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  1. bonnie

    How to make levels (not maps)

    you mean like maps
  2. thanks for letting me know friend! i was cleaning up my doom folders earlier today before you said this, and coincidentally saw a file called "bon_boxes_v8.wad" with no accompanying .zip file, which intrigued me since... i don't remember working on any other updates since v7 so when you mentioned that the link was corrupted, i decided to check out the v8 wad, but it was probably just some bug fixes that i decided weren't worth an update. since i wasn't sure if there were actually any worthwhile changes or not, i decided to finally make a somewhat big alteration in the blood sewers. you won't notice it immediately, but it's there. hopefully it makes the blood sewers more fun and aesthetically pleasing i didn't have time to thoroughly test it though, so the overall balance of the map might be slightly worse now. please tell me if it is. also, i had some issues with the nodebuilder when i was saving the map to upload, so there may be node problems. bon_boxes_v8.zip
  3. bonnie

    Finally, I own it!!!

    i'm happy for you friend!! happy birthday best friend!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  4. pr/glboom+ should be the same option. edit nevermind you can pick multiple
  5. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    I come bearing questions: Is there anywhere I can get the original resources (not doom.wad, obviously)? As I mentioned before a lot of files are left out and, while I'm willing to replace them, it would be really nice if I had them now while I got things sorted out. Resources from Gameception or the original release are acceptable. This guy on reddit claimed to have gotten a 64-bit fork to work (that didn't include resources either), "after some file copying": https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/7th0o3/does_anyone_know_if_doom_ios_will_ever_be_updated/dtck0va/ Speaking of Gameception, does anyone have access to Gameception's source code? A link to the source is listed in the app, but it's dead now: http://pinkeh.com/iphone/apps/gameception/gameception.zip I had some more critical questions, but I'll hold off on them until I'm sure they're actual problems. edit: I've got the assets now and it successfully builds, but the app crashes at the splash screen with no errors. oof.
  6. bonnie

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

  7. bonnie

    Favorite Source Port?

    Not even close to a contest, it's pr/glboom+ (if I had to pick one it would be glboom+ though because of the smoothness). GZDoom takes every aspect of Doom and makes it worse along with having significantly worse performance, on top of already having poorly designed menus with nonsensical defaults making setup a huge hassle, especially for new players. There's really no excuse for playing in a zdoom-based port as your main port (unless you consistently play in Brutal Doom or something, which may or may not be because you just don't like playing zdoom without mods), considering how wildly easy it is to install and use most other non-zdoom ports.
  8. bonnie

    Computer.wad (DTMCH)

    Have you played deathmatch before? I'm gonna be super mean and just be real with you: this looks pretty not-so-good for deathmatch, especially for just 4 players. All the screenshots are of giant wide-open empty square rooms, so virtually no cover anywhere, and the ammo/item/weapon spawns seem really unbalanced. I mean, one of the screenshots shows a BFG, an invisibility sphere, and a megasphere with a plasma rifle (giving more BFG shots) all in the same spot. That's pretty much as bad as it gets. Get Zandronum and the little server browser, check out the multiplayer subforum, join the discord or whatever is over there, play some DM matches, get a feel for what constitutes good balance and fun gameplay, and try again. Though I could be completely wrong about all this, since I haven't actually checked the map out yet and people usually hate my DM maps.
  9. bonnie

