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  1. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Keep in mind the Doom Marine is simply meant to be you, the player. Hardly any requirement in the story for the marine to be a guy, unless maybe the statistics probably being skewed towards men in the army. But even then, women can apply. Doomguy is a fan term. You're just called a space marine. It's just you against demonic monsters. Gender doesn't matter, except again for statistics (men on average being stronger, less valuable for species survival and better fit for life threatening missions). Oh but if sex/gender does matter in hell, it probably goes either way just fine. You know what I hate more? When the main "action" girl turns out to need a male saviour, or does nothing in the movie other than existing and being hunted because she has or knows something which she probably is not even aware of. I'd prefer Doom to have a larger team than one person. Doom has always supported multiplayer, cooperative mode was even a selling point (see the old Doom cover art) and it's easier to make a movie-realistic script when you have a team than a single person against all odds.
  2. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Just so you know, I mean it for real :)
  3. Flat replacement bug

    This won't be fixed, because the wad requires doctoring in order to run in vanilla Doom in the first place. Also, PrBoom+ doesn't have a solution either, and GZDoom's is rather hacky and not 100% successful.
  4. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Doom will be shot in Bulgaria? Cool. I wonder if that weird communist mountain structure will appear as a UAC base.
  5. I've been using Blender to make static models for Doom 3 (under the ASE format). It's not trivial but you can find out the steps. Some Googling gave me the hints (which right now I've forgotten).
  6. What's your Opinion on Linux?

    My job made me hate Windows a lot more than before. The whole system is full of crap stuff and complications which GNU/Linux and macOS didn't trouble themselves with. GNU/Linux is fine, but it has nothing on macOS, which is king (for desktop anyway, which is what matters in this comparison). Doom support is the worst on GNU/Linux, for whatever computers I have. (I say GNU/Linux to make it clear I'm talking about typical non-Android distros).
  7. prBoom+ and Eternity

    Someone with BFG edition should fix that, I think.
  8. How intelligent are various monsters?

    On nightmare or fast mode the demons are surprisingly empowered by the Doom's primitive AI. They have a high tendency to move diagonally and block your way when you attempt to rush.
  9. Charlie - my third doom map

    Do mind that what you see on YouTube is a recording of a demo playback. I stopped at some points to look in the automap, both to find my way and to see where the bot is and if it needs help.
  10. Charlie - my third doom map

    I've made a cooperative FDA with my bot AutoDoom. It was a blast in coop, at one point the bot released lots of monsters and went ahead to clear other areas, leaving me to take them out. I couldn't find the chaingun, I don't know how the bot found it. Perhaps it found a secret? Did you test this with Chocolate Doom (or vanilla Doom)? There are a few texture glitches ("tutti-frutti effect") wherever you used ones shorter than 128 units on walls taller than them. One example is in the hell chamber (with the switch opening the red skull door in the yard) and another is a pile of tiny crates in the maze. The FDA is available both on YouTube and as a vanilla-compatible demo (charlie.7z attached here, containing charlie.lmp). EDIT: now I wonder if the demonic area is safe in coop. Is the door, which slams shut behind you, openable from outside? What happens if all players inside the room are killed? Can they get back in after they respawn? charlie.7z
  11. Intolerance - limit removing level

    This reminds me of a quest in Diablo 1, where "the mere presence of the demons caused the water to become tainted". Cool concept.
  12. Intolerance - limit removing level

    Shouldn't it be intolerance?
  13. Doom with PBR materials

    Can ZScript be used for custom monster AI? I guess some minor changes, to act similar to newer games like Quake, can be done without changing the game radically.
  14. small fortress

    Even a bot can win this map, and while also doing mistakes.
  15. Heretic support is now under construction. Don't build your Eternity mod around Heretic until we announce Heretic support officially. Until then, anything may change in Eternity Heretic, causing your work-in-progress to fail. Big thanks to Altazimuth for solving the biggest obstacle, but there are still a lot of smaller features to add and tweak.