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  1. Now the AutoDoom bot finds jump spots (based on what humans find) pretty well, but I still need to find a way to get the bot to jump correctly, as it totally falls on every attempt.

  2. I like that! It reminds me of "666, the number of the beast".
  3. Alter is right. With fewer distractions like that late forum, you can now focus more on playing and modding Doom, and after that, spending your forum time more constructively, posting about Doom, not random chatter.
  4. Dunno about you, but bugs about quoting continue. I accidentally deleted the empty line after the quote and now when I write anything new I don't see anything. The keyboard does show me that I write words, but nothing shows up. Good thing I can clear editor.
  5. It's as if the rocket launcher is presented like a ceremonial / chosen weapon for this task.
  6. Dunno, I like that, makes it much easier to tell the gender of people writing about themselves. It adds more personality to the text.
  7. Not even in adjectives talking about player's current situation? Are you sure? Here's an example: "The hideous cyberdemon lord that ruled the lost Deimos moon base has been slain and now you are triumphant!" I suppose you can replace that with a verb or noun. Another case, perhaps more powerful: "You've proven too tough for hell to contain"
  8. How are you supposed to address the player? With tu or usted? And what are you gonna do if his/her/its gender comes into play in story texts? Problem is that ZDoom allows player to choose it. Or that never happens?
  9. Where is badass used anyway? If it's just for the E1 ending text, then it simply refers to the bruiser brothers (or other monsters), not anyone too admirable as the word suggests. I think you can just use some tough guy wording when referring to the barons. Or adapt it to the context. The whole E1 ending text is so colloquial that it needs to really sound natural in its target language. Isn't there an official French translation to use as inspiration? Or is it only for Doom 2? EDIT: mancubus seems a made up word, it makes no sense in English, so there's no point to translate its "man" part, unless it sounds funny in Spanish.
  10. I'm slowly realizing that chaingunners with spider mastermind firepower are overpowered. If you don't see them (and have mediocre health/armour), you easily die.


    What to do if the player chaingun is twice as fast as default, and these dudes carry two such chainguns?

    1. rdwpa


      Have them drop an ammo clip! 


      Another idea: Lunatic has these zombies that fire revenant missiles, and they have incredibly long delays between the beginning of their attack animation and when the rocket actually is fired. Frankly it's so long that it's REALLY funny,  but I think you could look at it for comparison's sake and then pick the longest delay you can without crossing over into farcical territory. 

      I toyed around with the idea of a beefed-up chaingunner myself once. (And also an "SSG" zombie.) You could make potentially OP monsters work with careful staging. The Valiant pyro knight comes to mind; skillsaw mentioned that he only revealed them in front of the player, because of course getting wrecked by an unforeseen stream from behind would be quite unpleasant. So the analog here: you could favor placing these superchaingunners where the player basically can't miss them: close-quarters set pieces (with sufficient cover of course) where all reveals are obvious seem like a great spot, for one thing. I think in incidental placements I'd use them a lot more sparingly than a regular chaingunner, favoring areas with limited line of sight (meaning: it's unlikely that the player will unknowingly wake them up and have them roam aimlessly, and it's unlikely that the turret variety will be able to snipe the player from a distance). 


      I think a regular chaingunner is already a borderline mid-tier monster, so provided you don't give them a counterbalancing nerf (such as the aforementioned long delay between telegraphing and attack), it's probably a good idea to treat these monsters as, similar to a monster with ~500 HP in terms of numbers: use them in smaller groups at most, with larger groups saved for rare occasions. 

    2. Urthar


      Increasing the reaction time of chain gunners might help.

  11. Maybe, but that requires improved combat skills. Currently it doesn't hunt players in DM. I can maybe look at how other bots do the combat, but I've always been more interested on single/coop however, because deathmatch bots are pretty common by now, and not just in Doom.
  12. I'd love to see imp translated as diablo (never liked the diminutive 'imp' naming). Might get confused with the realm667 devil though. Other generic monster names such as shotgun guy also can use translation.
  13. Por que? Monsters are the most important part of Doom, try to be creative :P Or is it mainly a folklore issue here, it doesn't fit with translation?
  14. I really like seeing these posts in Spanish. I can almost understand what you're saying and it's a nice opportunity to pick up words.
    1. esselfortium


      Cool. My hunch is that the analytical route you describe is probably the best way to go, as it seems like the simplest way and should account for the vast majority of situations. More complex logic might be better to hold off on until later on if there are enough places where it still struggles. As impressive as it'd be to eventually teach it to instinctively look for rocketjumping and wallrunning trick routes, I think that'd put it far ahead of most competent human players :)