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  1. Your avatar is cool and beautiful! May I ask where it's from? 

  2. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Ultimate Coom

    This WAD is full of unholy eveilness
  3. My map for SLOOTER a lewd FPS built with GZDoom! Check it out and support Doomy NSFW high-impact sexual violence! Please share!



    --> https://buxomdev.itch.io/slooter <--

    1. Biodegradable


      L-l-lewd?! .__.;

    2. Gothic


      Whoa, you weren't kidding with the NSFW. Good luck with the project.

  4. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Amorphous Euphoria - 9 Euphoric Maps to Vibe To

    Thanks for playing everyone glad you've all experienced a hit of amorphous euphoria! Been quiet for a while now but I'll post again since it's now on idgames as AMOREUPHO.zip! Thanks for pointing this out. I brought it up but fixing it apparently broke some other things so it'll be left as is. One reason I started this project was to go back and make some maps like how I used to, to remember a fond part of where I came from and re-light a creative spark, at least with fun unrestricted texturing! I had to learn how sky transfers work in Crispy Doom to make sure everyone got their desired sky with their map. Glad you enjoyed it! The solution to the raise red platform switch was shown earlier in the thread but if it wasn't clear: Straferunning is NOT required and if I do this again I'll see about providing a view of the area from the side to present the problem with more detail to give another lead towards the solution. Yes you CAN get softlocked on the north side of the map but I decided to be merciful and provide an acid slime pit to restart :) Yeah the tall eye switch can be out of sight and out of mind. I thought about teleporting another monster on the textured stairs but decided that was too much and left it for people to investigate that peculiar structure if they paid attention to the texture the platform sectors share. Again, if I do this over I'll keep this in mind for future map puzzles. The HOM'ing on the windows wasn't really intentional and I thought about if I could do it over so the skies would render properly but decided it wasn't worth messing with and to leave it as a happy accident so everyone can enjoy some HOM visuals in the museum too, heheh. Of course the real puzzling challenge of MAP09 is to complete it without using any of the "stuck" teleporters!
  5. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Amorphous Euphoria - 9 Euphoric Maps to Vibe To

    Bumping this thread full-force with an RC2 before an archival upload (RIP WAD-Archive). >>>AMOREUPHO_RC2.zip<<< updates include:
  6. SuperCupcakeTactics

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    This is fixed in the final (idgames) version. Sorry about that but thank you for playing I'm glad ya' liked it!
  7. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Amorphous Euphoria - 9 Euphoric Maps to Vibe To

    Amorphous Euphoria is a brand new limitless 9 map episode of imaginative and groovy maps by ambitious pioneers for Doom Universe's first original community project! DOWNLOAD DOWN HERE ⬇ DOWNLOAD THIS WAY ➡ AMOREUPHO.zip ⬅ DOWNLOAD NEAR DOWNLOAD UP THERE ⬆ Important play information that you can also find in the 'README' provided in the download: Doom 2 on complevel 2 (Limit-Removing) Play with either Crispy Doom, Woof, Doom Retro, or dsda-Doom in software mode for the intended experience. Screenshots? You get ONE! Maps by @Walter confetti @kvsari @NoisyVelvet @joe-ilya @MattFright @r3d_Belmont456 @Christophine Place and myself! You are all wonderful; have a beautiful day!
  8. SuperCupcakeTactics

    fave castle/tower/dungeon/stone maps

  9. SuperCupcakeTactics

    The Mauve Zone

    Try 7-Zip
  10. SuperCupcakeTactics

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    Serious Sam 2
  11. SuperCupcakeTactics

    The Mauve Zone

    Yeah this map is great! I really like the texture work you've done here and the reality warping of it all. This map is just very creative in general with interesting ideas and visuals. Quite inspired as well ;) As for the gameplay if your intention was to distract me with the mancubus so the chaingunner could sneak up and fill me with holes that's a pretty crafty setup and it got me twice! The closets are about pitch-black to me with GZDoom's lighting so I don't know if that was intentional since you have a revenant in one and a corpse in another. Interesting navigation with hopping out the window past the washing machine as that's the kind of design I really like. I ran into some ammo shortages after grabbing the SSG though since I was fighting the barons with them (tried using berserk but got burned bad from behind) but it wasn't too bad after having a chainsaw and finding more outside. Double archvile encounter was pretty rough, but probably because I wanted to fight him in the same room and didn't run out since there was another archvile outside too. Gets kind of dicey after that too but past the red key door and into the E1M1 area you can get stuck in the small room with the soulsphere if you go in and let the door close on you. Was a bit of a struggling grind to fight 3 cyberdemons with just the plasma rifle in the tight space provided. After that I noclipped back to the start to go secret hunting and wow that string of reality warping hidden rooms was really something and is what made this map stand out the most to me. Would have been nice to grab the goodies here as soon as possible much earlier for sure!
  12. SuperCupcakeTactics

    Something in a wad that scared you.

    Picking through a WAD with SLADE many years ago and clicking on a file with name that piqued my curiosity, and when I did I was greeted with the scary face from the exorcist movie in high-def .png quality! Oaaah!
  13. SuperCupcakeTactics

    T-Square MIDIS

    Thank you for sharing! Much appreciated :D
  14. Mwahahahahahahaha~!


    1. MattFright


      is it a sprite??

    2. Biodegradable



    3. SuperCupcakeTactics


      Rapidly evolving scrolling texture animations for limit-removing :)