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  1. Abyssalstudios1

    Where do you live?

    Loveland, Colorado reporting in.
  2. Abyssalstudios1

    TF2 Merchandise

    The sooner you realize that every single thread here is just to harvest funny, the better off you'll be. Laughter is good for your health.
  3. Abyssalstudios1

    How much can doomguy carry?

    Someone posted this over in Skulltag. It made me unreasonably happy. Am I the only one who fucking wants that BFG model? Also, welcome back Patrick!
  4. Abyssalstudios1

    TF2 Merchandise

    ...no. I'm playing it to have fun. You know, to shoot stuff, build stuff, and so on. I also happen to have found a top hat, which I have no interest in selling.
  5. Abyssalstudios1


    Oh, come now. Not just a new year. A new decade! Myself, I plan to straighten out my life a bit and focus more on what's important. Drive safely, everyone!
  6. Abyssalstudios1

    Stuff to read that will make you mad

    One military objective that was attacked absolutely does not justify the internment of Japanese-Americans, the firebombing of cities, the deployment of nuclear weaponry on test cities, and the slaughter of thousands of soldiers on miserable islands. Other things that irk me: This keyboard. It occasionally decides that I didn't, in fact, press that key. My beautiful new beeswax candle has a temperamental wick. I hate it when people not only aren't punctual, but way too late and never even try to explain themselves.
  7. Abyssalstudios1

    PM multiple recipients on DW?

    While we're on that subject, are there any plans afoot to upgrade?
  8. Abyssalstudios1

    Stuff to read that will make you mad

    I hate people who try to force their point of view on me. I hate it when Christians give my religion a bad name by being homophobic. I hate rapists. If I snap, I will truly go John Kramer on their asses. I hate it when people try to justify the wars in the Middle East. Or any war since the Civil War. I hate Neo Nazism. I hate how Obama managed to be both a Nazi and a Communist. The dude has a skill that I can never attain. I hate that little cut that I sometimes get on the side of my thumb. The one where trying to get the skin off only worsens the problem. I hate it when people generalize anything (movies, old/modern video games, religions, races, etc). I fucking hate being friendzone'd (even by my ex girlfriend, while we were dating. True story). I hate passive-aggressive people (except Glados.) I hate how my massive CRT monitor is too dull, so I have to dick with Skulltag's gamma settings, then end the process with task manager to achieve the desired brightness. I hate excessively negative people. I hate zDaemon.exe. I'll probably have more soon.
  9. Abyssalstudios1

    Lunar Eclipse

    I was watching it, gleefully ignoring my friend who insisted that Genesis 1:14 meant that the eclipse meant some sort of disaster.
  10. Abyssalstudios1

    Exeunt DRD Team

    Aaack, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you pulled through this!
  11. Abyssalstudios1

    Wolf3D source ports?

    ...are you seriously complaining that zDoom bug reports are accepted at the zDoom forums?
  12. Abyssalstudios1

    Firefox 4 beta

    I've been using Chrome for a while, but I've decided that I want to use some plugins for my browsing. So I switched back to Firefox. But not the current version; I decided to give Firefox 4 a run. It looks like most of the updates are under the hood. Most of the options are gone. They have been replaced with a single orange "Firefox" button that houses all of the "New Tab", "Start Private Browsing", "History" etc options. There is no dedicated refresh or cancel button any more. One button to the immediate right of the address bar performs those functions depending on if a page is loading or not. One thing that is currently irritating me: typing a search term into the URL bar does perform a web search a la Chrome (I dunno if this was in 3), but it searches with Bing instead. I haven't looked very hard into changing this, though. And the old web search bar is still there. The removal of an entire row of buttons frees up more room for viewing space, which is of course the whole point of web browsing. A quick look at the Firefox 4 beta page tells me that most of the changes include updated standards and improved security. So, Firefox 4 seems to keep everything that we knew and enjoyed from Firefox 3, with a slight visual makeover.
  13. Abyssalstudios1

    Skype Conference Calls

    Yes. Yes you should.
  14. Abyssalstudios1

    Exceptional UFO Footage

    It seems like the people creating this stuff are having a good laugh.
  15. Abyssalstudios1

    WADs, which contains music from real bands

    The Skulltag "Jumpmaze 2" (I think) map pack has a MIDI for "Beauty and the Beast", by Nigthwish. I don't remember which map number; I remember the name was German.