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  1. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Source port tier list

  2. SuperCupcakeTactics

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I hope you brought a boombox to blast that at the picnic!
  3. SuperCupcakeTactics

    My save for Scythe was just ruined.

    If you're playing in ZDoom-like ports you can open the console with the tilde ~ key and type in the command "Give" followed by what you want. Give supershotgun Give backpack Give plasmarifle If that'll help you continue your game like how it was before
  4. SuperCupcakeTactics

    What are you listening to?

    Heck yeah love this band!
  5. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Personally I'm still rooting for Umbral Platinum! Why yes I was the benevolent dictator of DBP18 and I think it's great :) EDIT: I would like to mentionate Doom Zero if that's eligible!
  6. Just played through the demo and I actually had a nice time with this so good job! Maybe there'll have to be even more new textures in the coming maps to keep things fresh. The berserk computer section in MAP02 was pretty memorable.
  7. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Intermission Screen Background

    TITLEPIC is the title screen image. INTERPIC is the intermission screen image. Both of these images are typically 320x200. That's 320 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. A popular tool for editing Doom WADs is SLADE so I recommend using this tool to add things to your WAD. So if you want to change the TITLEPIC or INTERPIC all you have to do is insert your own image in the WAD and name them as such to replace the original ones in Doom 2. You may have to package your images in a .zip file first to open it in SLADE though. You can even open your DOOM2.WAD in SLADE also and see every file's name that you may want to replace right from the source.
  8. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Opinions on jumping in doom?

    Jump around however and wherever you want! Crouch under fireballs and perform 360 jumpshots! If you want to "break" a map then go on ahead and I personally don't like it when a mapset has forcibly disabled those features. I suppose it's a different story though if there's a map that requires GZDoom yet also doesn't want you jumping or crouching. I've done that before for a nice chunk of Doom 2 until my memory of how to exit the map became challenged and/or the novelty of it started to wear off for me. Mhm, I concur!
  9. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Looking for status bars to use in my WAD

    I supplied a version from that for DBP23: Evil Egypt with the status letters/numbers so you can get the status bar graphics from that. I recolored the text red though so if you want a different color you can do a recolor yourself easily enough I believe. The red colors are unique to the whole graphic so you could even remove all other colors and supplant the remaining text onto another STBAR.
  10. This looks awesome and I look forward to playing it. Simply sublime, m'wah.
  11. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Looking for human sprites

    Try Ghostbusters Doom 2
  12. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    It's looking groovy over there! I like it!
  13. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Share Your Sprites!

    Hmm I'll share something too. A piece of bloody skull slop, and one as a lollipop for the demons. Feel free to critique and just credit me if used. and now for some with less bright blood -> Larger picture that's not for ants: