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  1. Very fun map! I particularly liked the map design, especially at the end. Nice job. =)
  2. I may have to join in the fun! =) I've got many ideas for this one.
  3. Very nice episode. Very retro. =) Keep up the good work, I thoroughly enjoyed this!
  4. @ Katamori - Heh, it happens. =P However, now I'm going to have to play that level... @ Kirby - Thanks for the feedback! =) And I'm continuing to map, this time, I'll change up the gameplay for sure. ALSO... while I'm at it, anyone up for making a small map pack? I do so enjoy working with others!
  5. @ Memfis - thanks! =) I think I'll take notes this time, lol. @ Canofbacon - 3/5? I'll take it! Especially good since I mapped one time before this, and before that was like... 7 years. Yikes. It's good to be back!
  6. No yellow key is needed; at the end where you can see the exit (the room in that last shot there...) is also where you'll find a switch to open the door. =) *Edit - there's a special lift in that room; click it, you'll find the switch for door3 there... and maybe a baron too...
  7. Thank you Kirby! =) It's doom2 map 14. There ARE difficulty settings too.
  8. I emailed it to ya. Hopefully, all goes well, and my internet provider will resolve this nonsense (screw you comcast! *shakes fist*) Until then, I'll just mooch off of fast-food wi-fi.
  9. Internet is screwing with me tonight; does anyone mind if I send it via email? You sir, are part of what I love about the community! I wouldn't be able to step up my game later on if I didn't get that kind of reply. Bravo good sir! All in all, it's really good to return to the map world. =) I have missed it so.
  10. See... this is WHY I don't do screens. I can't really capture the level... don't judge it until you try it.
  11. Screenshots, yes, yes... but they really don't say much. *Edit - This is really a 'return to mapping' level. Don't slam it too hard, but hard enough for criticism. It's called GrimGrin for the inspiring Guardian Legend video game, and has a sort-of chaos theme to it.
  12. Finished a brand new level for the second time in yeeeeears... granted, I'd say I've gotten better, but others may have insightful opinions. Whom among you wishes to play my hopeful return to mapping? =P
  13. @ schwerpunk - alright, I'll take some screenies! @ memfis - thank you SO MUCH for the feedback dude! =) I understand what you're saying about the enemy placement though... that, and I think I went a little teleportation happy. I look forward to making more levels this summer! @ use3d - glad to see your still around! =) it's been awhile, but it's always nice to reconnect with a fellow doomer. (ps - i played the other cchests, some of those levels are INSANE. both design wise and 'holy crap creature count' wise)
  14. @ Memfis - I sent it to ya; just be nice, it's been a while. =) Though comments are more than welcome (criticism and otherwise). And uh... I'll hop on the picture thing, it's just that screenies never seem to do anyone justice.
  15. So, I like, totally made a new level - the first level I've made in... well, almost forever! Ask me if you'd like to play it; I took some screens but they looked like poo. It's vanilla compatible and I think it's my best to date - and now that I don't have to lecture to a bunch of hip, college kids, I think I'll be doing more. (Note - this is a great accomplishment after realizing the last map I made public was in the first community chest)