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  1. Archy

    Final Doom-Plus?

    It seems from this post fdoomp was based off of modifying doomp to behave like Final Doom instead of directly modifying Final Doom's executable. Today I ran Plutonia/TNT with fdoomp.exe by having doom2.wad in same directory as fdoomp.exe (and NOT having doom.wad in that directory) and then using the "-file plutonia.wad"/"-file tnt.wad" command line arguments. Edit: I believe the purpose of fdoomp was to have a -complevel 4 version of doomp/doom2p for demo recording purposes, but it was not meant to behave like Final Doom outside of that scope, so loading plutonia.wad/tnt.wad as an iwad was not a concern.
  2. Archy

    Final Doom-Plus?

    Redneckerz in a pm wrote: I don't remember much about why I made it. I do remember wondering and being annoyed that there was a doomp and a doom2p but no fdoomp. This post seems to reveal the tool I used to make it (in other words, it seems myk actually made it), but the link is now dead.
  3. Archy

    Final Doom-Plus?

    What's crazy is I don't even remembering making or obtaining this file, let alone talking about it here. I'm also surprised I was even able to make the file. I'll PM you shortly.
  4. Archy

    Final Doom-Plus?

    I'm very glad to see that interest in Doom, in particular Doom for DOS, is still alive and well. I'm very much out of the loop so I may not be of much help, but I do have a file called FDOOMP.EXE on my hard drive. I'm currently in contact with axdoomer about giving it to him. Aside from my contact with axdoomer, is there a location you would like me to upload this file to? P.S.: I'm quite surprised I managed to come up with a "fork" that no one has managed to reproduce :). I had practically no programming skills at the time so I must have found a step-by-step guide somewhere.
  5. Very nice Ryback. I've been trying to snatch that record for a long time. Good job matching the max time. Very nice demo. Ultimate Doom, E1M3 - Toxin Refinery: UV-FAST in 2:35. f1m3-235.zip
  6. Ultimate Doom, E1M3 - Toxin Refinery: UV-FAST in 2:44. f1m3-244.zip
  7. Welcome to Doomworld Red! I remember when you made quite a splash with you pl32 demos, good to have you as a forum member. I upload demos I'm not satisfied with quite a bit, it actually helps motivate me to improve those demos knowing that everybody can see my mistakes. Also, I personally always get very annoyed when I know someone has a record, but refuses to share it, especially after mentioning it in a public forum. I can understand not uploading a record if you are activity trying to improve it, but if it's been say a month and your time still hasn't improved, I don't think withholding your record from the community is a nice thing to do.
  8. Archy

    SC-55 and Linux

    I just got an SC-55 and here's hat I did (it became pretty obvious once I could actually see the hardware). I connected an M-Audio USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface to a USB port and then connected the "to MIDI in" to the front MIDI in port. This worked fine in Linux out of the box. Just make sure you don't get a defective model. I then connected a a double-male 3.5mm TRS cable from the phone connector on the SC-55 to my PC's line in, but I couldn't get the line in to work. To fix this I had to run pactl load-module module-loopback and then installed pavucontrol because I couldn't get alsamixer to enable the line in port. Now as long as I redirect midi to port 24:0, the SC-55 works. However it sounds terrible when passed through my PC's line in port, all crackly and static-y. I connected it directly to my speakers, and it sounded wonderful, but of course I had to disconnect my PC from the speakers to do that -- not an acceptable solution. I tried treating my two microphone-in ports as line-in ports but both sounded equally as bad as my actual line in port. I tried to connect other devices to my line in to see if the problem was just with the SC-55, and line in sounds terrible regardless of the device connected. Right now I have my PC connect to the SC-55's line in, and the SC-55 connected to my speakers. The sound from the computer sounds fine as long as I have alsa master volume set to 100%, but the volume level doesn't mix well with the midi produced from the SC-55, and turning the volume nob now no longer changing the proportion between the PC sound volume and SC-55 sound volume. Reducing the PC volume from alsa even by a little bit make the sound way to soft, so that's not an option. In short what I need to do is either get a line in port that doesn't suck, or get a mixer to combine the PC audio out and the SC-55 audio out and then connect the mixer to my speaker. Any advice? I know very little about audio so once again, I may come off as stupid.
  9. Archy

    Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow talk about knowing your goals and meeting them. Great run!
  10. I decided to be a little less spammy but I think an 11 second improvement is worth uploading. f1m9-236.zip
  11. Archy

    I'm stupid, how do I play demos?

    What port do you use? For Vanilla Doom 2 it goes like this at the DOS prompt: "doom2.exe -playdemo thedemo" where "thedemo" will play back the file "thedemo.lmp". For PrBoom-Plus it's real easy on Windows. Just associate .lmp files with PrBoom-Plus and when you double click a .lmp file, the PrBoom-plus launcher will prompt you for the iwad and pwad, and then it plays.
  12. Archy

    SC-55 and Linux

    I would like to purchase an SC-55 pretty soon, and I've done a lot of research on how to make it work on modern systems. A good video I found was on the MT-32, and from what I've read the same steps would be used to get the SC-55 working. However, when he mentioned the word "driver" in reference to the Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface at 10:30, I got concerned. Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I'm quite new to all this midi stuff. Has anyone gotten their SC-55 to work on their modern Linux system? Does anyone know an alternative to the Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface? Am I completely misguided on what I need to do to get the SC-55 to work? I run Debian Jessie amd64 by the way.