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  1. I want to leave my vote for 'lovecraftian'. I think what we have there doesn't look like demons anymore hey! that's robotech all over again xD That's true, but at the same time this would be in tune with doom's original map-creation philosophy of make it first/think of what it looks like later "Hey John this doesn't look a lot like 'tenements'" "Well, is the closest thing that's on earth that I could think it looks like"
  2. if you can, send a wad this way so I can hear what you're talking about
  3. I'm listening to this at work and it really sounds flat and empty. Will have to do more arrangements
  4. and here it comes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9u0l41y6ltd7nu/freedoom.mid?dl=0 now that I hear it on plain midi I feel it sounds incredibly boring and empty. Perhaps I should think of adding something to it. Anyway, here's proof I actually have the midi. (NOTE: at some point I think I hear a sustained note sometimes I play this, when the guitar riff begins. May be my midi engine, but check that out) EDIT: hey, I'm playing phase 2 and I just noticed what you said about the SSG
  5. Hey there, I recently made a couple of music tracks for the Freedoom project, which the Freedoom guys kindly accepted :) Those were midis of course but I rendered some of them now as full wavs, just for fun. Here's one, will post the second one soon on this very thread (I understand this is the subforum to post this kind of things) Song it's pretty noisy, but soundcloud downgraded the quality even a little further :P
  6. test1 status: I have to readjust volumes, and recreate some of the percussion, but I have a .mid already. about the shotgun: the problem with me only updating freedoom ocasionally is, I don't completely remember what the previous SSG was, or how the sfx fitted that one better. Last SSG I remember was a futuristic thing with some red leds on one side, that you reloaded from under the barrels (I liked that idea). It was good but the outline was sketchy. I'll take a look at the SSG current sound, though to be honest I found it good, and as a matter of fact took it as a reference for the shotgun sound (in order not to surpass it). I really liked the shot sound, the only problem I noticed was the tail of that sound was cut when the reloading sound began. If you have any suggestions on what is bad, or what would you like to hear in the SSG tell me so I can start from that.
  7. yes I'm here. Anyway... SSG, SSG... what would be the SSG..? Super shotgun? :D
  8. m a n d e l a e f f e c t hi there. I'd have to double check bfg edition, but for what I remember, theresa chasar's model always remains with her head. ontopic: for as much as I really really love doom 3, no part freaked me out. But I'm generally not freaked out by games like, ever :)
  9. I think that's precisely the issue: it's a matter of opinions. That's the very reason why I didn't start work on the BFG as you suggested. As a matter of fact, I was pretty much surprised when you mentioned that the BFG fx was atrocious: I thought it was surprisingly good :D. My only concern with sfx were actually the shotgun and the plasma gun. Actually I found the plasma gun to sound quite flat and unappealing :P I think maybe more people should give their opinion on which if any sfx are the most "hated"/prone to be prompted for replacement. If you really like, I could begin work on the bfg sound (though, as I said, I thought it was pretty good). Maybe I can just try to add more punch to the old plasma sound, and repurpose what I have for the BFG. I don't know. I don't know which part of the BFG "several-stages" sound it is that you hate the most
  10. true! the shotgun sound is used for the chaingunners. I forgot that. I remember I went to map07 to see if the plasma sound I was making fitted well the 'arachnotrons', but forgot about that one. (Kinda related, I've noticed the lifting platforms use the same sound as the opening doors in Freedoom, which is something that doesn't happen in the original Doom. So I've been wondering if it's an engine limitation at all or rather a design decision) The test1 problem is not a lost cause at all. I only need to sit and do that, when all the rest is done. I would like give some thought to midi volumes issue. I'm pretty sure the global volume should be a numeric variable if I look at the midi file format so I should be able to simply rise the volume like that. It's important to have the same music volume across the game. That's what would be called 'normalizing' if we were using waveform audio. And lastly, let me know any criticism you have about the plasma sound (it's not finished, yet I still think I'd have that one over the old one). I can continue working on it but I need to know what direction to take.
  11. hm, remember that freedoom2 and 3 were the 'action-oriented' tunes FreeDM needed. I recall we actually agreed to use 'test1' https://soundcloud.com/mrmusica/test1 for C1M5 initially (I'm currently at work and a little fuzzy on all details). Or actually, assign them as you see fit, but remember we still have that one other track. I was waiting for a moment of availability to finish deploying that one to midi (as freedoom1.mid) and send it over too. Boosting the volume to raw midis proved extremely tricky for me (I might no longer have the suitable tools. Would have to look for some if I have to). I actually boosted the volume on the original proprietary format track, then deployed to midi. Hence I can't assure you how well it could go if I had to work on other people's songs that are only available in midi format. I mean I could do some research, but that's time I'd rather use in some more sfx or in trying to deliver 'test1'. It also depends in how much the rush for all that is. EDIT: feel free to integrate the shotgun sfx. Any further improvements, if any, can be done in future iterations
  12. reuploaded: freedoom2.mid - volume raised freedoom3.mid - volume raised, looping fixed DSSHOTGN.WAV - yet again more punch put to shooting part
  13. well for starters, I see my tracks are at lower volume than several of the rest. Gonna fix that, and the looping
  14. I assumed chocolate would be your choice. I don't have that one right here now. This is precisely what I told you about that track loop problem. There's not supposed to be any gap, and there is none in the midi. Would you by chance have any wad with it integrated so I can hear it ingame? If the problem is that, I'll cut the ending. Anyway, if you don't like the track at all, we'll scrap it out, no problem. Just let me know
  15. what the hell could be going on with that wad. I admit it's the first one I build tho. What source port are you using? Perhaps gzdoom is too modern. The plasma sound was meant to be WIP, but I have been giving it some gameplay time and I'm starting to surprisingly be very fond of it (maybe it's just in contrast to the previous one :P) EDIT: that wad you rebuilt doesn't have my shotgun sound