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  1. Good find Memfis—that's a really temperamental bug that depends on the players hitting the lift linedef 3100 and then pressing the switch linedef 1777 before the lift raises back up. Sector 303 really should've had a different tag than the raising blood IMO. Not entirely sure what to do about it—altering the nodes in a single map wouldn't affect demos for any other map in the set, right?
  2. Here's a little tweak to my map:
  3. The /idgames link is the correct one. Since every error reported thus far has been relatively minor, I have no plans to update this thing any time soon, so if you've been waiting for a "final final final" version you might as well play it now—all the update is going to do is make it so you can get 100% items on like 2 maps.
  4. Mapping stream: Help, I can't get off this sinking ship!
  5. Finally finished my puzzle map based off of Captain Toad! Download Sinkysand Switchland. You also need to download the newest texture pack to play it (res_a7).
  6. Mmmhmmmmmmmm. I think you need to change this to "I don't like difficult maps"
  7. Already fixed Steve; mistakes always seem to arise out of last minute edits!
  8. Oh yup, good find! So far none of these changes have required me to add/move any nodes, which I'm pleased to report.
  9. Thanks for the update. Friendly reminder to please post any issues you're having in this thread and not in a review, simply because having all known bugs in one place is easier to keep a log of. EDIT: Just checked MAP08 on Windows GZDoom (builds 3.1 and g3.2pre-47-g8c053c0.7z) and it loaded/played just fine to me. It's a lot more helpful if people post what OS they're using and the build version of their port DOUBLE EDIT: @Gothic I forgot to ask you, what port were you playing when you got the MAP09 bug? That ceiling raising works for me in Choco Doom
  10. I don't see which lines need correcting from your pictures... I think they're both the same nvm found them
  11. Ah, damn. Jaws is still project lead so I defer all coordination & judgment to him, but my personal stance is not to update the wad until there's an egregious game-breaking bug, or enough of them that it warrants an update (I'm mainly stating this to tell folks not to worry about waiting for a final2.0 update). Thanks for taking note of it!
  12. Remember @leodoom85 that one of the best ways to give an area more depth is to apply different light levels to each tier of floor. IMO the map would pop more if the areas furthest from the player were darkest and slowly increased in light value as it reached the player area. That way the "flatness" won't stick out as much.
  13. As long as the file is 6/04 or 6/05, you'll be good.
  14. If you downloaded the version with the 2017-06-05 edit, then that's the most current one. The text and .deh files didn't need to be edited after their respective dates.
  15. Hey y'all, the update is live! This should be the *final* version, of course, assuming we caught all the bugs. Download TNT:Revilution here Special thanks to Gothic for doing all the DEHACKED work, and to anyone else that caught the bugs beforehand. The team put a lot of hours into this adventure, so I hope you guys enjoy all our hard work! Here are some nifty pics of the project: