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  1. Thanks for this, because it seems there are still classic maps out there that I haven't seen yet!
  2. Looks more like a long floral foam block that can't sustain those wooden pillars. I think it just needs either a texture rework for a border sector to imply more structural integrity, or I guess just more support pillars.
  3. Have some spooky stuff I made a few years ago on this year's Halloween of twenty-seventeen (Just pretend it is and/or watch these again on Halloween). I remembered these exist and have decided on a spur-of-the-moment decision to share them with all y'all. Enjoy friends \o/ You'll want fullscreen for this probably:
  4. I already use Ethernet cabling anyway mostly since it's faster and more secure, according to my Dad anyway. Hopefully nothing bad happens still, since the Internet as a whole is quite precious to me :/
  5. I like small puzzles that are relatively easy to solve if you use some decent observation skills and connecting head dots (put bright lights on the "instructions/switches" please :P. I also like puzzles that are optional, just too bad that switch hunts aren't optional :y
  6. Oh so Scythe is where that map is from. Knew it was from somewhere but just couldn't put my finger on it
  7. So uhm which levels in here are original? I started it and thought it was a cool BIOWAR homage but then it got too similar then saw direct rips of Fragport, DOOMCITY, Requiem, Biowar, and also possibly Neodoom when I checked out all the maps. I do like that huge explosion dehacked thing though; you also have nice taste :S
  8. I got Wild Guns Reloaded a few days ago and I love it! <insert Trigun OP here>
  9. Played: Icarus Beat: Biowar
  10. Wow, you really know what you're doing! Looks great! I'm a sucker for moody atmosphere.
  11. Grove 2 (Or else I'll make it myself some few eons down the road... :/)
  12. I scanned one of my drawings for the first time and now I feel like making some kind of coloring book to sell, which sounds more reachable as a first book than an actual story :y The original Expect an entry on this on my website's next (eventual...) update (wink wink :s).
  13. Favorite movie genre: Thriller, something badass and cheesy, or something that's just plain ol' weird and spooky Favorite food: ...chocolate? Favorite holiday: Christmas, I just wish it snowed for more than a day Favorite outfit: Anything longsleeved Favorite/Worst memory: Don't really have one, I try to spend as much time not thinking about the past as possible... I do like dreams though, even the super spooky ones because those are great food for thought. I have some abandonment issues so those all stick out in suckness Age: 19 and I just had my birthday 3 days ago, on the 3rd of this here June Favorite genre of music: I guess jazzy synth rock stuff Most hated genre of music: Uh, I guess anything rap/most of whatever's mainstream out there because I dunno :S Right handed Worst injury: Well I scraped my entire face on concrete pretty bad one time Favorite hobby: Daydreaming, creative ventures, and anime Definition of success: Having wife and kids and living comfy in love and peace, 'tis me ultimate undisputed life goal I think... otherwise success is just feeling comfy, being satisfied with work, and simply enjoying Are situations black and white: No, there are... too many shades of grey, and lots of other colors
  14. Hellsing (The original anime adaptation's soundtrack) Berserk (Oh gosh why is that Ball MIDI there whyyy!?) Yu Yu Hakusho (Mm I just can't get enough of it, also a ton of songs on various albums related to the series) Cowboy Bebop Code Geass (When I want to pace around thinking epicly) Gun X Sword Trigun Neon Genesis Evangelion + End of Evangelion Bleach Case Closed/Detective Conan Eureka Seven JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II Kino no Tabi Whatever that opening sound was in Memories: Magnetic Rose because I need more of that Misc openings that I remember liking: Darker Than Black OP2, Those Who Hunt Elves, and all those Cutey Honey openings
  15. Not exactly answering the question but try to do a lot of ideas (particularly all the little ones) that you can think of early on in mapping if possible before you get "pro". When visiting some of my first maps I see some cool ideas that I would have never thought of before or would do now that I have more experience otherwise. Sort of like getting less creative as you grow older and know more about how the world works. So embrace thy beginnings and look back upon them and be inspired by thou own handiwork. So for your first maps just let loose and do whatever you think would be fun and cool without getting caught in the stress of worrying if it's all just horribly wrong :s