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  1. Dynamo

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    I think the fact you find this "affectionate" showcases exactly why people are so worked up about it.
  2. Dynamo

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    Without going too much into detail, here is some of the criticism I have regarding Duke Nukem 3D and Quake level design: Let's start with Duke3D. Personally, I've always felt the first episode to be the weakest of the three. The first two maps are good and there is nothing wrong with them, and the first map is of course one of the most iconic maps in FPS history, but things go downhill from there, as you begin exploring a series of uninteresting canyons and other rather ho-hum locations. A lot of E1 also has gimmicks I don't like, such as level 3 taking your (admittedly up to that point very limited) arsenal away, and some later maps having timers with switch combinations and those gimmicks involving shrinking in size or being carried by a conveyor belt arm. All in all, while E1 is okay, I just don't think it's that great, and it lacks greatly in replayability. Episode 2 is personally my favorite. I think coming hot on the heels of great space base/ship interpretations found in Doom, System Shock and Marathon, Duke Nukem 3D Episode 2 stands as by far the best looking and most atmospheric space episode I've played in a classic game. The levels look absolutely stellar thanks to the brilliant texture work and unnerving sound effects, the music (be it the MIDI or PS1 soundtracks) fits them perfectly and the environments presented are not only believable but for the most part also make for excellent levels to play in. *For the most part*. Unfortunately the episode suffers from a number of issues, particularly the fact that on more than one level it presents very narrow corridors where you are forced to fight Sentry Drones (an enemy that has way too much health for what it is), as well as a few occasional "fuck you" moments involving pre-placed laser trip mines that you have no way to see coming depending on how you approach a room. While these are relatively isolated incidents, they unfortunately drag the episode down and thus I don't find it to be as consistently high quality as, for example, Romero's E1 from the original Doom. Still a brilliant episode, just unfortunately dragged down by these issues. Episode 3 is the one most people tend to favor due to its well laid out urban environments and creative use of features not previously seen much in games, such as the metro system found in one of the levels, or the famously partially submerged city. Personally while I do think this episode is good, it suffers from having an excessive amount of enemies that teleport right in your face, which happens on almost every level but, weirdly, does not really happen much in the rest of the game. Having pigcops or even assault commanders spawn 1 meter from you just because you triggered an invisible linedef can often come off as cheap and I wish they had gone for a more natural progression when it comes to enemy placement in this case. The fourth episode was released later as everyone knows and while it's generally of high quality, there are some things about it I don't like such as the bullet-spongy Protector Drones being used way too often in certain areas, as well as the map layouts occasionally not being quite on par with the previous 3 episodes. Still gotta love that impressive ship level though, when I first played it I remember it being the most impressive thing I had ever seen in a game, and franctically downloading doom maps off an old site that featured "ship" or "naval" in the description just to get a similar experience in old Doom. Needless to say most of those were crap, but I have a fond spot for the last map of Tom's Road which features a large ship in the distance. Now, on to Quake. I don't remember the Quake maps individually quite as well, in part because I feel like they have a tendency to be more similar looking than the distinct levels found in Doom and Duke3D, but also because I haven't played the game as many times as I did those other two games. My personal recollection is that I found the Romero levels to be paradoxically the weakest. While still good, I feel like many of them too often veered into claustrophobic territory. I found the Sandy Petersen maps in the final stretch of the game to be the strongest, as they not only looked good visually but also had a better balance between enemy encounters and powerups/weapons than I feel the rest of the game did. Overall, I feel like some of the enemies in Quake are way too tanky, particularly the Ogre or Knight, and I think it would've benefited from having Imp-tier enemies show up more often as is the case with Duke and Doom (Assault Troopers and Imps/Zombies respectively), instead of making the Ogre by far the most common enemy in the game. Interestingly, my favorite experience with vanilla Quake though was the Scourge of Armagon expansion pack, which I really enjoyed both thematically and in terms of level design. Interestingly, Richard Gray, AKA Levelord, one of the two key level designers behind Duke Nukem 3D, did mapping for this episode as well! Interesting how both Quake and Duke3D shared such a key (and talented) mapper. Tom Mustaine also did maps for it and I like that guy's work very much as well. In comparison however, I didn't like the second expansion pack as much. It had those weird Hexen-2 style thematic levels set in ancient egypt or the aztec empire, but honestly apart from the odd texture here and there you could barely tell that's what they're supposed to be, as they look almost exactly the same as the cave or temple levels found in the original game. In general the level layouts did not flow as well, either. A missed opportunity, but hey, it's Quake, so it's still a good time. Hope this provided interesting or otherwise insightful, I feel like some of these points don't get brought up as often when discussing the two games so hopefully they can bring forth more interesting discussion on the two game's strengths and weaknesses :)
  3. Dynamo

