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  1. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Howdy folks! Here's BETA 1.2! It fixes the Christmas tree bug and adds a new map! Whoopee! Full Change Log - 1.2
  2. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    @Blip Awesome stuff! Looking forward to it! To you and anyone else playing though this WAD; I’m planning on ordering these levels by difficulty. So once a full playthough is complete, I’d like y’all to submit to me a map list in order of difficulty. The final release will be a composite of everyone’s opinions and my own experiences with the maps.
  3. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Known Bugs:
  4. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Not quite Summer anymore is it? It's getting rainier and colder outside. Thankfully, we can stay indoors an be nostalgic about the summer months with THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - a (soon to be) 30+ Map extravaganza with... well... lot's a killin' in it. This wad ain't for folks with carpal tunnel. Important note: This is a BETA release. The final release will be very very different from the version seen here. It'll also get it's own release thread. Yippee!! WAD File: The Summer of Slaugther - BETA V1 Port: UDMF Compatible - Tested in GZDoom IWAD: DOOM2 - Map01-26 Resources: OTEX - Some things from Aaliens - 12days.wad - More to come Comments: MegaWAD created as the tenth edition of the PUSS series. Maps are ordered in chronology of submission. Rules/gimmicks mappers followed are in the original post (SEE BELOW). Please read the README file for more information as to what work is going to be put into this wad over the next few months. We need all the help we can get when it comes to testing! These maps are hard. One could say they're rather... slaughter like MAPLIST: Map01 - "Funeralopolis" - @myolden Map02 - "Thou art in Heaven" - @DynamiteKaitorn Map03 - "Cenotaph" - @myolden Map04 - "Summer of Resistance" - @muumi Map05 - "The More You Know" - @notTyrone Map06 - "Premonition of Hostility" - @Lorenz0 Map07 - "Joy of the Blood of the Stars" - @Peccatum Mihzamiz Map08 - "Godhood Cathedral" - @El Inferno Map09 - "Caco Machine" - @muumi Map10 - "Morumotto" - @Danlex Map11 - "The End Is Purple" - @notTyrone Map12 - "Take a Plunge" - @Theperson Map13 - "Script of decay" - @Astro X Map14 - "Chaos Lab II" - @Pierrot Map15 - "Meltdown Madness" - @LateNightPerson Map16 - "Colors of NRG" - @Awall Map17 - "The Ultra Sector" - @Mike_C Map18 - "Lightning over the Beyond" - @Peccatum Mihzamiz Map19 - "Cosmo-Carousel" - @Worriedidiot Map20 - "From the Canyons to the Stars" - @Peccatum Mihzamiz Map21 - "Monodie" - @Peccatum Mihzamiz Map22 - "Divine Escalation" - Chookum Map23 - "Crimson Affinity" - @El Inferno Map24 - "death.digital" - @Worriedidiot Map25 - "Library of Babel" - @muumi Map26 - "No Living Land" - @MAN_WITH_GUN
  5. BluePineapple72

