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  1. I finally posted the second track. Bump
  2. the greatest thing will be when demons occasionally fall captured by Stroggs and undergo the process of stroggification, which.. would consist in.. idk, attaching even more weaponry to mancubi, cyberdemons, and the like
  3. I imagine this being mute and having honky-tonk piano music. And intermission screen cards :D btw I like it
  4. you reminded me of Quake 4 HL2 has an entirely different game design approach than Doom 3. Actually I could say Valve has an entirely different game design approach than Id. Id's games used to be mechanically and storywise pretty straightforward up until pretty recently, as much as it pains me to say. I always think of the following: The soul cube can float, can speak, holds the souls of a million aliens, has rotating blades, and it's the only thing that can defeat Hell's mightiest warrior. Portal's companion cube doesn't speak or move. And it's just a regular prop with a heart painted on it. It only appears in one level. Yet mostly nobody remembers the soul cube, and there's even plush toys of the companion cube [/offtopic]
  5. Yes it did, and also did Prey and Wolfenstein (2009). I don't think we're anymore at the point in game development history where an engine might not have the ability to make floor over floor. It's all actual 3d now EDIT: Sorry, didn't see later replies
  6. I'm not going to take the bravo team guys because they get easily killed by one wraith (that I then proceed to kill by shooting it in the face immediately) I'm not going to take Campbell because without Swann around he won't be able to say "Whatever you say, Counselor" as he likes to do and then he's going to get disoriented I'm not going to take two sentry bots because nobody can take two sentry bots at once as proved by going to the racks and trying to activate a second unit as the first one you had was destroyed I'm not going to take Kelly because I'm never going to be able to pick up the pace as much as he'd like me to so I guess it's alone (?)
  7. HL2 had a reworked version of Havoc for physics. And yes it was way better than everyone else's, and their technical highlight point, along with the facial technology. Still, Doom3 was a graphical breakthrough, at least for closed sized areas. In rendering wide open areas you had the turkish brothers' FarCry engine coming out that same year. I tend to think Doom3's graphics were prettier
  8. btw I really think Doom3 was unlike any other game in terms of lighting when it came out. Carmack developed stencil shadows, which at the same time Creative also developed and then forced EAX into Doom3 etc etc. While I did some engine and shader work back in that day, I never got to look into the technique but I'm pretty sure the shadowing system in Doom 3 is brand new, and that's to talk about the shadows only. It also had a lot of using of bumpmapping, higher polygon count, and a specific implementation of speculars
  9. well Doomguy3 gets to hear the exchange between Swan and Betruger so I guess the answer is no :D
  10. I guess modern games try to represent realistic architecture. There's not a lot of head-high areas that you have to gymnastically jump into or lifting platforms that take you into diferently-levelled areas of the same room in real world places
  11. it breaks the game specially on the hell parts, where you were supposed to have no means to illuminate for yourself. As a matter of fact, there's one part in hell where you can see some wrong texturing if you shine your flashlight on a surface that was otherwise meant to remain totally dark
  12. RoE actually shamelessly has a gravity gun
  13. Doom 3 BFG seems to have the most issues with RoE: Like they already said, that sewers part where you had to scavenge for oxygen, and had the view and sound experience changed by the suit. Now you just pass by the place where the helmet used to be and when you look at it it's empty :(, it's entirely pointless to kill the hazmat suit scientists, and without the helmet distortion all the level (specially the mud or acid) looks pretty bad. Or maybe that's the engine (?) A segment toward the end in hell, where you teleported into a small area in a floating rock and you really had to time correctly the uses of the artifact in between activating it and picking up energy from corpses to fight and incoming stream of mancubuses, hellknights, and bruisers was removed and replaced with nothing And the phasing-in-and-out-of hell of delta labs, completely removed. But the sound effect was not. So that's strange
  14. sure. I started trying tinyupload after seeing you using it. Thought maybe dropbox wasn't too trusted by you guys. Anyway, would you prefer for me to send it on an email to you maybe? or wikis, github, anything, let me know
  15. hey. I know it took me forever, I know it was the easiest thing in the world to do, I know by know it probably got replaced or whatever but well here it is I merged the two percussion tracks. Let me know if this works http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=84107328017836047279