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  1. What's sizeof(mobj_t) in ZDoom? I think mobj_t or whatever it's called is INSANELY bloated in ZDoom. No wonder Nuts runs so poorly.
  2. tempun

    rotate/scroll boom transferred sky?

    the 254 special? the sky's scrolling is heavily scaled down (by a factor of 64 IIRC) Also the sky is always fullbright. I've no idea but maybe make it animated?
  3. tempun

    rotate/scroll boom transferred sky?

    give it a scroll special, with very very fast scrolling
  4. How about just giving up and switching to MBF compatibility? This will give you a lot of frames as well as at least one monster slot (MBF dog). Mechadon - are you sure you don't have thing slots? Maybe your DeHackEd editor doesn't know about them? I don't know but maybe try unholy bible from MBF (originally from Doom PR beta)? EDIT: PrBoom-plus bombs out with "Unknown gettable thing" when I try to pick up an unholy bible, but you need a slot for monster, right?
  5. tempun

    Generating colormaps

    Convert it to doom flat format. Be sure to select your palette first.
  6. tempun

    WhackEd 4

    Another ancient bug, but fortunately user can fix it himself.
  7. I wonder if Insane_Gazebo is colorblind. My first thought upon seeing Sunder maps was "wow this is ugly and monotonous". (Except the first two levels, which are alright.) As a result of reading some Sunder hype, my opinion of some of the maps improved somewhat, but copypasted detail, lack of texture variation (in particular, color variation) and switch hunts make it look much worse to me. There's some nice looking areas but they drown in incredible amount of filler Sunder has. Can't comment on the gameplay of Sunder as it's way beyond my abilities.
  8. tempun

    A "complete" Doom CD/flash drive

    QFT. Also Whacked4 instead of Whacked3.
  9. FATAL ERROR: OPERATION NOT PERMITTED http://www.mediafire.com/conv/b361f8a5ca7910d57711831632502458ae7638e7ea0b3e1ed220e0363f316e976g.jpg?size_id=5 http://www.mediafire.com/conv/a7a7482b34655fe18337aaa63d946d5eb9c79d55c01d8bbdb236c4338773a2746g.jpg?size_id=5 http://www.mediafire.com/conv/682c46153c0b6298b49f43df63708e397717187632139178a3d4dc9f9245d39c6g.jpg?size_id=5 http://www.mediafire.com/conv/640a3db4bd5fb0038be491907fd1ba1b5ba4183f8cdc588cd3a60de08191d80a6g.jpg?size_id=5
  10. Not in this case, as you should *not* include the weapon patch in your wad. But whatever.
  11. Memfis: be sure to make your texture composite and use actual supershotgun patch (SGN2A0) in it, so that Freedoom users see the correct sprite. Here are two screenshots, one takes with Freedoom, the other with Doom 2. This is Bricks.wad level 1, by Eric Harris. It's refreshing to think that Freedoom compatibility was considered back in 1996. ;)
  12. He's probably using PrBoom+. I made a pwad which shifts weapon sporites off the screen for this purpose.
  13. tempun

    WhackEd 4

    - Trying to open chex.deh (with any engine setting) produces a long stream of error messages. I understand why it does; the problem is that the only option is to click "OK" over and over. Would be nice to have "cancel" (which would return to engine selection dialog and allow to change engine) or "show no more errors" button or combine the error messages of same type. - Once engine for the patch is set, it cannot be changed from View->Patch settings, only from respective .whacked file. - PRCP.deh is for Final Doom and it's strange to have to open it as Boom patch.