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  1. Tylerisepic1

    Deem Now Zandronum-Proof

    The one and only Linguica
  2. Tylerisepic1

    Just how many Doom WADs or mods are there?

    Well, its kind of a big gap since Doom was released and Skyrim was released, so I would say that there would be many more Doom WADS than Skyrim mods.
  3. I see why cityromp needs some work. Visplane overflow galore.
  4. On a serious note, it is VERY nice.
  5. Tylerisepic1

    Black Magnetic (released)

    Keep doing what you're doing. I like it.
  6. Tylerisepic1

    Black Magnetic (released)

    Very nice level design. Liked most moments of it. Only two things that bothered me are the enemies (ex. those three machine gunners in front of the "hanger door" killed me 3 times on a difficulty of 3) and the overuse of Realm667 things. Picture for the example: EDIT: Oh yeah, and:
  7. Tylerisepic1

    O Is For Orange

    What happens when you run it? I'm too spooked to try ;(
  8. Tylerisepic1

    Where do you get your custom midis from?

    Nice! Definitely will look into this. So, just pick an unpopular level with good music and rip the midis from them?
  9. Tylerisepic1

    MAYhem 2048 AKA MAYhem2014

    i almost participated in this
  10. Tylerisepic1

    WOOO 2

    rly good
  11. Tylerisepic1

    WOOO 2, How 2 wooo (Now on /idgames!)

    Cant wait for official release!
  12. i bet this will sell a whole lot /sarcasm and the music sucks, too.
  13. Tylerisepic1

    Doom Mods "without Doom"

    It should work, if someone can get the download. The only problem is the secret level. I think I can remove it and change the secret exit in MAP05.
  14. Tylerisepic1

    Iraq, Round Three

    Wait did people stop caring about the kidnapped girls or whatever? Did they find them? On topic: GREAT.