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  1. Have You tried putting a weapons-only mod after Tarnman's Projectile Hell in the load order? I think that would overwrite his custom weapons. Sorry, no time to try it myself right now, I am at work.
  2. marco.nadal.75

    Special Map for Russian Overkill

    It's fine, as long as it is heavily modified like you say. To use multiple .WADs / .PK3s with GZDoom, use a launcher, like Doom Explorer (my fave!) or ZDL (ZDoom Loader).
  3. Isn't it? Those sanpaku eyes and Goya gaping mouth, they haunt my dreams. The art drew me in, and now I listen to Utsu-P every time I drive. Artist name is 飯時 Hansi. This is the best quality version I could find:
  4. You mean Linedef #1455 (generalized type #26704)? How would I even get up there? I play in GZDoom 4.5.0 and I walk over that line and nothing happens. Not that I would get to that line anyway, since I can't reach it anyway.
  5. How to beat E1M5 -- shoot LineDef #674 ... HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO SPOT THAT, YOU TROLL?!
  6. Thanks for the megaest of megawads. I like the story. Strong Touhou vibes. I'm getting severely filtered by E1M5. The fighting is awesome and furious, just enough ammo on continous play to make demons ded. FUN! But progression is another story; I raised the first set of rising walkways and platforms, but the second set eludes me. Got any tips other than "watch UV-max replay on YouTube"? P.S.: Have you heard Utsu-P music? You might like, check it out: https://youtu.be/Sybi0z3Eltw
  7. marco.nadal.75

    Temporal Tantrum (v1.31 now released on IdGames! - 28 maps for MBF21)

    Thanks, I needed the refresher! mklink /H <target> <original>
  8. Yes, Thank You, that one works fine... I see you moved the switch that raises the catwalk to the top of the stairs. The rest of the map was completed without incident... a very unusual map, to be sure. I have not seen its like before. Climbing towards that dot of light I spied through the porthole in the beginning was kinda suspenseful. @_@ I will continue with the rest of the megawad using GZDooM 4.5.0, since its listed in the .txt as a supported port.
  9. marco.nadal.75

    Temporal Tantrum (v1.31 now released on IdGames! - 28 maps for MBF21)

    OMG Arachno soundfont sounds sooo good, I tried it with Rowdy Rudy's Revenge and it has a real 70's music feel now. DooM just keeps getting better and better for me. Only downside is that each source port needs the 155 MB .sf2 file in its respective directory, and I have a lot of ports and versions to cater to all the mods I have installed, so the small SSD on my laptop is running low on space... still, that should motivate me to finish my Ryzen7 build. I have tried Eternity and movement is so different from Zan and GZ that I find it hard to play well. Also 8-bit color software mode looks pretty bad after playing in OpenGL/Vulkan for so many years. I tried Reshader with CRT shader but I think it introduces lag on this system. About to have another go at Temporal Tantrum (update) with the Arachno soundfont, but before I go: Have you tried LiveReverb.pk3? Like the soundfont, it improved the experience so much for me.
  10. Great job! Which source port did you use? I'm softlocked on MAP10 - The Maudlin Wall. I'm using GZDooM 4.5.0 and Embers Of Armageddon mod. Is GZDooM 4.5.0 100% Boom compatible? Description of softlock: Near the staircase to the Q toilet*, there is - the edge of the alcove with 5 chaingunners and 2 skellys: Linedef #1055/1056, special 17176: Boom Generalized Switched Special, tag 26 - the button that -presumably- would rise to be pressed to progress: tag 26, sector #390, Linedef #2474/2475, special 24924: Boom Generalized Switched Special, tag 24 - the L-shaped catwalk that continues north: tag 24, sector #391 Well I cross Linedef 1055 but I can't get the button to raise, so i can't continue on this map. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2c2nhjfnh6dytt/3x3 map10 the maudlin wall bug report.png?dl=0 Proposed solution: Replace those instances with standard Linedef types, I don't see what the Boom specials do that cannot be accomplished with vanilla. But, I'm not a mapper, so idk.s Anyway, map01 - map09 were really enjoyable so far, so would be great if this little bug could be fixed for the next release. *(is that a comment on "sit on your ass and trust the plan" - Qtardism?)
  11. marco.nadal.75

    Temporal Tantrum (v1.31 now released on IdGames! - 28 maps for MBF21)

