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  1. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Whats your favorite animes

    Steins;Gate, Berserk (1997), Code Geass, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Revolutionary Girl Utena!
  2. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doom Members' Website Links

    It's on hold for now, but thank you for your interest :)
  3. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Doom Members' Website Links

    https://supercupcaketactics.neocities.org I need to fix the music still (try it on IE perhaps). I want the next update I do to be pretty meaningful with some new content and not just updating the front page just mostly for the sake of updating :P
  4. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Best Use of Stock Textures

    Awesome! I was trying to think of what WAD those vehicles came from so I could name it so thanks for sharing!
  5. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Best Use of Stock Textures

    Wishy Wackadoodle by thyself. Also Hellbound is nice too. Here's a thread on the same subject which included that map by me which is why I mentioned it yay! EDIT: Oh I just noticed Catpho linked the same thread
  6. Your latest map was much better than the moonbase one that's for sure. I couldn't bear the contest because of how big the map was but anyway yeah I just wanted to say that.

  7. Disagree (I like adventure). Salt and vinegar is the best flavor for potato chips/crisps.
  8. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    Yeah Skulltag was the best. I'm probably the only one who misses exploring the mystery dens of clan headquarters maps though. Strikerman780's SMMP is the best one though, and second place would go to FSR HQ. Those times had lots of creativity and stuff going on!
  9. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Are there any blank maps made for you to put in monsters and weapons?

    Try deathmatch maps.
  10. Try a different node builder such as ZDBSP. I had problems like yours before with a huge really detailed map of mine until I decided to try out different node builders. ZDBSP fit the bill just fine! Also maybe you could try reducing the dimensions of your map by playing inventory tetris.
  11. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Xenomorph Base (a limit removing project from Doomer Boards)

    Okay guys I finally took a look at it in SLADE and for some reason the REJECT and BLOCKMAP in my map was moved under MAP04 when going from the alpha version to the final.... I fixed that so here's a link: Xenomorph Base FIXED
  12. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Super Mario 64DooM (PROOF OF CONCEPT WAD)

    I'd say that instead of trying to recreate every level from the game you should instead try recreating only your favorite ones.
  13. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    The Spider Mastermind.
  14. SuperCupcakeTactics

    TEAM ROCKET: Blasting Off at the Speed of Mapping - RELEASED

    Wow. Good luck have fun!