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How do i ban players from my server

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To be more specific;

(rcon) ban <playername> <duration> [reason]
(rcon) ban_idx <player IDx> <duration> [reason]

The first one bans the player through his name, the latter through his unique ID (as seen with the playerinfo command).
Only start with rcon if you dont call through rcon but ingame (be sure to log in whilst ingame).
Duration is defined as for example 1day, 3week, 5month, 6year. Notice how the date does not follow any multiplication when having multiple days, weeks etc. (this is wrong on the wiki). To ban the player forever until the server restarts, define the duration as 'perm'.
Lastly, reason is optional and does not neccesarily have to be filled in.

For reference: http://wiki.zandronum.com/Console_Commands

Edit: also, if this server was hosted on a hosting server such as Best-Ever or The Sentinel's Playground and this player was very annoying, it might be a good idea to contact them.

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