    I have played through all the episodes of the February demo (not the secret level) and have enjoyed it thoroughly! I experimented with various weapon sets from the 99weapons mod pack, and used HMP (skill 2) difficulty. The final slaughtermap in the Temple of Carmack was particularly challenging. I liked that since the maps were divided into episodes, it forced a pistol start for each. I used that as an opportunity to try a different weapon loadout for each episode. The plasma soldiers and 3 eyed Cacodemons are fearsome enemies, and can kill me from full health/armor within seconds. Dealing with plasma soldiers required an attitude like Blood's cultists, I think his reaction time is really short, and low pain chance too. 3 eyes cacos are best killed from a distance. The variety of tones and themes gave me great motivation. I think 3 maps per episode would be ideal. Maybe use a custom boss for the end of each episode... like the Temple Of Karmack had the two Diabolists. That was cool, how one of them came out of the sarcophagus. Also each map having unique, well selected music, that is much appreciated. BTW I used GZDoom 4.4.2 with Timidity++ MIDI engine, do you have a recommended engine or sound font? I'm looking forward to seeing the skyboxes that will be put into the final product, and to see more maps of course. Well done guys!
  12. Got it, thanks!! I did the Wadgen shuffle and put -file .\unmaking_fix.wad into the Other Parameter field, everything proper now. I play with 360 pad 'cause Doom64 EX dev blog explained it was keeping it old school like Doom Retro (love the automap on the second screen) so no jumping, crouching or looking up and down. I mostly play GZ and Zandro with gaming mouse and keyboard but no problem. Played the first map, after taking the Berserk I went to the service tunnels and hit the power switch... the whole station came to life and ... I had forgotten how cute D64-guy's gardening gloves looked! Awww... @_@ Not so for the Demons and Possessed when they experienced the classic Hokuto Shinken full body explodey whatcharekkonofzetmove!? I kept going only using the punch but my disdain for the pistol caught up with me when an Imp's green fireball finished me off in the green armor room. What a great start!! I look forward to playing your saga... I'm sorely tempted to assemble my new Ryzen system and get into streaming just so I can blind run your megawad. Haha everyone have a good time i see you later.
  13. Hello, sorry if I sound like a dolt but i am confus. I first beat Doom64 on Project64 (N64 emulator) and loved it. (That was in those heady turn-of-the millenium days when FLCL came out. Ahh... the memories...) Then I played a port of Doom64 for the Doomsday Engine. (For me, post-Haruko era. Ah, she will always have special place in my heart. Ahem.) Then I got Brutal Doom 64 running, like when it came out. It's running on Zandronum engine AFAIK. Uses DOOM2.WAD as IWAD. Just tried to install Doom64 EX to play your megawad and dropped DOOM2.WAD into the same folder as DOOM64.EXE and start the launcher, select my resolution... and ... "IWAD not found". What am I doing wrong? UPDATE: I put -iwad .\doom2.wad into Other Parameters field and now the error becomes: "Textures section not found in IWAD"
  14. marco.nadal.75

    Object "34": Sonar

    This map will take as long to complete as an episode of original Doom. It is VERY ornate and convoluted, and somewhat directionless. I played with latest Guncaster (1.777) and latest stable GZDoom (4.5). It took me nearly 2 hours. I still don't know how to get the yellow key without jumping. I recommend using a gameplay mod with double jump and mantling, like Project Brutality, or D4D or Guncaster. There are no new monsters or weapons, so you won't miss out on original content if you use a gameplay mod. There is a cool boss battle in the end. All the areas are nicely designed and detailed, and the final area looks cool. The exit area is central North, by the way. Beware, there are some inescapable traps if you play with jumping, so save often.
  15. How do I use mods for Eternity Engine? I tried various methods such as extracting files and folders into same folder as Eternity.exe, putting it in its own folder \base\colare, starting with Eternity.exe -game colare, or Eternity.exe -edf colare, but nothing works. I checked the Eternity wiki and couldn't find anything either. Someone please help. Never mind, I just kept the files zipped, and used them like PWADs in Doom Explorer. I combined Colander with Cubic Worlds (WIP) and it's a good challenge. Always like to see some fresh assets. I enjoy try some unique mods outside of Zandronum/GZDoom. Admittedly, bit hard going back to software mode after playing on OpenGL/Vulkan. Maybe I'll connect my PC to a CRT for that retro feel. ;-)