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  1. JXC

    Your perfect FPS

    I'm surprised that no one has said any Half Life 3 jokes
  2. JXC

    The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

    It's sad that no one is aware of this cancer.
  3. JXC

    The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

    The worst things I've seen are the GoAnimate grounded videos, punishment day videos, and the assault videos. Look up Awesominer Spongecraft FNAF. As the name suggests, he's a 13 year-old kid into FNAf, Spongebob, and even Minecraft. He made disturbing videos of anyone who criticized him. Fortunately, he's gotten better.
  4. CZ-1000 uses Phase Distortion. It is not true FM, but sounds more interesting.
  5. Get a Yamaha DX21/27. It's Sega Genesis or Arcade board-like chip with a keyboard
  6. Do that for other. I am listing the most well-known methods of sound synthesis.
  7. I like wavetable because it gives you a wide selection of waveforms including additive and fm-based ones. I could make the same argument for a sampler, but most samplers don't have LFOs, Modulation, filters (save for FX), or whatever. You can manipulate samples on the Waldorf Blofeld, which is also a VA and wavetable synth.
  8. I am saving up for a Korg Minilogue as my first synthesizer and supplement it with a Korg Volca FM. Despite that I already have an FM synth on mind, I have some strange interest in the Yamaha PSS/PSR keyboards simply because they are a OPL chips in keyboards. Since OPL music-making software exists, would software such as Adlib Tracker make having a PSS/PSR pointless?
  9. Want me to create a new page so Famitracker, AdlibTracker II, and Scream Tracker become options? I have trouble deleting this poll.
  10. DefleMask is a tracker designed to make music for various vintage computers and game systems including NES. SMS, GB, C64, and PC Engine (TurboGrafx)
  11. Adlib Tracker is not a general tracker. It is meant for OPL3 music. I'm looking forward to make songs with the program. I voted for DefleMask, but I also have Sunvox, Adlib Tracker, Goattracker, and Open MPT.
  12. Why don't you look up Chinese movie streaming sites. How about FluentU? FluebtU is a website that takes authentic content from YouTube, provides subtitles, and breaks down the vocabulary and grammar. Unfortunately, it's not free, but there is a trial ;).
  13. Open MPT, Psycle (I think), and BeRo Tracker can use VSTis