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  1. I would be frothing and drooling on the ground had I attempted to beat this without saves. I'm fine with using AV jumps as a method to sequence break and stuff, but being forced to use it to grab the only other megasphere on the map? That just strikes me as really rude, especially considering how strict Joshy is with his health placement already.
  2. You don't know how much I'd appreciate that. Counting votes may seem relatively minor but it's just one of those small nuisances that's never fun to do, especially since I want to make sure I don't screw up somewhere. I would love for an application to just look at the thread and find all the "+++"s for me. MAP19: Not too shabby! Joshy continues the wildly overgrown facility trend that Darkwave established and constructs a pretty good map around it, filled to the brim with pesky snipers that are likely to get a few hits off on the player. There’s still a bit too much meat which makes it so the player can't play through the map speedily (at least on casual play), but we’re still heading in the right direction of balancing tough-as-nails gameplay with smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. The map from the YK door onwards has a pretty great balance of enemies, munitions, and health placement. MAP20: This was a really great map. The start seems easy enough since you can just circle strafe around all those fools but it’ll soon dawn on you that you don’t have enough shells to finish off the imp horde, forcing you to release the archvile and plunge deeper into the hellish outpost. The theme of this map is essentially “piss everything off” as you madly dash around in search of ammunition, a handful of archviles likely to complicate the battle should you rouse them. Both the east and west wings are stupendous—the east is about scooting past nobles & projectiles as you attempt to gather up more rockets, and the west sees the player trying to brutally claw out a safe space from the starting den. The AV at the end of the west wing is phenomenal too, turning a minor clean-up into a brutal free-for-all should you not deign to neutralize the perched baddies. Unfortunately the final fight is a mere victory lap, since the nobles and cybers will happily tear each other apart for your amusement, plus there’s a shit ton of ammo just lying around (you know what they say—“The road to hell is paved with BFG cells”. Besides that—and the fact that the map erroneously skews more towards the SSG than the RL—this is exactly the kind of gameplay I want from Speed of Doom. GIVE ME MORE! MAP21: I like that Doomguy emerges from his grave simultaneously with the berserk powerup, as if he was so pissed off he had to die that he needs to (rip and) tear some demons limb from limb. Sadly there’s not a whole lot of low tier murder to be had here, as you’re immediately pit against two archviles in a really slow, laborious fight around a corner. I really wish this had been more of a “normal” map instead of a tyson hybrid since a lot of the punching isn’t all that satisfying in cramped spaces, and stuff like the E1M1 callback can only be briefly appreciated before you find yourself hugging a corner and waiting for a cacodemon to move closer so you can punch its lights out. Visually this is the best Joshy map yet so I can’t dislike the map, I just feel it could’ve been a really strong opening had it not such stringent ammo placement. MAP22: Yo real talk—”Sign of Evil” is a bad track. Every time I hear it I roll my eyes. It’s not fit to be anything more than intermission text music. You want something spooky, use “Suspense” or “Demons on the Prey”. This is another good map, which is par for the course for Darkwave at this point. It’s kinda interesting to see his take on cramped gameplay, which we haven’t seen since E1 IIRC. At times I got a little bit of archvile fatigue (the bastards are everywhere), but all of the combat kept me moving and strategizing, which keeps me happy. The hell visuals are nice, though this does seem a little too much like generic Doom 2 hell. MAP23: Woahhhh nelly, who pissed in Joshy’s coffee the day he made this? I was mildly confident that MAP32 was probably going to be as intense as the megawad got, but it looks like I wasn’t ready for the merciless sting of Poison Ivy! The player is dropped into the hottest of starts here with not even a damn shotgun anywhere in sight, a legion of monsters ready to pick them apart as soon as they catch wind of their fear. Though the ground is dense with hellspawn, the hardest parts of this map really boil down to two things: that accursed perched AV that overlooks half the level, and WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS? The CG and SSG aren’t too hard to find but eventually you run out of ammo and still need to take down a heap of baddies! After pretty much killing everything I could kill, I had to throw myself at the cyberdemon a couple of times in an attempt to slip past him, which proved fruitful once I located what was essentially the demon armory. I noticed plenty of people mentioning how the map is over once you acquire