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  1. Aggressive sure, but I didn't exactly mock anybody. Hey thanks for reminding me! I still haven't played the updated version, if you recall the discord discussion in which I was informed that the map had been updated to fix many of the issues I had with the version I played and planned to reject, and that I promised to play the latest version. You can keep making things up though, if it makes you feel better. As for the rest of your post, I assume you just skipped right to where I mentioned you in it because I already explained literally everything you just complained about, real or otherwise. edit: @Phade102 I don't think me being a scammer and me supposedly having not and not intending to ever contribute a single thing to the project were things on anybody's mind before you showed up.
  2. Except I didn't provoke it. That's the point.
  3. tl;dr: AD_79's post is false statement after false statement and he and Phade are trying to destroy the project and the works of 20 people over claims that are demonstrably false. Don't fall for it. Read below if you want an in-depth breakdown of each one of his claims as well as explanations for certain happenings over the last two days. _______________________________________________________________________ #################################################### I held back a lot with my response to Phade, but clearly that wasn't the right move. So let's talk. ################################### I want to also preface this by saying: Yes, I've made mistakes (not that many of which you've actually mentioned), but through it all I've still been trying to put the project first. I wish I did some things better, yeah. I wish I started the project earlier to give myself more time to actually wrap up the project when I wanted to instead of going on the hiatus (although I still put in quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work during said hiatus), which absolutely shouldn't have been as long as it was. I wish I spent just an extra day to finish up my map instead of getting excited and pulling the trigger early (which led to slots getting filled up insanely fast, making me reconsider my plan of making multiple small maps and instead make a longer more complex map which brought work on it to a standstill). And yes, I wish I was better at giving positive feedback. But none of these things should be resulting in the sudden dismantling of the project, considering that (depending on how fast maps get updated) the first private alpha will likely be released next weekend, and the project should be essentially complete and ready for idgames by early-mid November (barring anything unexpected like additional maps being submitted). Now let's get something else out of the way before we get into this: I have very real, very justifiable reasons for rejecting Naza's second map (Gateway) with nothing more than a simple "no." Besides those reasons, it still felt like a low-effort, low-quality map that he almost certainly should have expected to have greeted with either heavy criticism or outright rejection on my part. He started with a map as good as his first map (Sinner) yet followed it up with a giant, literally empty (outside of buildings and one alcove) brown... place with only 5 spots with enemies throughout the entire thing. Compare that to Mt Erebus. Mt Erebus was bright, colorful, big. It had lots to do and explore, and had enemies scattered about with more continually repopulating the outside. Gateway was nothing like that. Was it salvageable? Of course! Anybody could have fixed it, but Naza had already displayed that he had little intention of listening to feedback with Sinner, so there was no way he would ever come close to making the revisions needed for it to be accepted. It's a shame too since that AV fight was pretty sick, even though it really has no place in the project as we've already got lots of episode-ending worthy maps. ################################### Now let's tackle this bit by bit: Yes, I've been rude in my feedback, and it's been a serious problem throughout the project. It's nothing personal, just my inability to put positive remarks into my feedback, unless it's something really special, as otherwise it's just a bunch of generic compliments. I want to be better with it, but I just haven't been able to. It would probably be a lot better if we could use that voice-recording prboom+ fork, as I definitely say and think quite positive things in the moment that I don't know how to put into feedback without, again, making them generic compliments. I wish I wasn't like this, but I also wish you wouldn't lie about stuff either. I would LOVE to hear you give some examples of me "tossing out some decent maps that have solid potential without blinking an eye." I'd also like to hear you list the maps that I've said only "no" to, besides Gateway which I've already explained part of the reasoning for above. I've said since the start that they just need to be Episode 3-inspired maps (preferably inspired by specific maps to avoid having generic hell maps) of decent effort and quality with decent ammo balance (among other things). Episode 3-inspired could mean a lot of things, and it wouldn't make sense to make the definition any stricter as it could put a stranglehold on the quality of the project. One thing I've also been clear about but never made it an official rule: you need to have at least some understanding of the map(s) you're being inspired by. This is why people like that guy with the e3m1 style map got kicked out. Besides ignoring and protesting feedback from multiple people, he lacked a fundamental understanding of what makes e3m1 work, which is why he ended up with "64-unit hallways and flesh courtyards: the map". We even had lengthy discussions about the ideas behind the project both in the thread and discord, but who cares about stuff like that, right? These ideas alone are more than enough to put together maps without maybe issues. Didn't get it to my impossible standards? Don't worry, just listen to feedback (even if mine is mean, although you really could have swayed me if you gave a compelling, reasonable argument for why you felt part of my feedback was wrong) and you can just update it from there. No maps have been rejected on a whim or without explanation (aside from Gateway initially). Everybody was given a chance. Heck, even @Pegleg is getting a another chance despite how hard I was on him, and even though he might need a lot of time to fix it up, I still want to work with him because he's committed and has put a lot into the project for us. Double heck, I even wanted to keep Sinner and hope Naza would just drop the Gateway business, but obviously he wasn't going to. People on the chopping block in my feedback post aren't fully removed yet, they're just in danger of being removed without making further updates, as most of them received feedback months ago and either still haven't updated or updated but mostly ignored said feedback. The only exception to this have been people who were kicked out and thus had their maps removed as a result. What debacle? You mean how he heard something on twitch and misunderstood, instead believing we were talking behind his back and threatened to leave before Hak came by and purposely said the one thing AC said would make him leave? How is any of that my fault? Do you have any legitimate reasons to believe it's in as dire a state as you claim or are you just gonna make more sensationalist statements? But surely you agree there should still be some form of quality control, right? Don't worry, you don't have to answer that, because you were one of the people pushing for more quality control the hardest. Interesting how life changes. You do know where you are, right? You're on the OP of the doomworld thread. Yeah, that