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  1. BluePineapple72

    I need inspiration for a story

    Quick tips for writing. 1. Your story is nothing if it’s all in your head. I don’t know if you’ve written all of your ideas down yet, but you should do so if you don’t want them to be completely nebulous. 2. There is no such thing as a good writer who doesn’t read. Read. A lot. If you want to get inspiration for your story just start just start reading as many different books (to completion) as you can. Inspiration can come from the strangest of places sometimes. And taking different story bits from multiple sources and changing them to fit into yours will make for a better story, if you aren’t plagiarizing of course. Writing is much like the Tarantino school of filmmaking. A good artist steals and makes new art from what they’ve taken inspiration from. Just read/watch a lot of stuff and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need (even if you don’t know you need it yet.)
  2. BluePineapple72

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    You can take the blonde out of a blonde. But you can't take the blonde out of a blonde.
  3. BluePineapple72

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    Go play Gears of War
  4. BluePineapple72

    Random Image Thread

  5. BluePineapple72


    I really liked it! I appreciated that the film didn't insist on holding my hand through the story. I'm going to see it again tomorrow, so I'm hoping to pick up on some more of the nuances. I've heard a theory going around that most of the story isn't actually even real and it's all just in Arthur's head. It's cool that there's a new movie that seems like folks will speculate over for the next few years.
  6. BluePineapple72

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Me when I'm about to give my meat a good ol' rub.
  7. If I could be like DIO, then yes I would totally be a vampire
  8. BluePineapple72

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    For an actual unpopular opinion, Bleed is one of my least favorite songs off of Obzen. Its not that I hate the song, it’s just that when you stack it up to everything else in the album it just falls short for me. It’s also a bit repetitive and it has a poor shelf life.
  9. BluePineapple72

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    Megatron is not fit to lead the Decepticons. You will find a true leader in the glorious and mighty Starscream!
  10. BluePineapple72

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    i lik e i‘ts bobies
  11. BluePineapple72

    Gameplay in slow motion?

    So I was watching some extended gameplay and I noticed something strange. There are parts of this video that clearly look like they are in slow motion. Timestamp 8:50 for example The speed of projectiles, the rate at which the player falls, and even the glory kills look like they've been slowed down. This doesn't look like it is at the same speed that the game was shown at during Quakecon. Even E3 had this issue! Although the big arena fight seemed ok, the brief montage they showed before it looked like it was in slow motion. See for yourself. (timestamp 3:30) For some further hub-dubbery, compare the arena segment shown in the E3 video to that same arena in the 10-minute video. The latter looks completely different. I'm hoping that this is some slow-down rune or maybe even some video issues making the game look bad. From what I am seeing, this game isn't looking consistent in it's speed. Hopefully I am crazy and I am seeing things. What are your thoughts?
  12. BluePineapple72

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    “When you first saw DOOM Eternal, were you blinded by it’s majesty?l
  13. BluePineapple72

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    I love hell’s architecture this time around. The gothic cathedrals and overall heavy metal look to everything is just straight up badass
  14. BluePineapple72

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    There are 110% going to be fallen angels in this game and I couldn’t be more excited.
  15. BluePineapple72

    Battle mode Trailer

    I’d imagine itd supplant. Battlemode is this game’s multiplayer