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  1. A2Rob

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Giant gaping planet wound :v
  2. A2Rob

    Personal Wads.

    The only thing I've ever released, for now.
  3. https://www.doomworld.com/afterglow/textures/
  4. Name: Brass Box Theme: Berserk Format: Boom Build Time: 2 hours? Music: "24" (Stuart Rynn) Textures: NMN Corporation Part 1
  5. Lost In Limbo V2 Raised the doorway to Cyber room so they can actually chase you if you leave that area (thanks leodoom)
  6. Map : Lost In Limbo Author : A2Rob Themes : 1 & 3 Time Built : About three hours Textures Used : pigeon6 texture pack Midi : "Basement" by Stuart Rynn
  7. Yoooooo, I may actually be able to participate this time! Haven't speedmapped ina while.
  8. Well that fucking sucks. RIP
  9. A2Rob


  10. A2Rob

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Here's my final contribution to the project, a map for episode 3! Map Name: Armstronged Midi: "Hypercube" by Stuart Rynn Tested in GZDoom and PrBoom+. Requires current nova3 texture pack (version 4). Difficulty levels yet to be included (just UV for now).