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  1. You know, I tried playing a MIDI file using XMPlay and this soundfont, and the clarinet, or at least certain pitches of it, were out of tune. There are orchestral MIDIs. The rest of the sounds I could hear appeared to be correct.
  2. mattjoes

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    What mapping career? My mapping career is dead. I haven't released a map in almost 11 years. But I've got some great ideas, and I know the right people... now, I'll make things happen, and I'll be back at the top. The Cacowards will be renamed to the, uh, matt-o-wards. John Romero and me will be best buddies. In all seriousness, I really need to work on turning my hypothetical Doom projects into reality. Then I can rule the world.
  3. mattjoes

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    I used ZDoom exclusively for many years, then GZDoom. I found they satisfied all my Doom needs. Very recently, I replayed The Ultimate Doom + SIGIL, and while I played E1 on GZDoom, I decided to mix things up for the other episodes, and played E2 on DOSBox, E3 and E4 on Chocolate Doom, and SIGIL on Crispy Doom. I liked using these other source ports (and DOSBox) as they offered a more vanilla type of experience. I used OPL music as I found I missed it, after not having played the game with it since the nineties or early noughties. It took a while to get used to the blurrier look of Chocolate, Crispy and DOSBox, but it was a nice change of pace and I'm going to keep mixing things up for source ports. Last year I was watched a video of John Romero playing Doom, and he was using Doomsday. I'd tried it before, but the Romero video motivated me to use it again. I really like the look and the visual effects it has, but I found the keyboard inputs had a slight delay in being registered, compared to GZDoom, which really bothered me and I couldn't continue using it. I don't know what the reason was for that problem, but I'm going to give it another try one of these days. It's got a cool look. The interface is also a thing of beauty.
  4. SIGIL and Inferno use many of the same textures, yet on the whole I find they look fairly different from each other. How would you describe their visual differences? I think part of it has to do with the fact SIGIL seems to privilege certain Hellish textures over others, and has many more darkly lit rooms.
  5. Hello, This is probably going to be either a very interesting subject to discuss, or a real "meh" kind of thing. I guess it doesn't just apply to Doom, but to any 3D game, and in fact also to other forms of visual media, not to mention real life™. It's a subject I personally haven't seen discussed here before. I'm talking about directional orientation. So, we've got our cardinal points: north, south, east, west. From a sensorial point of view, to talk about their differences is like talking about flavors of ice cream-- not very useful. It's a very personal thing, and not something that can be put into words. But suffice it to say, I feel "north" different from "south", and "east" different from "west", as I imagine we all do. Now, I don't know if my mental compass is lousy or whatever, but when I was a five year old experiencing Doom for the first time, in going through the classic maps for the first time --and obviously not knowing their layouts ahead of time--, certain "mistakes" were ingrained into my brain regarding directional orientation. For instance, Hangar follows what John Romero has called a "horseshoe design". Well, when I start playing, I feel I'm facing north, but as I go down the stairs to enter the nukage room, I now feel the exit door is north of where I'm standing. This is completely wrong of course, and goes completely against the horseshoe layout that is apparent when looking at the automap, but I guess this directional misconception happened when I first played the game, and that "feeling" has remained with me ever since. I just played Hangar again like two days ago, and it's the same way. I'm facing north at the beginning of the level, and I'm facing north when I'm about to enter the exit room. That is just an example. This happens to me on several levels, though not all of them. Some, like say Spawning Vats, I understand correctly from a directional standpoint, but others, like Phobos Anomaly, present the same issue as Hangar. I'm not even sure the complexity of the layout has something to do with it; it just happens for some reason. It doesn't bother me, it just is what it is. When I cross a certain section of the map, my brain readjusts and the cardinal points have changed. I can even go back and the cardinal points will go back to the way they were. Now, I know what you are thinking: "go see a doctor". Or perhaps: "use the automap, man". Well, when I was a kid, I did use the automap, but a) it didn't occur to me at the time that "up" is "north" (ugh), and b) I guess my directional interpretation of a level was created before looking at the automap, and looking at it afterwards made little difference. Even today, when I start playing a level for the first time, my brain immediately decides --sometimes unconsciously and sometimes consciously-- that whatever direction I'm facing is south or east, or whatever. And the automap can't change that feeling, because the map comes after the first visual impression. If it came before, things might be different. But it doesn't. So, today, when I look at the automap, I don't adjust the cardinal points in my head to the automap. Instead, I adjust the cardinal points on the automap to my head. Know what I mean? Does this happen to anyone else in whatever Doom map? Has this subject matter ever crossed another Doomer's mind? Does directional orientation bother you, or are you indifferent about it? Will I keep asking these questions?
  6. mattjoes

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    Montezuma's Return! is an awesome game.
  7. mattjoes

    Favorite Breakout/Arkanoid genre game

    Here's another video because I noticed the one above has slowdowns (probably a cycles thing in DOSBox).
  8. mattjoes

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Thank you, Scuba Steve, and by the way, thank you for making Ghostbusters Doom 2. Even if it wasn't finished, it's been the source of some very happy memories for me.
  9. mattjoes

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I've extracted the MUS file to make identification easier. Here's the download link: https://www85.zippyshare.com/v/LJft9rSA/file.html
  10. mattjoes

    Should I Play Quake?

