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  1. printz


    I believe that doing some work helps overcome bad feelings. Once your work is finished and you see what you've obtained, satisfaction ensues. This is good for confidence.
  2. printz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    What is that below the archvile? Dark magic sparkles? Or his body parts puffing away?
  3. printz

    Emergency medical help needed.

    Just so you know, currency is automatically converted if you pay by card. No need to have USD specifically in your account.
  4. printz

    Why Eternity

    You mean like subforums under Source Ports, one for Eternity and another for Doom Retro?
  5. Is this the Statue of Liberty in hell?
  6. I'm fine with anyone copying AutoDoom to other ports, but please be GPL3 compatible. If you want to copy to GPL2, please message me first. An API sounds like a good idea -- I already want to export the bot map feature. But other stuff seem like low level stuff. I'll think of it. Maybe path finding and other generic stuff sound doable. But there are also game specific stuff, such as linedef specials...
  7. printz

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Hi, here's a screenshot of my map. I want to use rough (low) detail overall, at least in the beginning, and improve detail later. I'll come a bit later with the official description as per rules.
  8. Pointless question, because time machines don't exist. And the answer is obvious anyway: of course they would have sold fine, since OBLIGE didn't exist back then.
  9. Well, in the wild, predators prefer hunting the young because they're easier prey. This can easily be explained on why you'd see lots of child corpses in hell.
  10. printz

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Are we required to adhere to the classic fire-and-brimstone hell style? In Doom that means lots of red and satanic imagery. I'm asking because Doom 2 tempts me to use its rich brown (and less satanic) texture palette. Of course, I have my earthly startup level, but this being said, I'm considering starting a typical satanic dungeon level, which may fit better. What I'm trying to come up with is an inspiration on the Doom 1 episode 2 ending screen. That spiky field with red mist looks nasty. Obviously it won't have the same visual complexity in-game. But it's not a satanic dungeon.
  11. printz

    The Sixth Hour

    Pretty cool speedmap. Secrets are a bit on the easy side and some areas seem recycled from the original id work, but it's understandable, and the gameplay is quite fun.
  12. printz

    Need testers for Eureka DOOM Editor

    On Mac, whenever I turn on fullscreen, the menu bar is permanently hidden and there's no known hotkey to restore it. On modern macOS, a lot of apps which didn't have fullscreen have gained it. I suspect it's a FLTK problem unless you can set a special flag in the code. Doesn't seem to be fixed in the development builds of FLTK. I would have posted this as an issue on sourceforge but I'm not logged in. User experience reactions (maybe it's old): 1. Sector flat rendering is too slow to be usable. I turn it off, but whenever I start or open a new wad, it's back on. It's only saved per project. 2. By default grid is hidden and snapping is off, which is wrong. 3. Did you remove the option to use vertical and horizontal wheel/touchpad scrolling to pan the map? Now it only zooms, and i have to use keys to pan. 4. I find the commands to get the next free tag too heavy. There needs to be a little button next to the tag field.
  13. printz


    Interesting design which makes use of Doom's limitations.
  14. printz

    Sudden Death

    One of the best levels I've played.
  15. printz

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Seems awesome. The theme is a natural Doom sequel, and it's vanilla Doom 2. I'd love to contribute. If I don't show anything within a week, remove me.