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  1. Maes

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    At least that one is topped with chocolate, is effectively more of a sweet than a pizza and could get a pass as an unusual crêpe. The one I'm talking about however was otherwise "normal", having tomato sauce, cheese and bacon on top. You can only imagine how the combination tasted. And no, removing the cherries didn't help any because their taste had somehow permeated everything.
  2. Maes

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    And wait until you order a "cherry pizza" expecting it to have, dunno, cherry tomatoes, but instead it being topped with actual candied/maraschino cherries. True story.
  3. Maes

    Alarming Shower Thought

    Unless said Imp forgot the lube this time.
  4. Maes

    Alarming Shower Thought

    I thought this was going to be something about a reverse IMPSE of sorts....
  5. Well, the original Doom was only available as registered shareware/mail order, AFAIK, so in that sense Doom was "on the Internet" since the beginning. I don't know if it was possible to purchase in stores in a box in late 1993/early 1994 at least until Ultimate Doom came along (and Doom II before it). Of course, that raises questions of how exactly the game got spread worldwide, aside from the obvious answer, as I can't imagine many people from Europe mail-ordering a copy straight from the USA back in 1994 (and I don't think id would accept such orders from just about any country). Maybe they had a sort of local distribution in countries like the UK or Germany... ?
  6. TBQH that "CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT" on Final Doom's cover always bothered me (apart from the fact that it was totally unlike the epic Doom I/II covers and titlepics). Was this a hint that Final Doom was a dud of sorts?
  7. Maes

    Mouselook or autoaim?

    The Elders of Doom sayeth: "Thou shall honour your Lord, Doom, by playing only with the righteous shackles imposed on the generations of players before you, for only then you can find True Salvation". Ergo, full autoaim, infinite monster height, no freelook, keyboard only etc. ;-)
  8. I'm still waiting for a Facebook/Zynga buyout and see Doom reduced to a "Mafia Wars" kind of browser game.
  9. Convenience actually has been, historically, a major factor in the commercial dominance of one form of technology over another. A simple example is cassette vs LPs nd open reel tape: even without taking recordability into account, the cassette was smaller, easier to use than R2R tapes, available in portable devices and cars and the public was willing to overlook its decreased (initially, at least, fidelity). Or VHS vs Betamax. Despite all the myths about better porn availabliity (for VHS) or greater picture quality (for Beta), the plain truth is that VHS was cheaper to make (the machines at least), and allowed greater recording time from the get go. The picture quality differences, while there, were nothing impressive, and so the deal was sealed. Adoption inertia is also a major factor. Why change what works satisfactorily, unless the alternative has an undeniable, plain-for-all-to-see advantage. Which in the case of Linux vs Windows, simply isn't there. If you have to write a dissertation to convince someone to switch over, forget about it. TL; DR, and you already lost. If you want a long-running and more relevant example of the latter, consider, ICE cars vs EVs. People are sold for more than a century to the clearly superior, effortless range advantage of ICE cars vs pretty much any EV, at a price and weight parity. People will switch if and when the tables are turned, but for now EVs are only gaining some traction thanks to gov't subsidies and "green shaming" campaigns, not because they are a clear-cut, superior or cheaper alternative for most drivers. Oh and BTW, ICEs were better than the other alternative, steam. Plain and obvious for all to see ;-) As for Windows being invincible...nah, it's clearly not, but it's like one of those relationships where you do acknowledge all of its flaws, but you also know that what's out there is probably worse, and with time you learn to appreciate it, and why not, love it for what it is ;-)
  10. You see, beyond (or beneath) a certain point of "slowly", just like an investment that has a "slow" payback period of, well, anything beyond your natural lifespan really, you can simply write it off/admit that it didn't catch on :-) The major breakthroughs for acceptability/user friendliness were already met more than 15 years ago, at least for some distros (very friendly installers, LiveCD distros and good out-of-the-box hardware compatibility, plus a decent "app store" model). These are fine, but they merely mean that you don't need to be a 60 yo UNIX guru to install a randomly picked distro. Binary compatibility between distros remains a huge issue (a reason why major application developers never liked UNIX-like OSes in general, you cannot expect/allow the user to compile everything from source, and ABI compatibility is not guaranteed). Backwards compatibility is also so-so you simply cannot run a program from 20 years ago directly like you can on Windows. You cannot do that on Mac either, but that's a whole other basket case of its own, let's not go down THAT rabbit hole. But for something wishing (?) to dethrone Windows, that's a pretty big deal. But even without getting so technical, it all falls apart the moment Random Ass Guy X asks you "Can I run [insert random ass program here] on it?". Unless it's something cross-platform like GIMP or a browser-based application, you're screwed. The common example is "Can I work on Word documents?". LibreOffice? Bzzzt, you lose, for will fall flat on your face as soon are you're required to exchange documents with a "real" Word user without mangling everything. And let's not even talk about games, social media apps etc. These companies need a solid infrastructure for servers, data farms and other things running in big, damp basements, so it's 100% understandable for them to be interested in it. Which is kinda what UNIX-like/Linux-like OSes are all about, once again. But nobody is pursuing the mythical Windows-killer/drop-in replacement anymore, AFAIK. That's a pipe dream that died (at least IMO) about a decade ago, as the usability never went beyond what was achieved back then, nor did it need to. The real (immovable) roadblock for the average user, will be software availability. Unless you can really do all of your work strictly using FOSS that's already in the repos, it simply won't work for you.
  11. It doesn't, and in fact it was an unforeseen -back in the early 2000s- development. If anything, those "media consuming" devices took some market share away/complemented traditional desktop/laptop computers. E.g. today, it's much easier (and less painful) to watch YouTube HD videos on a 5 yo smartphone that at least has hardware MPEG4 acceleration, than on a 10 yo desktop that in theory should be (still) more powerful and versatile. You could also say that Linux won the battle by flanking/undermining, since Android and iOS are little more than mini-UNIXes/Linuxes ;-) Again, been hearing these exact words for the last 20 years. How much more "slowly" are we talking about? I won't say Linux hasn't gone anywhere, but only that it already went exactly where it was supposed to go. The "desktop revolution" that Linux geeks envisioned in the early 2000s, with the "savior" Linux displacing the "evil" Windows in every household, just didn't happen (or it happened in a way they couldn't foresee, e.g. as the OS in mobile devices, TV-top boxes, media players etc.). Or, of all things, as Mac OS X O_o
  12. Excluding game consoles? Those excelled at what they did but of course you couldn't compare a system with fixed specs designed to last at least 5+ years on the market with one (Pee Cees) that had no real hardware/software control and game developers were free to push well beyond what you'd call "average specs for the time".
  13. Been hearing that for the last 20 years, but there's an upper cap it will never go beyond. GNU/Linux never quite got a foothold the "newb/granny/lamer" user market, and any new prebuilt IBM PC-compatible computer you set to buy today, desktop or laptop, will still come with Windows preinstalled in 99.999% of cases, unless go out of your way to ensure otherwise. Besides, "OS market" is not necessarily exclusive: there are dual boot machines as well but even if you take those into account, there's still a maximum cap for GNU/Linux as a desktop OS, as it's aimed mostly at sysadmins/power users/etc., not casual users who just want to "Uh...surf the 'Net, play some games, watch some youtube videos, and execute dangerous e-mail attachments".
  15. Maes

    MIDI/MUS or OGG/WAV music?

    No love for MOD/S3M/Tracker music in this thread? :-( I always thought Doom would have been even cooler with an "Amiga Metal" kind of soundtrack, but the overhead of an in-game MOD music player would probably have been too much. I wonder if id even considered one, though.