    I only discovered this five minutes ago but somehow I've been pushing the button for six hours please send help
  11. mattjoes

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    It takes an imp in a tweed suit five and a half seconds to fall from the top of the Doom II level The Pit to the bottom.
  12. mattjoes

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    I posted with a certain regularity on a social media account for about a year and a half. Nothing too sensitive, mostly stuff about music and films. I never entered any personal data except for my partial name, which I later changed to something truly anonymous. No info on where I studied or where I lived, and no photos of me. I've since deleted all my posts and don't read anybody else's either. I only keep the account open because certain academic news are only available there. I think there are several deficiencies and things I dislike about social media: According to the specific page where I used to post, I supposedly have a great number of "friends". This is nonsense, because they're not my friends, they're acquaintances for which this page was the most convenient means of communication. It would be more honest if they just called them "contacts". No one has four hundred friends. Being constantly bombarded by everyone's thoughts and feelings on every subject of human life is frankly exhausting. I can't and don't want to deal with all that stuff, I've got my own life to deal with. The concept of people posting all of who they are and what they do, for everyone to see, is unpleasant. Just by my posting on the page, I was also guilty of this behavior to a certain extent, though not nearly to the same degree as other people. I guess it's easy for people to think of ourselves and our thoughts and feelings as valuable and important, and therefore feel inclined --even entitled-- to share them with the world. But now I have the opposite view: because me and my thoughts and feelings are valuable and important, I am not going to share them with the world, but preserve them for those people and those contexts with whom I really want to share them. It's my life and I'm not going to give you the full picture of it through a friggin' website. I guess we all have "curated" versions of ourselves that we present to the world, but social media gives this side of us excessive importance. It can also become compulsive to fish for likes, not to mention annoying for those who have to witness that. Social media has emerged as an alternative news source, supposedly revealing those truths that newspapers and TV channels cannot say because they are controlled by large corporations. The problem is in my experience, these news are, at the very least, just as prone to be misleading or false. In a world in which it's already difficult to discern what is factual and what isn't, why subject myself to even more ambiguous crap?
  13. mattjoes

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    Blood 2 feels and looks bland to me. I still enjoy it, it's an okay game, but it's not nearly as exciting as Blood. I like the concept of moving the setting a hundred years into the future, but as you say, the game lacks a truly scary atmophere. The concept of all the Drudge enemies being transformed humans is quite creepy, but that's about the only thing that really is. The places one visits are not scary at all, or lack scary touches. The gameplay is fine, but I don't recall any of the gunplay in Blood 2 matching the enjoyment of throwing a bundle of dynamite to a bunch of zombies in Blood. The bloodshed just isn't as good. Also, as someone pointed out some time ago, Gideon says in the introduction that "we never expected to be betrayed by one of our own", but in fact, Caleb seeking revenge from Tchernobog and the Cabal was Tchernobog's plan all along, so they had to have expected it. And there appears to be no sarcasm in that line, or if there is, it doesn't work. Or maybe only Tchernobog knew the plan and nobody else in the Cabal ever found out, but if that's the case, it's never clarified through dialogue. And apart from the Caleb, the Chosen are totally underused. Gabriel turning into Gabriella is an empty joke. I get all of this has to do to a large extent with a development schedule that was cut short, but that's the game we finally got in the end. It does have a sense of dark humor going for it, though, but there might be too much "humor" and not enough "dark". Speaking of the first game "messing us up", I hate choking hands. I have more or less memorized the locations of each of them, so that I can avoid them without them latching onto me. There is a particularly difficult situation in E3M2, The Siege, when one drops into a kitchen full of them. Same with the morgue in E3M4, The Sick Ward. It's one of the reasons why I really enjoy Cryptic Passage: no hands, except for one in Abysmal Mine (and maybe one in the second floor of Castle, I'm not sure). The reason I hate them so much is that when I first played the shareware version of Blood, I saw a hand in a cell in E1M4, Dark Carnival, so I think I decided to noclip to get closer to it, just out of curiosity. Damned thing covered half my screen, and gave me a real shock. I might have been traumatized by them had I discovered them under normal circumstances, but somehow I feel the trauma was stronger because I didn't expect this thing in an inaccessible place to be an enemy. I guess hands are like protozoid slimers from Duke Nukem 3D, but I never found those that scary; I guess it's because I met them in more "pleasant" circumstances. Also, they are easy to get rid of if they get in your face, unlike the hands. I must admit at first, judging from the image in the game manual, I thought the first slimer that appears in the game was a circular thing stuck to a wall in one of those green alien rooms in E2L2, Incubator. I did get scared by that, and it took me a while to get closer to it. Then, of course, I realized that was a switch, and I had already discovered (and killed) the slimers moments ago. Haha! Going back to Blood, I also find Shial's lair, with the hanging cocooned corpses, very scary. Sorry for going a offtopic there; I wanted to get this off my chest.
  14. mattjoes

    Why Aren't Nam And Redneck Rampage Mentioned?

    Thank you. The link in that Shacknews page took me to the wrong article in Variety, but I found the correct one: https://variety.com/1999/film/news/sony-goes-on-a-rampage-1117755810/ Very interesting.
  15. mattjoes

    Supercharge or Soulsphere?

    IT'S NAHT A TOOMAH! It's naht a toomah. At ahl. (Were you expecting this reply?)