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  1. Back to the mapping:
  2. Making less boring voodoo doll closets, and hopefully doing a lot more detailing today:
  3. Finally stitched my Vinesauce map together! Now all I gotta do is detail the rooms in... ten days. Yeah, I'm sure that's doable. Here's my really bad Paint doodle that I made on Day 1 for reference:
  4. Making more boring voodoo doll closets: Depending on how much work I get done, this is the last of them I'll have to make! Yay!
  5. More Vinesauce mapping: WARNING: it's a boring stream where I make a lot of voodoo doll closets :P
  6. Ahhhh, interesting—would explain why the lost souls in MAP10 were giving me such a headache! Dunno why I just naturally assumed it was Boom-compat. Perhaps the alternative then is just to make a single S1 Red Key Door Open stay and have it apply to the bars.
  7. Coming in late with the rest of my Tangerine Nightmare thoughts. Big Dump ahead: MAP04: The heat gets ratcheted up a bit here as the player is assaulted from revvies right off the bat and unable to find a safe spot. There’s a lot of action in this map despite it’s diminutive size, and the fight for the green key is masterfully devious, forcing the player to retreat in order not to get swarmed. Perhaps the only problem I have is that the midi is deceptively quiet compared to the amount of chaos going on. Other than that, I liked the action and difficulty of this one, though franckFRAG’s exteriors remain the visual highlight of the set. MAP05: A lovely little evil map. I’m a bit surprised to see multiple members of the club torn on it, as I don’t think it did anything offensive or stupid—my only major critique is that it could probably do without so much switch hitting (like, you get the red key, open the red key door, and hit a switch which lowers red key bars—a simple voodoo trigger for the red key bars would’ve sufficed). Of course, another thing I guess I have to keep in mind is that claustrophobic fights are my jam, so I was right at home here in this map. There’s some pretty devious fights—the red key scuffle is my favorite just because you have to watch so many angles—but I didn’t find any of them too hard, per se. Even when an AV shows his ugly mug you usually have some rockets to deal with him, or can backtrack into a safe nook to suppress the enemies from. Even the cyber can be cheesed, though it’s a helluva lot more fun fighting him down in the pit. A good map with some great lighting work too. MAP06: Hey, now this was quite the bloody adventure. At first I was wondering how long this map was going to take since it was a lot of laborious base clearing, but once I got into the caves the action started to really pick up. I like the dichotomy of slowly eradicating each building of hellspawn, and then the frantic, explosive action of battling waves of demons in the cave. Unfortunately the cave kinda pushes the player to backtrack and hole up in the base to the top right, especially once the AVs make a guest appearance. It was still a neat map with a pretty interesting finale (sadly the cyber got pushed off the ledge somehow and stuck in the floor?). Great aesthetics, once again; the set feels really cohesive overall despite having so many different authors. MAP07: Damn, what an awesome map! It’s nonlinear and tough as nails, dropping you into a blazing hot pistol start where revvies, hitscanners, HKs, and a nasty perched AV will strip the flesh right off your bones. Even when you build up an arsenal the map stills refuses to let up, as many nasty enemy placements and traps await the player. I continue to be enamored by the “orange cavern” aesthetic, and Roofi does a really phenomenal job here. My favorite touches were the more unexpected ones, like the classical paintings hanging up on the walls and the perturbing hints given before each secret. That final series of battles though—goddamn are those good. I accidentally decided to enter into it (and finish it) without the plasma gun or BFG, so it was a pretty ruthless challenge, especially since I had to snipe AVs while weaving between pinkies and cacos. The way the first wave mixes the demons and AVs together is masterful, and I appreciate that any attempt to retreat and suppress them from another room actually makes the battle harder, since you’re often at a disadvantage, whether it be the room shape, change in elevation, or a midtex getting in your way. It’s a really great fight that grants you a lot of space, and is the perfect ending to the map. Great job all around, Roofi—bravo. MAP08: Amazing finale. Franck nails the ominous ambiance with a scenic opening, letting you ambush a chapel of cultists worshipping an immaculate stained glass art piece (or the plasma gun—the zombiemen did offer it a lot of cells…) The opening gets your bloodlust pumping just in time for the player to dive down into a pit and realize that they’re not just in any ol’ nightmare—they’re trapped in there with an Icon of Sin. I feel like I’m one of the rare few that really appreciates and loves the IoS mechanic, as