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  1. MAP32: Ah, I've played this one before! A fun level with a good change of base from all the techbases we've been stuck in; I like some of the time the player spends in the outside area. MAP16: Mmmm there seem to be a few too many chaingunners plonked down at the ends of hallways here for me. Things got much better when I finally found the blue armor, but during my initial foray the map was a bit stuttery gameplay-wise, forcing me to move forward, draw out any side monsters, and then kill them before proceeding down the hall to take out the chaingunner. Health is at an all-time record low here too, pretty much forcing you to restart should a rev rocket find its way into the side of your skull. Don't think I'm going to scale the difficulty down just yet—I like the ammo deprivation here—but hordes of chaingunners and revvies mixed with munitions deprivation is a bitter pill to swallow.
  2. I think I've received enough feedback that I'll probably send this over to /idgames soon. I'm only gonna fix the SR50 jumping thing for the eastern section, I think. Yup. Thanks!!! You have no idea how much errors like these bug me when I replay a map and spot them. Since I did all the ceiling adjustments last, a lot of the lower unpegged stuff got messed up, but I couldn't remember which lines did or did not have them. This isn't a bad idea, but I intentionally left a step down for people to be curious about why it looks like an inescapable pit so that they'll hop in. Plus I'm trying to keep the map as static as possible. Good call on the sound trigger though—since I played in Zdoom this was something I completely overlooked until dew mentioned it for the northern section. No symbology here, at least nothing intentional... I mainly just like creating archaic societies and imagining what their hierarchy & daily life would've been like. Then again, I also might have an anti-authority/anti-patriarchy/anti-Abrahamic muse whispering in the back of my head that I haven't fully acknowledged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone. Indeed—I'd argue that 50% of the atmosphere comes the way his wonderful composition works with the scenery. The map is undoubtedly better for having it. Yup, this should be fairly stream-friendly. Might take 1-2 hours to complete, mind you. Thanks again for the sprite edit too. Glad you dug it. If you wouldn't mind, could you clarify some of your gripes with the puzzles in spoiler tags? I'm very curious as to what people think I've done right or wrong. Also I agree that the amount of detail can certainly obfuscate what the player is supposed to do, but for me it's an acceptable trade-off as I didn't want to demarcate the "puzzle zones". Prioritizing organic cohesion over clear conveyance is kinda bad game design, but I wanted above all else to create a world first and a "game" second.
  4. With hushed tones do the land-dwellers speak of the subterranean kingdom of Occula, home of the Unseen God. Legends tell of its lurid foods, crystal-top hills, and rivers of verdant water. But these tall tales also mention how the land is cursed, subject to a strange phenomenon where residents suddenly vanish; where they are mysteriously Taken. The denizens of Occula have sought tirelessly to appease the capricious nature of the Unseen God, adorning their houses with wood and marble to avoid Its silencing grasp. Perhaps the most well-known of these superstitious rituals—and the one that gives the land-dwellers pause when speaking of Occula—is the sad and brutal rite only known as The Given... <<<Download Release Candidate 1 here>>> Despite the map being limit-removing, you'll need to play in a port that supports extended nodes. Remember that you shouldn't have to "brute force" any of the puzzles—there's a clear solution to each one if you look hard enough. Look for the red torches if you feel lost.
  5. Believe in the you that believes in yourself. Roh roh fight the demons
  6. For a 32-map megawad, both secret levels are always played 15th. MAP11: Nifty pistol start. Love that as soon as you open the door you want to run down the perched chaingunner, but doing so angers a PE and a messload of demons that wade their way through the level towards you. There’s a lot of good monster placement in this map that pushes you to move forward, and no matter how cautious you are there’s always something around the corner to chip away at your health. Luckily there’s plenty of armor so nothing feels “cheap”, and once again the ammo is balanced equally towards light and heavy weapons. A good base crawl. MAP12: Boy howdy E3 bares its fangs early. Once you lose your health in this map you never get it back, and since you’re fighting out in the open most of the time it’s really easy to lose vitality bit by bit. I liked how it opened, the weapon placement, the amount of ways to traverse it… just wish the map was a little more lenient. Well, at least from this point on I know to be a bit more careful and frugal with my saves. MAP13: Fared much better in this one. There was a bit of an ammo drought at the start until I woke the cyber up and was able to steal his cache of rockets. It was fun trying to avoid him while I ran through the rest of the map, only wanting to reduce him to metal stumps once I was sure no one was left. I was surprised how many corners he could get around; I shouldn’t expect anything less from Deadwing, master of “surprise, a cacodemon can fit through this window!” Good map—certainly leaves a better impression than MAP12. MAP14: Lol what a start—you take two steps forward, see a revenant to your left, and are forced “nope!” your way down the right path and through the level. The first bit is a mad dash around the map as you keep your eyes peeled for weapons, slowly grabbing everything you can spot until you can hold your own in a corner somewhere. Due to the brevity, nonlinearity, and fierceness of the map it’s definitely one of my favorites so far—I like the soulsphere secret and the final battle quite a bit too. MAP15: Hot starts seem to be the most common feature of Moonblood. This map harkened back to MAP12’s health shortage, punishing the player with a few too many hitscanners as soon as they emerge from the metal murder box. Due to the open space, number of monsters, and that there’s rockets and health in damaging sectors, I think it’s a bit too brutal without knowing the ins & outs of the town, so it’s definitely a step down from MAP14. MAP31: For those that don't know, a while back I made a thread called "Dobu Gabu Maru's Mapping Exam", where I made a map for aspiring mappers to expand off of. This map consistent of the starting room, exit room, and the red key room, with no monsters, health, or ammo placed in them. The goal was for a mapper to connect these 3 areas without adjusting the height or position they're located at, pushing for them to learn how to make a nonlinear, vertical, & interconnected layout. The thread was relatively unsuccessful—I think I only got 1-2 submissions, and one of them was from Deadwing. He PM'd me to request permission to use the map for his project, letting me play his edit to the map. The funniest and most apparent thing is that Deadwing clearly knew how to make an excellent layout already, so his contribution was fairly unnecessary; it was kinda like college art student showing up to paint with highschoolers. Still, he got to make a fun map that serves as a bonus b-side for Moonblood, so I'm glad the project survived in some form. As for the map itself, I don't have too many comments; the only thing I wish is that the player could easily access the teleporter that takes them to the northern complex, as it's a one-way trip currently (some steps that lead up the the tele would be nice). I like the drop to the AV battle quite a bit.
  7. Played a bit of it, only skipping to the next map whenever I died (which was like 2/3rds through each map). First thing I'm going to warn is that the maps are really large, sprawling, and grindy, so that a megawad worth of levels like this is totally unappealing to me. It might be appetizing for other people (literally every other player has given positive feedback it seems), but this could easily become an exhaustive set, especially if the gameplay doesn't vary from map to map. Which brings me to my next point—you have a tendency to just jam monsters into big rooms without much rhyme or reason. This is similarly echoed in your munitions placement, which are scattered about at the edges of nearly each area, with only the rocket field portion of MAP04 being something that was identifiably different. This makes combat feel hohum as you charge through fields of meat and receive ammunition & health fairly evenly, battles only getting hot if an archvile shows up to wreak havoc. If I could hazard a guess, it seems like you map the entire layout first then fill it with monsters, no? I really think you should probably consider what enemies serve the layout better, and think about what the player's reaction is likely to be upon entering a new room. Lastly, I suggest avoiding "monotexturing" rooms, like the starting room of MAP02 and the BIGBRIK1 room in MAP04. Using different textures for pillars, cubbies, sections of a wall etc. help flesh out a map a lot more, and the less the room looks like you copy pasted a single texture over the entirety of it, the better. Good luck mapping the rest of the set.
  8. MAP08: Revvies! I’ve been missing these skelebros on this adventure. This map was… okay. Dunno if it was just the sewer atmosphere or the path I was on, but I felt like a lot of threats came from immediately ahead of the player, prompting them to play more passively and around corners. Great ammo balance though, I always appreciate being able to use a rocket launcher on a small map such as this. MAP09: I kinda liked this one—the pistol start was really hot and there were a lot of tricky/sudden fights, most of which involved PEs. The dark area to the bottom soured me on the map though, mainly due to not being able to see hitscanners before they fired, and the specters. I like dark areas now and then but if you’re going to deprive me of health and armor, I’d prefer they be short or merciful… neither of which were really applicable here. Still, the rest of the level was pretty fun, and I continue to be dazzled by Deadwing’s masterful layouts. MAP10: Aww yeah a nukage level! Had a lot of fun with this one—the nukage really isn’t that scary, but I appreciated having to look around for a radsuit whenever my screen began to flicker. I also really appreciate the strong emphasis on the RL & PG too, as it makes the constant use of beefy enemies negligible since you always have a way to neutralize them quickly. I think being “outside” for this map a nice change of pace too, as wading through the green sludge with a lovely azure night sky above you is a cool contrast. Two other things I noticed while playing this map that Deadwing does which I love: 1) A lot of the traps are sound activated which is relatively uncommon nowadays (like grabbing the berserk powerup and the enemies only show up once you attack), and 2) the secret areas are a lot more than just “closet with a powerup in it”. Occasionally I’ll spend some time in these level trying to figure out how to get to a secret area, which is something I rarely do in Doom.
