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  1. heya axdoomer and belandino i was talking to you guys on that youtube vid, was wondering if you guys still wanna play? :)
  2. You can find me on #DMstuff on quakenet, im usually in there :)
  3. ahh doomkid, well have to setup a game some time :)
  4. Anyone wanna 1v1 through dosbox or choco? would be pretty fun :) could even hook up my pentium 2 if you got original hardware :P EDIT: Also would be sick to play some choco or vanilla heretic, at higher pings can use choco with the -newsync command for smoother play
  5. The Download link for source code and ipxsetup is dead
  6. MadDog

    www.doom2.net Down!

  7. that is freakin awesome man, i love the screenshot you got of me killing fonze from that side view lol EDIT: lol wait, that was me dying from fonze xD
  8. Hmmm, ive heard of this master slave ipx driver before although, have never tried. I find ipxsetup to be good enough
  9. ill be there :P havent played enough doom lately :)
  10. The problem for me in chocolate doom is that when i swipe my mouse fast at low sensitivity it hits a "Speed cap" where it wont go faster no matter what i do, i will have to post a video on youtube showing my problem. I know i do have acceleration set to 1 in settings and that doesnt matter, because there is a speed cap even with acceleration on!
  11. Sweet :) on my birthday too :p Thanks alot, xttl
  12. MadDog

    Chocolate doom league?

    Hey Terminus, where'd you go! :O