    [DOOM II] Hellish Breakfast

    indeed a very good map, but you should really include a screenshot or two in your post!! you get a pass on info since it's in the idgames link (but you should still tell people it's there) while being quite a fun map (maxed it in about ~14 minutes, there are some problems i wanna address first: (bug) a zombieman is stuck in one of the yellow key doors (stylistic) with the progress and general gameplay of the map, i thought the room right after you get the ssg was bizarre and awkward, maybe add a rev or two just outside the door so you have something to effectively use your new ssg on? that or put the ssg in the awkward room (stylistic) the spawn was a little weird because of the teleporter being embedded in the ground, making walking around to get your bearings strange and disorienting (very very nitpicky) the window that opens in the area with the red key should have impassible lines, since you can walk up and climb up it from the inside, which is awkward if you're trying to shoot out of it the map overall felt just a little cramped, it was weird. like not noobishly cramped, but still a little cramped (major) way way way way way WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much shotgun ammo! honestly almost ruins the map. i used the shotguns very heavily, and still finished with 100 shells + ~40 shells left around the map with 15 rockets and ~100 bullets. the rest of the ammo is balanced somewhat decently, but this is a pretty serious problem. spoiler problems, in case someone who hasn't played the map yet reads this: otherwise the map was really good!! i liked the visuals, the secrets, the difficulty (mostly), the gameplay, etc. i'll probably try recording some demos for this because i like it so much friend i can't really gauge how much experience you have, but just in case you dont know: you can update the map and resubmit it to idgames under the same name, and they'll replace the old version for you, so don't think you can't update this friend!!!
  10. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    i don't have an android ;~; part of why i wanna do ios is because i'd like to actually have the app on my phone when i'm done and stuff double anyways, i'm gettin a little spooked with the app now because there are a multitude of deprecated thingies, and some of them seem pretty obscure, and i can't find a lot of information on how to replace them also the code doesn't seem to include any of the resources for like menus and stuff, which is pretty bad i mean i expected there to be no wads, but no menu graphics either?? ;~;
  11. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    What's not being said is that the stars have aligned and for the next few weeks, I'll actually have an oppurtunity to sink 5+ hours a day most days on something fun like this. I'd rather not commit to something for several weeks and then end up with an unfinished app, because I would either have to abandon it or go back to only have a small amount of time to dedicate to it, assuming I don't take away from my favorite 8 hour cat naps. I'd rather spend that time on my maps and stuffs. anyways, does anyone have any advice for my new incredible gameception excursion, like with the updating and stuff and the other parts
  12. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    alright, new plan apparently i'm incapable of doing the things i desired and things i can do aren't particularly useful since i've lost several days, i propose a (not) new idea: just take the ios doom source code, leave it in c if possible, attempt to update it, then add things to it in swift (basically gameception but hopefully slightly better) not quite what i had in mind originally but it would still be fun for me would this be possible and agreeable my main goals would be: - get it updated and working - add pwad support - ability to download custom wads and .zips - simple multiplayer - controller support extras: - option to remove texture filtering? - revised menu, possibly using graphic lumps from the wads (possible?) - that's really it, i would have to make up more things to do if i finished everything
  13. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    This might shock you, but I'm not doing this to snag job oppurtunities as an iOS programmer. I already know quite a bit of Swift, so I'd rather not waste time learning a new language when I really just want to make something in Swift for fun. that sounds a bit light though a dehacked editor with only the text parts would feel really... incomplete would making a mobile SLADE (without the map editor) be feasible though? i certainly hope so because it sounds pretty complicated. i have absolutely no idea how i would even start something like that, and i feel like my resources will be more limited and harder to understand and unless you're implying i make an editor with no form of 3d view, wouldn't i still need make code to be able to render doom environments, interpret map geometry, and do most of the things kb1 listed? at that point i'm gettin pretty heckin close to a source port and all of the steps you listed earlier seemed pretty vague and not-so-straightforward themselves i would like to make an editor, but i'd want to make one that's actually useful, but it seems to still require an immense amount of work... though i'm not entirely opposed to a map editor with no 3d view
  14. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    well since i'd apparently need to put 4 hours a day for several months just to be able to make changes to a port, i guess i need to abandon that idea entirely making a map editor doesn't sound much easier either im kinda hard pressed for time to try this, so are there any other possible doom related projects that i could attempt in swift (including the map editor if that would somehow be doable)? what does the world need right now? and no, i'm not going to hack something together in C or "breakdown" and learn the entire C language. it's swift or nothing. i just wanted to do something fun and doom related in swift.
  15. bonnie

    Doom in Swift

    but that sounds hard and kinda impractical... i mean, it would be pretty cool and slightly useful, but i really don't know if i can (but somehow i think i can port all of doom) what parts of doom specifically would be the hardest to port? i might initially try for something like nasty, where you can load assets and what around, but there's no gameplay or anything then if i can somehow pull off the actual rendering stuff and whatnot, i could try adding bits and pieces of the other stuffs maybe i don't have to directly translate doom's source code to swift. would it be any easier to just hack together something that could run doom, like that c++ one? even if it meant sacrificing compatibility for most wads, i'd be willing to make that trade im not completely clueless, it's just that my knowledge is currently pretty narrow ;~; i really don't wanna give up on this please