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  1. printz

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I have some issues with the new frontend. OK, it looks great and modern, and I hope one day the /idgames uploads will be done directly on the web using some account (or if not Doomworld account, then using some email-based verification), if not already. But the issues right now are as follows: Lots of clicks to explore through /idgames. By default most of the folders are concealed by a "see more" link. Files are shown by their title, not also by their filename.
  2. printz

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    "The order has seen to it that we only ask one question: why?"
  3. printz

    Hexen: The Morgue

    Nice challenge at the start of the map, but it ends really quickly.
  4. printz

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I'm unable to post /idgames reviews on the legacy frontend, but I can do it on the new (beta) one.
  5. printz


    Very challenging map, with lots of really difficult dark areas. You need to visit every place to reach your goal. Both keys require a bit of secret observation to be obtained.
  6. printz

    Liking posts

    I wish the list of reactions per post weren't covered by a single number and a generic shaded sphere. Having to choose between so many reactions but ultimately seeing only a number of totals -- that weakens the impact. Sure, you see the ranking if you hover or tap, but that takes a conscious effort and doesn't seem worth it for what is ultimately lighthearted parody. Maybe as a suggestion, instead of the shaded soulsphere, the forum can show the dominant reaction (in case the site designers don't want to put too much graphics showing them all).
  7. printz

    Announcing AJBSP

    Can I use AJBSP to build nodes for UDMF maps?
  8. printz

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Interesting Heretic bug found In vanilla (Chocolate) Heretic, if you land on a thing, you will afterwards have full air control. This means that even when in mid-air, you'll be able to freely move horizontally. This will then allow you to change direction as you run-jump, or to access alcoves while falling vertically. I think it also gives you ground-like friction (unless you're above ice) so you probably won't reach huge speeds with this. The effect is irreversible until you exit the level.
  9. printz

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    I've only played these games, and not completely: Wolfenstein 3-D: I got to play this game at a very early age, being one of the first video games of my life. My opinions are going to be highly favourable of it, and full of nostalgia. I'm totally against source ports such as ECWolf, even though I acknowledge that without them, people tend to redistribute copyrighted material in mods. The legality of AFADoomer's mod is also something I'm questioning: isn't it basically emulating Wolf3D and using all its copyrighted content for free? Spear of Destiny: got this much later than Wolf3D. Some of the early levels were a bit too long, but I liked the later ones: they play like a modern expansion pack of Wolf3D, really challenging. The last few levels make very good use of music, I was shivering. And the ending is one of the most awesome of id games. Spear of Destiny lost episodes: only got ahold of one of them but didn't get to play it myself. Instead, I let AutoWolf play it. I liked how so many resources seen in mods (both Wolf3D and Wolf-Doom) were actually taken from these episodes. The levels seemed to be quite hard too. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: didn't get to finish it. I did not like the Heretic-like monsters and levels (zombies and crap), I think they were going too far with the fantasy aspect. Wolfenstein 2009: didn't get to finish it. The hub system and the Doom 3-like optional lore (letters you can read and are even voiced by their fictional writers) seem like an awesome way to make the game immersive. But I didn't like the regenerating health and the obligatory use of non-weapon special abilities (which was also heavily featured in Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil, or Prey). I deliberately avoided using the Veil, but that still resulted in tedious shoot-and-cover gameplay where I was waiting to regain health. The problem with realistic WWII Wolfenstein games and mods is that they keep repeating the few historical patterns. You always get to use the same NAZI-made weapons, and fight the same SS soldiers in black uniforms. Old Wolf3D avoided being like this. And I think The New Order and sequels also avoid it, by presenting an alternate timeline, after WWII. That seems brilliant, because guess what was the biggest social plague after WWII (at least in half of the world, or so)?
  10. printz

    6th scale Doom Marine action figure

    Finally a Doomguy figure that's not cartoony.
  11. printz

    Why Eternity

    I rely on Discord for all team communication, as chatting is better than the delayed nature of forums, which on the other hand are useful for announcing major updates and reporting bugs/issues. I dislike giant monolithic threads. They're hard to browse and tend to lose information, as they burden the thread owner to keep track of questions, which may be forgotten. If this forum didn't exist, I'd rather have individual threads with tags to classify by port, such as [Eternity], [Doomsday] etc. I prefer having bugs and feature requests on GitHub, but this forum is also an excellent place to post them. If they were added on a huge thread, they might be ignored as random questions. Actual releases are on GitHub too, but @Quasar may also post them on eternity.mancubus.net, where he has access. As said above, they're announced here on Doomworld.
  12. printz

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Looks to me like someone from Strife. Any intended reference?
  13. For people who can't easily test their maps on multiplayer, are there rules of thumb of where it's the best to place deathmatch starts? Also how many multiplayer specific monsters to place for coop? I see, from my AutoDoom experience, that coop most of the time is a cakewalk, except for certain wads like BTSX E1 which are specifically prepared for coop, where the difficulty spikes massively, so if you die (like the bot often does), your game is very much doomed and you need to restart.
  14. Here's a FDA video of it. For the most part it went cursively and I must say it was very fun. I only died when ambushed by many archviles at once. I didn't manage to finish level 9. Was it nearly over by the time I lost?
  15. printz

    What do you think comes after death?

    Logically I'd say that after death, eternal nothingness awaits. Brain dies and the body disintegrates into the earth. You just don't exist any more. However, how did our conscious selves appear in the first place? Why am I "inhabiting" this body and not other bodies? Maybe after death, there's someone's else turn to become my self? What happens if we manage to reproduce an artificial brain? Will that get a conscience too? Thinking about this is more reassuring than thinking about eternal nothingness (disclaimer: do not kill yourself to see how it is). Stuff like heaven or hell seem obsolete, as they assume a soul is a separable component from body (now we know there's just physical energy, which is a lot simpler) which gets released and is guided to whatever moral plane they deserve (but the universe is amoral). Also their structures look too anthropomorphic (humans only belong to Earth, we know the universe is much bigger). Really these questions seem to be the basic reasons (besides political) people have religions… It would be nice or interesting if there were a god who met with the souls of the deceased, but it's far too much wishful thinking popularized by religions.