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  1. Isn't this kind of mod possible to be done for vanilla Doom as well?
  2. That map can be improved, even in vanilla Plutonia, by replacing those doors with lifts, and maybe even adding pinky demons. Then the archviles and demons will be able to open the doors to follow you, increasing the tension. A map that I hate in Plutonia is "Abattoir", because of the huge ambush room. If you don't know what to do in advance, your chances are too low.
  3. Awesome, sounds like you're back in! Curious to see what map you come up with next.
  4. Doom 3 supports both techbases and hell, not just the former. But it still is at its best when it’s dark and cramped. Given proper textures, you can do other themes too, but still the same creepy mood. What I found most daunting about Doom 3 level making was textures. I never felt that the ones provided by id were enough, so I was always looking for new ones on the internet. Unfortunately, modern textures in games like Doom 3 need to be highly sophisticated. They have this diffuse/normal/specular split, which means that any photo taken of some wall is no longer sufficient. No, it has to look flat and unlit (it’s bad if it has shadows!), and you need to have information about its 3D layout (which obviously is not provided with regular photos). Also the textures provided by id had flaws: lots of them were just missing, and others wouldn’t cast shadows (so I needed to modify them in the mod). Adding new ambient noise was actually fun, because during that time I was lucky to still have limited free access to a professional sound library.
  5. Didn't Doom (the new one) take all that was left alive of Doom 3?
  6. Haha, this is where Boom with maps with voodoo dolls can thrive.
  7. Some stupid useless replies on this thread. On topic: there has been Gameception, a port of Doom, probably PrBoom, which lets you load PWADs. Unfortunately it cannot run on modern iOS versions. The author stopped maintaining it. Practically the only reason it fell behind was author's inactivity, and not Apple policies. He took care to avoid trademarks and assets, with big thanks to Freedoom.
  8. After playing the map myself, I can say it's awesome. There are some bugs as mentioned, which need to be fixed, but otherwise I really liked the way you used monsters and textures, combined with the spooky TNT Evilution music.
  9. Here's a demo of AutoDoom (Doom played by computer). Playable with vanilla Doom 2 or compatible ports. I really like how the wad presents itself. I wish the bot didn't get killed by the mancubus…
  10. That sounds more like a tech demo or development kit than a game (which it probably is; I mean the biggest attraction I see in Freedoom is the possibility to distribute it with software to qualify it as a full game).
  11. Your map has linedefs with missing first sidedefs; that would crash Doom2+.
  12. You’re bringing up a terrible point: that now we’re avoiding common nouns because Zenimax has the crap habit of threatening anyone who uses just part of their games’ names, which are generic words, in their own games. The words I said are really generic. Why do I still endorse Doom and implicitly Zenimax, while they practice this sort of thing?
  13. I don’t get why Reddit is given so much relevance. It’s full of garbage posts. I find Quora way superior. In fact when I Google for an opinion and find the topic on Reddit, I can be sure it will be full of trolls and empty in information.
  14. Call it something similar and still short, like "Death" or "Destiny" or "Fate".
  15. Doomworld used to be more self-moderating / self-policing than it is now, though. I guess it's because highly skilled moderators like Grazza or myk have become less active. Moderation was really subtle (but in control), which made the place feel way more natural than ZDoom's forums, for example. "Everything Else" now is mostly just about games and entertainment (and the occasional obituary), which is only interesting if you want to play games or watch movies. It used to be more varied in topics, and I don't mean just politics. Scientific, social, opinion, trivia debates appeared there. I guess people lost interest in debating on the forums, when you can talk about stuff in real-life (with colleagues) or on Facebook. May also be because lots of people who posted frequently on "Everything Else" have moved on.