "monster-presses-use", that should allow active/non-idle monsters to activate them, but not items, as they don't have an AI that would press use.
  9. The linedef flag for blocking monsters in fact blocks everything other than players and projectiles.
  10. Realm667 has some texture packs from non-Doom games that contain quite realistic textures. Also check out maps by didi and BigMemka.
  11. It would both risk being cease-and-desisted AND not really "simply" help, as "more detailed models lead to worse rendering performance" is true in all game engines.
  12. Obviously, besides the fact that making models is hard, more detailed models lead to worse rendering performance, so overdoing it would cause the game to lag too heavily. If you read further into this thread, you'll find out that even though the guy worked hard on making his models highly detailed, he considered it necessary to make alternate, less detailed versions of them for actual usage in the game.
  13. Even if there was a glitch, no, you can't modify other people's maps and supersede the original maps with them, and you can't compare demos recorded on modified maps with demos recorded on the original maps.
  14. In that case you better actually learn how to make custom monsters / game objects yourself. If you wanted vanilla compatibility, you'd have to make them in DEHACKED (preferably using WhackEd editor). If you're OK with your wad only being compatible with modern ZDoom based ports, look into DECORATE and ZScript.