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  1. CorSair

    I made a huge mistake today

    Looks like Mr. Trump is about few votes away from 270, if the newspapers are to believe. Y'know, I should've seen this miles away when the first (s)hitpieces about Trump started coming and then people kept lambasting on him. Being ever "charismatic" and combined with unapologetic attitude, being outsider (or that's what I see him as) to politics, and combined with all that media shitshow, it would seem to be his key to victory. This is probably the only thing worth about having Trump to win presidency. It's like people can't comprehend why someone so different should win presidency, yet they can't keep their cool, instead they impotently rage at social media. In hindsight, they probably gave the opportunity for Trump to rise to high position. .:edit:. Welp. If the local newspaper is to believed, Trump has already sealed the presidency for himself. Prepare for the Worst. Hope for the Best.
  2. Newsflash; my shitty laptop decided to fry out, been about over week and half without it. Thankfully, whatever was in the HD is still workable. However, I don't think I can make it to deadline...
  3. Yeah, it's fine. And I can swap places if needed, as long it is after map20.
  4. I probably take any map slot after map20 with x10 monster count as a limit.
  5. CorSair

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    It does seem to be way too high sum to be paid, and if Gawker seeks appeal, it might lower the sum by some extent, but I'm not sure if they try that, since their income is about 1/10th of their income past four years. I don't really know or care much about Hogan himself, but he seems to be iconic character. If you have certain reputation, you want to keep it as is, and hope that some paparazzi won't start prying on your private life. (Didn't Hulk got some flak due this sex tape incident?) Perhaps it may seem to be unfortunate thing, but would you really employ people who are causing real harm intentionally? We're talking about Gawker here. Scare press... How? By not putting out hearsay that blow back on your face, and especially, for the company you work? Or not putting libelous shit to discredit someone or something you personally don't like? If this video would've been about fraud done in private room or area, then I would've played different tune. But it was about someone's private (sex) life, put out in the public, with no consent of the ones who were caught in tape. Doesn't that seem different, in principle? Learn the difference between rag and paper.
  6. CorSair

    Hulk Hogan leg-drops Gawker Media, wins by TKO

    And nothing of value was lost. Is there any public recordings of that trial? I wonder how scummy they can go with their shit on court...
  7. CorSair

    MAYHEM1500: The Finishing

    Did a quick test, it's okay on my book as far as I am concerned. Let's just get this out quick before May is on us again.
  8. CorSair

    Florida is at it again....

    Giving a loaded firearm for four-year old kid? What could possibly wrong? Basic mandatory military training would be one reason, and they really love to punish you for any kind of mistreatment while using firearms. Pointing a (loaded) weapon anywhere else than target practice? Extra jog in nearby forest with your squad and probably pretrial investigation. Weapon starting to rust or having any kinds of defects because of negligent maintenance? Pretrial investigation. You left your weapon lying around or you lost it? You bet it's gonna be pretrial investigation (and jail time if it's been passed to criminals.) And the second reason, in civil, you need to fill ton of papers and do some tests, along having a criminal-free background, for purchasing a gun. Losing your gun to government is easy though. Poaching, violent behavior, problems with alcohol/drugs or illegal threats with a gun as an example, does that. There are very few times I've heard when self-defense with a gun were justified. That said, if someone wants to own a gun, you really should take some lessons about the firearms in general, even when you know how they work or how you should use them in theory. It doesn't hurt to listen expert on the matter. Keep in mind, it doesn't stop retards misusing guns and not doing mistakes like pointing gun where they shouldn't, loaded or unloaded. Or not keeping your trigger discipline. And criminals do as they please, they have their ways to obtain or make guns. Not just in certain part of world, but anywhere in the world.
  9. CorSair

    MAYHEM1500: The Finishing

    Got little too busy this week and only managed to do some minimal monster placement, so you may try to some tweaking. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5sus72rv7zsp4ex/tech_1-267_rc2.wad?dl=1
  10. CorSair

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    Arctangent, if you were meant to rustle some jimmies, well done, but people are getting sick of shitty generalizations of all sorts of isms where none is needed. But if you really insist on calling (or attempting to call) someone sexist, please, fuck off to Tumblr. As if there's not enough antagonizing of people who are more cynical about Hollywood. @Scuba Steve I remember there was Ghostbusters cartoon. Can you tell anything about that and would you recommend it?
  11. CorSair

    Young Conker

    When I compared the old Conker to younger, younger one looks like some sort drug addict.
  12. CorSair

    Ghostbusters New Movie Trailer

    Greed would be my answer, since it would ride on the coattails of nostalgia, and it is quite easy to desecrate re-implement the plot with new cast and lore, all you gotta do is to "modernize" it. But that's just another retarded theory of mine. Every passing day I wish that internet would be cut off from these twats. Or give a nuclear bomb treatment to social media. Preferably, both.
  13. CorSair

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    If we want to go for more point&click games: But I don't recommend the second one.
  14. CorSair

    Gaming: Did you fall behind?

    A game made by Ice-Pick Lodge. Haven't played it, but played their other game, The Void. Probably goes to my ever-growing list of games that should be played, if their quality is to be trusted. And there are games that can give you film school degrees.
  15. CorSair

    Young Conker

    I have only superficial knowledge of Conker, but please tell me I ain't the only one who feels like someone just desecrated something you always held in high value or always liked.