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  1. Plutonia Experiment is one. With names like "Congo", "Aztec" you know you're in Africa or Latin America.
  2. Pretty sure that commercial games have all the fallbacks they need in case their default mode, native fullscreen, doen't work. Meanwhile Doom source ports can't afford to investigate all particular computers for failing fullscreen, so they just default to the safe 640x480 windowed mode. Autorun should be off and controls should be default-vanilla compatible, though it's okay to have extra bindings set for modern gameplay.
  3. I think it's dumb to slow down the game like it was in the early years, considering that vanilla Doom can still be run today and runs at top speed. I think it's much easier to tune down DOSBox or an equivalent emulator to act like an old PC, and run vanilla Doom. All that should somehow be done is simulate the vanilla Doom visual glitch, but it's probably something ugly and approximative to do.
  4. Ironic to care about the IP of a map pack made of ripped-off maps.
  5. I played several free-for-all deathmatches of Doom 3 near the time it came out. It was pretty fun and quite a refreshing feeling to be able to play multiplayer with random people with Doom 3 out of the box. There were both skilled players and weak ones. I was disappointed there were no chainsaws, soul cubes or BFG9000s… Personally I'm of the feeling that any action game should have a multiplayer component. I guess it costs extra to add multiplayer levels besides single-player ones. And I guess that designing the single-player campaign with deathmatch support in mind is difficult.
  6. I'd like to see a scary-looking scientist (like Betruger) who isn't evil. First time I saw Betruger, especially after learning he's an important and respected member of UAC, I didn't expect him to be totally villainous, just controversial. But still, revealing ugly menacing characters as non-evil is just as overly done in stories as turning them into obvious villains. Still, thinking of it, Betruger was a superior kind of "possessed human". But he was obvious and distant enough (you never really interact with him, so he doesn't affect you much). More insidious was Sarge, who looked honest-to-goodness until late in the game. Please have more characters like Sergeant Kelly who look like they do their job but actually are doing Doom's work.
  7. Personally I'm interested in parallelizing the Eternity renderer so it looks the same as "software" but uses the GPU. Probably by using general-purpose computing if the graphic libraries aren't enough. I'm not sure how possible is that, as I haven't researched it yet.
  8. I've been working on a new Eternity feature: attached surfaces with linked portals. Normally when you move a sector linked portal's surface, the solid will move, while the portal plane will stay. But with an ExtraData/UDMF flag, the portal itself will move (together with the sector height). This makes setups such as variable height edge portals possible, for such effects as vertically moving objects.


    You may want to use the attached surface feature to achieve anything meaningful in combination with attached portals.

    1. esselfortium


      You are a magical person and a hero. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. Anyway this thread is useless and a waste of space. It doesn't even specify from what direction you're looking (I'd assume it's from the point of view of the shooter, otherwise it would be fatal). Just to hope that this thread has any trace of purpose: do real life miniguns have a standard rotation direction?
  10. Thanks a lot for the Discord place. I will no longer be using the IRC channel. It doesn't really work for mobile usage. So I will only post on Discord.
  11. Assuming that's London and the directions are the same as on the street (I think they are), the train comes towards the camera.
  12. How drunk are we talking? Because if you're just a bit inebriated, then you're just being you.
  13. Are we talking about the classic Doom map format? It's possible that we may add enough Doom/ExtraData specials in Eternity to go beyond 500.
  14. Fine, then try the same thing in Eternity. Again, no damage.
  15. I never felt in danger because of multiple barrels or boss brain death in vanilla Doom. Doom 3 is another story though, I once placed 16 imps in a small box and the screech was indeed deafening. But in vanilla Doom? Try placing an arbitrarily huge number of monsters and kill them all. It will not be dangerous.