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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP17: A short map with a really, really violent start. I actually did not like a majority of the BK area—I typically hate when pop up monsters are used for cheap attacks, and dislike the lack of cover along the upper portion of the map, since it forces you to jump down below to avoid rev rockets (or at least it did so for me). Add in the fact that enemies just constantly teleport in through the map are spontaneous rates & places, and despite some solid placement by rdwpa, it comes off as very, very grating on the initial playthrough. The invul room was actually a lot of fun, though that's because there's enough room that you won't risk getting slapped to death by hell knights. I liked that encounter, but it seemed too easy compared to the onslaught I was forced to survive beforehand. Clearly not my favorite map of the set :P MAP18: Walter map, take two. I think this map handles much better than his first effort, since this is an action-packed obstacle course that pushes you to keep your foot on the pedal. There's no section I thought was poorly designed—the invis maze is a little disorienting but it's super short—and I really liked the map's use of the black texture to give the floor this uneven, floaty vibe. Even the end is fairly well done, with the cyber applying a bit of pressure to the player on that tiny bridge. Shame though, that peach popped up instead of a toad, especially given the next map's title. Good work walter.
  2. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    You wake up in a pile of snork a little hungover. "Shouldn't have astral projected so hard last night," you mumble to yourself, the twin moons above slowly draining your eyelashes of their neon crust. When was the last time you had slept this long? You can't remember—all your memories are locked in the peefee, and you ate that monfs ago. Shame too, that, since you don't remember whether the strange monsters before you are friends or foe. "Do I know you?" You ask the gibbering bipeds, but they only respond with snarls and rude gestures. "Do I know myself?" You rhetorically wonder, scratching the back of your head. Your fingers trace the outline of a rectangular metal plate bolted to your cranium, the whipsnaps inside you telling you that it's part of the Old Language; it reads "Property of UnitedHealth-Sachs-Exxon". You search amongst the snorks beside you and discover a small babang, one that still contains 50 babangies. You look back up to the strangers and they seem to be drawing closer. "What do you want?" You ask, still a little drowsy. "Can't you see I'm tired?" You communicate, wondering which of the Old Gods created them... and whether or not they hated yours. "Don't come any closer, I'm serious." But no response. They continue to approach, numb to your warnings. You raise your babang, krikrack pumping through your microtubes. Is it okay to make them nomove? The other strangers on the astral plane always advised against it, but they're not here now... and it'll be at least another monf before you'll see them again. These strangers have lots of teeth, lots of soft bits... and they seem more than happy to make sure you nomove. The twin moons above begin to weep as you pull the trigger. You really shouldn't have eaten that peefee.
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MA31 (for reals): Similar to my 50 Shades of Graytall submission, I purposely went with something unconventional because the texture set was so baffling to me that a normal map would not suffice. Ya see, traditional 8-bit Mario has a difficult time transitioning into 3D properly. I don’t think it’s too difficult to tie a Super Mario 64-style level to Doom’s open gameplay, but since the textures primarily reference the NES games, how the hell was I supposed to accurately translate Mario’s 2D design and philosophy to Doom’s gameplay? The project being Boom-compat meant that jumping wasn't even allowed—how do you make a Mario-style map with no jumping?!! Captain Toad to the rescue! For those not in the know, Captain Toad is a Wii U title that has diorama-styled floating cube levels and is a game I enjoyed immensely for its look and feel—and since the little fellow can't jump, his style of gameplay naturally lends itself to the Doom-space. I decided to try my hand at it, and stick as close to its principles as possible. Namely: 1) A floating, cube-like design, 2) A focus on puzzles over foes, and 3) 3 Green Stars and hidden mushroom. A lot of the puzzles came quite naturally—I myself am quite fond of the 3 colored lego blocks and the sinkysand pyramid (which helped me engineer the main mechanic in a future map hehehe). The hardest part about the design (besides making sure the mechanics worked properly) was trying to piece everything together. The layout required a lot of thinkin', since I had to first decide what the level flow was going to be (namely, lower cave sand -> P-switch -> Tele puzzle -> pyramid), and then to find clever ways to force the player traverse