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  1. I'd like to participate this year.
  2. Just a heads up homie, I fixed some texture alignment issues a while ago for my map. Here you go.
  3. Version 3 of my map. Just a few visual touchups that were bugging me.
  4. Completely unintentional. I wasn't even thinking about Map03 when I made that boat :v
  5. WithdrawalV3 Midi is "On Lockdown" by James Paddock Difficulty settings and coop have been implemented. -- Info Blurb --
  6. -Check the cavern in the southwestern area of the map -Look for a switch near the revenant building in the eastern area of the map
  7. Yeah, custom sprites will interfere with that. The only sprite replacements in the wad (from what I remember) are the weapons, barrels, and the ss guard / keen replacements. RL2 was designed to be played without any external modifications, so this is more of a "do at your own risk" situation. Sorry :(
  8. Shouldn't have any issues running that.
  9. GrislyGhettosVFinal Had to tweak a couple small things. This should be the final version.
  10. Version 2 of my map. Added a separate area for deathmatch. Should be all set now.
  11. Probably. I'm contemplating adding a separate deathmatch area.