  9. Mapping for The Given: The map is finished, I'm just making sure the automap looks pretty.
  10. This is generally the most sound and approachable way to work on an episode, I think, especially since anyone subbed to the thread can get notifications for when you've posted a new map, whereas here I have no idea how many other episodes are in the project or where to find them. Anyway, I played the map and really enjoyed it. I continue to be amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of your mapping style. Besides your penchant for tall architecture, I also really appreciated that you loaded the map with rockets. There were so many rockets in fact, that I was constantly aching to use my other weapons! It's quite a twist when I find myself wishing I could whip out the chaingun instead of the RL. Anyway, couple of bits to chew over: - Linedef 855 has no sidedef texture when the wall lowers. - The Spider Mastermind surprise is a mite rude considering the player is likely to blow their BFG load on the preceding AV fight (or if you're like me, the pinkies in the hallway ;_;). I'd argue for adding some more ammo just so the player doesn't unwittingly get stuck there if they've used the BFG (unless your intention is to punish them for doing so, which is fine) - After using the lift at Sector 176, I think having two chaingunners up there is a bit too RNG-y. Maybe if you could somehow squeeze between the first and second so they fire at each other it'd be more fair, but as is you have to blast the dude to your right and pray the other one isn't winding up his minigun to shred you to pieces. - The AV at sector 224 should probably be in the adjacent hallway facing northwards, as he currently gets aggro'd before the player gets on the lift and then the safest way to fight him is to chip away at him from below—not fun. - Likewise, the cyber at the end is a bit of a boring fight, only punishing you should you run out of ammo before you kill him. IMO it'd be more interesting & dangerous to give the player like 80-120 cell instead and try to have them 2-shot the cyber on the stairs, rather than engage in a long and tedious rocket duel. Cool map altogether; I died a lot of times (possibly because I found 0 secrets) but still had plenty of fun.
  11. MAP05: Another good map. Not as tough as the previous one but I enjoyed being able to use the rocket launcher and going nukage spelunking. Shame the hell knight didn’t get much of the spotlight here; the cacos remain top priority due to all the windows they can peek through. I enjoyed that one arena the player gets locked into since Doomguy can’t hop up a wall 32 units high—that’s my favorite kind of lock-in mechanic. We typically don't play a lot of TEK-based maps, so that was another delight. MAP06: Oh hey there’s the SSG! The mapset has been so enjoyable so far that I haven’t been sorely missing it, though I appreciate being able to blast the silly grin off those damn cacos. Lotta dark corridors and tight spaces in this map—the lost soul area to the north was a bit vexing, just because it was so dimly lit (and I guess in Moonblood lore, the lost souls make nests out of dark wire closets or something?) The ending trap was pretty easy but I still managed to blow myself up on a cacodemon… ah, good times. MAP07: Yeowch that’s a step up in difficulty! I was really aching for shells on this map, especially in the northeast section; I always appreciate when a map goes more RL-heavy and pushes you to conserve shells/bullets. The manc & arach traps were pretty good too—the YK trap in particular is a real fun one. Progression was a little weird since I missed one of the switches in the northeast section, but other than that this was a good map that thankfully wasn’t a Dead Simple spinoff.
  12. Nearly finished; seeing the light at the end of the tunnel has never felt so good :)
  13. Think. That's probably the most obvious yet essential important tip. Every object you place into Doom has pros and cons attached to it, which vary in intensity depending on what has come before it. Each enemy has a role to fulfill and any munitions given can potentially change the tide of battle. You can haphazardly plop stuff down into a map if you so desire, but thinking about the way each thing pushes and pulls the combat is required learning if you wish to stand with the Dooming greats. I'm going to use an example from a map I worked on (Revilution MAP22), not as a way to boast but because I'm most familiar with my own work. Huge wall o' text ahead:
  14. Mapping—fiddling with ceiling heights, lighting, additional detailing:
  15. Mapping some buildings: