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  1. I hate the idea of fighting dinosaurs. This is not some Jurassic Park educational show. I dislike Heretic 2 for that reason. Fighting large, especially multi-headed dragons sounds like something too difficult to achieve in this primitive engine. Dragons exist in Doom 3 RoE. There are mods which use modified Maledict. And man-sized dragons (the kinds who kidnap and rape princesses) exist in Hexen. So what remains: - golems. Not the weak Heretic simpletons, but actual huge golems who keep rising from dirt and are nearly unkillable. - mimics: fake items which are simply monsters who bite you. Can be scary. - poltergeists: ghosts which throw objects to hit you. - sentient paintings: monsters who are textures instead of sprites. They can still attack or be shot, and they move along the wall. - mermen. Especially if they're imps. Perhaps the Hexen stalkers are already an example. - vampires, especially if they have superpowers and vulnerabilities, and superior AI or status (like archviles). - angels. Either as helpers, quest givers, providers or holier-than-thou enemies. - Courage's "return the slab" Ramses II mummy appearing when you steal a skull key. When it attacks, you need to run for the exit and escape before you're consumed by insects (or just drop the key so it's returned, then try again).
  2. I wonder if WadC can be embedded into map editors via plug-ins. It would make it more accessible to usual editors.
  3. Is there a demo recording compatible source port or feature which takes care to count each time you kill a monster who hasn't respawned yet, and notifies you when you reach such 100% kills? Something like this would make nightmare-max challenges feasible and not solvable by grinding respawns.
  4. Making cyberdemon the shoot the voodoo doll seems the most challenging part. How will you make the hitscan monster hit the cyberdemon, and then guarantee it to remain alive while still visible?
  5. Sorry, but I made my decision.
  6. Why do you keep pushing updates? It messes up my savegame progress.
  7. Too bad. I don't want to map for that format. I want to map only for vanilla/limit-removed format. Take me out of your project.
  8. Nah, I won't do a tribute. It's just that the map is called this way in the automap in vanilla Doom, and I like its likewise position in Doom 2.
  9. I'd like to join to take map11: 'o' of destruction! It's a nice chance for me to make a vanilla map with most of the important monsters in. If I find reasons to quit your project, I will do so early enough not to be a problem.
  10. For weapons which shoot projectiles which home on you, you can shoot a regular projectile and make it, at some point, fire a revenant projectile. It will home into you, because in Doom all projectiles treat their shooters as their "enemies". If you're targeting MBF and above, you can have fun with the Spawn codepointer as well as friendly (FRIEND) things.
  11. Maybe he already had the whole idea in his head, so it was a matter of execution to draw it in the editor. Think about it… it's a large cave, some side rooms, a smaller side cave and the exit ahead, by some obstacles. I suppose it took him a bit more to fine tune it.
  12. Doom has been helping me more professionally than personally, though the latter may yet be tapped: consider all the time I can spend creating new worlds with the editors.
    Just a basic Wolf3D-style cluster of dark rooms connected by doors, and barely any other dynamics such as switches. All the level uses the same texture theme. As the author suggests, try to play on something higher than ultra-violence.
    Pretty cool level, though not extraordinary. Warning: requires -complevel 2 or any other strict vanilla emulation.
  13. Yeah but how? Unspecified, just end the game, using whatever the port finds easiest? Or should I examine the level name in a hard coded way and use the episode ending depending on whether it's E1Mx and so on? That feels hacky and redundant when we have more explicit means. Eternity has the special from Hexen Teleport_EndGame. It's quite generic. When ran in Doom1, if the level has no special info, it will just say "YOU HAVE WON." in the story text and present the id credits. No episode context.