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  1. Seems like a return to old times, when images also weren't hotlinked by Google Images (during the bad old days of early Internet Explorer, this could even expose you to malware!). Seems like this is caused by the war on hotlinking. I understand that sites are trying to protect their business model of showing you their ads, but I still hope for a time when hotlinking anything becomes economically acceptable… Seems that Google has failed on this attempt to make it easy. "Search by image" is a wonderful fact-checking / anti-impostor tool; for the sake of all that is holy, it shouldn't go away. I suppose the thread starter only means that the button from the result is gone.
  2. Yeah, I care about the plots of these games a lot. There's nothing to lose if they have ambitious plots, even if the gameplay is so simple and unrealistic (lone dude winning against thousands of disorganized enemies). There is a huge potential for stories and events after Doom 2: - how big was the damage? Is most of the land still habitable? - do scientists manage to perfect teleportation and avoid all the setbacks (brain damage, alien/demonic invasion)? If so, then that's a revolution. - are there focused efforts to eradicate the alien/demonic threat and possibly colonize "hell"? - alternatively, if humans are all doomed and possessed, does Hell find new alien worlds to conquer?
  3. I keep coming to this thread expecting to see beach or fitness/calisthenics photos.
  4. What about reintroducing PDAs, but with automap/inventory/objectives instead of UAC email chatter? That feels like a much more fitting purpose for the PDA. Doom 3 has almost always been about alien world colony techbases, so I agree with your decision. And it's called Doom 3 Phobos anyway, not Doom 3 Hell. There are some other mission packs themed around hell already. You keep saying that it will be more action packed than Doom 3 and not "scary" in that sense, but remember that with good pacing it's possible to build up suspense even in vanilla Doom 1 maps (few succeed though, choosing instead to make routine combat maps), and with Doom 3 you have a head start.
  5. Windows 10 S is the "lite" version of Windows 10 which only lets you run apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. I don't have it, but I'm noticing that they're starting to sell laptops which only have Windows 10 S. Even though you may upgrade it at any time into Windows 10 Pro, I'm wondering if there still are ports for Doom (or Freedoom) so you don't need to buy full Windows just to play Doom on those computers. Preferably if they also let you load PWADs (if not also the IWADs if you have them too).
  6. I'm guessing id just didn't feel like adding unnecessary height variation in the levels. And still, height variation is there, but with all the precautions important for a human-populated installation, such as rails and fences. There are lots of elevators and service ladders for you to take. I guess more regular stairs would have been welcome in case of fire, though... But where to evacuate? On Mars' surface? Not helping.
  7. How is a system that rewards laziness, punishes work and property, and depends on too much human coordination and self-sacrifice to function, good? Capitalism meanwhile comes naturally because anyone can be a merchant. As for why these services cost: the alternative is to pay a postman to send cash. And I doubt it's mere flipping of numbers; otherwise hackers would have easily multiplied their deposits. And sure, it's being paid to cover the upkeep costs. Price is small enough not to bother users.
  8. Often I find myself not knowing what I want to do, when I have no plans made. Unfortunately, everything I do out of my initiative tends to be deep in the comfort zone (reading, coding EE, mapping, learning a language). The main problem with all of these is that they involve sitting too long in one place, and that's unhealthy. Exciting stuff, involving meeting people, is usually arranged by other parties, out of my control. So I feel like my life is not really in my control. Basically rational me wants to sit home and learn new things. But emotional me also wants the unpredictability of going out more. Unfortunately, I only have fine control over the rational part of me.
  9. Will it have bots?
  10. Why play solo-net when you can play with bots? AutoDoom can fix you and you can use the -bots 1 command-line to play coop with a bot.
  11. Yet a lot of wads tend to have music from unknown sources. Or from known, but commercial copyrighted sources and no one bats an eye. I'll try to resolve issues in my WIP, but I guess I'll either have to cope with music I like less, or become a musician... This is a totally flawed argument. Forcing 50% CPU usage can't damage computers.
  12. That CD rack looks mighty nostalgic.
  13. Someone should make a modern version of Hunted, where monsters can pursue you much better, so you really feel hunted. I love the invisible bridge from Well of Souls; reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. If there's a level that I dislike, it's MAP32. I guess the E3M9 joke didn't work this time for me.
  14. I prefer to play it on lower skill levels than Veteran, and without saving. Here is why: - by avoiding saving, you raise the tension a lot. The feeling is epic no matter if you win or lose. You can feel the sadism and creepiness of this megawad much better, as well as the feeling of heroism when you prevail. - there are many situations where you're a chew toy for the monsters (unless you're really prepared). It's best if you have time to kill them before they do you in. Damage suffered in lower skills is much less than on Veteran. I knew Veteran is too much when I died to three pinky demons in the Hangar level at the end. I'll see whether Marine is playable later, especially after that nasty level with the glitchy rising lava stairway.