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  1. Melon

    The DWIronman League dies to: Crusades

    Ah yes I remember playing ??? but I don't have fond memories of it, the layouts were confusing. I thought its sequel !!! was much more surprising.
  2. Melon

    Chocolate Doom

    The good news is that Linguica's guide worked perfectly. Hooray! I've successfully compiled my first source!
  3. Melon

    Chocolate Doom

    Hey everyone, Recently I have been trying to properly learn programming, and I figured it was about time to jump into trying to mess with the source code of another program. I personally learn better by getting stuck in and trying things. And what better place to start then the Doom engine, a codebase that has been ported to almost everything, even pianos! I wanted to start simple so I went for Chocolate Doom. The wiki page for building on Windows suggest using Cygwin which I also saw mentioned in a number of other places when looking where to start with compiling source code. I followed the instructions given but it looks like I'm having issues with getting SDL to compile. Given that this is my first ever attempt at compiling source code, I am completely at a loss as of what to do and how to fix it, and unfortunately don't really understand why things are going wrong. I get this error:configure: error: *** Your compiler (gcc) does not produce Win32 executables! Googling the issue, funnily enough, has one of the top results bring me to a thread on the Chocolate Doom github where there was no real solution. A further googling leads me to the SDL wiki which says "As of SDL 2.0.3, the codebase still compiles on Cygwin and MingW32, but we expect these to stop working in the future." So is using Cygwin a bust? That page seems to suggest that I should strongly consider using Visual Studio? I know Linguica made a guide here and I'll try that next, but it will have to be tomorrow as it's getting late now. After spending such a long time researching and getting Cygwin set up I feel like I've made no progress and wasn't sure if maybe I was just missing something obvious? You might all be rolling your eyes at my total cluelessness but I don't know where else to begin. I just feel a bit lost. Any advice? Did I just get caught up in a transitional period of SDL dropping support for older versions? Am I better looking at compiling some other source code while Chocolate undergoes its transition to SDL 2?
  4. Melon

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jenesis

    Sadness. Died to a revenant on MAP02. Came into the map with only 20% health so was basically toast anyway. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1651184 EDIT: Recorded in PrBoom+ Complevel 9
  5. Ironman club Jenesis submission. jenesis-ironman-melon.zip
  6. Melon

    The DWIronman League dies to: Jenesis

    This is an amazing idea! Never played this wad before, so will record a demo now and will get back to you all soon. But hopefully not too soon! (I'm totally dying on the first map, I can feel it).
  7. Melon

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M5 Tyson in 17:56 This was a first exit, I'll come back and improve it later, but no more time today. Contains lots of hot lift, pinkie slapping and block monster line action! Well OK, action might not be the right word here... i1d51756.zip
  8. Melon

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    E3M1 Tyson in 9:26 Includes a large portion at the end where I have 1% health! i3d1t926.zip
  9. Melon

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    E2M1 Tyson in 3:38 i2d1t338.zip
  10. Melon

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M4 Tyson in 8:53 i1d4t853.zip
  11. For anybody who likes to map in Boom format, there is a way you can fake this (with a small caveat) so that you don't have to use 3dmidtex that I'll explain below, because more knowledge never hurts. It's similar to Nevander's method but with a small trick. Nevander's trick also has rendering issues with flat bleeding if you are below the height of the raised sector while this does not. If this is hard to follow, ]here is an example wad. The minimum height a step can be so that the player cannot walk up it is 25 units. (When using the scroll wheel to raise floor height in 3D Visual mode in Doom Builder, that's 3 scrolls up followed by 1 shift+scroll up). Where you want the shootable fence to be, put a thin floor on the edge at least 25 units higher to where the player is. This stops the player walking through it but lets shots and projectiles travel over it. Now add a midtexture to the edge of your raised floor and set the midtexture's height to where you want it to be. If you are pushing the midtexture below the floor, you can prevent a software rendering bug of having the texture be visible below the floor by changing the brightness of one of the sectors on either side to be different to the other, even if it is a single point of brightness. The final step is to make your small raised sector invisible. Line action 242 Create Fake Ceiling and Floor will allow a tagged sector to be drawn as though it were a different sector. Give your raised sector a tag, then create a dummy sector with flats, brightness and floor and ceiling height of what you want it to look like. Then put action 242 on one of the lines of your dummy sector and give it the same tag as your raised sector. This will make your raised sector be drawn as though it had the properties of your dummy sector. Note that you still have a physical blocking barrier 25 units high even though you can't see it, so e.g. standing next to it and trying to rocket downwards could cause issues. This can be worked around in your level design, but do keep it in mind. Same issue if you are below a ledge with this faked raised edge shooting upwards. In my example wad I've made the midtexture appear at the same height as the invisible raised floor but there's nothing stopping you from raising the midtexture higher, it just means that things will move through the midtexture after a certain height..
  12. Melon

    What resolution do you play Doom at?

    Windowed 800 x 600. I pretty much never run games full screen.
  13. Melon

    Doomguy is the real monster

    Funnily enough, the demons don't actually mind being slaughtered by Doomguy, in fact they really like it. Doomguy is a bit of a celebrity in hell, look at just how good he is at killing! That gets him a lot of respect from the demons and its considered a bit of an honour to fight against him. Some of the imps have only gone up to him to get an autograph, but Doomguy doesn't care, he kills them anyway, and they happily take the shotgun blast to the face.
  14. Melon

    Switches & Sprites

    If the switch is remotely activated you do not need to put actions on the lindefs for the door. You do need to make the door SECTOR have the same tag as the linedef with the switch action though, not the linedefs that make up the door sector.
  15. Melon

    Doom 2 actors in Doom 1

    It is absolutely possible to have the SSG in Doom1 with this dehacked trickery but it involves changing an existing weapon to behave in exactly the same way as the SSG, of which only the BFG can properly support (due to it also spending multiple ammo at once). See the file I posted earlier in the thread to see how its done. This will also change its weapon slot to that of the replaced weapon, but its close enough. You can't get around needing to supply the sprites and sounds etc. which is why all of the provided solutions require loading doom2.wad alongside it. You could shove them all into your was file, but I don't really recommend it.