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  1. Coincident

    Doom Streams

    Mystery WAD Tournament livestream starting now!
  2. Coincident

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    I missed this one, sorry. Should be fixed now. Changes like these need to be discussed/coordinated with the rest of the team.
  3. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M1 UV Fast in 2:13.17 (was 2:23.29 by Xit Vono, 2013) Demo: f4m1-213.zip Video: Thanks @NightTerror for the route idea of going head-first to the secret as soon as the map starts. It's risky but it saves some time, and if done properly the risk can be minimized. The "proper" way to do it is to use the shotgun pickup to switch to the fists, and then use the rocket launcher pickup to switch to the shotgun, so that when you come out of the teleporter you can instantly take a shot and whatever is in front of you.
  4. Coincident

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Fixes are not necessarily done at the same time as new runs are uploaded, so they might take some time to be done. Anyway I've fixed what I could fix from your posts and those of other people for the last 3 pages or so of this thread. Will continue with the June uploads soon.
  5. MAP33 Reality! in 2:45.09 (no previous record) Demo: pl233real245.zip Video: Another fun map for Reality! Doesnt have many hit-scanners, but the map's still difficult because you need to dodge homing revenant missiles, straight revenant missiles, and straight imp fireballs, all at the same time. This was my first time performing a squeeze glide - at the blue bar near the exit, to skip more than half of the level. I made some mistakes, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone beat this time and got something like a 2m30.
  6. Coincident

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    DSDA was updated with all of the demos submitted in May. Please verify that all of your demos are in order. Post here or PM if there's anything missing / mistakes. If everything is OK, we'll continue to upload demos for the month of June asap.
  7. MAP04 UV Fast in 1:52.60 (no previous record) Demo: jp04f152.zip Video: I really liked running this map. Compact design, a huge monster trap that makes you use the most of the rocket's splash damage, and a secret with the SSG! The only problem is that the monster teleporter trap is slow, and in this run I was at the exit, ready to leave, and had to wait 6 seconds for the last 3 shotgunners to teleport in. GarrettChan's UV Max record of 1m53 help me find a better route and take this time below 2mins. With more luck from the monster teleporters, I think a time of 1m45 should be attainable. Bonus: Here's my first exit of this map of 2m30 which wasn't bad; for a first exit that is: jp04f230-firstExit.zip
  8. Coincident

    First attempt demos [never played the map before]

    Blind race between Blob1024 and me on E1M8b: "Tech Gone Bad" (by John Romero) Video: My demo: e1m8b-blind1611.zip Successful run: 16m11 out of a total of 30m04 (2 deaths) I can imagine how this map could be "how E1M8 should have been"! A challenging and interesting map, although the first fight feels a bit 'trolly'. Anyway, discovering this map was a lot of fun. I think I killed all the enemies - the last 8 should be the ones that kill you after the final teleporter. But I did miss 4 secrets. There were several areas that I could see through a window, but could not get to; the chainsaw was a clear example of this. @blob1024 You can post your demo here :)
  9. MAP01 UV Respawn + Reality! in 2:13.26 (no previous record) Demo: pl201rere213.zip Video: Here we go, a "rere" demo: respawn+reality came true. Has this category been done before? I've looked around but couldn't find anything. Anyway, Plutonia 2 might have been a bad pick for this challenge because this was incalculably difficult. Joining respawning monsters with a reality run introduces SO MUCH RNG! There is no "safe strat" for this; even if you want to take things slow; that will not increase the chance of survival because the more you wait, the more monsters will respawn and move, unpredictably, around you. You NEED to go fast, there's no other way to do this. And you ALWAYS have to be on your guard.
  10. Coincident

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    E1M4b UV Fast in 4:20.20 (no previous record) Demo: e1m4bf420.zip Video: With fast monsters, this map becomes a much more interesting challenge! Surviving and managing health and armor pickups is hard. The map design itself it pretty interesting and fun to play overall. The most difficult part of the run is definitely at the computer room, when the walls lower and lots of imps and hit-scanners appear. The fastest way is also the least safe: ignore them and run towards button 3. I believe that going below 4m should be possible with more route optimizations.
  11. Coincident

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M9 Reality! in 0:58.97 (no previous record) Demo: e1m9real058.zip Video: Despite being very difficult, this was quite a fun map to run on reality. The beginning is an RNG grind for sure - getting past the 3 hitscanners on the right without getting hit is a low chance event, that required a lot of 5-second resets; which honestly isn't all that bad. After that, the map becomes easier and the strategy consists of shooting all the hitscanners and ignoring everything else. With some more luck and fewer mistakes, I'm confident that a time of 0m54 is possible.
  12. Coincident

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Done. We will proceed with the demos of May shortly.
  13. Coincident

    Category Discussion 2020

    I can think of many maps where Speed+Reality, Pacifist+Reality, or NM+Reality require their own unique route and strategy, just like Max+Reality. I personally really like running Reality, but I don't think that any of those should be categories; since reality is something you can mix with any other main category, and it's not extremely popular anyway, I think they should just be modifiers like they are now (including max+reality) However, it might be interesting to have an alternative solution for modifiers (such as reality and solo-net): - Add extra parameters to filter the leaderboard view of DSDA to show only runs with certain modifiers. This would allow you to create a "view" to whatever kind of runs you want to see, regardless if they are a "category", or a "modifier".
  14. From here: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Rocket_launcher My mistake was not reading the small letters: So it makes sense that something like 25 is achievable with non-consecutive, always-max-dmg rng rolls.
  15. congrats on being on my reccomended Youtube page! (bottom left)


    1. Coincident


      Hey. Thanks! :)

      It's good to know that youtube recommends my content every now and then.


      Hope you enjoy it, another video will be coming tomorrow!