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  1. I collect doom stuff so yeah disc rules xD
  2. I play a literal metric butt-ton of brutal doom. I have already beat scythe, alien vendetta, PAR, phobos-deimos-infernos V, mr chris' brutalized, countdown to extinction, vile library, brotherhood of chaos, and BYHAE, among a few others. Anyone know any meant for brutal doom? Or that just plain play well with brutal doom?
  3. What about photos of myself posing in the same movements as the doomguy sprites
  4. Tell me, how difficult would it be to take doomguys hud face sprites and replace them with my own face?
  5. So browsing an old thrift store i find this disc, old, red booklet labelled "demongate, over 600 new levels for doom and doom 2" so naturally i buy it. What is it, was it worth the dollar i paid, and if i install it can it be played with brutal doom? Or is it not a WAD file? Anyone have any idea?
  6. Text pop ups haha
  7. Hi i am working on a megawad and i would like to have points where the main character speaks, or messages appear on screen at certain points in maps. How do i achieve this?
  8. Oh thanks alot guys, i especially appreciate the detailed walkthrough!
  9. Its simple to swith to gz without losing my current progress right?
  10. I am using db2 and would like extra monsters to use in the builder that i have seen from other wads. How can i acheive this?
  11. Thats another thing i needed to know actually, is whether or not gz is easier for stuff like 3d floors, slants, etc. I cant figure out how to use that stuff
  12. No clue man. I just know how to build a decent map, i really need to learn more
  13. Yes, as well as things that you can program to switch and door and cieling and floor, like how switches do things, and how cielings and floors act when walked on
  14. I'm just making a megawad for use with brutal doom. Does one have more abilities for walls and sectors etc? Like more switches and doors and so forth?
  15. Which is easier and has more abilities? I am currently using db2