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  1. Congrats on the release. Gotta be honest, back then when I played the vertical slice you guys had for the demo it was so vertical and so slice I had every doubt it was ever going to release. Glad to see the game is mostly here
  2. jupiter_ex

    Learning a new Language

    I learnt english on my own, had italian at school, and started learning german and french from a "self-teaching encyclopedia" I borrowed from a friend. Sadly had to return it before completing my self teaching journey. Of all those, the most difficult was by far german. It's something sometimes (some of us) take for granted that words form the plural with an s at the end. I failed to grasp all the ways the plural can be formed in german. After learning a bunch of european languages anyway you start half-guessing words and half-understanding much once you drank from both the anglo-saxon and the latin roots, so I was trying to learn russian and japanese some years ago, and lately I'm really interested by slavic languages, more specifically polish. Good for people who are trying to learn a new language though, it's an interesting thing to do!
  3. jupiter_ex

    unpopular retro opinions

    the surprising amount of proficiency and familiarity Gordon Freeman has with military grade weapons while being just a MIT physics graduate strongly implies he was the quiet guy at the office who's a firearms fanatic and maybe was even planning to snap at work one day when the invasion happened and now he's hailed as a hero. I mean, look at the apathy at his job he displays by showing up 30 mins late on the day of the experiment with the purest sample. And yes he has a baby photo in his locker and you think it's his son (and I was honestly waiting for this "the son of Gordon Freeman" plot to be brought back in any of the sequels) but it's probably a nephew. Nobody seems to have missed him the time he spent in stasis showing he had no close family or friends (?) EDIT: even if this isn't true I would definitely be using it for a story "guy who was going to kill everybody ends up saving humanity and being a hero and nobody will ever know"
  4. Dude where did you find that sick gif on your pfp?

    If you made it yourself: You mind if I share it at all? It goes HARD

  5. Are there any games that you won't play on the hardest difficulty? Maybe because they're too difficult, maybe because annoying mechanics would make it too bothersome on higher difficulties, or maybe just because the game's too broken already. In my case, I only very recently dared to go with Daikanata all the way up the difficulty levels. I'm also a big immersive sim fan, but games like the System Shocks or the Deus Exes I almost always play on easy or normal (never even dared with the "realistic mode" of DX1). Maybe because those games are pretty punishing already, maybe because a difficult gunfight is not really the reason I play them for. Other games (the Dooms, the Quakes, FEARs, Painkiller, Serious Sams and more) I enjoy playing through and through, but some others as I mentioned, I don't. Any games you never go with the hardest mode or above normal/easy? Am I the only one?
  6. jupiter_ex

    Why are water levels in games so bad?

    Us humans are land creatures, and most videogame characters are first modeled after a human (even if they're an anthropomorphic animal or similar). Physics for jumping, running, etc are all modeled after our daily experience so, that. Excepting games where you are water animal I guess, I don't know. The Ecco the dolphin games I guess they're not terrible to control because the whole games are underwater. I was thinking about this very thing the other day. In the race for realism in FPSs in the nineties, when underwater areas appeared they were cool. Submerging and whatnot, the physics change, the color grading changes. Until the damned experience proved to be too cumbersome and too uninteresting and now I can't remember any recent FPS where you can swim (not that I miss the experience). In the first Deus Ex for instance, you could still swim, and even put xp points to it. In the most recent ones, no way.
  7. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

  8. jupiter_ex

    Who's your favourite female character in video games?

    might I add Tekla, from one multiverse in Wolfenstein TNO. Probably the only character or thing I like from the Machine Games reboots
  9. part time lover - stevie wonder pump up the jam - technotronic those remind me of my childhood. But probably if I listen to them to often now the effect will be lost
  10. jupiter_ex

    Most recent movie you saw

    mirrormask. After I saw part of it on TV back in 2005 and could never find it until now
  11. jupiter_ex

    Who's your favourite female character in video games?

    Plastic from Mirror's Edge 2 Alma Wade The Heathen form Weird West those I remember right now
  12. it would be sad if they do licensed content. Look how they massacred my Monolith Productions
  13. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    yep. I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me of. I was in between X Slayer, Max Headroom, or something else but I find it super familiar
  14. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    killer's mask from retro slasher movie Totally Killer (2023) looks like a mask of the protagonist from retro shooter X Slayer, down to the little earring. Not sure if I'm missing something
  15. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    yeah I know what posterization is. Good job!