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  1. Back to Thunder Road - Nice bite sized levels that are fun to blast through. The music choices in particular really made this set stand out for me.
  2. Good luck to everyone participating this month ;)
  3. A2Rob

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    Update - Just added a some detailing I missed.
  4. A2Rob

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    Here's my submission, Enter The Fist, made in 3 - 4 hours, give or take. Music is the main theme from Lotus 3. Tested mainly in ZDoom / PrBoom +. I've never made a map with this kind of limitation, so it's really, really small.
  5. My first exposure to the old Doom games was through the original Xbox versions, which came with the special edition of Doom 3. Think I was in my early teens at the time.
  6. A2Rob

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    Sign me up!
  7. @Jimmy Fixed an issue addressed by @plums, plus some automap cleanup.
  8. @Jimmy Edited a few things for my submission. Use this version pls.
  9. Map Name: The Close Encounter Build Time: About 2 - 3 hours Midi: "Baked Goods" by Lee Jackson Difficulties implemented. This map probably isn't very laid back.
  10. A2Rob

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    The wizard army has arrived.
  11. Final version is now up on idgames. Big thanks to the folks over in the multiplayer forum for hosting this wad in coop, which helped me iron out some more coop/visual issues. Also, I'd like to again thank everyone for providing playthroughs and feedback over the past couple months! Very appreciated.