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  1. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    Chano Charpentier in Doomworld? Time for some careless driving (?)
  2. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    chinese supermarkets
  3. jupiter_ex

    Obscure shooters thread

    Er... there are at least 2 big lies in that photo xD Btw, the fact that a husband + wife team is called TriSoft... ahem... who's the third...?
  4. jupiter_ex

    Obscure shooters thread

    I'm of the few people who apparently played this. And I liked it. I have some nice memories of it. Another supposed "Halo killer". Btw it's Unreal 2, it shouldn't be too hard to get running I guess. Is this the kind of thing Civvie 11 would review?
  5. jupiter_ex

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    American McGee's Doom
  6. jupiter_ex

    Prey. The film

    I didn't know where to put this, I didn't see you already mentioning it. So, I was reading about this new movie, dealing with alien visitations to indigenous tribes in the past, probably tying in with their modern legends about visitors from the past. Well this is exactly the script to the Prey game from 2006, but it's also exactly the script for an upcoming installment in the Predator franchise. The name of this movie? Prey. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prey_(2022_film) I thought it was worth mentioning. Along with that Nicolas Cage is/isn't FNAF movie, are veiled videogame adaptations gonna be a thing now in Hollywood?
  7. jupiter_ex

    I've Never Beaten Wolfenstein 3D.

    Neither had I until 2012 or so when the 20th anniversary was all over the news so I went home from work and played the whole thing + expansions from beginning to end. I don't think I'd have the strength to do it again if I wasn't super hyped up like I was that day. Wolf3D these days looks like a monotonous maze of blue walls, and the lack of map and the draggy movement doesn't help :D
  8. jupiter_ex

    How do i become more likable?

    This happened to me my entire life (and I'm 42), it's just counting the seconds until any new people I've met hate me or find me super annoying. So I simply try to keep my interactions to a minimum, and that is my safe bet. I've even been officially labeled a troll in various internet forums. I don't recall if I had any trouble in this one but hopefully not. I'm not recommending you to do this, it's just what one sometimes feel is the only option. I've been diagnosed very very recently with autism/asperger/etc if that means anything in relation.
  9. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    Yes you get a cookie for the second one :) Along with my gut-wrenching feeling for being a System Shock fan and knowing that Tencent owns all the rights now :( Set-Cookie: name=MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai; expires=when-eaten
  10. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

  11. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

  12. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    Actually it's that the whole shopping cart flow is poorly designed. Just like doing the dishes is the final and most boring part of the meal flow. So it's the easiest for nobody to want (or need) to do the dishes.
  13. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    Oh, so there is a "Mrs Ranger". I wanna see that
  14. jupiter_ex

    Doombringer : Episode 1 Released on Steam!

    Eagerly waiting for episode 2, I've been playing ep 1 since it came out. In true Doom fashion not all weapons are available for the first episode (I've always been a singleplayer type of guy) so I'm waiting to see the rocket launcher, the railgun, and whatever else is in store. Gotta say is pretty hard, at least for me. I've been playing FPSs since 93 and I can play most with a hand behind my back but in Doombringer I've been sweating quite a little just in normal difficulty. Challenging. Btw can it be the tesla gun doesn't have a visual for the beam? Or maybe it's not showing with my hardware. (I had it full transparent by default. Changed it, looks great)
  15. jupiter_ex

    Two rhetorical questions

    I just bought a laptop for a project last month and I downloaded Freedoom for playing in my spare time. I swear that black-imp-revenant was there :puzzledface: Point taken. Still, a free stand alone game where I can play all the Doom wads (master levels, sigil) and where much of the wall work will look so much like Doom's. It's even called Free Doom. The gun progression (sawy thingy, pistol, shotgun-ssg, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma, acronym-number gun) is even that of Doom. The AGM stands for the UAC. For an entirely different game in the Doom engine you have for instance Hacx where none of this is true