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  1. My jaw is on the floor. Badass route.
  2. Map22 UV-Fast 8:05
  3. Map10 UV-Fast 8:45 Two runs with the difference of only 7 game ticks! Had another four 8:4x times when I was killed by the last spiderdemon.
  4. Map25 UV-Fast 22:50 Very fun level to play with fast monsters. Faster than CN record by 12 minutes =)
  5. Map14 UV-Fast 16:36 Six minutes faster than CN record.
  6. Episode 1 UV-Fast 1:11:45
  7. Map20 Pacifist 1:18 Map20 NM-Speed 2:16 Map18 NM-Speed 1:56
  8. Haven't played for about a year, glad that at least was able to finish it. +1 to Memfis, wasted some cells +) Good level btw.
  9. WTF I just watched lol. Awesome trick! Potentially breaks so many maps. Was it possible to predict it by looking at source code? =)
  10. It's doable without TAS. Example:
  11. Map09 Pacifist 1:44
  12. Map12 Pacifist 1:23 Meh.
  13. Map12 Tyson 16:38 It's test run, first exit, goal was under half of Aqfaq's time. But next ten exits was all slower than this crap =(
  14. Watching it at 10% is the first thing I did, very clever, not obvious trick indeed! So it's not possible to gain enough speed for "between two red bars" way even with rocket boost from blue bars?