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  1. Oh interesting—I always thought making sure the sectors were joined fixed that, but I guess I learned something. I've updated the map. I played your map @DJVCardMaster. It's pretty good! Like CB said, you nailed the atmosphere for the map, but the gameplay can feel a bit rough at points. I think it's pretty good for your first attempt at an Ultimate Doom map, but there's a couple of hitches: - Too much mid-tier clutter. The exit room is a good example of this problem: you have 2 barons, 2 cacodemons, 3 demons all in a rectangular room, and none of them can actually leave. This pushes the player to camp in that tiny stairwell until the hitscanners are dead, and then since you only provide shotgun shells, the player's left to slowly whittle down their health. Speaking of... - Waaaay too many shells. I ran out of ammo for every other weapon but found myself tripping over entire boxes of shells. This combined with the mid-tier enemies is what always slows down Ultimate Doom to a crawl, and the greatest breath of fresh air that you can provide the map is by sprinkling rockets around whenever you find yourself at 50 shells while playtesting. - Another chaingun needs to be provided elsewhere, and I'd suggest offering the armor to the player earlier (as most of the enemies will be dead by the time the player travels through the BK nukage halls) - The radsuit in the northern section of the base is entirely useless unless the player can traverse the BK nukage halls from its end. That's a good place to put a green armor IMO (or better yet, let the player traverse the nukage hall from its end!) - The caco closet at the BK should really open at both ends. Also, no one is gonna wanna fight 4 cacos without heavy armaments. - Which reminds me: the YK trap is completely toothless. Well, it is actually dangerous, but few that play the map will stay and fight the enemies—most will flee. - More enemies should probably be using windows to their advantage. For instance, at the start, you have a window into the YK SFALL lowering room, but no enemy can shoot you from there. Honestly, removing 2-3 boxes of shotgun shells and instead plopping 30 rockets into the map goes a long way into clearing up its congestion, though the flow through the map could be a bit better as well (still too many doors!) I definitely feel that the map isn't too far from being in a place it needs to be
  2. E3M5 is finished. For this map I'd actually like to be credited as the co-creator, as I think I've done enough adjustments to it that it's half Corsair, half dobu at this point. E4M3 is next on the docket! I wouldn't say no to another cannonball map :)
  3. Just as a quick heads up—for whoever works on E4M7, make sure you play a bit of E4M8 to make sure the two maps won't be too similar. My map has a lot of running from enemies and corralling them into particular spots, and I don't think a lot of people want to play two "flee from enemies" maps in a row. I'll try and get around to E2M3 soonish
  4. Since I'm on a pretty good mapping streak, I think I'm gonna claim E4M3 and make a short chainsaw-oriented map. I made this layout a little while ago and I wanna see if I can do anything fun with it. Now we just need someone to snatch up E4M7 and we'll be one step closer to wrapping this bad boy up!
  5. dobu gabu maru

    Doom Streams

    Mapping, finishing this big ol' cathedral: https://www.twitch.tv/dobu_gm
  6. Also just a heads up that the dark hallway & room that houses the YK might be fairly boring (though I like how it looks) and entirely too easy to run through. Hiding switches in the halls that raise the steps to the YK might be a way to mitigate how dull it might be, though there is nothing to stop the player from zooming all the way to the exit once they have the YK. And yeah, the UDoom bestiary is so much more sedate than Doom 2. Most of the new Doom 2 enemies can be threatening in groups of 3, whereas the only dangerous UDoom enemy is the sergeant (as well as the mastermind but she can't fit anywhere). You really gotta focus on thing placement and using sergeants to hit you at nasty angles if you want a level to pressure the player.
  7. Looking sharp DJV! I think you have the atmosphere and look of a refinery down pat, and the map feels distinct enough layout-wise from E1M2's "Toxin Refinery" (though they are both refining nukage). One of the things I have to forewarn about is that the map for the most part is connected via room to room to room. Making a map by room is fine—I do that!—but you want to be thinking about how the player engages with the enemies and where you can get the most out of Doom 1's limited bestiary. For instance, a lot of rooms are connected simply by doors, which greatly encourages door camping against hitscanners, which in turn greatly slows Doom's gameplay to a crawl. I'd heartily recommended knocking down a whole bunch of doors in this map, and converting them to archways instead. You can mark the lines of the archway as "block sound" if you wanna prevent the enemies inside from getting woken up by all the gunfire. I'm also pretty big on making the map as open as possible, unless you have specific encounters in mind. For instance, your northern-most BK door doesn't really need to require a BK, and it'll offer the player another pathway through the facility. Likewise, you could make the impassible vine lines that guard the RL passable instead, as it's quite easy for the player to loop around and grab the RL anyway (and the trap really doesn't keep the player locked in the room). Here's some suggestions: Remove all the doors with red Xs and turn them into archways instead. Move the player start to where the green arrow is, just so they can see that there's a path to the right they can follow. Make the YK door the exit door so the player knows "once I have YK, I can exit". Put a radsuit somewhere in the RAD room. Always look for cubbies and pillars to put hitscanners on, to make the combat exciting. And try not to put monsters in places where they provide no threat (unless that's your intention). For instance, the loooong hallway at the top right? Almost no monster can be dangerous in there unless you have them pop out of a monster closet when you're in the middle of the hallway or something (and even then, a smart player will duck into another room to contain the threat). Good luck with monster and thing placement! (Oh, and you need to mark the platform in the nukage tunnel at the bottom right as un-damaging)
  8. So I've reached a point where I need a few more midis for some of the projects I'm working on, but rather than just aimlessly looking around for something that fits, I figure I'd ask the community—what midis would you like to hear in a map? Bonus points if it's stuff you've composed yourself :)
  9. Old Unholy Cathedral New Unholy Cathedral Should be able to wrap it up on the weekend.
  10. dobu gabu maru

    Finely Crafted Fetish Film [7 puzzle maps for boom]

    Oh hey this looks real neato
  11. Hey cannonball, I'd like to edit Unholy Cathedral (E3M5), seeing as @CorSair has disappeared since late 2016. I really like the style and look of the map, but it's boring as all get-out in its current state.
  12. Finished my edits to E2M6. Despite the enemy count remaining mostly the same, hopefully I sped up the gameplay with the inclusion of a bazillion rockets and switching most enemies out to be lost souls (they fit in with the "Damned" theme). Was a fun map to tinker around with. Over the next week I'll probably play through a couple maps and provide feedback to supplement what cannonball's already written. Hopefully a lot of the old authors are still around to provide fixes. If no one else signs up to work on an E4 map by the end of the month, I'll probably end up taking either E4M3 or E4M7, and will aim for a map more similar to E3M9 than the other two behemoths I have in the set.
  13. dobu gabu maru

    The screenshot you are most proud of

    Pic: Gif:
  14. dobu gabu maru

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My goal was to make a room to house the red key in, and I may have gone a little overboard.
  15. dobu gabu maru

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Awesome! The screenshots look gorgeous! Love the purple and that red tangled weed on the floor