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    Here's an old post I made on the subject,
  1. Are movies and music ever officially abandoned, before their copyright actually expires? They may become harder to get, esp. if they don't ever get released on a modern format (think e.g. of music released only on 78 rpm records or 8-track, movies released only on VHS etc.), but seldom does the copyright holder throw the towel and admit that, well, unless they re-release their work in a modern format (assuming that they can, even), they can no longer make money out of it and they'd do the world a service if they just release an official nulla osta to the free and unrestricted use of their work (which they obviously can no longer control). Some games are indeed in that grey zone where obsure B-movies and rare music tracks are. For the latter, often Youtube can prove a surprising source. For the former, well, "abandonware" sites sometimes do provide a valuable service. But Doom in particular never was in this league.
  2. Since Doom's cash-cow is still milked for all that it's worth, I'd say no. Granted, there was an awkward period between the late 1990s and the rise of services like Steam, GoG, etc. where games ended up mostly in the bargain bin and then into oblivion, and abandonware (or "warez") was the only practical way of getting hold of them, unless you were willing to sift through local ads, thrift stores, eBay etc. (and even the legality of resale in this way is challenged today). Try e.g. and buy Daikatana or Big Rigs in 2005-2006, Cyberbykes or any 1990s FMV game for that matter. Most have a Steam or GoG release by now, but that wasn't always the case. However, unlike those obscure crappers, Doom never ever made it into the gutter of bargain bins, AFAIK. It was always sold officially on the high street in one form or another, and for top dollar, considering its age. Anthologies, collections etc.
  3. Whatever the frame rate of the GIFs (which can also be variable) , he must convert it to seconds anyway. Of course, it's possible to directly use the formula tics=35/f, where f is the fixed frame rate of the GIF in Hz.
  4. 1 tic = 1/35th of a second, so you have to multiply times in seconds per 35, to get the equivalent in tics.
  5. Probably MIDI files were to game soundtracks what cassette was to audio formats: at first the discographic majors tried to stop home duplication/recording off the radio, but lost every court battle in that regard. Then they decided that cassette was of sufficiently low quality compared to their LP and CD releases that home taping wasn't a serious threat, nor did it hurt sales. N.B., the same rationale,but with a different conclusion, was used years later for witch-hunting MP3s. Apparently those were deemed good enough to be a threat (despite what many audiophiles would tell you, heh).
  6. Funnily, that's exactly what many "added value multimedia services" did back in the MIDI ringtone era in the 2000s, where you paid good money for them (if you were too lazy to find a free MIDIs page, that is, and were willing to risk subscribing to some SMS scam). I bet most of those companies didn't have any sort of official distribution permission or exclusivity: they were literally selling stuff they downloaded off the Internet for $1 or more a pop. The fact that even during a period where some people had a vested interest in making sure you DIDN'T download them for free from anywhere else, didn't result in any high-profile, Napster-like cases, should tell you how lax enforcement was -if any was applicable, that is.
  7. That's an even greyer area than the IWAD sprites or other resources. My guess is that it's sort of OK as long as you don't cross IWAD boundaries (e.g. making Doom II stuff available in Doom, or vice versa) or distribute them in a way that still requires a full IWAD to use. Just like with other resources, really.
  8. Where's a properly rotated STFRAPE when you need it?
  9. It's not as if there's a lack of choice...
  10. Depends on how fresh and well-hydrated they are. Also, you really don't want the restaurant's name to be Chez Baron...
  11. Not for super-tough, All-American (TM) US Marines, it ain't.
  12. Greatest? They get vaporized pretty quickly by the BFG, while even lesser weapons kill it faster than e.g. the Cyberdemon. Plus you can get easily stuck and get raped to death even by Pinkies. Nope, just nope.
  13. Let alone that it could reheat the dishes, if they got cold, or even help in the kitchen.
  14. Now somebody must make a mod with chaingunners walking around with a chaingun up their ass and shooting out of their mouths.
  15. What about Ghost Pain Elementals?