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  1. The legend himself

    You are absolutely missed friend

  2. You are a legend mate I hope you are doing allright! You really helped me so much back then.

  3. How are you doing mate? The community hasn't seen you in a while.

    1. roadworx


      i hope he's doing alright for himself, i miss him ):

  4. When will scifista return??

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    2. Zulk RS

      Zulk RS

      Yeah I was wondering about him too. He helped me out a lot with how GZDoom Builder and UDMF and ACS worked. Hope he's doing okay.

    3. TheMightyHeracross


      Pretty concerning how he was so active then stopped so abruptly. Hope he's doing alright!

    4. dmslr


      Whenever I read old DW topics this guy appears helping everyone with his deep knowledge of everything. He might be a legend.

  5. scifista42

    Add TID

    Many action specials usable on linedefs have a "Tag" argument. Also, Doom format. I wrote "Line Tag" to drive the point home in as few words as possible.
  6. scifista42

    Add TID

    The worst is "Line Tag" vs "Line Index" vs "Line ID" in Hexen format. They're 3 different concepts!
  7. scifista42

    Secret levels

  8. scifista42

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I've once made animated flats and animated textures supposed to sync with each other, but abandoned the idea after testing in many different ports and seeing all sorts of inconsistencies in sync.
  9. scifista42

    A quick thought on the "Is Doom 3D" debate

    The term "vertex" has its own meaning in the context of the Doom engine. It's not a point on a side of a polygon in 3D space. It's a point in 2D space. It's not a limitation, it's a definition. The word is the same, but the intended meaning is different. Vertex as a point on a side of a polygon in 3D space is supposed to define a point in 3D space explicitly as x/y/z coordinates. Vertex in Doom is not supposed to define a point in 3D space at all - not by itself alone, that is. Doom engine doesn't define 3D geometry via explicit x/y/z coordinates. It defines 3D geometry as a combination of vertexes (points with x/y coordinates), sectors (floors and ceilings with z coordinate each) and linedefs (connecting vertexes and sectors). This approach comes with its own limitations. The point is - it's an entirely different concept than using 3D polygons. Some of your statements about the engine make no sense and it might be because you keep thinking of polygons, even though you haven't used that word in this thread yet. (Also, let's say this again - all players/monsters/projectiles/items/decorations/blood-chunks/bullet-puffs/things in Doom have explicit x/y/z coordinates used for moving and colliding with geometry and each other. I simply can't think of that as not 3D.)
  10. scifista42

    Black Bar When rendering Foreground HP Bar

    The wiki does mention here that background image defaults to black and assumes the same size as foreground image, so I assume that's what it is. Make sure the graphic lump/file itself has zero offsets and set the offsets exclusively as DrawBar parameters. If it doesn't help, try setting background image to the same graphic as foreground image.
  11. scifista42

    A quick thought on the "Is Doom 3D" debate

    In every engine, geometry has limitations. In Doom engine, geometry has different limitations for x/y and different limitations for z. Things in the game move on all 3 axes, floors and ceilings move only on z axis, and walls can't move at all, so what are you talking about? Some nonsense.
  12. scifista42

    Add TID

    There wasn't, but... ...now there is.
  13. scifista42

    Decorate time delay(timer)

    Frame duration not only can be, but even has to be specified on every frame. Nothing could possibly be more redundant in DECORATE than a delay action function. Honestly, I don't understand why did you ever think that checking only once per few minutes was a better idea than this.
  14. scifista42

    Potential for improvement in vissprites sorting

    Did you do the intermediate step of appending lists with non-overlapping ranges? Because of course that merge-sort won't be as fast as radix-sort if you didn't. When used on vissprite-like data, that step should significantly reduce the number of lists to be merged by the standard merge-sort logic, speeding up the most critical part.
  15. scifista42

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    He was talking about Ultimate Doom though, where the name of the patch is actually SKY1 too.