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Is it possible for a monster to spawn a thing set to projectile?

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I have been experimenting with Whacked4 in BEX MBF mode, and I cannot figure out how to have a monster spawn a custom projectile or a thing set as projectile such as a plasma ball with the MBF codepointer spawn.

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There is no clean and convenient way to fire custom projectiles in MBF, although I suspect that some hackery would be possible, like when Mechadon once succeeded to make a custom projectile out of the Lost Soul and another one from Boss Spawn Cube, but I'm not sure if his solution didn't have any side effects.

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I was gonna futz around with the boss cube and giving it the lost soul attack to make it fly towards the player, but the main problem is that it just gets stuck in the monster that fires it because the brainspit codepointer seems to launch the cube from the center of the thing calling it. That's as far as I got with it.

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