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  1. Dynamo

    Quake II Remastered

    I think it's more that the option is there, whereas in the above games, you might have used it too if it had been made available to you from the start.
  2. Dynamo

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Memento Mori II for me, MAP03 and MAP07 alone are such masterpieces, and there are many other great tracks too. Plus no repeats unlike Requiem and STRAIN.
  3. On this Doomworld page, there is a download link available for the shareware version of MacDoom. I have been curious on the exact release date for this version of the game. Doom II released commercially on June 27, 1995 for the Mac, but I am wondering if the shareware release of the first Doom came before or after. I looked up the dates on the shareware files in SheepShaver but they don't seem to offer any definitive clue. Maybe there is an old announcement post somewhere that has been preserved?
  4. Doomsday Engine uses its own built in launcher even today, so there is little need for an external application.
  5. It should work fine with other ports, I believe the main reason why it was originally targeted only at ZDoom is because a lot of the contemporary source ports from when ZDL was new (Doom Legacy, Doomsday Engine, etc) shipped with their own launchers, whereas ZDoom did not, necessitating an external solution which would not have made sense for most of the other ports. On the wiki page there is a version history for those interested, as well.
  6. Yes. Of the included WADs, NEW.WAD and G50.WAD were already available on idgames, and the other two were seemingly uploaded to another BBS but not to idgames itself. However, their text files are preserved, which indicate they are not cut levels.
  7. It's already available on idgames, see above.
  8. Dynamo

    Good Mods

    Check the Doom Wiki: we have pages on Cacowards, a (slightly outdated) list of notable WADs, you can sort mods by year, and so on.
  9. The DoomWiki page on launchers lists most of the popular frontends, and of these, the two most well known ones are: ZDL which is generally considered to be the lightweight one, and Doom Launcher which is the more complex, feature-rich one. The former is probably your best bet although there are some other good alternatives too, have a look and see what catches your fancy.
  10. That one is on idgames, here. Presumably these were WADs downloaded off the internet to test the MacDoom port at the time. But what about this NEW.WAD I keep hearing about? Ah, nice!
  11. Fine as an idea as that is, I think it might be even better to simply create a History section on the already existing page for Editors. Certain pages already have a history section (i.e. MacDoom) so I think it would make the most sense, and would be more readily accessible and visible to most people.
  12. Dynamo

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    All right... I had expressed my own reservations regarding certain parts of the video, but I and others still tried to remain on topic, either discussing the video itself which is still praiseworthy and interesting, or at least discussing the WADs in question, but for several pages now the conversation has derailed in ways I didn't even think possible. As a result, I'd say it's time for a time-out, because there's been too many sweeping generalizations, too many off topic posts that are better discussed in a thread in Everything Else if at all, and also a few flamewars here and there for good measure. I really hope this will not become a trend every time a new episode is released, because there's much to discuss about the WADs or about the reviews, but this is simply not it.
  13. Dynamo

    Doom Returns - Episode 3 Preview

    Could you please post screenshots? A video is good but screenshots are even better, I think.
  14. Dynamo

    Warlock, a PsyDoom Wad

    The map did not show up on the list either for me, but it works fine if you just select "Master Levels" from the main menu - makes sense given the map is MAP01. Anyway, the map is cool, has a nice old school feel to it, feels like a larger map inspired by the master levels and evilution. But I was wondering, is it intended that nightmare monsters have the same HP values as regular monsters? That feels like a bug to me... The map would however need more ammo, if said enemies had more health as in the original PS1 game.
  15. I am not Walter, but... Hope this helps! Maybe some of these can serve as an inspiration for people wishing to make a map for this. :)