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  1. Doom had all monsters pre-placed in maps. Doom 2 introduced monsters that can spawn or resurrect other monsters. Doom 3 in the 90s may have introduced monsters that could spawn copies of themselves and each one resurrected itself automatically after death.
  2. If your map has any sectors that cover enormous areas and have large numbers of adjancent linedefs, try splitting each of these sectors into multiple smaller sectors with less adjancent linedefs. Even though the total number of linedefs in the map will increase by the number of linedefs with which you split the sectors, you might get better performance, especially on simple operations like editing a single vertex.
  3. Your camera is probably located in a void part of the map too far from any map geometry, or in the middle of a really huge and tall sector. Put the "Visual Mode Camera" thing somewhere into your map and try again. In huge sectors, stay near the floor, ceiling or walls.
  4. "Things happening on the same tic" is, generally, something completely normal. It can only be problematique when multiple scripts/thinkers run concurrently AND it's essential that a specific one of them should run before another. A sequence of computations within a single script is always safe from such problems, as the computations are being performed in a fixed, predictable order, determined by the script's structure.
  5. Edward850's code implements the following algorithm: (which, as I've just realized, is more efficient than mine) 1. Generate a sequence of all distinct numbers that you are choosing from (in your case, the tags of sectors in a particular row). 2. Randomly permutate this sequence. 3. Take the first N items in the sequence as the choices (in your case, N is the number of platforms to be lowered).
  6. If TEXTURE1 entries for at least the first texture and the last texture of the respective animation are provided, the animation will work in vanilla Doom 1 (going from the animation's first texture thru following textures in the TEXTURE1 list up to the animation's last texture and then looping). As long as a custom TEXTURE1 lump defining textures of the respective hardcoded names is provided, it doesn't matter whether the textures are defined to use the same graphic patches as in Doom 2 or different graphic patches.
  7. Delay is not necessary in loops that are guaranteed to terminate in a finite number of iterations, which this one is, as the RNG never generates the same number infinitely. Even if it did, you could do this: For the first variable V1, generate a random number modulo M1. For each next variable VX, generate a random number modulo the previous variable's MX and increase this number by 1 for every previous variable that has smaller or equal value as this number's current value (reevaluated after each comparison with each previous variable). Then every variable will have a unique value, the distribution of randomness will be uniform, and the algorithm will always terminate in finite number of steps regardless of the RNG.
  8. Did you just misspell barren as baron? At least include several different colors/shades and textures/patterns for rock-like materials and distribute them more or less uniformly around the scene. And the tallest rocks are just asking for ceiling overhangs as opposed to floor-only rocks. That's a shame, I think even indoor maps benefit from occasional outdoor areas, as the change of location can be refreshing and help to recapture interest of players who are starting to think the map is getting boring as it goes on.
  9. The scene would benefit from including more than one texture, one flat, and one theme (grassed rocks) - for example water pools and waterfalls, man-made structures, differently colored surfaces representing different materials (sand, vines...), caves or rocky overhangs that can be walked under... Perhaps including everything from the above list at once would be too much, I'm just giving ideas to pick from.
  10. While Going Down isn't a jokewad, it has not only many moments that I've found amusing, but also an overall atmosphere that keeps me smiling nearly all the time while playing, AND great gameplay, design, ideas and everything.
  11. Thread title made me expect real photos of people in Doom monster costumes.
  12. I realized one more reason why a speedmapping session might not be a good idea to test a new editor: Regular speedmappers tend to be tightly knit with their favorite map editors that they have experience with, so being forced to use a different editor is unlikely to appeal to many.
  13. Even if the times didn't conflict directly, some speedmappers may be "creatively exhausted" after the first session and not want to attend another one too soon. Not to mention that this session has a tradition, whereas yours has none, so you can expect fewer people to want to participate anyway.
  14. Sounds too soon to this planned session.
  15. He said "I'm using D-Fend reloaded to play Doom 2", which implies that he has Doom2.wad already. He just needs to put it somewhere that the source port can find it.