the BFG but IMO the rest of the level is still pretty brutal, given that you never know when to kill the cybers (the panopticon one is useful in cleaning the tower of AVs) and good lord do they have a lot of angles of attack throughout the level. I honestly breathed a sigh of relief once I finally reached the exit, as it was a victory I had to desperately claw my way to. Neat stuff. However, three things keep me from really admiring the map. The first is that it seems you need an AV jump to reach the megasphere, which is pretty stupid in a map that’s low on health (could be wrong about this one, admittedly). The second is that hiding a good bulk of the weapons behind the cyber is a pretty dick move. I’d be cool with spacing them out or hiding a cache of ammo in the armory spot, but shoving them all in there only serves to agitate players not familiar with their surrounding. I really enjoy playing without using -nomonsters to scope out a level first, but this is one of those instances where I was strongly punished for doing so. And lastly, the most grievous of sins this map commits—the fucking AV bullshit at the YK switch. Why. Why do this? This fight is so fucking awkward! You’re either sniping them through the window or crossing your fingers as you attempt to hit them with BFG tracers, sliding up and down the stairs and hoping the mancs don’t melt your face. The jump to the exit already requires a bulk of the map to be cleared, so why ruin your gameplay with this? I honestly haven’t seen such a idiotic, lame-brained encounter since this one in Hell Revealed—come on Joshy.
  3. Enjoy compiling this one together Marcaek!
  4. Alright, hey, first off—your map is in Hexen format I think, which renders in unplayable for PrBoom folks. Secondly, you use textures as flats which is also a G/Zdoom thing. People aren't going to want to play your map if they download it and it breaks in the port its designed to play in. The map itself looks nice but there's like a bajillion gameplay things I want to mention, so I might just record a playthrough with commentary and post it on here.
  5. Please don't edit original posts—I just keep counting from whatever my last tally was, and if I see something that says "I changed my vote to ___" and then I go back to check the original post, I need to tell what you changed it from (or at least state in your post what you changed it from). It does help if I'm counting from the very beginning though... so actually, I'm not sure what my preferred convention is :P NG2&DV2 is at 5 votes, Urania is at 9 -------- MAP12: Another decent outing from Darkwave. The big crusher is the MVP encounter of the map—besides that, not much else stands out. All of the AV scuffles are pretty fun (and a few are quite tricky if you’re not close to cover) and I like that the finale takes place at the bottom of the standing towers, though the fight itself was a cakewalk. MAP13: Man, these Joshy maps without armor are a real nasty experience. The sergeant warp-in kept me at low health for the rest of the map and the lack of ammo at the end made the AV fight really tense (I finished with 8 bullets remaining!) That said, I do appreciate the map somewhat, as the traps are dirty and dangerous, forcing the player to react quickly without the need to shove an HK in their face (the pit with the specters is a good “fair” ambush). I think the hitscanner flood is obnoxious even with the HKs there to soak up the damage, but the map does let you get wild and push out into places like the YK area if you’ve got the balls to play like a fool. Not too bad, but the insta-pop-ups and lack of proper armor in Joshy’s maps continue to wear on me. (I looked back through the thread to make sure I wasn’t being too much of a baby and was glad to see people agreeing with my sentiment. RIP @Demtor’s no-save sanity) MAP14: Screw subdued atmosphere, let’s have ourselves a party! “Sledge” is a pretty rad slaughtery-map that has you zippin’ around some curvy overgrowth, blastin’ fools left and right with the SSG. I got sloppy/unobservant a number of times and ate quite a few deaths, but it was all in good fun—I think this kind of free-wheelin’, no-nonsense gameplay is a good shot in the arm for the player, especially because a number of previous maps were starting to feel fairly similar in style. This one was a rambunctious map that’s impossible to hate. Also this: Is a really awesome structure. Shame the fight here was comically simple; Darkwave was either uninspired or clearly wanted to tease the player. MAP15: Hey, it’s getting better! The start of this map is in line with the "hot starts" of prior Joshy maps, but there’s a bit more space to move around and it’s not too often you see arachnatrons used as a space-denial mechanic! The rest of the map is also nonlinear (which we haven’t seen too much of in Speed of Doom) and has mostly serviceable gameplay (also three green armors! W O W!). The staircase in the southeast wing makes that entire area awkward to fight through, but other than that the map was alright. MAP31: One of my favorite midis from stewboy <3 Oh man this ticks all my boxes. Cool, consistent, weird