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  1. printz

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    Please have talking floating Tomes of Power with nice voices!
  2. It's easy to have pipe dreams about Heretic/Hexen resurfacing if Microsoft buy AcTiVisionBlizzard and that somehow connects id to Raven via the organization chart. But how popular are those games to be worth investing resources on? Heretic struggles to be well liked here as it is, it's always Doom DooM DOOM here. I don't think Hexen was ever that loved, and Raven have a history of constantly being the second fiddle, their games being rather generic fantasy anyway. You could easily interchange Hexen with Warcraft nowadays, nobody would notice. And even now, the idtech1 Heretic/Hexen games are already available on web stores, not abandoned. I just don't know what to think...
  3. printz

    White Plume Mountain II (HWHITE2.ZIP)

    A low-detail tunnel dungeon with tricks and traps, probably typical of dungeon crawlers. The execution falls rather flat, with too little detail and trial-and-error situations. Gameplay ends early, you don't need to go everywhere.
  4. I want to inform you that, until now, the uploads on the OP link were actually broken. I fixed it now; the new download link should work.
  5. printz

    Ever miss the analog world?

    Well, what do we have analogue: - books: people still dote over them. Their upside is that they don't need battery. My problem with my tablet is that I'm easily distracted to browse, such as here, instead of reading my Kindle app books. - theatre: a distinct type of show, I doubt it will go anywhere, because directing people and stage designers seems easier than making lots of cuts and effects for a movie. I guess it's more expensive on the long term to keep paying the actors to act the same plays. Anyway, plays involve a lot more dialogue, so the focus is more on interactions than visual effects. - musical instruments (including analogue amplifiers): we can just use computers to generate audio, we can even use AI to compose music, but we still seem to be heavily invested on analogue instruments played by real musicians. - vinyl discs: they still have their characteristic sound tone, maybe also smell. Seems to be a strong enough feeling that they're still marketed. - analogue gauges (such as for measurement tools): if their choice over digital saves me from worrying about batteries needed just to power a dumb display, sign me up!
  6. printz


    Interesting concept, but easy and still basic level. It involves lots of switches which let you progress, but the level design is too bare to be of great interest.
  7. printz

    Be Careful !

    A newbie level, with typical looks of it (square rooms, full bright areas, unescapable pits). Only one star, because it's also basic and short, despite the eerie-looking design in some places.
  8. printz

    Water Walls VI

    Yet another deathmatch map placed for single player with weak gameplay.
  9. printz

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    See my extra remark above; the grounded monsters do that (I only noticed that with Dehacked when I allowed monsters to travel over cliffs) but not the fliers, unless id added an extra check.
  10. printz

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    One example where the teleport bug seems useful is teleporting cacodemons and lost souls into a ceiling alcove, so they have to come down from there to attack you. This would be the only way to make ceiling alcoves more than a decorative detail in vanilla Doom... Still, the effect would be mostly psychological to the player, because gameplay is mostly 2D: monsters have infinite height against player, they'll also go down really fast to your height. Rocket explosions likewise have infinite height, same with the cacodemon "bite" attack range vertically. Walking monsters will instantly drop to floor, without visible falling motion, due to how they're programmed (unlike flying monsters). For the player I find the Doom gravity too strong to give any lasting impression if you teleport him or her above a pit.
  11. printz

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    The topic of blockchain disgusts me (especially when it takes over all the mainstream computing topics), but in the interest of not becoming an old fart, I really should plan some time to learn about it all.
  12. printz

    Water Walls V

    A level with the potential to be challenging, but mostly optional to play and overall doesn't have much about it.
  13. printz

    Water Walls IV

    This is mainly an experimental level which plays with symmetry and tiling lots of similar rooms together. The level starts in a typical "hell" fashion, where you need to run away from monsters until you get enough ammo, then it becomes a simple job of clearing it up. Navigating all the swastikas can get tedious due to their specific shape.
  14. printz

    Crash on Eviternity M27 Heliopolis

    I've no idea. Either macOS did random stuff behind, I added a safeguard in the code or you managed to better delete the old data this time. In any case, I hope you'll get better crash reports in the Console app after an Eternity sudden termination. Wait a second… is that Eternity macOS dialog box featured in Eviternity?!
  15. printz

    Crash on Eviternity M27 Heliopolis

    I've updated the stickied thread to link to my own attempt at providing macOS devbuilds: