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  1. Demos for 01 and 02 Recorded some first exit demos, fun stuff indeed. I died 8 times on 01, pretty sure it was all to archviles. On 02 I died at the red key surprise, the blue key, and right at the end (-.-) for 3 deaths. Can't say anything needs changing really. Everything checks out as far as I can tell. I started on 03 and got 5 minutes in but I ran out of time. Will try 03 properly later on!
  2. Doom. Politics. Only one of these things matter in the end. (hint: it's not politics)
  3. Time/money spent on a hobby is time/money well spent.
  4. The most recent version of PrBoom+ is what you want. The old versions of Boom are pretty much obsolete at this point. Here's a link to the download page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom-plus/
  5. If using GZDoom (which is like never), freelook. Otherwise "mouse look".
  6. These few tracks from Guilty Crown are always something I can listen to...
  7. MBF has a codepointer called "LineEffect", which does exactly what you think it does. In your earlier example of having groups of monsters and stuff be killed to cause something to happen in the map, if there were lots of extra things/frames added you could duplicate monsters and give them a unique starting death frame with a LineEffect of your choice. You could then tie all these LineEffect triggers into a voodoo doll setup in the map and then once all the duplicate monsters are dead the voodoo will trigger. At least, that's how I would go about utilizing extra things/frames.
  8. That demo wasn't actually valid, it missed some monsters.
  9. Here's a fun one :P
  10. What I would enjoy having: A generic MBF-style monster missile/bullets attack codepointer (for Dehacked) Generic bullet/projectile weapon codepointers (for Dehacked) Extra unused Sound slots Extra unused frames and thing slots (doesn't Doom Retro or Crispy Doom have these? Basically just copy/paste that in) Extra map slots and CWILV graphics for those levels (CWILV54 = MAP55, to follow the vanilla scheme) The ability to change the duration of the powerups like Invulnerability and Partial Invis via Dehacked More weapon slots even? Maybe just add extra slots where other weapons are; like shotgun and SSG Edit ALL the strings Fix any of the missing Generalized linedef types, I don't recall exactly which are missing. Crushers? MAPINFO, my preferences being control over where a secret exit or normal exit in a map leads to, ability to define new intermission positions and subsequently disable existing ones (override Dehacked for the background flats as well), ability to end the game at whichever map, probably just override the Dehacked for par times and map name strings (automap), define the name of the music track for a level... I think that's all relevant data? A new -complevel to specify this as a standard, and so that it isn't simply added to without extreme considerations or only if an addition won't affect demo compatibility. Further additions should be added to default -complevel. My idea is that a barebones MAPINFO would be used so that nothing would need changed/added to zdoom, and the lump could still be simply named "MAPINFO". Example entries: map MAP01 "Automap String Here" { next = "MAP02" - use "ENDGAMEC" for the MAP30 cast call like zdoom secretnext = "MAP43" cluster = 1 music = "D_MUSIC1" par = 210 } Intermissions would be defined in MAPINFO as well, just like zdoom: clusterdef 1 { entertext = "YOUR TEXT HERE" exittext = "YOUR TEXT HERE" flat = "FLATNAME" } I must say that personally the Boom/MBF format to me is very much "Doom with a few extra things". The way vanilla Doom plays is how I like my Doom, and I feel like these things add more flexibility to the base game without being totally new features, like how generalized linedefs allow you better control over sector movements or door types. Essentially, I think a "Boom+/MBF+" format should simply expand how much control you have over the game, not necessarily add more and more new features to it. I don't want to come off in a bad way by saying "That's what GZDoom is for", but otherwise why even bother having different ports? I would love to see this become thing in the future, and I do hope something comes of it.
  11. Still messing around with pink. Fun fact, that pukage is colored with the stock doom palette pink ranges.
  12. Keyboards are a tool, so technically all runs are TAS.
  13. Your images aren't showing up on my end, but if you did get stuck in the same place as Gez did that has already been fixed in the latest version.
  14. Fresh off the back burner, here is Release Candidate #3: Distribution Center - RC 3 Changelog: -Fixed a spot where the player could get stuck -Fixed a typo -Fixed even more places where item difficulty settings were incorrect -Fixed a few ambush monsters -Fun with Portals -Removed the small Shell Kit and replaced them with Boxes of Shells -Removed the SMG and replaced the spawn with a shotgun. SMG Guys no longer shred as hard but are slightly more accurate -Added a few bits of ammo here and there -Added some separation walls near the Red Key -The SSG is now locked behind a Blue Door. This makes the Sewers more dangerous, and increases the usefulness of the Berserk -The Spider Mastermind battle will have reinforcements, stay on your toes -The Bruiserdemon's attack patterns were slightly adjusted again -The final arena is larger, and features some cover -The broken Red Door has a new texture -Various other doors have a new texture, hopefully easier to recognize progression -Adjusted a bunch of opacity settings in order to make light details more apparent -A few small change were made to the Sewers geometry Hopefully that's everything.
  15. Good catches! I could've sworn I proofread everything, but it even took me a second to notice with your zoomed in screenshot. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to playthrough and find where the ammo runs dry at. I did change monsters around so I could have upset the balance somewhere. I do agree pretty much on the SMG though, I just was hoping someone would say something earlier. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but after I added the shotgun at the start it became quickly outclassed in usefulness. I'm curious which attack mode you find difficult to dodge, I felt the attack patterns were decently balanced given the space. I'm really reluctant to give any cover, as that would just trivialize the fight. I knew I forgot something!! Oh yea, portals are a thing now. I'll see about figuring those out and utilizing them. Thanks for the feedback though, I wasn't expecting anymore of it and was ready to archive this!