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  1. BluePineapple72

    Share Your Sprites!

    This foe is beyond any of you Have to credit @muumi for the flame effect help on the death frames cause ain't no way in hail was I gonna draw all dat
  2. BluePineapple72

    Doomworld Merch?

  3. BluePineapple72

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    In beta currently. Working on some last things in preparation for RC1.
  4. BluePineapple72

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    That'd be an interesting name for the wad if I finish it
  5. BluePineapple72

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Submissions are closed! Here is the final maplist: (for those counting at home, we had one mapper pull a map from the project) MAP01 - Metastasis II - BluePineapple72 MAP02 - Caceo and Caciet - Horus MAP03 - Omega Project 2019 - DynamiteKaitorn MAP04 - TeleError - Alaxzandarz MAP05 - testlarge1 - besus MAP06 - MyHouse.wad(NOTSCARY).wad - mousecreature MAP07 - Blood Floor, IDK - spineapple tea MAP08 - TWIN PARADOX 1st Try - Clippy MAP09 - Midnight Sun - Lina MAP10 - RevHoarder - raddicted MAP11 - Clover.wad - jo2ukegappy MAP12 - CyberstalkingV2 - Solmyr MAP13 - intercep3_rando5 - Moustachio MAP14 - funny slaugh map #3867 - randomsounds01 MAP15 - ↑ - akolai MAP16 - Infiltration.wad - Blexor MAP17 - The Docks - EANB MAP18 - Blood Bankruptcy - Large Cat MAP19 - forFun005 - Jark MAP20 - Half & Half - BeachThunder MAP21 - Map09 (EPIC GENERIC ARENA) - JJBOREN MAP22 - gibstart1.wads - 4f3s3x MAP23 - map.wad - El Inferno MAP24 - Temple of the Frog King - PinkFlamingo MAP25 - Topside Pornstar - Maribo MAP26 - Sleepwalking - Maribo MAP27 - Volcanic Bulls - Chuckles_troll MAP28 - Speedmap 30.08.2027 - Scypek MAP29 - Imp City - NoisyVelvet MAP30 - BitMap - Walter MAP31 - The Swamp below Legendary Space - NoisyVelvet MAP32 - secondspeedmap - NoisyVelvet MAP33 - Bear's Lament - Death Bear MAP34 - World Anomaly - knifeworld MAP35 - Machine Anomaly - knifeworld MAP36 - Down in the Hole - LoatharMDPhD MAP37 - Poligonal - LoatharMDPhD MAP38 - IDK, Hope you like punching archviles - NOOT MAP39 - The most lighting detail nootsynootsy has ever put in a map - NOOT MAP40 - Metal Base - Man With a Gun MAP41 - Iconoclash - BluePineapple72 MAP42 - Sropical Ttorm - NiGHTS108 MAP43 - Clogged - BeachThunder MAP44 - Castle in Petra - mousecreature MAP45 - Subway or Lounge? - Walter MAP46 - Momentum - DRON12261 MAP47 - Macelleria Naive (PILOT) - s4f3s3x MAP48 - Mellow - Sesamia MAP49 - Tribute To Slugfest 9 (slug9tr.wad) - RjY MAP50 - Waiting - Sesamia I'll have a compilation within the week. Gonna be busy these next few days but it shouldn't take too long for RC1 to be released. Main time chunk is gonna be in compiling resources and making sure there aren't any bad overlaps. Edit: I have the opportunity to do the funniest thing with this wad
  6. BluePineapple72

    Share Your Sprites!

    For those who wondered what the cyberdemon would shoot
  7. BluePineapple72

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    Submissions close tonight!
  8. BluePineapple72

    Share Your Sprites!

    It wasn’t too big of an issue since I got to chest and hide most of it in shadow since he’s supposed to be a big smoke and fire monster. Some angles look better than others but where it counts it counts. Would’ve been quicker to not fix them but I think the final look is worth the effort
  9. This will likely be the last update post I'll be putting into this thread. The next you'll hear (in high probability) from this project will be on a new release thread. The majority of the enemies have been completed or are awaiting some final frames (the Cyber and the Hell Knight, now named the Tartarog and the Servant of Maleboge respectively, need attack frames for example). I'm still awaiting a Map25 replacement. Menu and intermission graphics have been completed. All that's left are some sound updates, some text screens and a few odds and ends. I'm confident this wad will be finished by December. Ideally, I'd like to release this in November, but there may be some straggling loose ends that prevent that of course. Regardless, to the mappers of the project reading this: I will be accepting final updates before RC1, and likewise after RC1 I'll accept some final final (minor) updates. This project is coming to a close, and rather fast. Here's a link for BETA 4.2
  10. BluePineapple72

    Share Your Sprites!

    I've completed the Tartarog's walking frames. Will likely need to touch them up when I get home as laptop's monitor doesn't show Doom's grays very well. Regardless a very exciting moment for me. Just have these and the death animation left. Shooting should be pretty easy since I only need to draw his custom limbs once; I can easily modify them for the lighting in the firing frames.
  11. BluePineapple72

    If you went inside the last doom mod you played how screwed are you

    I've seen worse
  12. BluePineapple72

    UNFINISHED.wad [Submissions closed]

    It’s the 17th, so that means submissions will be open for another 2 days