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  1. hooray also, gzdoom is "great" only when you make use of the additional features through mods and zdoom-only maps and such. since you said you usually use project brutality, then gzdoom is probably great for you, friend. otherwise, in cases such as this and really anytime you don't want to use mods or play zdoom-only maps (or play mutliplayer), it becomes not-so-great.
  2. what are your specs friend? you should be able to run it pretty easily, unless you're using a poorly optimized port, like a zdoom port or somethin
  3. name: "death toll" format: boom build time: probably like ~7 hours music: avenged sevenfold - brompton cocktail notes: i am truly the michelangelo of our generation
  4. when exactly would you say mid-day is friend edit: thank frickin goodness
  5. yes, but kinda misleading, you'll see why towards the end (it is indeed quite long though) no jumping well actually yes jump, but not the conventional kind c; (that's ur hint)
  6. boxes all the way down texture extravaganza submission, uses extremely limited randomly selected texture set sewers.wad dwmp2017 submission both -complevel 9 play game yes
  7. zdoom/gzdoom/zandronum if you exclusively want to play with mods or in multiplayer (or a zdoom-specific map) 1000000% pr/glboom+ for everything else
  8. Perdition's Gate, Hell to Pay. They literally WERE commercial products, with Perdition's Gate in particular almost making it into Final Doom. They're pretty short, moderately easy (probably between doom 1 and plutonia), and Hell to Pay has a bunch of (imo) cool custom assets.
  9. I feel like the arachnotron is objectively bad due to its bizarre large hitbox, since it severely limits its uses and abilities. I guess that would then apply to mama spider too, though.
  10. b-b-b-but cris collinsworth said the game was almost as exciting as the halftime show!!! then again, he also said full possession + 3 steps + a dive across the plane = incomplete pass
  11. eli and obj were dancing on brady's grave
  12. attention:


    i will grease up nick foles's pole anytime, anywhere


    that is all

  13. they're frickin demons from heck they live for that kinda stuff man
  14. Reread my post and you'll find one. Yeah, pretty easy: as vanilla as possible and let the user choose from there. Sure, but it definitely doesn't have it anywhere near the scale of zdoom ports. As for the health bars, they can be useful for debugging/testing purposes to see the average remaining health of monsters in certain areas after fights. No, that's the point: they aren't. Like at all. It's might be obvious from the get-go that the default settings are somewhat of a problem to some users, which will alert them that perhaps the settings need to be tinkered with more, which of course leads to them getting lost in the poorly designed menus. Other users who don't realize this though... Sure, you can play without many changes to play something that vaguely resembles Doom, or you could spent eons trying to work your way through all of the options, slowly bringing it back to a Doom-like state. OR you could always play something like Chocolate Doom or Prboom+ and actually be able to play Doom with minimal changes. The point I'm making is that you shouldn't force some watered-down meme version of Doom on newcomers. Just let them play something vanilla like chocolate or DOS or something almost entirely vanilla with added features like Prboom+. Let them experience Doom the way it was when it was released, don't force your own way of playing on them because you think decals, low quality sound, and choppiness in a game from 1993 is more fun. Let them play true, authentic Doom in a user-friendly, customizable sourceport like Prboom+ (or fully vanilla with chocolate) and then let them branch out from there, unless they wanna play Brutal Doom first or something. If they play one level and hate it, so be it. At least that way they actually hate Doom, 1993 ID Software's release of Doom, bugs, quirks and all, and not just some vague resemblance of it. Maybe they'll like mods or zdoom ports, maybe they won't. Let them decide and figure that out for themselves.
  15. Oh? Banded SW Lightmode. Tell me where that is, what it is, what it does, and how the "lowest common denominators" are supposed to find this option, understand it, and know whether or not to use it. Or can you not grasp the menus? The cluttered, squished, poorly worded, and mostly undocumented scrolling menus. Compared to prboom+'s simple, easy to understand options in pretty, uncluttered, page-based, well marked, user-friendly menus, most of which don't even need to be bothered with in the first place... which apparently makes them less manageable.