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  1. jupiter_ex

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    I just played Bombshell (yeap..) and was surprised by the high quality of the music. I don't like all of it but it's very professional and one of the few things done really right in that unfortunate and buggy game I couldn't disagree more with this. I don't want to start ranting :P and fill a post with videos of memorable recent orchestral soundtracks. Or maybe is it that you simply don't like orchestral music and that's it
  2. jupiter_ex

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    mmm.. not sure. Maybe you have some examples of similar orchestral music you're thinking about. I can tell you that doesn't have to be the case. Anyway I meant "similar" as in "all made by the same author". Also that franchises that had orchestral OSTs and franchises that had electronic OSTs now they both have electronic OSTs. I liked to have the franchises stylistically separated. Mick Gordon's music is punchy and all but it can't fit everywhere.
  3. jupiter_ex

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    As a lifetime generator and consumer of soundtracks I wonder why Bethesda replaced every soundtrack with Mick Gordon. I know orchestral music is pretty unpopular now but I liked Bill Brown at the Wolfenstein franchise very much, and the brothers Soule ost for Prey 2006 was one of the most expresive I heard in a videogame at the moment. Also you risk that everything starts sounding similar and in the same genre. In the snippets of Rage 2 they've been showing so far the music also sounded very similar to Doom's. (the original by Rod Abernethy et al wasn't great but it wasn't electronic)
  4. jupiter_ex

    Converting MP3 to MIDI

    what the hell
  5. jupiter_ex

    The "BUT" Thread

    am I crazy or when Doom2016 came out some people said "great, this is what we wanted, Doom 1993 with better graphics" because radical redesigns like pinky, caco, and hellknight from Doom 3 weren't faithful to the originals?
  6. jupiter_ex

    The "BUT" Thread

    from demon corpses being consumed by hellish fire to strogg corpses being consumed by green "nanomachines" and Rage mutants consumed by nanotrites I think it's since Doom 3 that because of technical reasons most corpses disappear (Raven kinda fixed that when extending id tech for Wolfenstein 2009, to avoid nazi corpses disappearing consumed by.. nazism?). It clearly makes a difference from Doom I and II where you could pave the floor with corpses. Perhaps they should start thinking about an engine architecture that allows for that again already. About the mancubi change in look when in earth, I'm not much worried, did anyone ask why imps and hellknights looked "dirty" when in hell in Doom 3?
  7. jupiter_ex

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    They have to. I have worked in game development for several years (some AAA) and there's always a point where you resort to reading the forums. This one being one of the oldest Doom related forums, I'd be pretty confident they've read posts from here many times along the years.
  8. They didn't expect people were going to call Doom from 2016 "Doom 2016". They wanted 'em to call it just "2016" (?)
  9. Offtopic but: I played Doom as a teenager since it came out in 93. Played Wolf3D before that, and played mostly every FPS after that in the 90s and I keep playing them, and I still don't understand what people mean when they say that the original Dooms' gameplay was fast (even faster than Doom 2016 (???)) But nevermind me :)
  10. jupiter_ex

    Freedoom 2 Greyscale Mod

    The first 2 songs loop because I was actually proposing them as soundtrack for the b/w mod guy. The next 2 are purposefully non looping and short because I had already ditched the idea and just wanted to make a video. But I can totally make them loop (they loop in their original versions). I can totally send you the clean versions of them four. I shouldn't have too much problem making some more when I have the time. Like I said in that thread... I actually wanted to make the mod myself :D, but I should have to sit down and take a look at Doom modding and I honestly really don't know when that's gonna be. A couple of people came along telling me they wanted to make a mod and I guess it's ok as long as there is no problem if I ever eventually release the mod that I had in mind. (Another thing that had me hesitant about a mod was if Xorceles who actually proposed the original b/w mod would somehow consider I was ripping off his idea)
  11. jupiter_ex

    Freedoom 2 Greyscale Mod

    It is mine. I forgot to link it in here but I expanded on this idea some time after: And my idea was to make a mod too. Take a look at what I did. That's the idea I had in mind. Somebody else already asked me if they could make a mod out of it. I work in game development but have to admit I never made a doom mod. So I don't really know what fate the old timey doom mod should be anymore :P
  12. to me that's a hard question. While Doom 1 took place in space bases and eventually hell, Doom 2 is more a psychedelic mash up of levels which are fun to play but are very forcefully trying to fit into a starport, a city, and hell again. Levels like the courtyard (a giant courtyard) or the citadel make you wonder what life on earth looks like at the moment Doom 2 takes place. Not to mention some abandoned mines located in hell, or a damned condo. I wonder if "Idthesda" will go with a realistic depiction of earth (and if so, will include anything from the classical levels) or be fully faithful to the original material -Not to mention that I have a hard time trying to fall again for 1 guy alone dealing with a planet-wide invasion of hell forces. But if I have to summarize, yeap, like they said above: D_RUNNIN, IoS, and I'd like to see those dusky skies from the first levels
  13. jupiter_ex

    Did you ever have nicknames for the monster's?

    The first time I played Doom was when it was released. Back then information wasn't that accesible and even in specialized magazines and publications sometimes the names would be wrong. So me (13 years old) and my brother (7 years old) would just put names on them as we saw them appear in game. Demon: Bull (it has horns and it charges at you) Cyberdemon: Mechanical bull (it... has horns..) Cacodemon: Critter / Killer tomato (both the movie Critters and the animated series for 'The attack of the killer tomatoes' were still fresh in people's memories then) Imp: Deformity (that's based on an anecdote) Medikit: Nurse (I called them nurses in every other FPS after that but I think that's the first one I called them that. It was after the nurse character in Animaniacs for some reason. Funny thing is now my wife also calls 'nurses' any medikits in games because of me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  14. jupiter_ex

    Question for MIDI experts (using samples?)

    I haven't touched midi in a long time, but yes, there are programs (like that one above) to edit soundfonts, and in there you can see they're made of samples. Generally one sample every range of notes. You hence can also make your own. That's what I remember from the times I opened for edition soundfonts myself.
  15. jupiter_ex

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    F.E.A.R was a postprocessing mess (I would know, I am the engine (?)). It was the exact example of an engine just stacking cutting edge features over cutting edge features and with zero optimization. It was graphically and physically stunning but the engine ran so bad they had the wisdom to put a ton of options I've never seen again (such as pixel doubling) to try to get the stuff to run in your computer. The "soft shadows" implementation is one of the worse and slowest I've ever seen. It's just a gaussian blur type of kernel bluring where you can actually see the second layer of shadow around the first one if you look, and it runs like crap. Don't know if that's what you meant by post processing mess anyway. Anyway, I'd prefer to simply run away when a grenade flies at me than have an indicator telling my how many actual inches I have to step to the side to avoid the explosion. Next thing they'll add a GUI indicator showing me where bullets are going :P