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  1. Panophobia Dev Diary #1: How is there a name for "Fear of Running Water" and "Fear of Fabrics", but nothing for "Fear of Being Paralyzed"??????

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    2. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru



    3. Ichor


      ginsuphobia - the fear of infomercials


    4. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      ^ Yeah they even having the fear of MOVEMENT but not the fear of "not moving". WHAT GIVES?

  2. dobu gabu maru

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    Yeah the problem with this is that it wouldn't necessarily be a good/fun map :P I've considered using stuff like silent teles and conveyor belts, but that's as far as my thought process as gone.
  3. dobu gabu maru

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    That kind of project has the chance to pick up steam by the end of the year, but I think it'd be cool if your map was in this set, since what I played of it (before the AVs warped in and I couldn't figure out where to go) was really cool and would fit this project nicely. Also riderr said that his map would work with either D_SHAWN or D_DEAD. Not to continuously harp on the midi stuff, but I think it's totally possible for us to fill the whole set without any repeats and would rather aim for that, especially if folks are willing to make concessions. Hopefully a couple more people will swoop in and join up. If we're ever short one map, I've had a third P-titled map brewing in my head for the project, but I'd rather prioritize author diversity than taking up yet another slot. Plus I haven't quite worked out how to make a map where the player isn't allowed to move at all :P
  4. dobu gabu maru

    Doom Streams

    Doing some mapping for Frozen Exuviae: https://www.twitch.tv/dobu_gm
  5. dobu gabu maru

    Tekex - Limit-removing map

    Absolutely amazing map with unconventional architecture and an unfolding layout reminiscent of mouldy's work. Ammo conservation gets pretty brutal at times and I think there's more hitscanners than there is health to offset little slip-ups, but the map is quite phenomenally designed besides that. Really liked how the player was unsure at any time what was going to happen, and the ways you use the door textures as floor switches is great. Love the little door crates too! Wonderful map.
  6. These were two of the draft sheets I used while making my last puzzle map, Perplexed!. The top section had me trying to figure out what ways I can gate the player from reaching the exit as well as all the mechanics I had planned to thwart the player. Originally I thought about gating off the tower of hanoi switches in each section, since if the player completed that, they'd be able to exit the map. I ended up deciding against that however, since it would more or less offer a "suggested path" to the player, since they'd see certain switches as easy to hit and others as much harder, which would naturally make them want to find a way to the hard switches. So instead I broke the exit up into two sections (move the tower of hanoi to the middle & raise the flunnies), and found ways to incorporate the mechanics into achieving both ends.


    The bottom of the sheet isn't my original draft of the map, but instead the outline intended for the in-game map. There was a lot of text so I had to find ways to shorten everything and try and represent concepts by their in-game visuals instead of their names, which was interesting. It was way more dificult coming up with the "step by step" guide on skill 2, since I barely had room to write in a 256x256 space, and had to leave off most of the details (like leaving the blikblok facing east if you go to exit).


    This was definitely the busiest map I've made to date, and part of the reason why I didn't go out of my way to really spruce up the visuals and add a lot of unique lighting is that I spent foreverrrr planning and writing dialogue that I was done with the map by the time it all worked.


  7. dobu gabu maru

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    This is a good question! I thiiiiink some things should be safe, like the hanoi puzzle has the switches far apart enough that the mechanism should finish by the time you reach another switch, but who knows. I think the only thing that can possibly break is the shickleweed loop riddle, since hitting switches really fast can cause the "correct" gates to lock, but I imagine that's undoable by hitting an "incorrect" switch and restarting the puzzle. None of the vendors should break since they're all just a series of doors with text that goes up and down between each door. Glad you like it too. There's a lot of points where I feel like the map is very unfriendly (like with the Furious Trombonzel) but I was thinking more about what I wanted to get accomplished instead of what is/isn't unfair to the player.
  8. dobu gabu maru

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Oops I made another monsterless puzzle map.
  9. dobu gabu maru

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    Finished my map. No monsters, just locals. Difficulties provide different hints at Hint Island. There's a lot of backtracking to be had & it might be too confusing for its own good. Download Perplexed! Rankled by Asinine Acquisitions here.
  10. dobu gabu maru

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

  11. dobu gabu maru

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Made a world map that can be seen in-game because my level might be a touch confusing.
  12. dobu gabu maru

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Wise words, me!
  13. I'm at that phase with my current map where I'm near the end and I have no idea if I hate it or like it.

