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  1. I really want some good lasagna right now. I also love rainy days.
  2. Will change it soon-ish next I remember to
  3. Oh, I thought people were talking about the cacoward award sprites themselves with the golden cacodemon on the stand. May he rest in peace and be reborn at his own leisure.
  4. I always assumed it was Scuba Steve
  5. I guess the mockaward can come back if there's Mockery 3 :S
  6. Pretty sure that can be done easily in DeHacked/WhackEd by checking and unchecking a box or two
  7. But who can speedrun the IWAD maps the fastest using crouching and jumping?
  8. Wish Hide N' Seek by Eradrop at least got a mention
  9. Maskim Xul!!
  10. Congratulations all of y'all. Kind of what I expected (please don't gang up on me telling me how it is; just saying) but there was some cool stuff I haven't seen before like The Given. I especially like The Given since I'm glad someone is still making maps like those (and I spent a good minute and a half just staring at the ceiling).
  11. Too bad it's canceled but thank you for sharing it. I remember seeing a lot of wads WIP that I wish I knew where they are now. Just started it up and loving the attention to detail. Having a character always having something to say when looking at something is something I really appreciate along with all the destructible things.
  12. There's something I really like about this. Nice jobbbb
  13. Kind of a mix of Catholic Christianity, Paganism (probably Wiccan like @YukiRaven and I draw a lot of pentagrams and other symbols frequently), and Buddhism
  14. Yeah I just tested it with ZDoom and it worked but it failed to work with QZDoom and GZDoom