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  1. Very nice Ryback. I've been trying to snatch that record for a long time. Good job matching the max time. Very nice demo. Ultimate Doom, E1M3 - Toxin Refinery: UV-FAST in 2:35. f1m3-235.zip
  2. Ultimate Doom, E1M3 - Toxin Refinery: UV-FAST in 2:44. f1m3-244.zip
  3. Welcome to Doomworld Red! I remember when you made quite a splash with you pl32 demos, good to have you as a forum member. I upload demos I'm not satisfied with quite a bit, it actually helps motivate me to improve those demos knowing that everybody can see my mistakes. Also, I personally always get very annoyed when I know someone has a record, but refuses to share it, especially after mentioning it in a public forum. I can understand not uploading a record if you are activity trying to improve it, but if it's been say a month and your time still hasn't improved, I don't think withholding your record from the community is a nice thing to do.
  4. Archy

    SC-55 and Linux

    I just got an SC-55 and here's hat I did (it became pretty obvious once I could actually see the hardware). I connected an M-Audio USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface to a USB port and then connected the "to MIDI in" to the front MIDI in port. This worked fine in Linux out of the box. Just make sure you don't get a defective model. I then connected a a double-male 3.5mm TRS cable from the phone connector on the SC-55 to my PC's line in, but I couldn't get the line in to work. To fix this I had to run pactl load-module module-loopback and then installed pavucontrol because I couldn't get alsamixer to enable the line in port. Now as long as I redirect midi to port 24:0, the SC-55 works. However it sounds terrible when passed through my PC's line in port, all crackly and static-y. I connected it directly to my speakers, and it sounded wonderful, but of course I had to disconnect my PC from the speakers to do that -- not an acceptable solution. I tried treating my two microphone-in ports as line-in ports but both sounded equally as bad as my actual line in port. I tried to connect other devices to my line in to see if the problem was just with the SC-55, and line in sounds terrible regardless of the device connected. Right now I have my PC connect to the SC-55's line in, and the SC-55 connected to my speakers. The sound from the computer sounds fine as long as I have alsa master volume set to 100%, but the volume level doesn't mix well with the midi produced from the SC-55, and turning the volume nob now no longer changing the proportion between the PC sound volume and SC-55 sound volume. Reducing the PC volume from alsa even by a little bit make the sound way to soft, so that's not an option. In short what I need to do is either get a line in port that doesn't suck, or get a mixer to combine the PC audio out and the SC-55 audio out and then connect the mixer to my speaker. Any advice? I know very little about audio so once again, I may come off as stupid.
  5. Archy

    Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow talk about knowing your goals and meeting them. Great run!
  6. I decided to be a little less spammy but I think an 11 second improvement is worth uploading. f1m9-236.zip
  7. Archy

    I'm stupid, how do I play demos?

    What port do you use? For Vanilla Doom 2 it goes like this at the DOS prompt: "doom2.exe -playdemo thedemo" where "thedemo" will play back the file "thedemo.lmp". For PrBoom-Plus it's real easy on Windows. Just associate .lmp files with PrBoom-Plus and when you double click a .lmp file, the PrBoom-plus launcher will prompt you for the iwad and pwad, and then it plays.
  8. Archy

    SC-55 and Linux

    I would like to purchase an SC-55 pretty soon, and I've done a lot of research on how to make it work on modern systems. A good video I found was on the MT-32, and from what I've read the same steps would be used to get the SC-55 working. However, when he mentioned the word "driver" in reference to the Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface at 10:30, I got concerned. Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I'm quite new to all this midi stuff. Has anyone gotten their SC-55 to work on their modern Linux system? Does anyone know an alternative to the Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface? Am I completely misguided on what I need to do to get the SC-55 to work? I run Debian Jessie amd64 by the way.
  9. Ultimate Doom, E1M9 - Military Base: UV-FAST in 2:47. f1m9-247.zip
  10. I see no reason to add NRFTL to C-N, especially considering that it's not truly vanilla compatible. Making an excepting for it would just cause additional headache and complication. Not to mention the problems the secret map causes, and the fact that there's multiple NRFTL wads out there from different sources (e.g. Xbox 360 version isn't identical to BFG-PC version), though I'm 99% sure all versions are 100% demo compatible with each other so its differences shouldn't matter, but right there there's added complication in defining the rules. I think it was a mistake adding Scythe. C-N might have had too many wads as it was, though out of all the wads to add, Scythe did make the most sense.
  11. Archy

    Chocolate Doom

    I don't know if this will be of help to you but I did on Debian Linux.
  12. Why do I even write anything here? f1m6-344.zip