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  1. Some of them have complete music in them so they might need to be stripped of it and replace it with some bog standard midi before uploading :)
  2. Looks like you prepared /idgames-style text files for several of the maps, are you planning to make them final and publish them on /idgames?
  3. printz

    Retribution: Part I

    Pretty good and big map. I think it's one of his first, and it shows in some areas or monster encounters. However, for such a big map, it flows pretty well. The automap is your friend, and make sure to use the 'm' key to mark any areas you'd like to visit later.
  4. printz

    Plasma gun's purpose when having a BFG

    I use the plasma rifle in unknown territory because it's the best defense in case of ambush. Mappers are ruthless with releasing chaingunners and other dangerous enemies right in your face. With the BFG9000 it's too easy to waste 40 cells when firing in panic. As soon as the immediate threat goes away, I switch from the plasma rifle to a more suitable weapon.
  5. printz

    The Master's Domain - For Heretic

    An excellent Heretic custom episode, with good attention to design and combat. The difficulty is pretty high all the way through, with many traps and boss fights, so finding and using the inventory items is essential.
  6. Please also ping @fabian, he's been managing AndrewJ's Linux APT packages so far.
  7. My daily script tends to put garbage stuff sometimes for some reason. If a latest build is broken, pick the one before it.
  8. I'll note this on GitHub. I've been on a long stint mucking through Eureka, but hopefully I'll be back on AutoDoom, though I'm really considering it deserves better AI by this time, and this is tough shell to break. But fatal bugs are fatal bugs and they need fixing independent on feature development.
  9. printz

    Do you do any drugs?

    I actually had the opportunity to smoke a joint once. I thought it was just some flavour of tobacco, so I refused. Glad I did, because I was the driver. But I didn't see anything funny with the passengers. Most of them went asleep (which was normal, since it was after a long day), one of them was talkative (which is okay, since that's what happens when you get relaxed anyway). I'm thinking of continuing refusing if I'm ever offered a joint again, just to spite them. I'll continue being the driver just to get valid reasons to.
  10. I want to run lots of DOOMs in parallel, on every processing unit possible, because I have this Eternity demo testing suite with over 7000 demos to play, and I wonder if it's possible to run an entire non-interactive non-display (-nodraw, -nosound, -fastdemo) Doom demo session on a single processing unit of a graphics card, and if it's possible to occupy all these kernels with Doom instances (all of which are going to be queued on their own, one after the next). I can't easily ask this on Google, this is the reason I'm asking here, if anyone got blocked attempting it (I often see GPU parallelization libraries using their own C language dialect, different from C++, for example). I have an old desktop PC with fairly weak CPU, but which still holds a capable GPU.
  11. printz

    Specters are too invisible! How to fix?

    Spectres should be as hard to see as possible. There should be a hint, so you can see them if you're watchful, but only that.
  12. I thought this was long overdue, like why the hell do I still see "Pentium" and "Celeron" in stores nowadays, I thought it's ancient tech already, all the modern Intels being Core or Xeon. Seems like a ploy to sell weak trash to unsuspecting customers.
  13. printz

    Doom 3 source images

    Ugh, they brought xeroses in space to Mars? Talk about anachronism…
  14. printz

    Help regarding Low Doomworld's Max Total Size

    This is surprising for me, I didn't know that images are that closely limited. I thought the current servers are more spacious, but eh, it's not I who pays for Doomworld, so no good complaining. Guess it's back to DropBox (for which I even pay my money). And good luck passing the images through to the forums (due to their anti hotlinking rule). I will NOT delete my old attachments, I HATE time based information loss.
  15. Yes, as said, the codepointer responsible for ending the level no matter what (even if you die) is BrainDie, so you need to use Whacked4 or Dehacked to remove or avoid going into the frame with that codepointer. Just beware that then you'll have a perpetual vertical plane explosion in its place.