    1. Steve D

      Steve D

      We all been there. Is this your new puzzle map?


    2. Catpho


      Stop strengthening my anxiety on making maps Dobu!

    3. NuMetalManiak


      It's a good idea to not think too hard in a case like this. Release it and care less about reception.

  14. What is the DWmegawad Club? This is a place where we settle down, have a cup of tea (or drink of your choice) and take a month to play through a megawad on our own, together! Any keen observations, criticisms, or frustrated ranting about it goes here in the discussion. As long as you want to say something about what you've played, feel free to speak your mind. Can I join? Sure. The only rule is that you have to play at least some of the levels in our monthly megawad to contribute, but you're generally encouraged to finish the whole thing, even if you've played it before. What levels am I allowed to post about? Whatever day of the month it is, is the upper limit for the map you can post on. So if it’s the 6th, you may discuss up to MAP06. Do I have to post an entry every day? Nope, not at all. This is only for our more enthusiastic members. As long as you play through it with us you’re part of the club. When do we vote on the next month’s megawad? Voting begins on the 25th of the current month. Remember to add one “+++” before your vote to make it easier to count. For example: +++ Ultimate Doom Note that you can only nominate to play three separate wads for a single month, and the wads must contain at least three maps each. These are hard limits instituted for my own sanity. ---------- >>>DOWNLOAD DIMENSION OF THE BOOMED HERE<<< >>>DOWNLOAD MAYHEM 2016 HERE<<< Looks like we’ll never be rid of MAYhem… and… Quake? This month sees us first diving into the delicious Dimension of the Boomed by Urthar, a Quake tribute so realistic that you might be surprised you can’t jump everywhere! Next is MAYhem 2016, where mappers could choose between either 160 “things” on their map, or to multiply the amount of enemies by 10 for whatever mapslot they chose. Expect a really wild set! MAYhem 2016 will start on the 8th of this month. Maplist for Dimension of the Boomed: MAP01 - “Slipgate Vertigo” MAP02 - “Blight Warf” MAP03 - “Gibbous Grotto” MAP04 - “Necropolis” MAP05 - “The Witch House” MAP06 - “Malign Masters” MAP07 - “Elsewhere” MAP08 - “Ziggurat Mayhem” MAP09 - “Swim Hungry” Author & Maplist for MAYhem 2016: MAP01 - “Xsshsss Zone” by Tarnsman MAP02 - “Will o’ the Wastes” by Alfonzo, Tarnsman MAP03 - “Steel Coffin” by Angry Saint MAP04 - “Affinity” by Jimmy MAP05 - “Vaalbara Reborn” by Argentum MAP06 - “Ziggurat Mayhem” by Urthar MAP07 - “Darkvault” by Pinchy MAP08 - “Lodi Eno Rebmun Si Ocin” by Tarnsman MAP09 - “Blood from a Stone” by Benjogami MAP10 - “Piston Hurricane” by Pinchy MAP11 - “Quake Plumbing Inc.” by Breezeep MAP12 - “Kepler Communications” by Argentum MAP13 - “Cybercrusher” by alterworldruler MAP14 - “Ancient Den” by an_mutt MAP15 - “Klockwerk” by Paul Corfiatis MAP31 - “In Death, Is Life” by Rayzik MAP16 - “Galactic Decay” by A. Gamma MAP17 - “Grievance” by Dragonfly MAP18 - “Maria” by Ribbiks MAP19 - “Seasons in the Abyss” by Remmirath, Marcaek MAP20 - The Performance” by Alfonzo BONUS CONTENT Doomwiki: MAYhem 2016 DSDA: MAYhem 2016 -------- OLD THREADS