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  1. scifista42

    Random Glitches

    It's a nodebuilder error. Randomly moving vertices or adding/removing linedefs in the affected area is all that can be done about it.
  2. If the monster type is defined in DECORATE with Activation property with value "THINGSPEC_TriggerActs", the script activated by the monster's death will consider the monster itself its activator. Then you can call ActivatorTID to get its TID, or you can just call action specials inside the script with tag 0 as a parameter, making them affect the one monster without knowing its TID. If you don't want to mess with DECORATE just for this, or if you still need the killer to be considered the script's activator, Scypek2's solution below is probably the simplest one, unless you mind the fact that it affects the entire map, in which case I think "shove the TID in as a par to the script itself" is the simplest solution.
  3. Even the switch activated action changes both texture and effect. Just keep in mind that, both in case of walkover and switch activated action, the texture and effect are copied from the front sector of the action line, not from the neighboring sector of the action's target sector.
  4. scifista42

    Monsters on slopes

    The general rule for monster downward movement is: A monster cannot step onto a position where the monster's hitbox would overlap with any sector that has floor height more than 24 units below the monster's feet. In the process of checking this, the height of a sloped floor is calculated as the height at the lowest point on the sloped floor below the monster's hitbox. The monster's feet, on the other hand, cannot be lower than the height at the highest point on the sloped floor below the monster's hitbox. Therefore, for a monster to climb a slope, the slope must not be steeper than <the monster's diameter> horizontally per 24 units vertically. Even less steep (precisely, up to square-root-of-two times less steep) if the slope doesn't go directly north or south or east or west. In the context of monster movement at least, a slope could be considered practically equivalent to a staircase with infinitely thin/low steps.
  5. scifista42

    Hi, I'm making a 2D, ascii art Doom game.

    The name could be anything, it doesn't matter. Ultimately, people will want to play your game for how good it is on its own, not for its references to another game. Presumably, the game will be accompanied by some description, so describe the game's style and gameplay there and that should do the trick even without mentioning copyrighted names. Consider using a phrase such as "inspired by game mechanics of first person shooters from 1990s".
  6. scifista42

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Haha, the "horizontal portal" argument again! Horizontal as in the orientation of the portal's surface, or horizontal as in the direction you see/walk through the portal? Your interpretation may vary.
  7. scifista42

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    A basic trick is to build all rooms very close together with minimum void parts between them. At first, connect the rooms minimally, according to your own idea of how the map should flow. But finally, when the map could be considered finished, add more connections between all the rooms even where they aren't needed. Then possibly make some of them impassable if playtesting shows that they break the flow too much.
  8. scifista42

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Now I think I understand - the portal itself is not one of the sectors that waggle. Thanks.
  9. scifista42

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    Cyberdemon - kills a full health player in one hit. I mean, monsters that don't kill the player in one hit are great to use in regular gameplay most of the time, but from a mapper's standpoint / game-design-wise, it's also nice to have a one-hit-killing monster available for specific scenarios, whether actual battles, traps, or even "puzzles". Archvile - long attack preparation delay, then instant hit unless out of sight. Similar reason as above - the potential for interesting usage. Resurrecting monsters in its path or launching the player into the air along with dealing damage are interesting too, but difficult to control. Pain Elemental - fills the whole area with monsters that naturally infight. Like above, good only in specific setups, appreciating the potential anyway. Demon - easily manipulated to walk where the player needs him to without endangering the player too much. Take cover behind him, make him activate doors or lifts for you, fun exploits. Revenant - homing missiles. Mancubus - spreading missiles. Arachnotron - stream of missiles. Cacodemon - flight and missiles. Icon of Sin - monster missiles. Obvious reasons. Shotgunner and chaingunner - their hitscans pose a decent threat. Imp - weak, predictable, versatile, overusable, classic. (Yes, this is one favorite thing, not multiple favorite things - I just don't know how to express it in one word or phrase.) The rest - just for completion - can't really decide what's my favorite thing about them. :)
  10. scifista42

    Hi, I'm making a 2D, ascii art Doom game.

    I suggest you to stop associating this game with the name "Doom", firstly because of copyright, secondly because the only apparent elements reminiscent of Doom are the text and the head in the right 1/3 of the screen.
  11. scifista42

    Custom sprites do not work properly in-game

    Some graphic editors automatically zero PNG offsets when editing PNGs. That's apparently what happened to you. Surely it's possible to set the offsets again. By the way, sprites do not need to be in square resolution.
  12. scifista42

    Custom sprites do not work properly in-game

    Clearly the problem is that GZDoom ignores both sprite's offsets. They both display as if having offsets (0,0). That is, below the ground they're supposed to stand on. I don't know how to fix this other than putting the sprites into a wad instead of a pk3 and setting the offsets there.
  13. scifista42

    Voodoo doll death ending when you kill a monster

    Killing voodoo doll and icon of sin kills the player and exits the level. How exactly does that differ from what you actually want?