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  1. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

  2. jupiter_ex

    The Platforming Appreciation Thread

    no, hate first person platforming <insert michael scott please god no meme> I admire the fact that someone can like it so much there's a platforming section in ROTT2013's version of The Room. You guys played it? Enjoyed it?
  3. jupiter_ex

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    LOVE this game. Btw you have any mods applied? I remember soma having some really blurry textures even in ""high quality"" mode
  4. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

  5. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    back in 2000 when you could straight up copy something from a movie and call it your own EDIT: what a shame...
  6. jupiter_ex

    Doom 3 or Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    doom 3 blurry? I thought it was the sharpest thing you can get. Sharp shadows, basically no post processing. Not even sure if it had anti aliasing. Basically pure geometry with fancy shading. I can't remember any blurriness :think:
  7. nothing, I loved it back then and will forever defend it. And I'm still waiting for someone to tell me how exactly they would have adapted a 2d sidescroller about jumping, stepping on turtles, and punching floating blocks with no dialog into a live action movie in 1993. The premise of the movie itself is that the game is a veiled retelling of the actual story that took place (the post credits scene, with the koopa cousins presenting the videogame based on the events of the movie) Good point though, never occurred to me. I myself was 13 when it came out and I thought the idea was what I explained above (the mario games being a cute fictionalization of the plot of the movie), loved the idea of dinosaurs having evolved in another dimension (using electric cars since there was no oil). Maybe it was better tailored for my age
  8. jupiter_ex

    Silent protagonist: yes or no?

    (I swear I looked for this same poll in the forums and found nothing (which is weird)) I've been playing Prey 2017 because I'm a fan of everything immersive sim and found that it has a silent protagonist (unlike Prey 2006, for instance). Being this the forum it is, and how the silent protagonist thing is been linked to a specific game designer from our beloved game, I wanted to hear your thoughts on it. Do you like a fully silent protagonist for your game? You think it was ok in the 90s but not for today? Or would you perfectly accept a S.P. in a modern game? Does it really help you feel it's you? Want to explain why is it that you like it or dislike it? I'm particularly not in favor. Ever since Duke3D released in 96 the whole "immersion would be broken if the character talks" went out of the window for me. Well, feel free to let your thoughts for yes, no, why, etc
  9. Ok I just played Prey 2017 and the space levels are exactly what I was saying Descent could have been, but in the 90s. Sorry, just had to post this (yes, I really like my idea :D). See ya.
  10. jupiter_ex

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    Weird West. And finally Prey 2017 since now it's super cheap and despite me finding it boring as hell every time I played the demo, everyone keeps recommending it to me. When I played the demo I had the feeling it had so many references to previous immersive sims I wished I was playing those instead. Also because I'm a supporter of Prey 2006 and of course hated when they released this other game with the same name and nothing in common. One of my favorites. Sadly I don't own a console so I had to watch hours-long full playthroughs in youtube to see how the story continued. It's never the same thing :( It's like having read a novel and have the sequel come out in Braille
  11. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    "100%" what? What is 100% in that game? I don't think I can think of anything. It's not 100% playable, 100% collision-boxed, or even 100% unfinished. There's no 100% in Big Rigs
  12. jupiter_ex

    Favorite Video Game Composers

    I have Jeremy Soule right there almost, but my favorite videogame composer, ever: Nathan Grigg The things he did left me with my mouth open many times as a musician myself. I can elaborate a lot on why he's my fav from a technical point of view, beyond the fact of he having done music for games I enjoyed.
  13. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    ok settled, it has fur (?)
  14. jupiter_ex

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    here you go. That was actually 675x1200 so I had to upscale it to 1080x1920 https://imgur.com/a/GIDzG0r
  15. jupiter_ex

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    where is this 1080x1920 version of the green one you're talking about? Not sure which one it is. About the red one, that would take a lot of reworking since it is made with different layers in Gimp. Not sure when I'll have time for that one