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  1. You just finished making a map that would make Misri Halek jealous, and inside of a day, someone comes along and cheeses it to the point where it can be finished in all of ten seconds.
  2. Ichor

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Fixed the rare occurance where the Abomination wouldn't drop the required item when it dies.
  3. (Link to Hub 3 at the bottom of the post) --- Now with 90% more DamNums --- For many months since finishing the latest version of AEoD, I have been working on converting Carnage Galore 3 from JHexen to ZDoom. In addition to finally being able to use slopes in the maps, I've also added quite a few new things: Monsters: All old monsters will be returning. In the past, I didn't know how to add new monsters, so I had to replace them with anything new. Eventually, I did figure that out, and new monsters were added. However, this caused the code to get real messy, and old original frames had to be re-added as something new for certain monsters (i.e. chaos mutant). Now, not only is everything cleaned up, but it's organized a lot better. Oh yeah, there's new monsters too... Some of the monster sprites have been changed as well. I did away with the model rip types (gargoyles, skull wizard, etc.) and made them into sprites that look more fitting. A few of the old monsters have been changed slightly. Some you'll probably never notice, but others will be more obvious. Weapons: Each class will have two new weapons, plus one weapon used by all three classes. Each slot, except for slot 1, will have two weapons each. All weapons, old and new, will have an alt-fire, and when combined with the tome of power, will give each weapon a total of four firing modes. Also, the slot 4 weapons will use a new mana type instead of both blue and green mana. Items: Most original Hexen items are included. Notable exceptions include the Chaos Device because while it can be a lifesaver, it creates a lot of headaches concerning scripting, the Banishment Device, which doesn't actually "banish" anything, but just sends monsters to another part of the map, where you'll probably have to deal with them again later anyway, and the Disc of Repulsion. These have been replaced with the Ring of Wizardry, which cuts mana usage by 1/2, the Hold Spell, which temporarily freezes any enemy in its path, and the Malison Scroll, which is an AoE curse spell. All original CG3 items are also included (i.e. Potion of Fire Resistance, Charm Spell, etc.), and a few brand new items were thrown in as well, including the unused golden egg graphic. The Charm Spell will now always charm a monster that can be charmed, instead of only having a chance to work. To compensate, it has been made less common. Some of the old items were changed a bit as well. The Mystic Urn now increases your health to 300. The torch now lights up a large area around you instead of the entire map. I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, but until now I couldn't (one of the many limitations of JHexen). It's similar to the one in Serpent Resurrection, but I tried creating it myself instead of borrowing the code from there. Then there's the flechettes. They have been replaced by the Potion of Freezing, which detonates and can freeze whatever gets too close (including you). Maps: I still need to change the fake slopes (i.e. those arches) into real ones, and change those fake 3D bridges into real ones. All of this is done now. After I finish this and maybe go back to a couple of hub 1 maps and improve them a little, I'll begin working on new maps (I'm on hub 3 now). List of Weapons: Fighter Fists primary fire is the same as before alt-fire is a quick two punches powered up primary is the life draining gauntlets powered up alt-fire will drain mana instead Vorpal Blade primary fire is a melee swing attack. Hitting an enemy that bleeds will increase it's charge. alt-fire will use up any charge you have. The more charge you have stored, the longer and more powerful the effect. Not affected by the Tome of Power. Timon's Battle Axe primary fire is the same as before alt-fire throws an axe projectile powered up primary is a more powerful melee attack powered up alt-fire throws an auto-seeking red axe Mindblower primary fire is a somewhat rapid fire projectile alt-fire fires a bunch of rail shots in a slight horizontal spread pattern powered up primary is much like the Mindblower alt-fire from AEoD, except there's no explosive burst upon impact powered up alt-fire is a burst of projectiles that are similar to what the primary fire uses, but smaller Hammer of Retribution primary fire is the same as before alt-fire throws a homing on bounce hammer at a slightly faster rate powered up primary throws an orange-glowing and much more explosive hammer instead powered up alt-fire is the same as the primary, but also homing on bounces Dragon Claw primary fire is the same as in Heretic alt-fire fires a shotgun-like pattern instead of a single hitscan shot powered up primary fire is the same as in Heretic powered up alt-fire fires a projectile that shoots out several rail attacks on impact Quietus primary fire is a melee attack alt-fire is the normal Hexen attack powered up primary is a more powerful melee attack powered up alt-fire shoots out several powerful projectiles that travel along the ground Cleric Mace of Contrition primary fire is the same as before alt-fire is a slower, but more powerful melee attack powered up primary will drain life powered up alt-fire will drain mana instead Redeemer's Hand primary fire is a rapid fire, medium range hitscan attack. Killing an enemy with it will add to the number of souls you have collected. if you aim at a corpse when you use alt-fire, it will detonate that corpse and use up a soul, causing immense damage to any nearby enemies. The more health the enemy had while it was alive, the greater the damage its corpse will do. Using alt-fire where there's no corpse will not use up a soul. not affected by the Tome of Power Serpent Staff (the Hellstaff that replaced this was removed) primary fire is the same as before, but there's a nifty trail effect to the shots. However, at melee range, it will not drain life. alt-fire is a short ranged burst of poisonous (not really) gas powered up primary shoots two auto-seeking barbs of acid powered up alt-fire shoots a single homing projectile that weaves in a somewhat unpredictable manner and explodes on impact Crossbow of Consecration primary fire shoots out three magic arrows (not like Heretic) alt-fire fires a single arrow that will cause acid rain to fall on the impact point (more similar to Heretic 2 than the first one) powered up primary shoots out five explosive arrows powered up alt-fire will cause a meteor to fall on the impact point Firestorm primary fire is a rapid fire attak