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  1. Marine still walk when stopped

    Well... He IS white.
  2. Demon-vision?

    I know the magority of them have terrible hearing.
  3. Doom Asset Dump

    That image could have made a great HUD display. Something like Quake or Daikatana's. Not really, no.
  4. Subtle reference to Doom 64 in the OST?

    It's like poetry... It rhymes.
  5. What Do You Think is Better?

    I find myself playing more Hexen but Heretic is the less frustrating game to wiz through.
  6. Doom Official Soundtrack Released

    This music works better in game, IMO.
  7. Why is Thy Flesh Consumed so hard?

    I didn't find it that hard, IMO.
  8. Revenant statue for $40 on Amazon

    Makes for a great screensaver.
  9. Do you play with classic status bar?

    Yes. This, too.
  10. Do blind people play Doom?

    A deaf, blind and dumb kid sure plays a mean pinball.