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  1. AV 17 DOABLE. Get cyber stuck. There is a better way - it's very easy to safely punch cyber through gap in it's cage. But is there realistic strat for pinky pit? Pistol them?
  2. Map24 Tyson 39:01 Time is very bad, I had about 25 minutes when doing test runs with saves. There are two problems with tysoning this map. First is hell knight in sewers. If you don't kill it first time then it will block the entrance. So I changed Aqfaq's route to get berserk much earlier and punch it quickly. Second is spider mastermind. It's possible to stuck it when it fights with mancubi but it's too tricky for a long run. My plan was to aggro it to baron, then stuck and punch it. In this run I wasted some time not realizing spider already somehow was aggroed. And of course infights was awful and I almost run out of ammo. In was never a problem in test runs.
  3. Crumpets Map08 Pacifist 0:10 I quickly made 0:11 but wasn't sure about 0:10. Then I tried SR50 for the jump and it helped a lot. And then vile cooperated almost perfectly and I got - DAMN IT - 10.00 =( EDIT: Oops, MD922 already did it, forget it then.
  4. Crumpets Map08 NM-Speed 0:15
  5. Crumpets Map04 Pacifist 0:11 This death exit requires serious amount of luck to do it fast.
  6. Excellent! On map 26 you can save 1.5 minutes by just grabbing blue key without waking monsters, see the attach. Of course very useful for -nomonsters runs too! Not the easiest grab but I am sure you can find reliable setup.
  7. Map32 UV-Fast 5:51 Quite annoying beginning. Survival rate from the start to telefragging second cyber was ~5%.
  8. Map21 UV-Fast 5:32
  9. My jaw is on the floor. Badass route.
  10. Map22 UV-Fast 8:05
  11. Map10 UV-Fast 8:45 Two runs with the difference of only 7 game ticks! Had another four 8:4x times when I was killed by the last spiderdemon.
  12. Map25 UV-Fast 22:50 Very fun level to play with fast monsters. Faster than CN record by 12 minutes =)
  13. Map14 UV-Fast 16:36 Six minutes faster than CN record.
  14. Episode 1 UV-Fast 1:11:45
  15. Map20 Pacifist 1:18 Map20 NM-Speed 2:16 Map18 NM-Speed 1:56