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  1. GrumpyCat

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    Map25 Pacifist 0:07 rs25p007.zip
  2. GrumpyCat

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Wanted to do it without invulnerability and with av jump for many years, and was motivated my Hereunder's run. It's quite a bit harder that uv speed, because you only can wake up the av by entering the room. Map06 Pacifist 2:10 av06p210.zip
  3. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    Map21 Pacifist 0:03.60 Map21 NM Speed 0:03.37 tenthgear21p360.zip tenthgear21n337.zip
  4. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    Map02 UV Max 0:14 Map05 UV Max 0:22 Map06 UV Max 0:26 tenthgear02-014.zip tenthgear05-022.zip tenthgear06-026.zip
  5. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    This ending has pretty low survival rate, but it saves several seconds. Map01 UV Max 0:30 tenthgear01-030.zip
  6. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    Map11 Tyson 0:13 tenthgear11t013.zip
  7. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    D2all UV Max 17:42 tenthgeard2all1742.zip
  8. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    Map06 Pacifist 0:05 Map06 NM Speed 0:05 Map17 Pacifist 0:10 tenthgear06p005.zip tenthgear06n005.zip tenthgear17p010.zip
  9. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

    Map10 Pacifist 0:03 tenthgear10p003.zip
  10. GrumpyCat

    Tenth Gear [-complevel 9]

  11. GrumpyCat

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Random runs recorded years ago. continue Tyson 4:51 doomjr Map09 NM Speed 0:21 barrel E1M1 NM Speed 0:16 1killtng Map03 UV Speed 1:59 contt451.zip jr09n021.zip barreln016.zip 1k03-159.zip
  12. GrumpyCat

    1994 Tune-up Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map04 UV -Fast 2:01 (recorded in 2013) 9404f-201.zip
  13. GrumpyCat

    Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 NM 100S 0:28 (recorded in 2014) Map25 NM 100S 0:16 (recorded in 2019) I also had sc09s028, but it's slower than megasphere308's one. sc11s028.zip sc25s016.zip
  14. GrumpyCat

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    Map14 NM 100S 1:46 (recorded six years ago) sd14s146.zip
  15. GrumpyCat

    100Lines Demos [-complevel 9]

    Old runs. 100lineT Map15s Pacifist 0:04 100lineN Map15s Pacifist 0:09 1t15sp004.zip 1n15sp009.zip