the environment multiple times. I don't think I kept the notes that I jotted down unfortunately, and I haven't retained any particulars about the design process. There's only two parts that I want to talk about, since I'm quite happy with the rest of the map and will gladly let it speak for itself. The first is that the warp pipe maze is... probably still too taxing? When I initially designed it, there were like... 3 more islands? They were mainly just A->B teleports, but it added an unnecessary layer of confusion to the section when it was already quite maze-like and repetitive. I cut down the unnecessary filler but the maze still requires a lot of memorization in order to realize that you have to make like, 4 loops around the central waterfall platform. Plus this definitely shows my thought process when approaching problems; I always start with "what is the goal I'm trying to accomplish here" and as I mess around I slowly check off what clearly doesn't work. So for instance, the entire "left half" of the puzzle section (where you enter via the red blocks) only serves the purpose of lowering the blue blocks—so hey, you never need to go there again! But watching FDAs, there were a lot of people that would leave the "main" puzzle play area and go back to the start and take the left half section again, only to get confused and feel as though they've made no progress... which was true, because they started the whole puzzle over again! I don't mean this to come across as a condescending "wow people sure are dumb!" remark, but that the sequence is perhaps too specifically catered for my style of play, whereas everything else on the map is more lenient and works much better. Well, except the second green star. You see, this is one of those purposely anti-fun decisions; it was actually a last minute addition to add some pattern to the ceiling as a act of mercy on my part. The way you're supposed to get through it is by literally bumping up against the entire path and trying to memorize via touch. I added this stupid section because a lot of the NES era had some really obscure and annoying designs (walk-through walls in Zelda anyone?), and I wanted to channel that philosophy even at the loss of enjoyment. But the more I think about it, the more I think the "counter-culture" decision is... just bad, really. It's kinda funny whenever I read about people defending artistic intent even when said intent is belligerent/rude/alien etc., because I feel like people don't understand how... pliable? design work is. Had I got a lot more pushback on this idea I think I would've scrapped it for something else, and though I'm too far past it now to wring my hands anxiously over how it'll be received, it's definitely a case where I can point to an idea and go "yeah, my bad". So, sorry about that. Um, not much else. I'm suuuuper happy with the 3rd green star puzzle, since it was a nightmare trying to figure out how the hell to add a second solution to a pyramid I had already designed (and didn't really have room to add more stuff onto). I would've loved to work on an even harder version of the 3-colored lego blocks, as it can be quite easy to luck your way into the solution, similar to the eastern shrine in The Given. Lastly, the island to the top right is called "Marcaek Island" because he added it to block the unaligned scrolling sky texture, and I both love him for adding the "floating in the clouds" theme to the map (initially the map had a sky as its bottom, a la Captain Toad), but I also hate him for it because THE REST OF THE MAP IS SQUARE EXCEPT FOR THAT GODDAMN ISLAND
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    The GB palette by itself is super limiting which means you have to be pretty crafty to make it "pop", especially in a 3D environment. Considering the time constraints of the project, it's neat for what it is, but I think aiming for a diorama-style map (with objects silhouetted against the "blank" background) could've helped the visuals go a long way. It's hard too because the Doom palette choices for it are definitely more gray as well.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    I did the keyboard-only run of MAP31, and I told Marcaek that it was a really nerve-wracking experience since I wanted to reduce the amount of slip-ups as much as possible, which lead to some really nervous platforming for the 1st green star. Only took me... three? tries to get a smooth experience I think. MAP15: Xaser does the obligatory "Mario Ghost House" map, but the only ghost here is likely to be you—in a few seconds. The first two minutes are some preeeetty rough waters as you're introduced to the map's mechanics without any floaties to help you swim: namely, rockets, lowering floors, and that dastardly AV+rev combo. The map only utilizes two weapons and five enemy types total—which is super impressive—but good lord can the "floor descends now fight 2 AVs" gimmick grate on you. It's not an obnoxious map so much as it's just really dangerous due to your most useful armament being the RL (which kinda sucks for surprise traps in close quarters) Plus, I think the combat works better in some places than others; the stairwell near the exit in particular is a massive middle finger to the player that forces them to scamper away and fight the AVs from across the gap (I mean c'mon, 2 AVs with only a little wedge of cover? And that's only if you clear out the bowser paintings!) Design wise, the map is sublime. Lots of twists and turns, a cool and gloomy aesthetic that uses black textures as silhouettes, and a pretty impressive BK denial "cutscene" that leads to another "love it or hate it" fight. All of Xaser's sexy layouts always leave me a bit envious and this one is no different: the amount of pathways through the map and cleverly hidden traps are a designer's delight. This map has some absolutely masterful construction (dat secret exit!) that lets me excuse Xaser recklessly locking me in small room with 2 revs + 1 AV and no cover :P MAP31: I'll get around to this tomorrow :P MAP32: Woof that start requires some fancy footwork! However once you reach the blue armor and its cache of rockets, the map completely plateaus in difficulty, letting the player play it at their own pace. Which, after the likes of MAP11/14/15, I'm actually kind of relieved to do! I don't have a lot to say about the aesthetics unfortunately... the GB palette is really kind of dour when compared to the rest of the palette, and I wasn't exactly getting strong Mario Land vibes from the map after the initial area. It's a cute map, but the strongest impression it makes is definitely in its first second. MAP16: Heyo! Great map from Pinchy over here! Unlike his E1 entry, this map actually lets you more or less move around the grassy airship at your own pace, though no matter what path you choose it's probably going to be a tricky ride. Two things that stand out here is 1) great use of mass hitscanners to constantly keep the player searching for medikits, & 2) great use of barrels to impede the players progress and get them to fire. I really liked the flow of this map, and the majority of its combat; hell, this map was mostly symmetrical and I didn't mind! I think the only two shortcomings are 1) It's impossible for the player to know that the weapon platforms lower only from picking up the BK, and 2) the final fight is a straight-up mess, especially if the player is low on rockets. Still loved the map in spite of those issues though—dug the atmosphere, dug the combat, dug dying to former humans over and over :)
  6. I've long held the belief that we have more active mappers on the forums than playtesters :P Good luck to Josh—you'll need it. Hopefully you'll play more good things than bad.
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP13: After being traumatized by Zzul via MAP11, I've been so on edge that it feels... odd? to play a fair map. rf''s second outing is more my flavor since I'm a fan of both chill climates and the color blue, and I especially appreciated the abundance of ammo for the heavy weapons—it's a rare treat to get a map that pushes you to constantly use the plasma gun. The trap I liked the most was the one that decimated me: the lowering cave walls. I lost track of how the map was structured so when I saw the walls lowering I was like "haha, I'm outta here!" and zoomed back up the steps. Lo and behold, rf' planned for that, and kept me busy by throwing an AV my way. I was so busy trying to eradicate the yellow devil that I wasn't paying attention to what was behind me, and got a buttload of arach plasma up my keister. Very well done—I always appreciate losing a pelt to an arachnatron. Besides that, the map is mostly docile, granting the player a lot of health and ammo for any slip-ups they might have. Very nice overall; I think more could've been done to make the finale more climactic, but it's still a fun ride. MAP14: Despite the frosty setting, this has one hot start! As is... pretty typical of Obsidian, if you play on UV you're kind of expected to know the map front to back before you dare attempt it. Magnusblitz is right on the money when he describes it as the baby of MAP11 & MAP15—it has the ruthlessness of the former with a love of abnormal physics of the latter. However the two is less "PB&J" and more "ice cream & hot sauce", as you struggle from zone to zone. Maybe I'm just rusty, but man was this map a massive pain in the ass to finish, forcing me to resort to something I absolutely loathe doing: running from enemies. I have no goddamn idea how you're supposed to handle the dual AV pit with so many lost souls about (not to mention that if you lose track of one AV, your goose is cooked), nor did I want to spend the last fifth of the map punching out PEs one at a time. Like with all Obsidian maps, it's very intricately designed, uses its space well, and has some clever tricks to pull on you (I especially like the teleporting HK near the start), but goddamn does the map just really want you to play it flawlessly. MAP13 might be a bit on the easy side, but considering the cheerful nature of the Mario series, I'd rather have this set playing nice than being a bully.
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP11: Ah, I see that without Ribbiks to contribute a map, Zzul has decided to take up the merciless mantle. I think the map is pretty neat—the secret hunting in particular is a nice surprise—but man do the fights cater towards particular tastes. Being an author with a claustrophobic penchant, I enjoyed all of these except for the berserk punching blue key, which required a finesse that my dull keyboard skills cannot handle. The lava room fight was also a bit cruel as well; I liked that encounter the most in concept, but without a blue armor to numb the rev rockets, I more or less had to keep restarting it until I was lucky enough to kill a bunch of revs without the AV targeting me. The BFG slaughter arena after that was practically a victory lap in comparison (it took me like two tries I think?) This is a very crafty, well thought-out, and exquisitely devious map by Zzul, but I feel like it needed a touch more mercy in order to feel like it flows nicely with the rest of the set... as it currently stands, it is a pretty sharp middle finger to pistol starters. MAP12: Hey! I really enjoyed this one! I'm one of those weirdos that typically doesn't dislike water physics or ice physics in platformers, and for Doom it's no different—trying to dodge manc shots while sliding around is a lot of fun! Plus on top of that, the map doesn't actually immerse itself obnoxiously in ice mechanics: in nearly every room, there's plenty of "non-icey" ground for the player to attack from, only requiring them to move into the ice to dodge rev rockets. I think the only two things I wasn't really feeling were 1) the over-abundance of chaingunners given the lack of armor early in the map, and 2) the AV & rev that warp on top of the platform opposite of the green exit pipe is a really rude move, since there's barely and room to combat the wind there (one manc would've sufficed). Besides those, the map offers you plenty of options to counter its more cruel designs, like a secret megasphere, plenty of rockets, the ability to retreat from AVs if you feel cornered, etc. I also really liked the exterior design of the fortress and texture choice for the caves, specifically the glittering "pickup" block from SMB3. This might be one of my favorites in the set.
  9. Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Thanks for running through the megawad thus far cannonball, more feedback is never a bad thing. Depending on what the club picks for May, I might be able to spend my Doom time running through the wad and posting some of my own feedback as well. Also, if anyone needs help improving or spiffying up their map, feel free to shoot me a DM and maybe we can work something out. FYI, I'm really hands-on with my approach (ie I prefer doing the edits myself), so take that into consideration. Here's a real quick summary of cannonball's reviews; you can check the posts above for more detailed feedback: GOOD TO GO E1M1 E2M4 E2M5 E3M2 E3M3 E3M9 E4M2 E4M4 E4M9 NEEDS SOME TWEAKING E1M3 E1M4 E2M2 (only needs texture edits) E2M7 E3M1 E3M4 E4M1 NEEDS AN OVERHAUL E1M5 E2M1 E2M6 E2M9 E3M5 E3M6 E3M8 E4M3 E4M7 EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm fine with keeping E3M9 the way it is; I'll eventually replay it to see if it needs a little boost in difficulty, but that's about it. I like it serving as a reminder that the project was once vanilla-compat.

    Problem with this is different people can beat the maps at different rates. Authors will always be able to run their maps in times far, far below what it'll take a new player to beat it, especially compared to someone as unobservant as Joel. For instance, Nine Inch Heels' JoM map can be maxed in like, ~10 minutes, but I've yet to see a streamer spend less than an hour on it. Better restrictions would either be limiting the number of monsters, or play space of the map, or time required to make a map.... though if people want to make long maps, they'll find a way. Will be interesting to see how Joel handles my map in light of the New Babylon experience, considering that mine is likely to "hog the stream" too, considering that it takes 40-60 minutes to beat it :P
  11. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I juuuust noticed this while playtesting UDINO a week ago. Definitely one of those "so insignificant that no one cares about it but Doom fanatics"-things.
