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  1. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M8 UV Max in 1:43 e4m8-153.zip This run was part of my "One Day Challenge", where I limit myself to a single livestream to study, route, practice, and run a single map. This was possibly the least frustrating IL of all E4, the survivability of this map wasn't that bad. The worst part is getting past the Baron guarding the red button which raises the bridge to the final area. You really need to press that button as fast as possible, or you're losing time, but the timing to do it right is extremely finicky and partly random because the Baron only wakes up in certain tics of its idle animation, which makes the whole thing quite frustrating. Thankfully that problem is not as bad for the Baron guarding the yellow key button because you need to wait for the bridge anyway. Even though my goal was getting a 1:52 (which eluded me despite the long stream), I feel that this 1:53 run is pretty good so no shame in submitting this. Route is almost the same as Teedre's except for: - I lower both the first cell pillar and the supercharge pillar at the same time, to save a bit of time. Possibly could have just skipped the first supercharge if my health was high enough at that point, but I really didn't want to squander my survivability so I ended up never skipping it. - Shoot the first Hell Knight while moving backwards into the blue armor so when it dies you can just rotate 90º and keep firing into the lift room without needing to wait for the plasma's cooldown animation when you stop firing. - Skip all radiation suits down in the lava pit and go straight for the lift on the other end. You should still have enough time to kill all the Pinkies and Spectres downstairs. - Shoot an extra BFG shot in the last area while moving in between the right and left stairways. - On top of the left stairway, hit the far wall and then strafe back to the right to avoid getting blocked by the first Lost Soul. I feel this should be doable very consistently even though I didn't practice the maneuver fast enough. - Always fire any BFG/plasma you have left while making the final run to the exit to push any Lost Souls that might be on the way to block you and steal the 1:52 from you! :( Possible improvements: - I feel like there's something else you could do while waiting for the red key lift? Maybe shoot the Barons with plasma? Feels awkward because you'll need the ammo later for the BFG (yes, sometimes you do run out of ammo here). Maybe there's some strategy involving the rocket launcher that I'm not seeing here; either shooting rockets at the Barons while you wait, or rocket-jumping across to save even more time, even though that feels SUPER risky.
  2. E4M7 UV Max in 2:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49uXKWk0DGo e4m7-208.zip
  3. E4M6 UV Max in 2:53 https://youtu.be/NLgCFsyd_mo e4m6-253.zip
  4. Coincident

