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  1. jupiter_ex

    System Shock Remake - Official Teaser

    You sure? Spector had some clear ideas at Otherside but the team wasn't even capable to produce more than a ball of bugs like UA was. Now the chinese (Tencent) are working on it but I'm not even sure Spector is involved. I'm dubious about the whole thing.
  2. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    I always remember this guy. Nothing was heard from him again right? Did marc laidlaw ever say anything?
  3. jupiter_ex

    What is your opinion on Id Software's RAGE?

    this is the difference: Rage 1 was entirely hand-crafted levels, while Rage 2 is absolute procedurally generated everything. So you'll see the same warehouse repeating over and over, and the same props here and there everywhere. Like for instance, someone traversed the entire wasteland painting EVERY LADDER pink. And this is also true for the characters, every character in Rage 1 had a personality while in Rage 2 you'll see the same NPC with randomized outfits everywhere, and they look really generic. Also I don't understand how people can complain that in Rage 1 you have to revisit most set pieces twice while in Rage 2 you'll be doing the same bandit den or mutant nest or authority sentry ad aeternum and call it "content" EDIT: Also also, in Rage 1 you had clans that were really dedicated, like the Ghosts who scalped, painted their body white, and were cannibals, the more tech oriented Shrouded or Gearheads, and some like the Jackals, so tribal that apparently had renounced human language. In Rage 2 you have only the Shrouded and the "Girls in Shorts" clan or whatever that is
  4. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    well, I am afraid of looking myself in the mirror so yes, doom 3 it is
  5. jupiter_ex

    Question regarding forum rules

    yeah, the other day they deleted a post I had commented on, and on what seemed to be a pretty innocuous subject (not gonna repeat it here in case). And my comment in particular had some reactions and replies, but when I went to see those, the post was gone. Point is, I could never guess why they deleted such a post, and there was nowhere to ask why or what had happened (unless I made a post saying "hey, why did you guys delete that post about x" which seemed a terrible idea). Before, there was post hell, so at least you could see the escalation of events that snowballed into the post damnation, but now it's just gone and mystery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: "Post hell" was a section for locked posts
  6. jupiter_ex

    What is your opinion on Id Software's RAGE?

    Btw I'm 23 hours into Rage 2 and I'm confirming it I'm not going to like it. Two too different beasts Rage 1 and 2
  7. why do people hate chromatic aberration :( I love it
  8. I don't know what egg salad or egg salad sandwich are, around this part of the world
  9. I think the levels load while you get the doors to open. Another, older game with no loading screens and amazing engine: Soul Reaver ME uses frostbyte with the renderer replaced IIRC. Same as Battlefield 3. That + the art direction makes both games stunning. :D :D :D I gotta say Doom 3 looked amazing. And that "the order 1886" or so thing is the latest I remember I saw some footage and was pretty stunning
  10. jupiter_ex

    How important are graphics in your opinion?

    Graphics used to be everything to me during the nineties (a decade of great graphics advancement, where every year we would get a quality leap), I even bought games only for their good graphics. And missed some good ones for the same reason. This days I almost avoid graphically intensive games like the plague. I'm sick of needing a super advanced rig, keeping an eye on the GPU temperature, and being crazy because I finally got the graphics options to perform right but there's this infinitesimal stutter when going through that big hub area super populated by NPCs and geometry and then going back to tweaking options. I regularly replay ultima underworld, system shock, thief so I couldn't care less for graphics right now but great gameplay/story. Besides the fact nowadays that the graphics improvement curve has very much flattened
  11. jupiter_ex

    What Do The Japanese Think Of Quake?

    what. I always thought lo wang was chinese and the whole game was inspired by big trouble in little chinatown thing style movies I read "what do native americans think of descent" shubo-nigurato
  12. This is something they never comment upon in the Matrix franchise. It's like it is "the truth for the sake of truth" but actually, the real world is infinitely crappy compared to the world in the Matrix. You eat that bullshit paste every day, every form of entertainment is gone, all social class differences are gone (no matter if you were a rich banker who owned 3 houses and 4 boats, everything you worked for is gone outside the Matrix), and there's only a bunch of humans left compared to the population that's inside the Matrix. You take the pills without knowing and there's no turning back. I think that's unfair. Morpheus could have told you an abridged version of what was ahead to help you choose. ("Nobody can be told what the Matrix is" my ass. It's as simple as saying "the machines have all of us living in a fake virtual reality". Was it that hard Morpheus? :P ) One thing they never portrayed in the movies but I hope they would is: after the ending of Revolutions and the revelation of the Matrix to the human kind I'm quite sure most people would choose to remain in the Matrix. Specially when you don't really lose anything since the machines only use your extra heat to create their power. An entirely different thing would have been if this would have followed the original idea where the machines were taking their processing power from part of our brains, because that would also mean that outside the Matrix you would be way smarter (the old 10% of the brain idea?). Way more interesting. (another cool idea was that Switch was supposed to be a man in the Matrix but a woman in real life. Shame that one got discarded too)
  13. during sex, to perpetually avoid premature ejaculation. You just have to go quicksaving along the way and you can last forever (?
  14. sorry didn't see this. But this borders on experimental. Rendering a view frustum (idk how the doom engine works) for every single monster, then using computer vision (blob detecion etc) to recognize entities / navigate spaces is insanely expensive, specially for a game like doom, and is the wrong implementation, more an extravaganza than anything else. You want super simple invisibility in a game like doom/quake? Make the enemies behave just like they behave when the player's not around. There. Super basic invisibility. Maybe I'm not understanding what kind of invisibility you guys wanted. Want the enemies looking around and scratching their heads asking "where's the player"? Still can be implemented, when the player's in their vicinity. The game, clearly, has all the data about the player, that doesn't mean it has to use it. EDIT: sorry to have derailed the thread. Nevermind me
  15. Well, a little bit of bait on my side. That's my point exactly. The IA doesn't have to "know where you are", otherwise the invisibility is purely cosmetic (a transparent effect on your character, an indicating overlay, sfx, whatever) for the player. I mean, I'd say, the core of an invisibility powerup implementation is precisely for the IA to stop knowing (or stop reacting to) where you are. I find this very hard to believe. Not to boast anything but I've been working as a game developer for different companies for the last over 10 years, even in some very well known AAA titles. (what I mean is, I've been immersed in the gamedev scene for quite long) and I don't see why it would be any hard to implement this. Don't get me wrong, I agree a lot with tvtropes usually, but maybe there's something I'm not seeing here