the slow trickle of baddies adds a constant (but not overbearing) pressure to the player to finish the level at a quick pace. Franck puts a pretty hot fire under the player’s butt however, as the main goal is for Doomguy to scale up a series of rocky steps, slowly releasing more (non-IoS) foes along the way. That means the faster you go through the map, the more trouble you brew up, eventually culminating in a dead end battle with revs, cybers, and all those pissed off cacos you thought were too boring to kill. There’s a delicate balance you have to strike between pushing onwards and slaying what’s behind you, one that’s thankfully buffeted by the generous goodies sprinkled about. I think the final rev wave is a touch too cruel (there’s barely any room to move up there!), but it’s a massively successful IoS map in my book. Plus the arena is downright gorgeous too, emphasizing how talented Franck is when it comes to crafting visuals (I mean hell, just look at the UI and all the new textures!) MAP09: Ah, some peace and quiet… of the eerie variety. A really nice (and surprisingly elaborate) credits map here, with some cute touches on the caskets of our beloved authors. It was a relaxing lonely stroll that’s welcome, since it’s sandwiched between two of the craziest maps in the set. Speaking of… MAP10: Good lord, mercy Wilou, mercy! At first I didn’t quite understand why such a seemingly reasonable map was shoved into the bonus map slot, but oh… how I learned. Honestly, 2/3rds of the map plays in suit with the rest of the set. Sure, it’s a lot more mean than the other maps (the room with the two halves is fairly aggressive until you learn to ignore the AVs and focus on the imps), but it’s not anything I would say is oppressive. And then I jumped down into the crescent room. And I was oppressed. Good god was this map as hard as the most difficult battles in Sunlust! I was a fool to think handing the player hundreds of rockets would make the fight a pushover, as by the time the PEs began swarming into the room I lost my foothold and was overrun with flaming skulls. When I got to the final battle the same experience awaited me, except this time in a more dense space with far more revenant rockets (and far more frequent deaths!) Wilou delivers a map that’s designed for the most precise, resolute Doomers, and I was not cut out for the battles here. That said, I didn't dislike the map—I quite enjoyed it! It reminded me of the first time I played Hell Revealed and I felt thoroughly oppressed by its design, feeling like I was always on the cusp of not succeeding and having to quit. That fear had tempered over time, and only when I was stuffed into the 1st floor cyber closet in the last battle did it rear its ugly face once more, taunting me. Congrats Wilou, for filling me with so much dread and getting me to curse the fact that I didn’t keep a fresh 2nd save before the fight began. You are evil and I envy your cruelty. Overall, Tangerine Nightmare is a surprisingly strong mapset. Some people will understandably tire of the orange & black aesthetic, but I loved it the entire time, mainly because I feel like it’s so rare we get a gothic mapset with bright textures. Like if you look at it, how often do you see caves with such bright colors emanate such a dreary mood? It’s that kind of play between the expected & the observed that tickles my fancy, and is why I could probably play a few more maps in this, theme even if there were no new textures added. Plus the set is really solid and low on faults (perhaps the early maps didn’t feel ambitious enough)—Ç'est Magnifique! Favorite map: MAP07 Least favorite: MAP02 (still enjoyed it!) I'll be playing UAC Ultra, but since I'm so far behind I'll just sum up my opinions once we finish it.
  8. Made a voodoo doll blueprint for one of my maps, since it was getting really complicated on the overhead view and I had to replicate it a couple of times. It's essentially a GBC Zelda-esque puzzle where the player walks across certain sectors and then hits a switch, and the path they walked will raise. I make it so that in order to progress, they'll have to raise a specific number of sectors


    Here's the mechanic in action (gif)





    1. durian


      I love clever stuff like this - great work!

  9. It's because it is! Though technically it's the credits map to the third entry in the series. I never said it had to be good art!
  10. Spoilers: All Doom levels are art :P
  11. Going to be doing intricate (and pointless) ceiling detailing followed by making at least 100 voodoo doll closets, so if you have a fetish for Doom Builder subwindows, come swing on by!:
  12. More mapping stream for vinesauce. Working on a big copy & paste epilogue map while I procrastinate from working on the main level :P
  13. More mapping for vinesauce:
  14. Gonna be streaming my map making process for the Vinesauce competition: Decided to work on the next map in my Exuviae series, and I'll be working on it from scratch. The last time I did this I made The Given soooooo I guess we'll see what happens???