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  1. I guess I'd be the dude that doesn't really talk to the family anymore
  2. I draw stuff too! I'll post some later
  3. Does anyone else feel the uncanny valley when looking at the faces of the characters in this game? I mean, graphically, they look better than they did in TNO, but they still just look... weird. I can't really describe it. They look more real, yet they look kind of worse?
  4. Idk man, the creator of this seems familiar...
  5. Haven't seen you active in a while.  How've you been, man?

    1. BluePineapple72


      I've been pretty good. I've been pretty busy with non-doom things, so I just haven't been active here. 

    2. Tracer


      Glad to hear all is well.

  6. There's a new wolfenstein at east. Hell, maybe the two games will be tied together somehow!
  7. The ending to the last game was ruined, but oh well, more wolfenstein!
  8. Couldn't find a thread based off of the tour but I saw Maiden last night in Charolette. Was totally fuckin fantastic
  9. Taco Taco Bell!
  10. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty proud of my art sometimes Awhile back, I started posting some pictures of old doom levels in the new dooms art style. Even though they didn't get much attention, they did catch the eye of one user. This dude asked me to make concept art for him, specifically for a doom 3 mod he was making (which was doom 1 levels in doom 3) The project didn't really get anywhere, but it was still pretty nice to see my art be recognized by somebody interested in having me make something for them. Hell, it was even cooler knowing I at least helped ar making a game, something I've only dreamed of
  11. I didn't see a thread for the news, and I can't find the original Carmack lawsuit thread. So here's an article nonetheless:
  12. Hey thanks man :) I didn't really want to post what was right about me since I didn't want to make a thread to brag about my positive attributes, it was more of a way for me to try and make people feel better
  13. So that other threadis pretty damn negative, and talking negatively about yourself usually sucks. So what are some positive things about yourself you'd like to share (if you can't think of any, surely someone else can help!)