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  1. Matthew


    Ah, commercials... They made us pester our parents until they buy what it's advertising. Two weeks later, we would be so excited, we could explode. Then, we saw that package on our porch, and we would be so excited. We would have hours of fun until it broke after a few days... Commercials back when where fun, and inventive, and sometimes funny. Back then, commercials did what they need to do, advertise the product, and show what it does. Now, commercials seem like they're all written by the same asshole. Trying too hard to be funny, rarely actually explains the product, and they're not enjoyable anymore... I'm not saying that they were potentially enjoyable in the 80's - 90's, but they were funnier than this shit. Leave your most hated ad below! Mine is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAIqwTHXjuQ
  2. Matthew

    Face Palm

    Pretty funny in automap mode... 3/5