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  1. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    To the texture Dutch doomer is using if I am not mistaken is from Uac ultra
  2. Lets revive this, ill start hosting coop servers

    Feel free to add me Zinkai psn name
  3. Any good invasion wads?

    Have u played stronghold on the edge of chaos? http://realm667.com/index.php/en/component/content/article/104-finished/236-stronghold-on-the-edge-of-chaos),
  4. Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos Tribute

    Maybe have some sort of marker like they did in stronghold, u know teleporters. Or just something to make them stand out a little so u know where they are spawn.
  5. Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos Tribute

    Well I had a quick go this morning, u need like a hub or a counter or something to let u know it's started because my first attempt I did no know it started an lost all my lives. Ammo was a pain needed drops of some kind or just generally more ammo boxes. Only made it to the 2nd wave an was to busy looking for ammo an they all ran through agine. Fun but needs improvements
  6. Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos Tribute

    Beat me too it. I was creating a map on the same basis as I love stronghold. Try it out in the morning an Give some feedback

    All the paid dlc will be maps and player model variants. Everything else like new game modes, snap map stuff is free baby FREE. ;)
  8. Reloading sp maps

    I know that feeling. That's what made me scale back one of my maps due to load times during testing. Don't know any solutions. :(
  9. Yeah I found a few of the prefabs with secret rooms, thought it was a lovely touch. Be nice if u could be able to get to them without a tp
  10. Tutorials

    Is there any chance we can get a sticky link for snap map tutorials? I'll do it my self but alas don't have the time or facility's to do such things :( oh yeah YouTube pisses me off Edit Found this guy to be ok, few useful things I learnt http://youtu.be/6neQ7ns65UA?list=PL2qdtJNRWozrjOlnrqtMA9RSGw6VPQ7K6
  11. SnapMap MOBA ?

    Just seen this on kotaku. Very interesting indeed
  12. Awesome screenshots thread.

    Damn I hate my ps4 now. The quality difference between pc an consoles is just soooo huge
  13. Revenant question

    Reverant is damn disappointing to fight in the new doom. there missile attack is just weak
  14. What are YOU going to make in SnapMap

    Well I am doing sorta dare I say... COD zombies / invasion type gameplay. Made a massive sprawling interconnect map. Had to reduce by over 2/3rds cos the loading time for testing was a nightmare. Implemented waves system and cash flow. Door/armour and ammo cash buys. Figured out how to do a never ending supply of imps (best mob in the game). 12 monster found is annoying. To say the least. On another note just had a brain fart on doing an invasion map with a hub like realm 667 invasion wad. Which in turn will have zones where u fight multiple waves of demons finish that come back to hub an re stock, upgrade etc. If by some means I can't make lots of differnt arenas I just have a scale switch or something to repeat the same arena but with a twist.
  15. Prowler demon sucks

    Damn this beast owns. Flying half way across a map to hit a player. I had quite a few awesome kill streaks with this bad boy