one. The one that I repeatedly informed you and DMPhobos that my nearly finished (at the time) yet beatable map had been on since the start of the project. You could have played it and (ignoring the enemies, rushed exit, and crusher area) could have gotten somewhat of an idea of what I was trying for. But sure, just pull even more instantly disprovable nonsense out your ass. Much of that next project talk was referring to things I wished I had considered before starting Infernew and what I hoped to do differently in the future, though I do agree I should have saved the initial talk until after feedback was given. That was pretty stupid of me, and I'm genuinely sorry about it. I know you probably don't care or believe my apology, but I'm still sorry. But what state exactly is the project in? It was coming along fine and was finally nearing completion, only for Phade to come in and spout a bunch of gibberish which you apparently ate up despite how wrong it was, resulting in you and DMPhobos spreading even more weird lies and confusion, breaking everything up. In fact, that really begs the question: why DID Phade and you guys wait for the project to get back on track to try to tear it apart? Why couldn't you have done so during the hiatus, when it made sense? ################################### I mean what's wrong with you? You guys make up stuff and lie to people to hurt the project and hurt the ~20 people still committed to the project, who just wanted to make something cool and vanilla and inferno inspired. You guys say stuff like I'm rejecting maps people have worked on for months with no explanation when I'm giving them the chance to continue updating because they ignored the feedback they received months prior, or how there's no clear strict definition for the project when it's designed to have a more loose definition which I've already provided, or, the very best one, that I'm not even making a map??? I cannot and will not stand for this at all. Now for other responses: So, one final time: Hopefully not people like you or phade, if you truly only want to spread lies and tear the project apart. _______________________________________________________________________ #################################################### tl;dr: AD_79's post is false statement after false statement and he and Phade are trying to destroy the project and the works of 20 people over claims that are demonstrably false. Don't fall for it.
  4. @Phade102 I don't know who you are, or what I did to hurt you, or why you kept joining the discord to spam paragraph after paragraph about how I'm a scammer and how I don't contribute anything, or why you won't talk to me or respond to my DMs, but you aren't hurting me, you're hurting everyone in the project by saying these strange, wildly incorrect statements. Please respond to my DMs on discord so I can understand why you're so upset.
  5. hey, everybody. i've been away, because i timed this a little poorly, and thus have been very wrapped up for the past many months (plus i had a health scare for a small fraction of that time a few weeks ago). honestly i still am pretty wrapped up, but i decided to push through it and get feedback on as many maps as i could over the last two days. ideally i'd like to have this whole project wrapped up and in at least a beta by next weekend, but that'll depend on how available the mappers are, considering that their schedules may be different and time constrictions might keep them from being able to work on their maps any further, which i fully understand. hopefully we'll still get something going by then, but for now, here's some feedback for the people either not in the discord at all or not in it enough: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Walter confetti-Swamps of the Obscured Presence nice name. ditch the slow raising pit at the start, it looks bad. finished with 48 shells and 151 bullets, so definitely cut back on them. not sure how i feel about the IoS kill at the end, but i guess it can stay (for now). ended kinda abruptly, really felt like it was the intro to a longer map which i was excited for, but then it suddenly ended. not to say that's a bad thing, it'll make for a great episode 1 map!! so just the pit at the start and the ammo you need to work on. @SilverMiner-Underslaught i don't know what to say. on one hand, the map felt oddly refreshing to play amidst my testing marathon with a fun 90s aesthetic, but on the other hand, you submitted what appears to be a plutonia 3 tribute map to an inferno project. while i obviously can't accept your map, i want you to know that i'm glad i played it and i actually had fun doing so. thank you c: @ShadesMaster-Blood Slough broken? the teleporter taking you up to the yellow skull door sounded like it was stuck, and i found no other way up. i liked the original start, being high up. lots of door-camping spots, lots of needless ammo, lots of pinkies standing at the bottom of a cliff, lots of a cyberdemon+archvile standing at the bottom of a cliff in a not very well designed arena, lots of thin ice you're skating on. the exit sign wasn't even aligned. i'm not overly happy with this one. it has a lot of potential, but it's being wasted. rework the ammo, rework some of the fights, and try to be more consistent on the difficulty. also fix the teleporter. @Scypek2-Uncanny Village i'll be honest... i didn't fully play this. it was the very last map i had to play and i just couldn't be bothered after playing the start of it. i might try it again in the next few days but i really don't know. the start was... ugly and not very well put together, and had a really bad case of artificial nonlinearity (just made that name up) where the map gives off the illusion of being nonlinear but is in fact balanced around one specific path, usually one the author almost exclusively tested. this results in the map being nearly (or fully) unplayable if this exact path isn't discovered and utilized. if you want more proper feedback, @dt_ may be able to provide you with some. edit: Not sure if he's been on the discord so I'll edit it in here: @Urthar-PainTech okay ammo balance, could do with fewer bullets and maybe a handful fewer rockets. a little cramped in a few areas, the outside area didn't seem to reward exploration at all, and way too much running on damaging floors. @Urthar-Pentadamned better ammo balance, but still could do with fewer cells, and reduce the secret shell box at the start to like 8 shells instead or something. a nice map overall. i don't really have that much to complain about. c: maps that are unlikely to be accepted in their current state due to either a lack of updates over the last few months despite having received feedback OR... other reasons: SilverMiner-Underslaught Pegleg-Pathways of the Tortured Dead *danielhday-Milano Mash *ETTiNGRiNDER-Blood Forest *Garbage-Parabola * limited progress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the rest of the feedback (and there's quite a bit) was either just delivered on the discord, delivered over the last two days, or i've already given feedback on the map months ago. P.S. i still have (potentially) a lot of work left on my map, plus another very important one i've been planning plus a lot of other fun stuff P.P.S. would it be insane to say i'm hoping to start another project no more than a few weeks after this one wraps up? it'll be much faster since the timing will be better and the premise will be a lot simpler and freeform, requiring less oversight by myself. gosh i'm excited even though i've basically ruined any credibility i had by this long hiatus. oh well c: P.P.P.S. If you'd like to add a map over the next few days, feel free to do so!!! There are plenty of slots left and more than enough time for a short and sweet map (but not too short and not too sweet, it's heck after all).
  6. bonnie

