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  1. Game pricing becomes a non-issue once you have a job income. Until then, you need to wait for your parents to buy you games, or carefully manage your small financial aid (if at all) or the money provided by parents for your use.
  2. printz

    Making your own wads

    Why DOOM ][ and not Ultimate DOOM?
  3. printz

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    There's an incredible amount of PWADs where the designer was too lazy to add difficulty settings, so the only real options are ITYTD, UV and NM, which means I have to use ITYTD if it's too hard otherwise. Seriously, mappers, add difficulty settings, how much work can it be? Just keep 2/3 of the monsters on HMP and 1/3 on HNTR. You really shouldn't over-spend time on it, most people should play on UV, but if you're too good a player and make it too difficult, please offer the options. Otherwise, the skill level name "I'm Too Young To Die" speaks for itself: it's meant for younger players, probably children, who may not have the same coordination or gameplay experience, or may be easily scared.
  4. printz


    Quite a trial-and-error map where you need to save often.
  5. printz

    Languages thread!

    Based from @dmslr's post, I can identify Turkic patterns in there.
  6. This is bad, because /newstuff Chronicles was also discontinued, but as a replacement we had this modern front-end as an incentive for players to try the latest releases and give their reviews. So now that it's in limbo, what do we have left? The designers themselves promoting their projects on Wads & Mods. But that is a very high traffic forum. Post today, and if you get fewer replies than others, gone tomorrow. And finally, apart from this, if you want to get your wad known in general? Talk about it at random moments. But nooo, that would be shameless self-promotion. Oh yeah, the previous forum software also allowed signatures, to post links to my stuff. Now I have to actively post such links in my messages, and that is spammy. 😟
  7. Hmm. Last time I uploaded my crap to /idgames, it was super easy, if a bit too easy! It was a matter of following written instructions. All I needed was Windows Explorer. I had to write the ftp address in the bar and enter the /incoming folder and paste the .zip and .txt file there! It seemed too accessible to me actually, I wonder why didn't people paste crap in there or delete others' uploads. It didn't always work, though. Quite often I had to wait for a quiet hour in order to enter /incoming. I guess now you need to authenticate with someone from the maintainers (by sending mails with your stuff to make sure it's you)? That's just typical gatekeeping against evil spammers, sadly can't easily get rid of them. What I'm saying: I guess that any modern improvement on this is going to incur extra costs. Also it must NOT be connected to Doomworld, but to gamers.org.
  8. printz

    Goodbye Adobe Flash...

    Finally. I thought it was dead already. I guess this official event was quite overdue.
  9. printz

    DB family comparison

    A good motivation to get started is to start making a mod, and using DBX to build its maps. I'm already investigating a crash in Eureka because I wanted to use it to make maps.
  10. This is possible without requiring a different demo format. If you strip Doom of all the drawing, sounds and tic timing, a demo can take a very short time, like a second or less. Such a port can play this demo in memory really quickly at game startup, just to record the resulting player positions at each tic. Then when you enter the level, you see your past ghost moving according to that demo.
  11. What? The Supercharge already exists in vanilla DOOM. It's the blue globe with a restless face, that makes you feel healthy. My point to authors: please pick a name next time that doesn't conflict with something already established in the game. Now I'm off to either doomwiki or searching to understand what is this about. EDIT: predictably, the wiki only describes what I talked about.
  12. printz

    Anime avatars confuse me

    There seems to be an overuse of cute animal-like faces on the Internet, especially in communities like this one. Besides the users sporting anime avatars like this, even lots of apps adopt this style. See: Discord, Twitch or Aseprite. In general it's a rounded face with happy or curious eyes and tiny (or unseen) mouth.
  13. I expected something more epic after reading the thread title. After all, he was a colonel, so he was in the military.
  14. printz

    DOOM and Extraterrestrial Life

  15. printz


    This is a "trick" level where you need to save pretty often to avoid "failing" puzzles and dying or getting stuck. It contains mandatory use of Wings of Wrath and Chaos Devices. Otherwise, it's not badly designed or even unfair, though it may be too tough on Black Plague. At some early point there's a crusher trap. It should be solvable intelligently, not by trial and error.