alt-fire is the normal Hexen attack powered up primary is a more powerful and slightly slower rapid fire powered up alt-fire fires a projectile that will rain down fireballs on whatever hostile monster it hits (similar to the Firestorm in the Hexen 2 expansion) Astreon's Iron Ward primary fire shoots out a volley of three bouncing spiked balls (unlike Heretic, they will bounce normally in water and hit ghosts) alt-fire fires a single bouncing ripper ball powered up primary shoots out spikes balls that shatter on impact powered up alt-fire shoots out a large red ball that acts much like the big Firemace sphere in Heretic (except this bouces in water), except instead of instantly killing the targets, it will rip through them Wraithverge primary fire fires a series of four ghosts that rotate around each other (like AEoD's version) alt-fire is the normal Hexen attack powered up primary fires a massive ball of holy energy powered up alt-fire causes an explosion to occur at the player's location, damaging anything within range Mage Sickle (the Sapphire Wand was moved to slot 2 to allow the mage to start with a melee weapon like the other classes) primary fire is a melee attack alt-fire is a slower, more powerful melee attack powered up primary will drain life powered up alt-fire will drain mana instead Totem Staff primary fire is a medium speed shotgun-like attack. Killing an enemy with it will drain it of its health and mojo. using the alt-fire with enough mojo will create a frightful aura for a short time. The more mojo you have collected, the longer it will last and the more powerful the effect. not affected by the Tome of Power Frost Shards primary fire is the same as it was before alt-fire shoots out an icy blast that will seek out any target that you were aiming at when you fired powered up primary fires a burst of icy spikes powered up alt-fire fires an ice dragon Sapphire Wand (now uses blue mana) primary fire is the same as it was before, except the attacks no longer pierce enemies. To compensate for this and the fact that it uses mana now, the attacks are a lot more powerful and there's less delay between shots alt-fire shoots a quick three shots powered up primary fires a much slower, but more powerful projectile powered up alt-fire shoots a quick three shots (a little quicker than the normal alt-fire) Arc of Death primary fire is the same as it was before alt-fire fires a ball of lightning that explodes on impact and expands to a large sphere of damage electricity before it fades powered up primary is similar to the Sigil (one piece) from Strife powered up alt-fire fires a large ball of lightning that shoots out rail attacks at anything near its path Heart of King Loric primary fire continually fires out shards of bone (much like in Hexen 2) alt-fire fires a skull that sends shards flying in all directions upon impact powered up primary is a rapid fire rail attack powered up alt-fire shoots an auto-seeking flaming skull with a massive spray of bone shards on impact Bloodscourge primary fire is a medium range flamethrower alt-fire is the normal Hexen attack powered up primary is a rotating fire shield that will incinerate anything that gets too close powered up alt-fire fires a single projectile that shoots out fireballs in a rather spectacular fashion All Classes Staff of D'Sparil primary fire is like it was before alt-fire summons a disciple for a short time powered up primary is a powerful, rapid fire lightning attack powered up alt-fire summons a skull wizard for a short time, but only one can be active at a time List of New Items: Hold Spell - The Mystic Ambit Incant is typically a multiplayer only item, but I couldn't let that pickup sprite go unused, so I created a red scroll for this. Anyway, it fires a stream of red energy similar to the Banishment Device. However, instead of teleporting them away, they will be held in place (even if they're in mid-air). Also like the Banishment Device, it can affect multiple enemies. Tome of Power - Seems fairly obvious what this does by now... Potion of Fire Resistance - Cuts all fire damage by 1/2. It took a long time and a lot of coding to get this to work in JHexen, but in ZDoom?...I just needed a simple decorate entry. Time Stop - Umm...stops time Potion of Regeneration - Replenishes your health over time. However, it works a little differently than the typical regeneration powerup. It gives you health as fast as you would lose it from poison. In JHexen, I was able to make it so the HP number never moved if you had this active and you got poisoned. In ZDoom however, I can't quite do that, so this same situation might make the HP number quickly jump back and forth between...say, 23 and 24 HP. It won't regenerate past 100 HP though, so unless you're preparing for a rough battle, it wouldn't be a good idea to use it after using a Mystic Urn. Ring of Wizardry - Cuts all mana usage by 1/2, with odd numbers rounded up. For instance, if something normally used 5 green mana, this would reduce it to 3 used. In cases where something costs 1 mana, it would use up 1 mana every other shot. Charm Spell - Converts a monster to your side, and from then on until it dies, it will attack other enemies. Unlike previous versions, it will always charm a monster if it can be charmed. Fire Wave - Shoots out a circle of flames that travel along the floor and burn anything in their path. Glyph - Once you use this, it will spawn in a spot in front of you and sit there until an unlucky enemy wanders by. It will then home in on the target and explode. If the target dies or moves out of range before this happens, it will stop and wait for the next target. Morph Shield - Prevents you from being turned into a pig for a short time, or turns you back from a pig. Force Cube - Works like in AEoD, but with some new effects. Malison Scroll - Will curse anything within range for a short duration. Whatever is affected will take double damage and deal half damage. Works on bosses too. Potion of Freezing - Set one of these down and it will start to fume to show that it's active. If any enemy wanders by, it will explode, damaging anything nearby, including you. Friendly monsters will not trigger it, but they can be damaged by it just the same. Foetid Flask - Spawns a pod for you to blow up or jump on. Full Armor - This will instantly give you all 4 armor types and the extra boost from the dragonskin bracers. No screenshots now, but here's a video (updated): And now the third hub is done. I'm confident that there shouldn't be any bugs, game breaking or otherwise. You do not need to use a health bar mod or DamNums with this, since they are both included within. Trying to run either mod along with this will likely cause it to crash. Now then, on to hub 4. - Latest update - Mega Dropbox
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    Random Image Thread

