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  1. marco.nadal.75

    The UnMaking: a 33-map nightmare for Doom 64

    Got it, thanks!! I did the Wadgen shuffle and put -file .\unmaking_fix.wad into the Other Parameter field, everything proper now. I play with 360 pad 'cause Doom64 EX dev blog explained it was keeping it old school like Doom Retro (love the automap on the second screen) so no jumping, crouching or looking up and down. I mostly play GZ and Zandro with gaming mouse and keyboard but no problem. Played the first map, after taking the Berserk I went to the service tunnels and hit the power switch... the whole station came to life and ... I had forgotten how cute D64-guy's gardening gloves looked! Awww... @_@ Not so for the Demons and Possessed when they experienced the classic Hokuto Shinken full body explodey whatcharekkonofzetmove!? I kept going only using the punch but my disdain for the pistol caught up with me when an Imp's green fireball finished me off in the green armor room. What a great start!! I look forward to playing your saga... I'm sorely tempted to assemble my new Ryzen system and get into streaming just so I can blind run your megawad. Haha everyone have a good time i see you later.
  2. marco.nadal.75

    The UnMaking: a 33-map nightmare for Doom 64

    Hello, sorry if I sound like a dolt but i am confus. I first beat Doom64 on Project64 (N64 emulator) and loved it. (That was in those heady turn-of-the millenium days when FLCL came out. Ahh... the memories...) Then I played a port of Doom64 for the Doomsday Engine. (For me, post-Haruko era. Ah, she will always have special place in my heart. Ahem.) Then I got Brutal Doom 64 running, like when it came out. It's running on Zandronum engine AFAIK. Uses DOOM2.WAD as IWAD. Just tried to install Doom64 EX to play your megawad and dropped DOOM2.WAD into the same folder as DOOM64.EXE and start the launcher, select my resolution... and ... "IWAD not found". What am I doing wrong? UPDATE: I put -iwad .\doom2.wad into Other Parameters field and now the error becomes: "Textures section not found in IWAD"
  3. marco.nadal.75

    Object "34": Sonar

    This map will take as long to complete as an episode of original Doom. It is VERY ornate and convoluted, and somewhat directionless. I played with latest Guncaster (1.777) and latest stable GZDoom (4.5). It took me nearly 2 hours. I still don't know how to get the yellow key without jumping. I recommend using a gameplay mod with double jump and mantling, like Project Brutality, or D4D or Guncaster. There are no new monsters or weapons, so you won't miss out on original content if you use a gameplay mod. There is a cool boss battle in the end. All the areas are nicely designed and detailed, and the final area looks cool. The exit area is central North, by the way. Beware, there are some inescapable traps if you play with jumping, so save often.
  4. marco.nadal.75

    Colander - 1.0 (Interloper) RELEASED!

    How do I use mods for Eternity Engine? I tried various methods such as extracting files and folders into same folder as Eternity.exe, putting it in its own folder \base\colare, starting with Eternity.exe -game colare, or Eternity.exe -edf colare, but nothing works. I checked the Eternity wiki and couldn't find anything either. Someone please help. Never mind, I just kept the files zipped, and used them like PWADs in Doom Explorer. I combined Colander with Cubic Worlds (WIP) and it's a good challenge. Always like to see some fresh assets. I enjoy try some unique mods outside of Zandronum/GZDoom. Admittedly, bit hard going back to software mode after playing on OpenGL/Vulkan. Maybe I'll connect my PC to a CRT for that retro feel. ;-)
  5. marco.nadal.75

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    Your website is currently unavailable, any chance of an upload to idgames?
  6. marco.nadal.75

    My First Mod

    I can't get this mod to work. I have tried various versions of GZDoom and Zandronum. Which .exe do you use? What order are you loading the files? I'm using: skulltag_actors.pk3 skulltag_data_126.pk3 weapons mod 1.1.wad hectic v3.3.wad hectic x mod 1.2.wad Can you please list the correct order and the correct .exe. Thanks in advance!