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  1. Noooo the flowers are great!
  2. I love your work!
  3. When I first played Deus Vult II and saw the Hell levels it scared me because I thought it was like the real Hell or something (idk how old I was)
  4. I assume it's done by taking a texture and dividing it by 1 pixel increments and carefully positioning them to go in an arc so when it all scrolls it looks like a waterfall. Similar to the trick done in TRUCK.wad What program did he use to do thisssss aaaaaaaaaa
  5. Like right about now actually :y Coooool it's 2018 noww
  6. Aaaaaa I wanna test this out I love these things and yeah gggmork made some stuff like this that I enjoyed too
  7. Try to get at least 3 maps done :b
  8. A set of stairs going down that when I run off, Doomguy hits his head on the next ceiling off the stairdrop. Posted this before and not sure if it's a trope or not
  9. I'll check this out more later but upon first impressions I'm charmed and will also enjoy these maps :)
  10. It is, since I give permission to use the boss sprites as long as credit is given to me (the sprites in the zip are in their original size).
  11. yes yes yes
  12. I really want some good lasagna right now. I also love rainy days.
  13. Will change it soon-ish next I remember to
  14. Oh, I thought people were talking about the cacoward award sprites themselves with the golden cacodemon on the stand. May he rest in peace and be reborn at his own leisure.
  15. I always assumed it was Scuba Steve