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Nice thing about the limitations for Super Mayhem is that it's not hard to get caught up. MAP08: MMMMM that AA music <3 Eris is one of those bizarro mappers where I always see screenshots of his work but so rarely play it; in fact, this might be my first Eris map? He more than proves that he has the talent for mapping, if indicated by nothing other than the fact that he places down the exact number of rockets you need to kill the AV (which I horribly botched on my first attempt). He's also a resourceful fellow, utilizing the grass midtexes in a really clever way and throwing in an adorable nod to the Mario series at the end (which I'm surprised we haven't seen a slew of—it's just been rf''s map and this). There's a good amount of detail, a strong layout, some cute secrets... but unfortunately, the map ends just as the player is warming up! After the tense YK battle, I stalked over to the pyramid ready for some more dangerous hijinks, but alas, naught but an imp stood in my way. I need my climax, Eris, especially after you buttered me up with a blue armor! MAP09: Nifty map! I really like the central gimmick of returning to one spot to open up some doors & close others, though the player only gets a taste of how much it can alter the map, given that the blue corridor must be completed first (and then is effectively useless afterwards). The maps balance towards a more survivalist playstyle was quite a welcome surprise too—the blue corridor had me sprinting past it in a panic, and I only felt comfortable once I got my hands on that tasty berserk pack. Even the ending with the teleporting archvile tickled my fancy, since I honkered down against the furthest wall and had to rocket him past the teleport lines in order to survive his attack. Some very cool ideas in this map with only a couple of missteps (the steps needed a different color to differentiate them from the relatively monotonous yellow sandstone texture and 3 armors is a bit ridiculous given that the player is not likely to burn their way through one of them). MAP10: Ooof, this is a pretty sharp map. It pushes you to forge ahead in order to look for a better gun in the first half, and then assaults with nasty revvies in the second. I like the dramatic use of lighting here, as well as the winding layout, but I feel like the map needed to pump the brakes just a little bit—specifically, in the YK section. The surprise AV I can deal with (I like how it punishes the player for not using their ammo to take out the nearby perched imps), but the next section, with the imps, revs, and caged AV is just suuuuch a hassle to manage that the optimal solution is to straight up book it for the YK and exit. That way you have enough rockets to make short work of the exit revvies too! Overall I was relatively pleased with the level of quality Crunchynut applied here; I think some of the acute triangle sectors are a bit iffy, but besides that it's a fabulous-looking map.
  13. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    God damn I think this is the most depressing thing I've ever read from you. Mario's happy-go-lucky is so delightfully smile-inducing that you have to have a heart of ice to resist it. And yeah, Cynical's right on the money about SMB2—the narrative was always the other way around until this info was unearthed recently. That's not how you spell "Dracula X" ;) MAP06: Pretty nifty map here—the atmosphere carries it a long way. This map is good at showcasing two things: 1) How dangerous you can make a level simlply due to perched enemies, and 2) How awesome the rocket launcher and plasma gun are by making you play a level where you can't have them. The "boss room" in particular is a nasty little skirmish if you wake the AV up, making me long desperately for just 5 rockets so I could subdue the obnoxious bone bozos on the perimeter of the room. I wasn't too impressed by the other non-deck floors of the airship, but the map had a really unique vibe going for it, which let me to overlook any misgivings regarding the gameplay. Great propeller blade trickery too; my hat goes off to you, Gothic. MAP07: Ah, walter walter walter... why not make the vines steps with fake floors? Why make it look like the player can jump to the water at the southwest part of the map? Why place the RK switch a stone's throw away from the door it opens? Why hide the SSG when you make the player fight not one, not two, but three pain elementals if they happen to stumble upon the red key? Why use inescapable pits? And most importantly, why not make the textures inside the dark door the BLACK texture? You did it for the little brick house! I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THAT TEXTURE! Qualms aside, the map isn't really that irritating—it's cool that the player gets to use the chainsaw so much, since everyone here is a low tier grunt. I also like going into the basement of that little brick house (gave me a Zelda 2 vibe there) and that the cyberdemon is little more than a congratulatory free kill. Quirky little escapade that wouldn't be hurt by some retooling.
  14. Congrats on the release! You made it!
  15. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP05: This is a map I honestly did not expect out of NuMetalManiak—his oeuvre typically skews more atmospheric and unconventional, so to see one centered around setpiece battles was quite a shock. Unfortunately for him, I had watched MegaBlast play through this map when he streamed Super Mayhem, so the scales were tipped in my direction. There's some fascinating bits going on here that are more in line with NuMetal's style—like the multi-warping demons and that gnarly looking gray sand room (very spooky)—but the lack of combat expertise does show itself, namely in the BK room. In there, the AVs warp into an unfortunate cul-de-sac that doesn't allow them to hunt down the player as they have to dance around pools of lava, instead allowing the player to pick off any AVs that manage to escape. Likewise, the final challenge has a great use of chaingunners to refocus the player's efforts away from the cyberdemon, but there's only 1 per pillar, plus the HKs do little to harass the player. The starting room is the only thing that got my jimmies a little agitated, primarily because it pushed me to play ultra-conservatively. Neat map though... it provides a good break from the "open playground" style the wad seems to be leaning towards.