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  1. It is not OK to distribute modified Heretic maps, but assuming you're doing the coop in a ZDoom based port, you can use either DECORATE or MAPINFO to remove or replace all actors of specific types without modifying the maps.
  2. This is not the issue. Same named patch and flat is generally OK. The "double defined texture" error refers to the entries inside TEXTURE1. Sort them by name and you will see that some appear twice. Delete the redundant ones. In the middle of the top panel in SLADE3, set "Base resource" to "HERETIC.WAD". Then you will see textures inside TEXTURE1 properly. The graphic WALL07 is in Heretic.wad and also defined in PNAMES of medivltx.wad. If you have Heretic.wad above medivltx.wad in the resource list in DB, the error should not be there.
  3. Thanks to the fact that each frame can be assigned an arbitrary next frame, you don't really need to move frames around in such a situation. Let's say you allocated 40 frames, from 201 to 240. You realize that you actually need 2 more frames. So you allocate these 2 frames somewhere else, for example from 701 to 702. You can keep the original 40 frames where they are, just set the next frame of frame 240 to 701. You don't have to do that. You can only specify those you want to become non-default, and the unspecified rest of them will stay default. Even in the latest WhackEd 4 when you select the BEX patch type?
  4. Use either Doom Builder X or GZDoom Builder instead.
  5. If you use Zennode as a nodebuilder AND your map consists of only one sector, this may happen.
  6. Also Doom*
  7. @Gez I see, I just thought that, since the OP said: As opposed to: Or: The concepts of convenience and logical-ness weren't supposed to be understood as well-defined general qualities of DEHACKED, but as subjective perceptions of each of its users who would reply here.
  8. It's actually the primary reason why giving proper credit is seen as something that should be done. It's not like there are any rules just for the sake of there being rules.
  9. Just before you posted, I edited my post to say it apparently depends on complevel. Glad you found a solution.
  10. I pasted your code into a .deh file and ran it in PrBoom-plus and couldn't get -1. Did you use another port? EDIT: It seems to work in some complevels and not work in others. I guess ZDaemon's different behavior will make this impossible to work in it, like the type of pickups depending on the currently displayed sprite doesn't or didn't work in it.
  11. ^ I thought all those terms were subjective? You speak about them as if they were objective.
  12. Yes, call CheckAmmo immediately before calling the second firing function.
  13. Use FirePistol instead of FireCGun, the latter has unintuitive hardcoded behavior for its muzzle flash and its side effects tend to be catastrophic. You get hybrid weapons because your weapon plays a muzzle flash animation using wrong states.
  14. For me, it became a convenient, logical, easy to use and good tool pretty much immediately, but that might be because I already had experience with programming and specifically low-level programming and I even dare say that the kind of thinking associated with these activities comes very naturally to me, apparently more than it does to other people, possibly even many programmers (at least I often get such a feeling when I speak with programmers about algorithms at the low level).