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  1. Your latest map was much better than the moonbase one that's for sure. I couldn't bear the contest because of how big the map was but anyway yeah I just wanted to say that.

  2. Disagree (I like adventure). Salt and vinegar is the best flavor for potato chips/crisps.
  3. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    Yeah Skulltag was the best. I'm probably the only one who misses exploring the mystery dens of clan headquarters maps though. Strikerman780's SMMP is the best one though, and second place would go to FSR HQ. Those times had lots of creativity and stuff going on!
  4. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Are there any blank maps made for you to put in monsters and weapons?

    Try deathmatch maps.
  5. Try a different node builder such as ZDBSP. I had problems like yours before with a huge really detailed map of mine until I decided to try out different node builders. ZDBSP fit the bill just fine! Also maybe you could try reducing the dimensions of your map by playing inventory tetris.
  6. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Xenomorph Base (a limit removing project from Doomer Boards)

    Okay guys I finally took a look at it in SLADE and for some reason the REJECT and BLOCKMAP in my map was moved under MAP04 when going from the alpha version to the final.... I fixed that so here's a link: Xenomorph Base FIXED
  7. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Super Mario 64DooM (PROOF OF CONCEPT WAD)

    I'd say that instead of trying to recreate every level from the game you should instead try recreating only your favorite ones.
  8. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    The Spider Mastermind.
  9. SuperCupcakeTactics

    TEAM ROCKET: Blasting Off at the Speed of Mapping - RELEASED

    Wow. Good luck have fun!
  10. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

  11. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Bifrost - single map with rainbow bridges (Boom+)

    Neato map! I like the shapes you made, such as the middle of the map resembling that of the Eightfold Path.
  12. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Commissioning mods?

    Well I made the final boss sprites for Maskim Xul for free because I thought the project was super duper awesome. Better step up my game to actually make money on an hourly basis somewhere somehow since I'm going to be 20 years old soon. I only do pixel art though (and pen and pencil on paper). Mapping to me is entirely a passion project so I definitely wouldn't take commissions for them (unless maybe it was for a million dollars).
  13. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Maybe the real razor dildo was inside our souls all along.

    Well Doomguy's Pimp Ventures is certainly more immersive with the levels and all the other elements which makes for more than just a zany weapons and monsters replacement. In the Pimp Ventures there are levels and funny things here and there. HDoom is very serious in of itself and has more of a meme factor. Sure there is the testing map which offers some fun things to interact with but that's about it and you see all of the world there can be to HDoom in that short testing room. Maybe it would make more sense if all the weapons weren't replaced with erotic lovebeams and the help screen wasn't a meme. Maybe it could be an alternate reality where all of Doomguy's neighbors are the hot demon women that sought refuge on Earth after Doomguy blew Hell to smithereens. Those fine ladies need a better home and Doomguy can go shopping for the MILF Hell Knight and the Baron of Hell as lewd humorous adventures ensue. Pimp Ventures has tons of silly elements and has a world to revel in that the author made. HDoom is just a sex mod, and as it is right now I am not sure how much having a small mapset accommodating it would benefit it. Perhaps HDoom just needs a more involved world built around it. I need that immersion and adventure. Y-you know what I mean?
  14. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Doom Barracks Zone (dbzone.wad) MAP03
  15. SuperCupcakeTactics

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    Well, I managed to beat MAP01 Entryway with it and ended it theeere. E1M1 is probably tougher since there are more open areas in it.