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  1. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    And then the wedding march in MIDI starts, to make it complete EDIT: ok, something like this
  2. jupiter_ex

    Quake III Arena vs Unreal Tournament

    back in that day I was all into the progress of graphics and engines in games, so QIII got me the moment I saw it. Id had achieved, through the careful use of some tricks, clever art design, positioned textures, and a very basic environment mapping, a game that visually looked ahead of its time. As such I REFUSED to play UT99 (the Unreal Engine in its first iteration had an easiness for depicting big open spaces, but a very low polycount) for years, while lots of friends kept recommending it to me. It wasn't until many years later that I dared to try UT99 and found that it was endlessly more entertaining. While QIII was a good deathmatch, UT had amazingly fun gamemodes (also the voice samples "i need some backup!", "i'm under heavy attack!", "you be dead!"). I realized I had been neglectful idiot. I'm not sure there's much comparison in the music department, beyond ones fondness of particular songs. UT99's soundtrack is mostly Amiga-formatted mods (very common in Unreal Engine 1 games. I guess the engine had native support for those instead of wavs. Who knows why!) while QIII had some well known musical names behind: half the OST is from Front Line Assembly themselves, and the other half is from buddy Sascha Dikiciyan a.k.a. Sonic Mayhem, fresh from QII
  3. jupiter_ex

    Random Image Thread

    more like depth dwellers
  4. jupiter_ex

    Question about music making

    Audacity is an audio editor. How's that a tool to make music?
  5. jupiter_ex

    Question about music making

    oh, ok. But, do you need a DAW, a MIDI sequencer, a module tracker? What? Something to write music on? Some questions: do you or do you not read sheet music? If you read sheet music a MIDI sequencer would do (and wouldn't have the more complicated plugins, effects, audio tracks, and mixing from a DAW). If you don't, there's still MIDI sequencers where you can write in a piano roll. And another alternative could be a module tracker.
  6. jupiter_ex

    Question about music making

    I use a lot LMMS, to no disappointment. I run it under Windows and Linux as well. Comes packed with a bunch of interesting synthesizers, VST support, MIDI export and import, etc.
  7. haha. They do share some intervals. Now you gave me the idea of recreating some songs from the Doom soundtrack in a Danny Elfman style. I'll do it when I have some time
  8. jupiter_ex

    Betruger's swapped eye

    I think betruger looks more like an Anthony Hopkins type. But we'll see with the upcoming "adaptation" in Doom Anihilation
  9. jupiter_ex

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Hi, pretty new to this thread. Not much in the tone of what you've been posting recently (I make mostly soundtracks and industrial music) but here's a fresh track for a boss fight I just made. It's "epic" and with a lot of percussion just like the trends dictate these days (sorry, was raised into the tradition of the nineties for soundtracks).
  10. jupiter_ex

    TV Tropes Addiction

    no it's been my favorite site on the internet for a while now
  11. jupiter_ex

    Betruger's swapped eye

    If this has already been mentioned in the 15 years since the release of D3 / RoE feel free to show me the door, but I searched and really couldn't find it. I've been binge-replaying D3 / RoE / TLM lately for the Nth time and just now I noticed that Betruger's bad eye swaps place between Doom 3 and RoE. Here's some videos I found to prove it. Doesn't have anything to do with them being from original / BFG edition, or XBox / PC whatever. I've particularly been replaying BFG edition, but found videos from the original releases with the same detail.
  12. jupiter_ex

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here