setting? Check. High tier weapons as the only weapons? Check. Big open asymmetrical slaughter arenas? Check. Using only enemies with cybernetic implants? Uh… I don’t think that’s one of my boxes… but I’ll list it as a “check” anyway. This is a really frantic, fun map that’s actually way easier than the opening & boxy revenant area might suggest, since there’s ample room to move around foes and get some good circle-strafing loops going. Plenty of ammo too! I like everything this map has going for it but the difficulty of MAP15 was way more my style, so it’d be a tough choice to decide which I like more—both are good showings from Darkwave! MAP32: Whooo boy this was a trial. Joshy does his best Hell Revealed impression here, throwing a gazillion baddies into a cramped space and basically flipping the middle finger at the player right from the word “GO” (GO2IT? more like GO2HELL amirite? [is GO2HELL.WAD a thing?]). While there were a lot of dobu pelts collected over the course of the map as I tried to get a lay of the land and figure out the intended progression, everything paled in comparison to the encounter at the top of the map. That fight man… that was difficult. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to grab the invul so I basically had to save spam until I got an AV jump to it, and then by that time in the map the flying balloons were surrounding me and raising all hell. None of it was annoying I’d say—that battle was just a really strict fight you had to work out the strategy for in-between deaths. Thinking back on it, I actually had more fun here than dying from hitscanner potshots in a number of other Joshy maps, so I’d say this has been one of Joshy’s strongest so far. It’s quite a brick wall in terms of difficulty—especially after the lax ride of MAP31—but I approve of all the gameplay choices here. Good work. MAP16: Damn. Between the interesting concept, gorgeous visuals, energetic midi, and big ol’ monster bloodbath at the subterranean core of this unnamed facility, this map had all the makings of a top 5 of the wad. But then… there’s the gameplay. There’s no real danger at any point in this map, sans the AV ambush if you don’t see it coming—all the combat sequences at the core are really just routine circle strafing exercises. The warps occur in the middle of the “track”, ammo is supplied in abundance, weapons are easy to grab, and the one time the slow moving enemies that can block your progress are used, you’re given the BFG to tear through them with. This is probably a lot more fun and satisfying for more casual players that hate stuff like MAP32, but I needed a few more scratches in order to feel sated; the part of the map that killed me the most was repeatedly exploring the inescapable nukage. Shame. MAP17: A lot of… unnecessary speed bumps in this map. The mancs near the start slow down the gameplay as you fight them with the SSG, the PEs and cacos after the RL only serve as a minor nuisance, and the triple AV outlook in the lava cave is a shooting gallery that's hungry for rockets. Besides that, this is still better than the E1 stuff, but this map in no way stands out or makes a strong impression; honestly, this feels like a speedmap that was spruced up. Also I totally forgot to note how much I appreciate the mappers handing the player weapons/berserk/backpack at the start of each level to ensure the combat stays lively—I think that’s a relatively unspoken but brilliant design choice that gives Speed of Doom its unique, action-packed flavor. MAP18: I have no real idea why, but I died here in this map more than any other map thus far. Sloppy play? Bad RNG? Difficult design? Who knows. What I do know is that I loved this map. Not in a SteveD way where it beat me into submission and now I must worship it, but because the texture choices, layout, and encounters were all great. At first I was skeptical about the block monster lines around each den but it kept me from adequately circle strafing around all my problems, forcing me to pick targets and run… I ate most of my deaths here from stray manc fire and generally being careless. And even when I carved out a section and went to pilfer the goodies inside, an AV would emerge to thwart my efforts, pushing me back out into the dangerous open field. After slowly carving my way through that section inch by inch, I was surprised to find that the map branched into quite a few paths. Luckily I went down the BFG route first and found the RK to be a surprisingly easy get, though ironically the equally simple dual cyber fight gave me a crazy amount of trouble, likely because I was trying to rush the 2-shot on each of the cybs. Then I threw myself at that crazy AV rush down in the blood a couple of times to find that to be a dead end, and then proceeded to get shot up in the crate area since I was out of shells and needed to constantly backpedal to use my RL in close quarters. The finale by comparison is a wash—I really don’t think the invul is necessary—but the clever design of the rest of the map and the nonlinearity both propel it to my favorite slot. That, and I will always love VINE textures in combination with SILVER/SHAWN.