  5. Ichor

    Random Image Thread

  6. Ichor

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    What you feel like when you bang your elbow in the wrong place.
  7. Ichor

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Don't you hate it when you bite your tongue?
  8. I just got the jury duty check today. Over $280 for a 4 day trial.

  9. Ichor

    How secret should secret exits be?

    I know how secret exits should not be like: a simple door that opens only when you're about to leave the map, with no real way of knowing that it opened. Heretic is notorious for this.
  10. Jury duty is fun...

    1. RonLivingston


      Jury Duty, You must be called the illustrated traffic judge

  11. Ichor

    Infinite Ammo Starting Weapon: Good or Bad?

    Ring of invincibility + tome of power + gauntlets of the necromancer = even more broken. You probably don't even need the ring for maulotaurs. You can just sit there and drain health about as fast as he can hurt you.
  12. Ichor

    Thoughts On Hexen?

  13. Ichor

    Star Trek discussions

    Q is basically the Mxyzptlk of Star Trek.
  14. Ichor

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    This thing. Imagine being able to use this to immediately and permanently convince anyone to agree with your point of view (in the game, it would turn convert enemies to your side and they would attack other monsters).
  15. Ichor

    Corn on pizza

    Since we're getting close to Halloween:
  16. Ichor

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Another thing that I've been wanting to do... The Korax laser at the end of the fight will no longer be directly aimed at you from the start. It will begin off center and work its way to you in about a second. This should give you a better chance to react.
  17. Ichor

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    1. There's a few places where you can get those coins. 2. There is a place near the end of the hub where you can get it. And if you miss it, it will show up again in hub 4. 3. They don't really have that much health, maybe slightly more than a slaughtaur (and don't reflect shots). They seem overpowered because they can do a lot of damage, but at this point in the game, you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them.
  18. Ichor

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    I've been meaning to do this for a while. The teleporter before the Korax battle will now send you to another location rather than instantly killing you.
  19. Ichor

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Go to Options and turn on Full Options Menu if you haven't already, and at the very bottom there should be an option to turn it off.
  20. Ichor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    That one episode of Rick and Morty where the Cromulons return and Rick has to go to Buttworld to compose another hit single.
  21. Ichor

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    It once did play in Post Hell a long time ago, but not now.
  22. This fun contraption. It may not be the nicest looking, but it's definitely the one I had the most fun making. And it turned out so well too. It's certainly not the usual "One Xth of the puzzle has been solved..." thing.
  23. Ichor

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Writes an entire thousand page novel without ever using that letter...