    Speedrun Analysis Tool

    Version 1.6 is out with a small fix to support the splits file format of dsda-doom 0.26. Thank you KineticBeverage for reporting the problem! The link to the local file version (non-google-drive) was also updated in the original post. Make sure you make a new copy of the document to get the latest version. Enjoy!
  5. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M5 UV Max in 1:47 e4m5-147.zip This run was part of my "One Day Challenge", where I limit myself to a single livestream to study, route, practice, and run a single map. I got very lucky during my attempts and got a 1:48 record on attempt number 3! Of course that was an outlier, and it took me 200 more attempts to get this 1:47. I got a 1:45 in the process, but exited before one of the last shotgunners died, so it was invalid. But that just proves that 1:45, and sub 1:45 are definitely possible. I kept trying for 300 attempts but then I had to stop because I was out of time to keep grinding this map. This is a very forgettable map. I used mostly Teedre's previous route with some adjustments especially to rocket / plasma usage. The first Cacodemon is the most obnoxious demon ever. It's movement is so random that more than 50% of the time you'll need to reset because the caco is not by the window, and is near impossible to hit. Even when the caco does appear by the window, RNG damage from the shotgun means it will die from 5 to 10 shells. Insanely random and totally out of your control. Very frustrating. Killing the Baron on the Plasma room is very awkward due to it's position and due to where it's moving relative to the direction of your rockets; you end up missing a lot of them. If you skip the Baron to kill it later after getting the blue key it's even worse because auto-aim can make the rockets aim slightly down and hit the ledges in front of your face, instead of the Baron... After the Baron door, I highly recommend using plasma to kill the hitscanners upstairs. Empty all the cells of the Plasma on them so that the weapon doesn't do the "recoil" effect and you can swap to the rocket launcher earlier for the pinkies downstairs. If you can afford it, shoot a rocket on the ledge of the window before jumping to the exit; if aimed correctly it might kill some of the hitscanners in the exit room in advance.
  6. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M4 UV Max in 1:31 e4m4-131.zip This run was part of my "One Day Challenge", where I limit myself to a single livestream to study, route, practice, and run a single map. This was another frustrating RNG grind. Most of the run's success depends on the random damage of either the shotgun or the berserk. The invulnerability room is the biggest pain in the ass in the entire map, as the 2 cacos are often too high to be punched; and together with the blockmap bug and cross-section shenanigans, you end up missing a lot and losing plenty of time. Also you risk the Specters and Imps running all the way to the end of the room, making you lose even more time. The only reliable form of damage are the rockets of which you have only 7 for the entire map, and using them wisely for survival + speed is paramount. I started by going with Teedre's previous route but as I watched other people's runs (and my own) I realized there were some improvements that could be done to make the route faster. So here are a few changes I made to the route: - 1-shotting the 2 shotgunners down in the first secret means you can shoot once upstairs before grabbing the berserk, which means there's (at worst) only 1 shotgunner alive up there and you can move forwards more quickly. - Shoot 2 rockets at the right Cacodemon when you enter the invuln room. Maybe it dies and the other one gets damaged plenty. This means there's less stuff to punch in this room which is the biggest RNG dice roll, so IMO this is the best use of rockets. However, you will have to sacrifice 2 rockets somewhere else... - Skip the supercharge if your health is above 50% by the time you reach the Invuln. - Use only 1 rocket at the Imp closet by the RK. If you're lucky, only 1-2 Imps survive and you can quickly punch them and move on. - On the final room you can jump to the balcony instead of taking the teleporters, but I'm not sure if that saves you much time in practice; and it has the extra risk of falling down and losing a potentially good run. I chose the teleporters for consistency. - After pressing the buttons on either side, shoot 1 rocket *ABOVE* the opening trap door to *PREVENT* auto-aim from working. Ideally, the rocket hits the back wall in the middle of the room and evenly distributes the blast damage to clear out all the Imps. 2 more rockets at the Caco on the left trap door should be the last rockets used on the map. - On the final caco closet on the left, hug the left wall and punch slightly to the right to avoid the blockmap bug. After punching the bottom caco 4 times, move to the other closet hoping that it dies (on average, it will about 50% of the time). If it didn't you can throw a final punch on it when you come out of the closet on the right.
  7. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M3 UV Max in 2:23 e4m3-223.zip My best run so far of all the E4 ILs. I was focused and got lucky enough in this run to beat the previous WR by a considerable margin. The run was not perfect though, there's several small movement flaws here and there, and a bigger time loss when I went backwards to grab the boxes of rockets, after the red key. Sub 2:20 should be possible, even though I wouldn't consider it "easy". This run was only moderately frustrating; not as bad as the previous ones. But there are still random occurrences take feel like BS; such as random monsters moving out of place and causing face-rockets; but perhaps most annoying of all are the Spectres that survive a direct rocket... Spectres are the worst in this map.
  8. E4M9 UV Max in 2:13 https://youtu.be/Q4oIDxLVy9I e4m9-213.zip
  9. E4M2 UV Max in 1:22 https://youtu.be/CfyJmvh42kU e4m2-122.zip
  10. E4M1 UV Max in 1:52 https://youtu.be/8u5hRR3Ln6I e4m1-152.zip
  11. Coincident

    No Rest For The Living Demos [-complevel 2]

    That was a different scenario (forgetfulness from one of the players). You can still press F12 to spectate someone from anyone else's coop demo and make a video for example (this will be visible in intermission screens), but it's never a true replacement to having the OG .lmp file in the archive.
  12. Coincident

    No Rest For The Living Demos [-complevel 2]

    When we finished the successful run, Vytaan didn't have an .lmp file of the last run, only of the previous (unsuccessful) one. Not sure what the cause is. Maybe because the host turned the server off before the clients disconnected? It was strange. We were all running the same version of Woof.
  13. Coincident

    No Rest For The Living Demos [-complevel 2]

    NRFTL D2All UV Max 4P coop in 16:35 nrall4p1635.zip Player comments: Vytaan: "Oops, I missed the shotgun at the start again" decino: "Not a single run where Peter didn't steal my cells at some point" Coin: "A great run. Too bad Peter had a skill issue on the final map." Peter: "Killed by a green Super Shotgunner at the end."
  14. Coincident

    Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    D2All UV Fast in 1:06:43 Demo: z300fall6643.zip Video without commentary for the archive: https://youtu.be/yhG_VI0gkmk My first D2All. Counting from the first UV Fast IL I did of Zone 300, this one was 3 years in the making. I should probably have just submitted my first exit, but by then I had already committed to getting a better time, and I also had made better strategies. Talk about sunk-cost fallacy... not that I believe that spending 800 attempts for a gain of 2 minutes is worth it... I'm glad to be done with this challenge. Also here are a few more interesting demos for the archive: My first exit from last year - D2All in 1:08:19 z300fall6819.zip A "humanly-TAS" segmented run of the D2All that I used for practice and routing. The only "tool" used was segmenting each level individually to get as good times as possible. The result was a segmented D2All in 56:38 z300fallseg5638.zip
  15. I understand the reasoning. Thanks for explaining.