    PUSS XI: ANNIVERSARY UNDER THE SEA [September Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Audacious Anniversary Author: BluePineapple72 Music: 115 - Kevin Sherwood/Elena Siegman Sky: CTYSKY13 - Mek's Box O' Skies Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: Some balancing here and there Gimmicks Used: - Perfect Hatred Stairs - Cacodemon swarm - Copy and Pasted some things from old PUSS levels - The Exit is right behind you Build Time: 1 hour (and seven or so minutes) Comments: Trivia night aficionados take note! This is my earliest submitted map in PUSS history! It's one of a very short list of maps made before the first set deadline. Screenshots:
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holocellulose (85.7%) - Cellulose (66.2%) - Hemicellulose (19.5%) - Lignin (4.2%) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Greetings and salutations all! If you live under a rock, then you wouldn't have noticed that PUSS's 1 year anniversary is today! That's right folks, one year ago on September 9th 2020 I opened up a dropbox on my discord server for mappers to shoot wad files that they had made within an hour with the plan to open a second one the following month. I had never imagined that the Pineapple Under the Sea Series (PUSS for short [like the organ, not the liquid]) would have gotten this big. In fact, I had imagined it getting bigger. Seriously! I was expecting a boon of glittering trophies by at least May. Fun fact: there are three PUSS wads that still need to be finished and have final versions released. Don't ask me why I'm starting another. This fact won't be on trivia night. By the way, we are gonna be doing a PUSS trivia night on my server, so get to your study books if you want a chance at me making a prize that you would have a chance at winning at! (the chance is pretty low) Either way, we've gotta start celebrating tonight, so we're gonna start another megawad regardless of my backlog! This one is gonna be the PUSS-iest PUSS wads to date. So strap on your scuba gear folks! We're going under! - 1 hour mapping limit - No jumping/crouching - Map must run in GZDoom - Custom Skies/Midis mandatory YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 2 OF THE FOLLOWING GIMMICKS: - An easily accessible exit behind the player that becomes harder to access if the player doesn’t enter it immediately - Make your map scary - A room full of revenants facing away from the player that would mean certain death if prematurely awoken. - A Wolf SS monster that you musn’t let wake up - A Boss battle (bonus points if it is against an enemy you wouldn’t expect) - 2 keycards that have no use whatsoever - 5 ARCHVILES!!! - Minimum 5 secrets - A Castle Map - An opening fight with a metric shit ton of imps - A cacodemon swarm at the start of your map - The Perfect Hatred opening stairs - The Hellevator - A DDay-esque beach sequence - A comical amount of barrels - A building that falls when you walk on top of it - Lot’s of Squares - A UFO somewhere in your map - A shotgunner trap within a shotgunner trap - A beach on your map. Pool towels optional. If you can tell me where all these gimmicks come from, you'll get one (1) pat on the head and zero (0) cookies. - Former PUSS mappers are allowed to copy paste ONE (1) piece of Geometry from a drag select box not exceeding 256x256 from each of their maps. Paste these pieces of geometry in your map and convert them to the new mapping format before you begin your timer. Your timer begins when you begin to connect these geometry pieces to your map. You may need to change the textures on them. Mappers who participated in any other server events, such as Hellevator or Skulltiverse are allowed to do the same. (You can paste multiple things from your previous maps into one new map: you're just limited to having one copy per map. If you have seven PUSS maps, then you can have seven things pasted into your new map for example) I also encourage you to use one of the former words of the day in your map title. Resource pack: Community Chest 4 Textures Maps are due either in the related discord channel or in this thread by Sunday the 26th at 11:59 PM EST. I bet you $5 I will extend this one too. Your mapping time can be nonconsecutive. Your timer will only go down when you are mapping, scripting or playtesting. Speedmaps will be under the honor rule. Neither you nor I can prove if a map went over the time limit or not, but one can kind of see what is and is not a speedmap. If you cheat, people will notice. Any time in Slade used to give a custom sky, midi, etc. is outside of your mapping time. I would recommend spending some time looking over the texture pack before you begin mapping, so that you don’t waste time scrolling. Once your time is up, if you haven’t beaten your map, please spend time to verify that your level is beatable. The following paragraph is really only applicable to events with longer time limits, but the rules with bug fixing still stand: Bug fixing is for fixing bugs, not adding new areas to your map. Your bug fixing period should be spent balancing ammo and fixing any potential gameplay errors, such as texture misalignment or soft locks. I’m generally okay with you sending me as many fixes as you make, as long as these fixes don’t overhaul any major sections of your map. You’re not supposed to be mapping after your time is up, you’re supposed to polish what you have. There is no limit to how many maps you can submit. Be reasonable, please. Any bug fixing/map changes are due to me 1 week after I upload the final playthrough video of the last submission. I'll try and get them to you before next year. For submissions, please post in this format: Map Name: [ X ] Author: [ X ] Music: [ Song + Author ] Sky: [ X ] Format: [ X ] Difficulty Settings: [ X ] Gimmicks Used: Build Time: [ X ] Comments: Put your BluePineapple fanfiction in here. Screenshots: I only need the .wad file of your map. Compiling your submission with the resources is unnecessary for this event. Hey! Those are the last three words of the event's name. Some of you may disparage those conspiracy theorists among us for pointing and screaming that there is yet another connection. This time they're not the crazy one. The Pineapple Under the Sea is the holy womb of which our sacred PUSS spawned forth from. It's also my discord server. We're going to be doing a whole lot of fun shit over there this month since it's the server's one year anniversary. We'll also be starting our second year! I know. I'm shocked at how chronology works too. PAST EVENTS: @ViolentBeetle's Skulltiverse - Now on idgames! Hellevator Hot Potato Line in the Sand PUSS X: The Summer of Slaughter - Coming Soon! PUSS IX: Mapping at Warpspeed - Beta Release Coming Soon (This coming soon was on our July event too lmaoooo) PUSS VIII: Speed Squared - Final Version Coming Soon PUSS VII: Rowdy Rudy in... March of the Speeddemons! - Now on idgames! (but don't tell anybody yet) PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred PUSS V: Clandestine Castle Crashing The 2020 PUSS Collection: PUSS IV: 12 Days of Doommas PUSS III: Boss Battle Bonanza PUSS II: TRICK & TEAR I PUSS I: September Under the Sea
  7. BluePineapple72

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye
  8. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    I will be closing public submissions to summer of slaughter at 11:59 PM on September the 10th. There are a few maps (including mine) that will be between this closing and release; these maps have been in development for some time and are from some PUSS regulars. If you have a map that is over 6 hours in, DM me so I can potentially accept it. Either way, I need to close submissions so that we can wrap this bad boy up ,o7 A pre beta build should hopefully be out sometime next week.
  9. BluePineapple72

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  10. BluePineapple72

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    @Velvetic What palette is that?
  11. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Here's a prerelease for the Summer of Slaugher PK3 There are 12 Maps compiled in this pre release, but there are about 10 more waiting to be put in (by me). Also, I'm a bit tenuous with the deadline at the moment. For now, act as if the submissions were closing on the 31st.
  12. BluePineapple72

    PUSS IX: MAPPING AT WARPSPEED [May-June Speedmapping Event]

    Maps Featured: Map09 - "Alien Tartarus" - @muumi Map10 - "Lagrange Disruption" - @notTyrone Map11 - "Another Glance at the Paradise" - Muumi Maps Featured: Map12 - "Spirit Fracture" - @Lemonlytical Map13 - "Electron Avenue" - @Death Bear* * finished in GZDoom in part 6 As for a quick update on this wad: Progress is slow, but it's progress! Once playtesting is done, and once I've finished my Summer of Slaughter map, work will continue to finish the remaining slots in this wad. I'm anticipating a late October to November release. The final megawad will get it's own release thread.
  13. BluePineapple72

    Custom Flaming Intermissoin

    Hi all! I've had this idea for a custom intermission for the Summer of Slaughter that I've wanted to do for sometime, but I'm unsure if it is possible. I've dicked around on the zdoomwiki and other online resources to look for a solution, but I don't think I have the gray matter needed to code this without training wheels. There are three key features I need help with: the transition animation, the intermission animation, and the map introduction stuff. Here's the simple idea: whenever a player beats a level, I'd like for there to be a brief animation of flames that quickly burn away the screen from the bottom to the top (if this won't work, a simple burn away is fine). Then I'd like the intermission screen to be a wall of flames that play with an ambient burning sound as the game tells the player how many kills they got etc. etc. Once the intermission is finished, I'd like the flames to rise and burn out into a black screen to introduce the next map. The map introducing is as follows: The map title and author fade into the middle of a black screen with no music. Then slowly one by one, additional information fades in below the map title (monster count, secret count, jumping/crouching yes/no, par) Then the music starts and the black screen fades into the next level with the information still on screen which fades away not too long after. Is any of this possible? If so, how can I make it all work?
  14. BluePineapple72

    PUSS IX: MAPPING AT WARPSPEED [May-June Speedmapping Event]

    Maps Featured: Map06 - "Ursae Majoris" - @Death Bear Map07 - "Holodeck" - @myolden Map08 - "Moon Funeral" - @myolden
  15. BluePineapple72

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Maplist insofar. About 20 days left for submissions! Don't miss out!