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  1. I mean yeah i understand that is a bunch of random homebrew levels, has over 3000+ levels, some of them are duplicates, some of them are broken, some of them are from Heretic etc. but still its an official release and people should play more often. People usually dont know about this expansion, but i think with this thread people will play it more. People are actually putting a lot of effort and in the end to not play it at all is kinda sad tbh. So yeah lets revive this good expansion!
  2. i tried using smoothdoom.pk3, but it replaces enemies, weapons and items with original ones. it would be great if we can play it with 60fps animations.
  3. im gonna say shotgunners because there so many of them and they are hitscanners. chaingunners are even worse but im not afraid of them that much because there not many of them in doom 2. zombiemens are meh. pain elementals sometimes can be very annoying of spawning lost souls but you can kill them relatively fast. arch-viles not many of them in doom 2 so its alright i guess revenants are not that scary. homing missiles can be tricky a little bit and can deal quite a lot of damage, but not that difficult. cacodemons not that difficult to kill but if theres a punch of them u should be careful. pinkies and specters are easy to kill, but again if theres a swarm can be tricky. lost souls are relatively easy. mancubus- not many in doom 2 but they can be deadly sometimes. imps are easy to kill. hell knights and barons are quite easy to kill them. cyberdemons there not many of them arachnotrons relatively easy spider mastermind joke enemy wolfenstein ss they onky appear in one level in doom 2 and they are easy to kill with partial invisibility commander keen doesnt do anything
  4. Aquarium

    Random Image Thread

    such a great wolfenstein 3d cover art
  5. I prefer Japanese culture, but also i like the other cultures as well. If you don't like any of these, just ignore this thread.
  6. yes i do because i have more fun with it and i like to explore more
  7. Mine is the 1st one Knee deep in the dead made by john romero himself. its a really great episode and i have no idea how many times i have played it. however im gonna say my opinion for other episodes as well. episode 2 the shores of hell- its alright overall my favourite map there is e2m6 halls of the damned, probably the hardest map in the entire game. i played this map on nightmare difficulty and unfortunately couldnt beat it. episode 3 inferno - looks pretty good but it lacks a lot of monsters most of the maps are quite empty. my favourite map is probably e3m6 mt. erebus. episode 4 thy flesh consumed - i dont really like to talk about this episode because its not that good. it feels like a black sheep of doom, at least for me.
  8. Aquarium

    I have some problems with testing someones mod

    Sorry for bothering, but when i play doom on gzdoom source port and when i equip night vision googles, my screen is green and i wanna disable it to be like in the original. I tried to find that option but couldn't find it. Do you know where is it or what to do?
  9. Aquarium

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

    Any sports games. Any MOBA games. Any RTS games. Any fighting games. Any survival games. I've played MOBA and RTS games and i just don't like them. I just simply do not enjoy them. Sports and survival games- i'm getting bored after 10 minutes of playing the games. Fighting games- I'm lazy to remember all those combos and buttons to press... It's just not enjoyable for me.
  10. Honestly, i like all of them. I've played from Doom 1 to Doom 3, then i watched full playthrough videos on YouTube about Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal because unfortunately my laptop cannot run those two games.