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  1. Making a projectile spawn an actor on death

    Call A_SpawnItemEx in the death animation.
  2. https://zdoom.org/wiki/GetScreenWidth https://zdoom.org/wiki/GetScreenHeight
  3. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    It's hardcoded directly in P_DamageMobj, the function responsible for dealing damage by anything to anything and also for initiating infighting. if ( (!target->threshold || target->type == MT_VILE) && source && source != target && source->type != MT_VILE) { // if not intent on another player, // chase after this one When a projectile lands on a monster of the same species as the one that fired the projectile, P_DamageMobj isn't called at all, but in all other cases, it is.
  4. Issue with custom monsters

    Try giving a different number to the actor, one that isn't listed among the standard editor numbers.
  5. Baron Of Hell VS Revenant

    Hell Knight is a Baron with half as much HP, and even he reliably beats the Revenant in a 1-vs-1 fight on plain ground.
  6. Fading out of black

    First fade to the color normally, then call FadeTo again with the "amount" parameter set to 0.0.
  7. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    My guess is that you use a laptop with a touchpad near the spacebar and you accidentally touch the touchpad by the hand that holds the spacebar.
  8. Icon Of Sin Explosions are 'lopsided'.Why?

    There are multiple reasons why source port authors tend to keep vanilla behavior as is: -Demo recording exists and the slightest changes to the engine cause desynces. -There might already exist usermade wads that exploit the behavior and would break if it was changed. -People have different opinions about what is a bug and what is a feature. -The source code is large and there are more important things to focus on than minor tweaks.
  9. Ever wonder how Doomguy opens doors?

    Maybe a door can detect touch anywhere on its surface, but also detects what did the touch, and only opens if the touch was done by hand or whatever appendage Doom monsters have, not by bullet or fireball or body slam.
  10. Icon Of Sin Explosions are 'lopsided'.Why?

    It is a bug in the vanilla engine. Most source ports keep it for compatibility.
  11. E2M8 Done Passive

    The window into the brain is 32 units tall and the player is 56 units tall. Therefore, it's not possible to jump into the brain, unless the player crouches, which is only possible in some advanced ports. So you must have read it on doom wikia rather than on doomwiki, because doomwiki always assumes vanilla behavior, while wikia sometimes mixes in port-specific or mod-specific behaviors. Don't read wikia.
  12. If you use a SR line type instead of WR, it will work even in GZDoom.
  13. Things about Doom you just found out

    I'm under an impression that the eye is the only part of the Pain Elemental that isn't copypasted from something else. But maybe I'm wrong and even the eye is copypasted from a fireball or invisibility sphere or something.
  14. Who says a megawad should feel complete?