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  1. arttu98

    I made a DM map

    Thanks for the advice RottKing! I'll try better next time.
  2. arttu98

    Leaf spawner in Hexen

    I think the DECORATE files are inside the zdoom.pk3 file. Try looking there.
  3. arttu98

    I made a DM map

    I have made my first Deathmatch map for Zandronum. It takes place on a techbase. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?oy2ju5ijcd20bci You may use this map in your project but you need to follow these rules: I have to give a permission to you. The map should not be modified by any way. Questions, thoughts or complains? Send me a PM or reply to this thread! Screenshots (WARNING: Large pictures!): PS. Could someone give me a step-to-step tutorial to post this to /idgames? Because I read the FAQ and still confused. Thanks!
  4. arttu98

    Things in Doom you've never done

    I never have done:Finishing any Doom game without cheats Getting "Sucks" time Winning on a DM Finishing a map/mod on editors Gibbing a Zombieman with a Super Shotgun (Expect in Brutal Doom) Killing a Cyberdemon with 2 BFG shots Playing any team game with actual players
  5. arttu98

    Brutal HeXen - Beta 1 Released

    Brutalize Strife soon!
  6. arttu98

    strife toons anyone?

    That was a silly cartoon animation. I still want more.
  7. I was scared to open the first door in MAP03 of Doom 2 because of the imps. What about you?
  8. arttu98

    First WAD you have ever played?

  9. arttu98

    What difficulty do you usually play on?

    HMP for normal gameplay and UV for cheating gameplay.
  10. arttu98

    3D models to custom skins

    Nonono... I meant the player skins for Skulltag.
  11. Is it possible to make 3D models to skins? If possible, how? Edit: D'oh! There reads "to", I meant "for"!
  12. arttu98

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    Footsteps would be kinda cool.
  13. arttu98

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The monster spawner cube makes sound.
  14. arttu98

    New map *concepts* (Skulltag)

    Wow, 3D floors and stuff. Pretty epic.
  15. + Big enough rooms + ZDoom format + Fitting textures for the room + Good texture alignment + Some puzzles (Key, switch...) + Pistol start compatible maps + Atmospheric lights + Normal level of detail + "Easy to hard" maps - Too tough monsters at start - Monsters spam - Way too low or high detail level - Mazes - Too big or small rooms - Walls of stuck Cyberdemons