    sfx problem

    have you tried reversing the order of the wads? the wads are loaded in the order you put them in, so if smooth doom replaces the same sounds and you're loading it after the psx sounds, then smooth doom will overwrite them
  7. bonnie

    The unused Blob enemy in DOOM II (Well, Sorta)

    With dehacked, very. It would actually be pretty heckin easy too. Just have a static monster with the blob sprites a certain offset off the ground, and have it animate using the above animation upon seeing a player with or without a delay, then use the pain elemental's lost soul spawn action to spawn it. If it was a one-time only monster, simply have it fade out and either die or simply poof out of existence once it's done spawning. edit: actually this wouldn't account for rotating sprites. sorry.
  8. bonnie

    Doom Nightmare fuel

    if this wasn't a joke thread, i would have probably said that unloved is pretty good nightmare fuel and good in general play unloved
  9. bonnie

    Gameception source code

    i would also love to see the source code, so i'm bumping in hopes that someone out there has it or knows someone who does
  10. bonnie

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Open up google translate and type the example words (cackle, cake, taco, tacoma) into it as English and press the sound button. It'll give you a fairly accurate pronunciation of the word. That being said, it says caco is pronounced like taco, but it sounds so wildly unnatural that it's honestly pretty spooky that native english speakers would pronounce it any way other than cackle. edit: actually it pronounces the full word cacodemon as cackle
  11. bonnie

    Advice for a console noob?

    ya beat me to it :( It's practically of cheating to mention it since it wildly outshines every other console port for fairly obvious reasons (except for the ps3 version which has more iwads, though I hadn't heard that it was worse overall before). It's only genuine flaws are the lack of cheats and lack of widescreen support, though that somewhat makes sense as it's basically chocolate doom with a higher resolution. It's so good in fact, that it was really disappointing to find out that no source port has support for anything even close the controls of the 360 version. It controls about as perfectly as Doom possibly can on a controller, with Doom 2 even including a highly effective quick-select for weapons on the dpad. If you're boring, I would strongly recommend the 360 version.
  12. how to import custom textures (copy/pasted from my profile): midi list to replace in slade: whacked4 for dehacked editing and how to use it:
  13. wow friend!! that's really cool. i don't really know what's it's supposed to be used for, but i like it nonetheless c: here are some pictures of it in action: thank you for this great gift friend
  14. bonnie

    Vanilla/Chocolate DooM episode & Map name changing

    Use WhackEd4 for dehacked editing and Bitmap Font Writer for creating level/episode name graphics: BitmapFontWriter.zip
  15. bonnie

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    i strafe run in every game i play