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  1. DoomF4nG4mer

    XWE unable to sort my Wad?

    I've had this problem most of the time If I tried to compile a bunch of wads and try to sort it out to make it look more tidier but instead XWE just gives me an error message saying "You can only sort the list when it is filtered". I've been trying to look for a solution for this but unfortunately I didn't find any so I just decided to ask here. Is there something I missed in XWE that I could resolve this problem?
  2. DoomF4nG4mer

    Unusual Sprite Clipping Issue

    Okay guys turns out that Kappes Buur's answer helped resolve the issue. I just had to go and edit the map in Doom Builder to do it but anyways thanks for the replies guys!
  3. DoomF4nG4mer

    Unusual Sprite Clipping Issue

    So I was playing a little bit around the wad Hell Revealed 2 on map09 when I came across a weird bug or issue with that long tower, I cant seem to see the top of the tower only the bottom half of it. I already set my Sprite Clipping to Always yet the problem is still present, Is there anyway to solve this? http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/2255/screenshotdoom201304211.png
  4. DoomF4nG4mer

    Captcha Problems

    Its alright its working now i think they were just having a maintenance mode in the captcha site. so its SOLVED
  5. DoomF4nG4mer

    Captcha Problems

    Well i haven't installed or downloaded any software's pretty much,Well i found out that any website i enter that has captcha doesn't appear and without that captcha i cant do anything to proceed, I did a Virus scan at least 2 days ago and nothing suspicious came up. for the add-ons/Plugins: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/220/wutvq.png/
  6. DoomF4nG4mer

    Captcha Problems

    So i should redownload my browser again? (Its Mozilla Firefox)
  7. DoomF4nG4mer

    Captcha Problems

    Dude it happens at every download site with Captcha's
  8. DoomF4nG4mer

    Captcha Problems

    Hello everyone its been QUITE a while since i signed back to Doomworld for a long time you know i just got busy with the school and my vacation and everything but anyways lets go to the topic kay? Well usually when i will download things from Download sites like Filesonic,Mediafire,Etc. There's suppose to be captcha where you are prompted to enter codes/letters to download the files obviously but there is a problem "The Captcha is Missing" here take a look at what i mean: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/12/wutch.png/ So what happened? where is it? How can i download these files?
  9. DoomF4nG4mer

    Any Good wads with kickass Music?

    The first ones i knew was Hell Revealed 2 and Demon Eclipse does any of you guys know any other good ones?
  10. DoomF4nG4mer

    Post a Skybox Picture

    valkiriforce,phi108,scalliano and Doomhuntress Do you have any download links for those Skybox pictures? :D
  11. DoomF4nG4mer

    Post a Skybox Picture

    Good Point
  12. DoomF4nG4mer

    Post a Skybox Picture

    A similar thread to ArchVille78's "Post your Doom picture! [but don't quote images]" But this time its gonna be about skyboxes. Here's my favorite one :D
  13. DoomF4nG4mer

    WildWeasel's Wads

    Thanks i might post another reply soon
  14. DoomF4nG4mer

    WildWeasel's Wads

    Can anyone list the wads of WildWeasel that contains Weapons (Well by that i mean STRONG WEAPONS THAT CAN OBLITERATE OVER 600 MONSTERS!!!!) The purpose why i posted this thread is because i came across a nice looking Megawad named [Scythe] and i made it to Map26 Fear and OMG Its OVER 600 MONSTERS! And the Original Doom Weapons? Nope won't even be Useful to use them even the BFG9000 So that's why i need some weapons to take them down easily!
  15. DoomF4nG4mer

    Favorite Doom Music

    DOOM 1/Ultimate Doom E1M4 - Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) E3M2 - Donna To The Rescue E3M3 - Deep Into The Code E3M8 - Facing The Spider