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    Excellently difficult level with lots of branching and which requires a cautious play. It took me way more than an hour to complete it, simply because of its challenge and size. Highly nonlinear and it's possible you need to be lucky to find the best items first (on first play) or know the locations in advance. Really like the "eastern look and feel" as well.
  1. Eternity has a DECORATE state parser, at least. It expects such states to appear in multi-line strings within EDF, and presumably doesn't have full support for the top-level DECORATE syntax... which is fairly close to EDF anyway, so maybe it's not far off. I dislike how Eternity has the EMAPINFO lump totally separate from EDF (whereas ExtraData is clearly using the same parser). I guess it's because of SMMU legacy. And what I'm trying to say here: isn't EMAPINFO precisely INI? Other than supporting // comments, sure.
  2. As much as I like vanilla hacks, HOM just looks lame. To demonstrate, just load the automap and clear it. Now the HOM looks like the automap, instead of looking like its hall-of-mirrors (pretty unsatisfactory) metaphor! Now I'm not gonna ask you to avoid making HOM labyrinths; go ahead.
  3. I try using Doom2+ (which is like vanilla Doom 2 but with raised limits) to start the mod (, the WAD is loaded, the game starts, but when I start a new game (level 1), Doom 2 quits with this error: Z_CheckHeap: block size does not touch the next block Doesn't matter if I try with or without the Dehacked patch. The wad is listed in the vanilla megawads /idgames location and says it's vanilla/Chocolate Doom compatible.
  4. Heh. That post also quotes the spiderdemon potentially having a stun attack. You can already do it in Doom 1 Dehacked by using the archvile fire attack and modifying the flash to be solid. The player will be held in place by the solid thing, until running backwards fast enough to escape.
  5. There are no standard source ports. Just aim for the most comfortable one.
  6. I will add this UMAPINFO to Eternity if PrBoom+ adopts it. If only GZDoom adds it, it will be of a lesser priority. By the time you make your mod require ZDoom or Eternity, you should be free to use their features. Enhance your maps the way you wanted but couldn't just with vanilla. You shouldn't limit the new features just to ?MAPINFO.
  7. And? What is wrong about updating to those ports to achieve this feature? You're not forced to use other features, even though you may like to, if they become available anyway.
  8. Then use the dragon claw if you find the hell staff too wimpy. I think it's the best general-use weapon in Heretic.
    Pretty awesome for such a small file. It's thoroughly challenging and you need to find inventory items to survive some fights. It's just at the end that you need to carefully use the wings of wrath, otherwise you may be stuck.
  9. And Doom 2 needs the equivalent of player-activated inventory items, not the overly simple gameplay it normally has.
  10. Talking about IWADs, Heretic is way better than Doom 1. It has a coherent theme and consistent difficulty. It definitely helps that Heretic has more features than Doom 1.
  11. A variation on STONE2 and MFLR8_1 (combined with MARBLE1), and variants with two marbfaces carved, and one with a print of Jesus, if you feel like making churches in Doom.
  12. Crap, I totally forgot about jHeretic. If you also combine it with 3D models and high resolution textures, it looks awesome. It enthralled me, as I used it to play Heretic for the first time ☺️
  13. Right now Eternity is in development mode. Don't rely on any drdteam release to be stable. No new features are going to be added. I foresee an official release once problems are sorted out.