  6. This is exactly my dilemma, as I haven't played DV2 in about 6 or 7 years but I absolutely can't commit myself to it next month. Since we're likely to get around to NG2 & DV2 next month, I don't feel too much shame in throwing out a +++ Urania. Also good to hear about E3; I actually finished MAP32 a few minutes ago and really want more of that side of Joshy than the cramped, hitscan-heavy interior Joshy
  7. That puts NG2 & DV2 at 3 votes and Urania at 5. Fingers crossed that some of us won't have to start anti-voting. MAP05: This map is a bit mean, eh? It starts off pretty bumpy with a mastermind providing fire from her cozy little bunker as you try to dance around enemies and battle for every ounce of health. Once you deal with the chaingunner warp in the map stops putting up a fight, but boy howdy is it rough on you for the first few minutes. Also, I suspect I’m going to turn into a broken record at some point, but those insta-pop-up monsters are obnoxious—the HK in the grass hills didn’t even need to do that! And others like the pain elemental and mancubus acted more like buzzkills than fun surprises. Nice map besides that; I always respect a mapper when they use a Mastermind correctly. MAP06: Coming hot off the heels of MAP06, the gloomy opening and austere music here was making me brace for a brutal ass-whoopin’ that never came. I still liked the larger setpieces—the imps on the bridge with revenants sniping you to the side was my favorite (you can hop down and cheese the imps but it’s much more fun to hold your ground up top), and I appreciated the arachnatron use in the RK fight. It’s kinda funny because despite the title of the map being “Dreamscape”, it stays fairly close to MAP05 in style, only funnelling you into a cavern instead of the sewers. Entertaining stuff, though I’ve yet to be floored by Darkwave. Also, that BFG fight is absurdly Ribbiksian in nature—it’s only missing a neon midtex floor… and maybe some more barons… and to be circular instead of square. MAP07: Didn’t mind the Dead Simple twist too much here—I liked having to move between the manc room and the cyber demon room to promote infighting. I suspect the fight would be quite a bit easier had I killed the cyberdemon beforehand, but I’m always up for a little additional challenge. Rest of the map was kinda a dud though—cramped, blocky, symmetrical, and chaingunners everywhere to halt your speedy progress. Would be the weakest map thus far had it not been for MAP03. MAP08: This is our first non-atmospheric outing from Darkwave, taking place on a big shipping floor that’s been overrun by imps. I like that the spacious setting lets you tackle the encounters according to your playstyle, letting you camp corners or dash around using the crates as cover. The double AV surprise coming out of the red key was delightful, especially since I was low on ammo—fun fight there. The mastermind was also a bit tricky, since you need to use rockets to bring her down which forces you to constantly backpedal in order to stay away from her. While I like Darkwave’s atmosphere in the other maps a lot more (it’s really not too often we get eerie, abandoned Doom husks!), the combat here hit all the right notes. MAP09: What a pain in the ass this map was. It’s not baaaad, it’s just cramped, dense, and riddled with hitscanners. I cornered myself with low health in my save file and must’ve ate like 20 deaths right in a row just trying to get to the AV behind the wall of zombiemen, salty that armor hadn’t been doled out earlier in the map. By the time I did grab the green armor, it was already 2/3rds of the way over, and the last third wasn’t anything special considering how well armed I was. This initial struggle, combined with the frequently noble & AV use to soak up ammo for no other reason than to soak up ammo, made this the