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  1. I'll concentrate on the alignment before continuing.
  2. I've inspired myself quite a lot on the original doom2 levels, with the addition of some scripting. Just a demo project, I'd like some feedback on this first level to check out if it's good as an entryway level, so that I can start developing the others. It's definitely bigger than the entryway of the original doom2, but nothing absurd. Left some screenshots.
  3. The zcommon.acs file includes the other 3 in it: #include "zspecial.acs" #include "zdefs.acs" #include "zwvars.acs" Perhaps some more "advanced" users like to use their own .acs files, with their own specific declarations. In general, it's basic stuff, the GZDoom developer probably assumes that the user wanting to play with scripting knows that. And besides, under edit there's an "insert snippet" submenu with an #include directive that inserts zcommon.acs :p
  4. -.-, i had clicked everywhere! Thank you very much for pointing out those arrows.
  5. In this specific case wouldn't make much sense to do something like: #define SECTOR_ONE 1 I'm enjoying using input arguments because it's easier / clearer to identify to which script the to-be-altered sector is associated to. But yeah, quite a beautiful work the creator did with this scripting language. It's quite complete, and with a hell of a syntax for a scripting language (I mean, he could have used LUA or something instead, but nope, he reinvented the wheel using a C++ syntax, and in a quite admirable fashion).
  6. Discovered in the other post. I was developing an "ammo recharger" script that can take many terminals. The terminals could only be differentiated through input arguments. I'm using input arguments for the tags of the sectors. It's way clearer than using raw numbers in the script which seem to come from nowhere (Hate that. In C++/Java/Python, I'd use constants to avoid that). In this way, when I click on the sidedef, I know to which sector the script belongs. The post had some usefulness then, because it was all about me being stupid :p Forgot to include the bloody functions!! (Probably a Python evil).
  7. I've tried to compile manually through the CMD in order to see if it would give me any errors... I was right, the action specials are not defined -.-
  8. But sectorTag is just the input argument (Which I pass when I call the script). There's no reason to initialize it in global scope. When I press "use" on this sidedef I get a: "p_startscript unknown script 3" error. The ACS script is not being compiled, because I'm using action specials (They're not working for some reason). Just want to lower it :p Prefer to use scripts / get used with the actions.
  9. When I use them, the script does not compile. It doesn't matter whether it's ZDoom ACS or Zandronum ACS (Using GZDoom Builder here). Had read somewhere in the wiki that I can use Action Specials as normal procedures/functions. How am I supposed to lower / raise sectors without them? Any idea why I can't use them? And this bloody compiler has no stacktrace / does not state the error. EDIT: Solved, sorry. Beginner mistake. Forgot to use the #include directive -.- Absolutely pathetic. Without including "zspecial.acs", it would never work.
  10. Have to disagree man, the 2.5D engine of Doom is pretty fucking weird. I'd rather have "brushes" than bloody sectors (It takes some time to get used to it, unlike 3D where things are more intuitive). But that's also the magick of it, the doom engine is perfect to create a puzzle and trap-filled frustrating environment.
  11. Holy Yog-Sothoth, didn't know that :o!!! "Sandy got his start in the game industry in 1980, where he first worked on paper roleplaying games. His best-known work from that time is the cult game Call of Cthulhu, which has been translated into many languages and is still played world-wide."
  12. SNES, that was my childhood right there. Used to love Donkey Kong 1 and 3 (Didn't have 2nd cartridge), Mario All Stars, Mortal Kombat 3, Top Gear 3 and SPARKSTER absolutely (Konami's hidden gem, play it if you don't know). I used to dream about sparkster as a child :p On PS1 I loved Twisted Metal, the Digimon games and whatever, long history.
  13. But even so, the violence itself was enough to trigger the conservatives. Damn, back in the 90s my mother used to hide my Mortal Kombat cartridge because of all the blood (Ironically enough though, she never complained about me playing doom2, either she never actually paid attention to the game, or Mortal Kombat appeared to be more violent because of all the humans non-demons dying brutally). Nah, don't think it's a "political" decision (Even considering the incident of the release of Wolfenstein3D in Germany). Think the guys enjoyed some dark stuff :p That's why doom is special, it's both revolutionary AND of good taste :p (Sorry half-life, you were also revolutionary and brilliant, but doom almost had no PLOT (Ok, sorry again half-life, your gameplay was also brilliant, but you wasn't *scary* (And when you tried later on, you actually became annoying))). Sidenote: Painkiller also had good taste, by the way.
  14. For future viewers, here's the working script with each terminal working independently: #include "zcommon.acs" int rechargeLimit = 5; int terminalsUsageCount[4] = { 0, 0, 0, 0 }; script "AMMO_RECHARGER" (int terminal) { terminal = terminal + 1; str playerWeapon = getWeapon(); if (strcmp(playerWeapon, "Shotgun") == 0 || strcmp(playerWeapon, "SuperShotgun") == 0) { if (terminalsUsageCount[terminal] < 4) { giveInventory("Shell", 20); log(s:"Received 20 shells."); terminalsUsageCount[terminal] += 1; } else { print(s:"Maximum ammo recharge reached for this terminal."); } } else if (strcmp(playerWeapon, "Pistol") == 0 || strcmp(playerWeapon, "Chaingun") == 0) { if (terminalsUsageCount[terminal] < 4) { giveInventory("Clip", 100); log(s:"Received 100 clips."); terminalsUsageCount[terminal] += 1; } else { print(s:"Maximum ammo recharge reached for this terminal."); } } else if (strcmp(playerWeapon, "PlasmaRifle") == 0 || strcmp(playerWeapon, "BFG9000") == 0) { if (terminalsUsageCount[terminal] < 4) { giveInventory("Cell", 100); log(s:"Received 100 cells."); terminalsUsageCount[terminal] += 1; } else { print(s:"Maximum ammo recharge reached for this terminal."); } } else if (strcmp(playerWeapon, "RocketLauncher") == 0) { if (terminalsUsageCount[terminal] < 4) { giveInventory("RocketAmmo", 10); log(s:"Received 10 rockets."); terminalsUsageCount[terminal] += 1; } else { print(s:"Maximum ammo recharge reached for this terminal."); } } } A big map could have like... 10 to 15 terminals? One could completely remove the traditional ammo-collecting like this.
  15. Ohhh, scripts can have input arguments. Beautiful, thanks :p