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  1. SuperCupcakeTactics

    DBP42: Slime on Earth

    Howdy Chexters! Slime on Earth is a Chex Quest™ episode for Doom 2 made to be played on any limit-removing port of your choice brought to you by us the Doomer Boards cereal killers. >>>DOWNLOAD HERE<<< Screenshots: MAPLIST: Previous Projects:
  2. Just vouching interest in your good Doom level design contest to kick off as that was the only Doom mapping contest that actually interested me. Utilizing the principles of good Doom and not trying to rehash iwad maps for the umpteenth time. Also because I'm confident I could give it a good shot of course! Don't need a graphics card for a prize personally though lol


  3. Don't say you're bad at Doom modding! At least fake being great until you make it all great! Magic lives among us! Don't put yourself down; lift yourself up!

  4. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doom Zero - launch (and celebrating 25 years of Doom II)

    Agreed. This WAD is awesome.
  5. SuperCupcakeTactics

    DBP41: Hell Revealed III (Pt. 1)

    The finished megaWAD is Hell Revealed 3 and the DBP format was used last month to start working towards a full 32 map megaWAD. It will resume development in the future "soon." So in the meantime feedback on helping build the Hell Revealed 3 you want to see or making a map for it yourself would be much appreciated :D
  6. SuperCupcakeTactics

    What are you listening to?

    All day today.
  7. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Talk about some custom monsters you like 

    The 'Munchkin' from @Phobus's ph_monsters.wad which is a small freaky little creature that I had fun spamming everywhere on my own lonesome. It may be lost to time.
  8. SuperCupcakeTactics

    What are you listening to?

  9. SuperCupcakeTactics


    Looks cool and sounds awesome :)
  10. When I was a youngling I thought your name was so cool I used it for my custom character in LEGO® Star Wars® II: The Original Trilogy for the Playstation® 2. I just wanted you to know that.

  11. I think I'd actually want to work with an incredibly ambitious newbie mapper with tons of potential. Helping a big dreamer's dreams come true.
  12. SuperCupcakeTactics

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    The joys of a lobotomy.
  13. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Favorite website?

    https://asoftmurmur.com If there's a better site than this or even a program for background noise then please do let me know.
  14. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doomguy gets Fried Chicken nuggets

    @RetroAkaMe I'm looking forward to your original chicken nugget recipe :)
  15. SuperCupcakeTactics


    @Some1NamedNate I've seen interest in deathmatch maps in this theme before so if I manage to bring myself to make a DM map of my own I'll see if I can kickstart a project for people to contribute to it. Experimental gimmicky unorthodox DM mapping encouraged (as long as they're "playable" of course). First of all there'll be the skatepark DM map, and then a map featuring a Mixom facility surrounded by a shantytown inspired by the real-life Amazon warehouse built in Tijuana. Putting that out there if anyone wants to start it without me because you're totally welcome to. @ax34 That's only half of the texture. The full texture of the Cyrillic reads 'Всего́ хоро́шего!' I looked up 'всего' and it appears to just be an adverb. I don't know Russian but the full 'Всего́ хоро́шего!' is meant to read along the lines of "cheers," "best wishes," or "all the best to you." @EffinghamHuffnagel Thank you for sharing! Shoutout to Usednoo25 for the lovely fan-work he has done featured on his DeviantArt. This piece inspired by a JOJOLION cover: