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  1. yourusernamee


    lots of fun, but in the last room, when i pressed the switch that opens the part which contains the arachnotron, instead of going for the exit, i used the teleporter, which ended up closing the door that lead to the arachnotron, and i couldnt find a way to open it again.
  2. yourusernamee

    Coffin Curse

    overall pretty good, map06 was excellent
  3. yourusernamee

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    i loved it up until the last 3 maps. hated those, didnt play em. but other than that, this set has lots of variety and it's great fun overall.
  4. yourusernamee


    alot of great stuff here, keep it up
  5. yourusernamee

    Sucker Punch

    maps are small and fun. great stuff
  6. yourusernamee

    2012 Collection

    pretty dang good
  7. yourusernamee

    The Red Line

    i started playing this shortly after it was released, got stuck on the third map, and i left it unfinished until just about a week ago. Spent at least an hour trying to figure out what i couldnt find before, and finally made progress. i cant remember anything about map01 or 02 but map04 to 9 are excellent.
    loved all of it except map20. that map sucked the life out of me. really great stuff all around.
  8. yourusernamee

    DoomGuy Gets a Puppy

    it was pretty great, but when I acquired the puppy, it became 5 star material.
  9. yourusernamee

    Balancing around Pistol Start vs Continuous Play

    mappers should start giving players a choice at the end of maps then, put them to a vote, either to hit a regular exit switch, or a dexit switch, let them choose if they want to fuck themselves over.
  10. yourusernamee

    Shovelware Disks & Where to Find them.

    in a landfill
  11. yourusernamee

    Jobs you can get away with playing doom in.

    working at id software i mean in general thats one place i imagine you can get away with playing it. ive never worked there myself
  12. yourusernamee

    Getting a Doom Tattoo. Need ideas!

  13. yourusernamee

    "Child of Rage" - The Documentary (1989)

    In the first video (at 5:52) she seems to recall things in pretty good detail that she says happened to her at the age of 1. By show of hands, who else here remembers things that happened to them when they were 1 year old. I'm smelling some kind of bullshit here.
  14. yourusernamee

    Debt ceiling fiasco

    Stop pissing away countless hours playing Farmville or whatever and just do the real thing already. But who wants to get their hands dirty these days, your touchscreens wont take too well to soil and such.