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  1. sure. I started trying tinyupload after seeing you using it. Thought maybe dropbox wasn't too trusted by you guys. Anyway, would you prefer for me to send it on an email to you maybe? or wikis, github, anything, let me know
  2. hey. I know it took me forever, I know it was the easiest thing in the world to do, I know by know it probably got replaced or whatever but well here it is I merged the two percussion tracks. Let me know if this works http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=84107328017836047279
  3. I think I only use this nickname here now Jupiter Ex is the version of the Lithtech engine Monolith used to make FEAR 1 and 2 and Condemned 1 and 2. Games that will never leave my heart, or my hard drive, until both of them are not running anymore (...that was kinda dreadful) I loved this
  4. Hexen is one of my favorite games of the old times. Nearly defeating my all-time old-timey favorite Quake when I first played it (I played Hexen later than Quake) I think I was expecting the same "crap" as in Heretic, which I think it's a reskin of doom but with colorful cartoonish textures, swimming pool wavey decorations.. etc but got infinitely pleasantly surprised with: Way better visually designed levels (Heretic levels were pretty pretty abstract) More realistic textures, akin of those from Doom Interesting gameplay additions: A hub system, generally static with one final opening gate. A prop that changes depending what class you are (the flechette). A constructable final weapon. The fact that you get to face an enemy that's exactly like you Tougher enemies in every sense: the dark bishop is a tougher version of the disciple of d'sparil, the afrit shoots way faster than the gargoyle, the snake from d'sparil is (kind of) a normal enemy Scripted environments, amazingly long falls to my death, crushing walls, water I can sink in, fog, destroyable trees and environment, rotating doors and walls, stakes coming from the floor The fact that finally, when you are a mage, you shoot stuff from your hands (in Heretic you used weapons.. with ammunition.. ??) And the fact that I felt they finally found a general gameplay different enough to justifie the themes and setting, to make it more than just a Doom total conversion
  5. so then it's me changing that and you add it to the build?
  6. basically, to make display for the cinematic :P But apart from that, it's true scientists have survived longer in Hell not being found or attacked by any demons. I think the idea is he ran to the portal and the Hell Knights just caught up with him once on this side. Also, this part is made such to mimic the events of 'the bruiser brothers' at the conclusion of episode one in Doom so (yes, the conclusion of the episode...) I guess that's the closest incarnation of Buddy Dacote we've actually seen yet
  7. absolutely no problem. freedoom1 is "C1M5"? Kinda has been some time :P haha. Let me find where the midi for that is and I'll take a look at making all the percussion in no more than 1 or 2 tracks. Anyway, was that even included? I'm always to download the latest version of FD to check. Also, I saw some othe guy doing replacements and rearrangements for FD around here. I thought perhaps my C1M5 was history sure I'll see what I did there
  8. it's generally the alpha channel what's stored when they use targas. Sorry to be late
  9. this is great, I liked very much how you write. I wish I had someone to play live what I write too, so good for you :) the performance is very neat too. This kinda made me wanna go back to write music (Y)
  10. here, in all it's uncompressed glory (?). No need to get the degraded version off soundcloud
  11. sorry. Haven't been around for a while. Sure I'll make it officially downloadable. I actually believed nobody liked it, and was thinking on making a more elaborated version, veering away from just flat-out rendering the midi. Give a minute and I'll let you guys know when it's downloadable
  12. ...physhing? you made the new guns sprites? I was troubled because I thought the idle shotgun does look strange (it made me think of a completely different gun until I shot it). Is that really from a physical model? what was it, a photo?
  13. hey, haven't been around for a while (undergoing some job issues and stuff. Also, I honestly didn't expect a surge of activity in this thread, mostly there's been Voros and me :P ). I didn't know c1m5 wasn't added yet, please don't hold it for me if you think it could go right now. @Voros you said it could use some more variety, I'm willing to fix that but I would really like to deliver something good rather than just make anything and send it. It also depends if we're time-constrained in this or if we'd rather favor quality over urgency. +1000 to this didn't get to use this one yet, or, if I used it, didn't attract my attention Perhaps for future sounds, you should provide a reference of what you would like it to sound like. I was never to fond of Doom's SSG sound. The reloading sound sounds strange, almost like clockwork or somehing. I think we all like different sfx and have in mind different ideas of how it all should sound like. I've been playing Valiant the other day and found the plasma gun sound in it maybe the most fittest plasma gun sound I've ever heard. But again, I think it changes with every person.
  14. Every opinion is welcome. I'd rather have a lot of people giving their opinion on the stuff I do, to have different points of view (and to please the most people) Btw I didn't feel the SSG was quieter than the SG. That's still the old shooting sound there, I only changed the reload
  15. my pleasure. When I have some time I will look at those. I would love for someone else to give their opinion on this. So far I've been pretty much talking only to you here Anyway. I can definitely remove the clanging sound from the ssg. I think what's in there now at least delivers the original intention of removing the "remove the magazine and reinsert it back up" from the old ssg, and goes more towards a "open barrel-load-close barrel" sfx that better fits this ssg design. I also thought about making more notorious the shells sounds, like in, the sounds of empty shells flying away when opening the barrel, or a "thump" when doomguy (freeguy?) puts them down the barrel EDIT: btw I've been toying around with the open / close doors sounds too. But I don't think I have something showable already