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  1. +1 for Knee Deep in KDIZD. Such a great revamp of the flawed original wad.
  2. Dark mode is glorious! Big thank You for this patch!
  3. DoomRunner is my way to go. After years of using ZDL and Doom Executor DoomRunner is my favourite today!
  4. +1 for 2022 A Doom Odyssey. 50 great oldschool maps !
  5. Completed episode 4, great stuff! Visuals(and difficulty) of EP4 has been preserved. :) Btw warped to secret level because i didnt know that secret exit is in My secret counter was showing 1/1 secrets. This is intentional?
  6. Zaratul

    Avactor last update is out

    Im talking about the D2 weapons.zip file above. Not the Youtube videos. Also: So its a mapper weapon reskin propably, that is why im asking him. And i know how to play Naku Naru mod, dont worry. :) I just want to know how do use that PNG files in that zip file.
  7. Zaratul

    Avactor last update is out

    Thank You for the answer. But how do i use the weapon skins set posted above?
  8. Zaratul

    Avactor last update is out

    Never played it, currently playing Plutonia 2 and after this maybe its time for another jungle themed wad. Btw how is difficulty level in this wad? Propably close to Plutonia.
  9. @Not Jabba So DSDA Heretic support is getting better and better. Wayfarer tome MBF21 version is possible in the future? Its not that hard to convert this mod to MBF right? Its just balance changes for weapons mostly...?
  10. Zaratul

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I understand that post from 7th july has the newest version? OP should be updated with this file.
  11. Thats ok, i survive. Once again, thx for making a great Doom frontend. :)
  12. In the comments section hes telling he changed appearance to "breeze dark" on Steam Deck / KDE Plasma. Sadly not available on windows. :(
  13. Nominating: +1 Nostalgia +1 Stickney instalation +1 Anomaly Reborn +1 Silence Damn, so many great wads this year!
  14. Zaratul

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    Waiting patiently for final version of this wad, Completed 2002ADO this year. Its very good to hear that 50 map continuation is here!
  15. After few years break i come back to Doom Runner. Great stuff, i really like the windows with maps/mods and comp levels selection. Just add dark mode and this frontend is perfect!