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  1. printz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Problem is that we expect sunset to be a pretious photo-friendly moment which lasts very little, usually much less than a Doom mission, unless you're supposed to be on another planet.
  2. I find Revenants second to Archviles on the threat scale (not counting the two rare "boss" behemoths). Their attacks are terribly hard to dodge (but not as critically so as Archvile attacks) and tend to add up into nuclear loads when fired several times. Their tiny hitbox and huge speed makes the SSG terribly ineffective against them, and 300 hitpoints is significant if you want to use better weapons, such as the chaingun. And by Murphy's law, it always happens that the hit I take deals me full 80% damage. In short, they really raise the difficulty level of the area they're in. I'd say that on the threat scale, the Archviles are higher than them, and just below them are the Mancubi with their erratic high-damage attacks (Arachnotrons are too easy to block and attract all attention, Chaingunners too low on HP and Pain Elementals too easy to counter).
  3. printz

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's disturbing how many people thought the Berserk is temporary. Is this an example of bad visual information from id?
  4. By far the easiest is to look at the GZDoom DECORATE scripts and write equivalent EDF. If not available yet, leave it to us Team Eternity to implement it. But it feels a bit embarrassing to use the adopted GZDoom version as a base to enable an originally Eternity-based EXE mod to work now. Can I trust that the GZDoom-DECORATE version is 100% accurate with the original EXE mod?!?
  5. printz


    Are you talking about present times (not 1994)? If so, congratulations for still having real life friends playing classic Doom and talking to you about it!
  6. printz

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I'm having problems building PrBoom+ on Mac, from source. When I try to run "./configure", I get this error: ./configure: line 5697: syntax error near unexpected token `SDL,' ./configure: line 5697: ` PKG_CHECK_MODULES(SDL, sdl2 >= $min_sdl_version,' I have both SDL and SDL2 installed via MacPorts (same with autoconf and automake needed to run ./bootstrap). Meanwhile, the ready-built MacOS app from sourceforge now totally locks up on startup since I deleted the config file from Library/Application Support/PrBoom-Plus.
  7. printz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Good point. For a moment I even thought those green COMPSPANs in the farthest corner look like elaborate Chinese characters!
  8. printz

    Recommended single player maps/campaigns?

    There's also TESTED, a pretty evil megawad of extreme difficulty. It has lots of custom monsters, all being derived from Doom 3's originals. First levels are tough but doable, but gradually turn harder until you get ambushed by hellknights and enhanced imps in every close quarter. All levels are huge, and dying without savegames can set you back big time. Beware though, as it also has 'unfair' situations such as platforming elements, which are not helped by how weak and slow is Doom3guy. Thematically it's closer to classic Doom than Doom 3, having an overarching progression and an excellently executed atmosphere, but no real story to speak of. Switches and doors are also patterned repetitively like in classic games. Personally I view it as a great challenge, but also somewhat frustrating to replay (unfortunately I don't like saving, as I see it as a too cheap cop-out). It would have been better if Doom3guy were modified to be faster than he is now. Right now challenges similar to those from classic Dooms, such as being ambushed by two hellknights, two mancubi and a bruiser, don't work that well here, because you're so damn slow. Make one mistake, and you need to restart. I guess you can mod Doom3guy manually in the text files. ------ IN HELL is also pretty great, as another megawad. It's not as hard as Tested, and significantly smaller, but again very well executed. Again, it plays more like classic Doom, and uses PSX music.
  9. printz

    Is it wrong to play Doom 3 without a mouse?

    Playing Doom 3 with the keyboard is interesting. When looking straight head, your guns aim at imps and humanoids' upper torsos and heads, dealing significant damage. But it can turn into a nightmare if you have to deal with sneaky monsters like lost souls and maggots.
  10. Does this mean we'll have to learn to use VPNs and Tor just to have decent internet? Just like in real dictatorships, something which the European Union claims it will never be. Guess I'll have to move to another continent, because this is just stupid…
  11. printz

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Eviternity's final release demos are not -complevel 11. To be -complevel 11, they need to have their first byte set to 203 (MBF's version being 2.03), but it's a higher number, presumably derived from PrBoom+'s version.
  12. printz

    The DWIronman League dies to: Fomalhaut

    If merely starting the menu is going to desync a demo, we have a problem.
  13. Well, to me they look like someone applied the 'sharpen' tool, not necessarily that they're raw scans of photos. Notice how the current GSTONE1 also looks sharper than that one from Jaguar. It's almost like the artist felt he wanted the graphics to be sharper that day. I don't mind the hanging Mussolini allegation though, especially given that id already pushed a succesful politically loaded franchise (Wolfenstein), showing fascists suffering in hell is not bad either. Even if the artists didn't scan those photos, you can assume they were inspired, even if involuntarily. I think that image was quite popular.
  14. Virtually all depictions of D'sparil are of a hooded humanoid sorcerer. His face is always hidden in his cloak. Does anyone know how he really looks like? Has any Raven old-timer 'leaked' any information on this?
  15. printz

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    Hexen went in the direction of mixing the hardcode combat of Doom with the puzzle-driven gameplay of adventure/quest games. Hexen 2 went even further, with actual puzzles and items to use cleverly, but I found its execution less immersive. I'd love to see more Doom/Heretic/Hexen mods with a significant puzzle/thinking challenge component. Usually even regular Doom 2 maps have puzzles when you look for secrets or try to survive them on Nightmare!.