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  1. Is there a reason there aren't any custom monsters?
  2. Can the Mother Demon from Doom 64 be recreated for MBF21/DSDHacked?
  3. Not as pink as I hoped, but thanks. Maybe I'll make my own palette in Slade.
  4. JXC

    VANILLA + v2 (OUT NOW)

    Unfortunately, the Spiderdemon's special attack does not work or causes the game to crash when the mod is used with Ultimate Doom running on Crispy Doom.
  5. Can you do a palette where all of the shades of red become shades of pink so enemies bleed pink Danganronpa blood?
  6. I don't like to think about it, but I'm more of an optimist when it comes to global warming (or should we say heating). There were people 10-20 years ago who didn't think coal would die out soon or be replaced by renewables. But here we are in a decade where solar and wind are not only cheaper than ever before, but they are outpacing coal in the US and EU now! I am still in favor of nuclear, but RMI says that if these trends keep occurring, at least 1/3 of the world's electricity by 2030 will come from wind and solar alone (with nuclear and other low-carbon sources, that's roughly half of our electricity generation)! If Chile and Denmark can tackle emissions problems well enough, we should be able to too. Not to mention, the incentives created by the Inflation Reduction Act are working out better than we thought.
  7. I wish you could change the speed of the Lost Soul Charge. The Spawn Float flag would be nice too so flying enemies don't have to stay on the ground.
  8. I get this message when attempting to run it in Doom Retro, Woof!, and Eternity: "R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad fram characters in lump Vile^8"
  9. JXC

    Doom 1/ Ultimate Doom megawads?

    I wonder if this list should be updated in anticipation of Doom's 30th bday, now that Ultimate Doom in Name Only is coming soon.
  10. Oh cool, a megawad designed specifically for D4V!
  11. JXC

    VANILLA + v2 (OUT NOW)

    Is it just a graphics and audio mod, or are there actually changes to the enemy behavior?