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    I feel like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake cannot match up to the excellent gameplay and balance found in Doom, both of the games have significant issues with their game state, but in spite of that both of them are great fun to play. Of the two I prefer Duke3D, but both games are excellent and both of them have excellent modding scenes. But to me it's clear that Duke3D enemies were not as well thought out and balanced as Doom enemies were, and on the other hand, I find almost all of Quake's enemies to be way too bullet spongy.
  4. As we've both said our piece and you have given your confirmation that this is not the route you intend to take for the website, I can only reciprocate. Best of luck to your and your projects.
  5. As nice as that would be, I'm afraid that some of Tormentor's subsequent responses cast doubts over the honesty of his apology. For instance, he explained that he deliberately chose not credit Laz Rojas for taking half his map without permission solely so that nobody would predict his easter egg map, and further, threatened to shut down the entirety of Realm667 in case the community refuses to forgive him. Whilst these statements were posted on a different forum board, since the Realm667 website is an important resource used by many in the community at large, irrespective of forum board preference, I feel like such an announcement should be publicly known. I can only hope that we have indeed weathered the storm as said and hoped by most but when the simplest follow-up to the apology results in even more controversial and false claims being made (such as claiming that he only took a snippet of Rheingold, when in reality as Bouncy and Dragonfly showed it's almost the entirety of the map that was taken), I think lingering doubts and suspicions will persist until hopefully these, too, are cleared up once and for all to everyone's satisfaction.
  6. I don't think any of the moderation team has expressed an interest in having Torm banned, the idea was thrown around by some users who were wondering what would happen next but as he hasn't broken any rules here I don't think he should be banned, and I'm fairly certain that sentiment is shared by most of the people who posted here. The main development that will come out of this, I imagine, is that most people will be extra careful now when accepting community contributions from him, but I don't expect (nor do I want) his projects to cease development over this or for his site to be shut down or whatever else. I think this is a good opportunity for him to apologize and own up to past mistakes, which would undoubtedly improve his damaged reputation, but whether that will happen or not remains to be seen. Certainly I don't think trying to scare him off the community is the intent here.
  7. Someone may be able to correct me on this, but if I recall correctly, Laz Rojas was literally homeless at one point, he could not make enough money for a month's worth of decent living. Now I'm not trying to go on a moral crusade or something, but this circumstance makes the fact that Tormentor667 took his map and hosted it on a site with a donation button to be especially questionable to me, because I'm pretty sure the money that's obstensibly used to make Hissy happy has not used to make Laz Rojas happy (though to be clear I hear he's in much better shape now). As for Tormentor667 being banned from here, honestly I don't think what he did broke any of the forum rules, as far as I know, so as regrettable as the whole thing is IMO it's not grounds for a ban, but that's just me.
  8. Dynamo

    Share Your Sprites!

    Not mine, but since it was made on my request I figured I'd share it here as well, hopefully it can be useful for strife modders :)
  9. Dynamo

    Post your Doom textures!

    I don't know if these were ever made before, but I needed them so I made them. Credits to Cage for the base.
  10. Dynamo

    Post your Doom textures!

    A fan texture to go with TEKGREN. Based off a similar texture for METAL2 from Lost Civilization.
  11. I have to say I wasn't expecting the thread to descend into the dreaded *hits blunt* territory...
  12. Looks amazing once again :D Looking forward to see what you'll be able to do on GZDoom!
  13. Dynamo

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    Congratulations on the beta release! I look forward to playing this as soon as I'm done with Doomcore Trilogy :D
  14. This type of thread shows up every few months or so and predictably has similar results. I find it honestly disappointing that certain individuals ultimately value their personal feuds over any concrete analysis of how work towards improving any source ports benefits the entirety of the community. The truth is that none of this is worth starting fights over, especially since it's abundantly clear to everyone involved that demo compatibility is highly valued and should not be broken. My answer to the original OP question would probably revolve around the fact that the vast majority of mods that get posted here, or advertised here, are vanilla/boom compat from the beginning, including many made by people who are not long-time members of the site (I think REKKR was one such example, correct me if I'm wrong). People play what's available on a given site, and they build on top of that, expanding what was previously thought possible within the established formats as well as provide new twists whilst otherwise adhering to strict design philosophies from older times. This happens with any mapping format or any archive format. At the end of the day, we're all playing Doom. I personally don't think whatever format is used ultimately has as much of an impact as people would suggest, as some mods made for doom2.exe (Marsdoom comes to mind) even to this day manage to be more innovative and boundaries-pushing than a lot of garden-variety gzdoom mods. I just hope this isn't the end of the PrBoom additions because, from my naive perspective at least, they look like they would ultimately benefit everyone.