least fun map thus far for me. I still think MAP03 & MAP07 are less well designed, but this was just actively crass and rude. MAP10: Ah, not too often do we see the Hunted gimmick accompanied by another monster! This was a pretty nifty map. The setting is fantastic: In this gorgeous verdant valley lies the temple of the twin troublemakers, the fiendish foes soundly sleeping until you trespass upon their domain. A cursory glance may lead you to believe the map is going to be a predictable outing (every trap is gonna have a vile & PE somewhere, right?), but each of the fights are fairly unique and creative! Sometimes the viles and PEs will come together, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, sometimes with an army—there’s a whole bunch of fun, engaging, fast-paced fights that really push you to dance around enemies in order to take out the head honchos. This is definitely gonna be the most memorable map from E1, I think. Brilliant stuff. MAP11: This map on the other hand… I dunno. I feel kinda bad because Joshy is a really fantastic mapper but all these early Speed of Doom entries are just leaving me… lukewarm. There isn’t the same kind of silent, unnerving atmosphere present in Darkwave’s maps, and the combat in most of these outings skews way more towards “gotcha!” lock-in and pop-up traps, neither of which is done well enough to get me excited for more of Joshy's encounters. I’m kinda scratching me head at all of this because I had heard what a good duo Joshy & Darkwave make and how influential this set is, but with the closing of E1 there was like… two Joshy maps I said were good? Meanwhile the Darkwave stuff has been a hell of a good time overall, so I can’t help but hope Joshy hits his stride soon. Anyway this map. Not too much I can remember from it—that pop-up HK in that itty bitty room killed me like 5 times in a row, so that’s probably the lasting impression it’ll leave on me. I do like how frequently Joshy uses cacos to harass at least.
  8. I still intend to finish Speed of Doom! I'm currently on uhhhhhhh MAP07. Shouldn't be too hard to catch up I hope...?
  9. ... would it be wrong to vote for Urania just so I can take next month off? Because I'll do it :P
  10. Ahah I told myself to remember that too; shows how good my memory is :P And yeah, I suspected the AVs could prove to be a nuisance, but the big archvile room is about as good as it's gonna get in my hands. For MAP22 if we really needed to save some visplanes I'm sure we could delete the bars overhead, but I'm really hesitant to scrap that particular detail, since I already ditched a whole bunch of other sectors to make sure it wouldn't bypass the limit on the ground/in the lava. This kind of "if an archvile hits you in this direction while you're looking over here you'll get a VPO" is precisely the reason why I'm done with vanilla mapping. EDIT: That and how visplanes work in general is dumb and slightly unpredictable
  11. Yeah I don't see the point in punishing you because currently all demo submissions are entirely based on an honor system, so there could have been technical issues there that were scrapped and no one would know but the runner. That said, I think if someone makes it through half of the mapset with technical issues that have been there from the start, it could be seen as a bit of an unfair advantage even if you felt a restart was necessary.
  12. Gonna be giving this the ol' college try: And the college try paid off! Finished with +0 in 1:10:44, though all the turrets, demons, and obscure progression certainly did me no help. Was my first time playing it though, so I'm just glad I survived.
  13. Is Eradrop around to fix these issues? Also here's my fix to Devil's Den. I found out I was over the scrolling wall limit by 1 linedef.
  14. DMP 2017, Day 8. Working on a crumbled castle: