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    Here's an old post I made on the subject,
  1. Puzzles have the unfortunate tendency to degenerate into ragequit-inducing, map-breaking hazards too easily if done improperly, and often they are associated with poor mapping. A map that's too hard because it throws you against overwhelming odds? OK, it's unfair, but at least you can see where the difficulty is coming from: monsters tearing you a new one. Getting stuck with a broken or sibylline puzzle? Not really the same kind of rage. It gets a player stuck in a clueless limbo, which IMO is not at all what Doom should be about. It's no wonder that in many "Stuff you hate in PWADs" threads, broken puzzles are mentioned a lot (one-time doors, no-return points, completely arbitrary behavior, unmarked switches/linedefs etc.).
  2. But what if you cannot afford to waste that one extra bullet when finishing an enemy that only needs an odd number of bullets in order to die? If you waste a single bullet on every target, well, that amounts to a LOT of bullets in the course of a map. Try playing an ammo conservation map balanced according to the Finnish Frugality Formula (TM) and come tell me about it ;-)
  3. Kids these days...tsk, tsk.
  4. Unless your map is Gothic99.... or flying monsters can't navigate them for shit.
  5. My "What if Doomguy was a biker" thread was superior.
  7. You don't have to like it, just use it when it should be used ;-)
  8. Try playing a Jodwin map balanced according to the FFF (Finnish Frugality Formula) without the pistol and see if the other weapons are the best...
  9. Presumably so it can spit new monsters, otherwise it would explode. Screenie 4 is particularly interesting because it shows how each pellet of the shotgun autoaims on its own, so not only it's a sniper rifle, it's also a multi-targetting gun O_o Yeah, fuck those pesky pistol starters.
  10. Latex simply doesn't hold up after all those years, and the originals have likely melted into goo long ago. Would you expect a 20yo condom to be still in one piece?
  11. I am not sure if 80s barbarian flicks really capture the atmosphere of Heretic...the setting needs to be more medieval, IMO, and involve elements such as the Spanish Inquisition, Knights Templars, witches, demons, golems etc.
  12. To the Something Awful forums, where they become SA goons. Though that place does have its own set of apparently arbitrary rules. Oh well, that's why there's /b/ and /pol/...
  13. Ever tried gathering various required documents from different public services in order to finally submit them with an application form to yet another one? There you go :-p