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  1. Jimothy


    Small HOM in MAP03 aside, this mapset is very well designed, proudly wearing its Doom 4 influences on its sleeve. The difficulty ramps up hard from MAP03 onwards, with health and ammo being fairly scarce. If you're a relative noob like me when playing on UV, expect to hear Revenants again and again.
  2. Jimothy

    King Of Pain

    The difficulty isn't too bad, though it's easy to be thrown off by the hordes of enemies littering the mostly boxy, large rooms, especially in MAP01. Personal favorite of the four would have to be MAP02 for the end-of-level setpiece where you ascend a long series of room-encompassing stairs while fending off demons and ends off with a long-range battle with chaingunners. Pretty good maps as the gameplay is fun, the maps are designed well enough to at least be functional, and it's just a good time.
  3. Jimothy


    Despite the music not appealing to me, the rest of the whole thing did. I haven't laughed like this in a while, good work! :D
  4. Sir Alonne in Dark Souls II is very high on my list of personal favorites. As for games other than Souls, the Knave of Hearts/Jack of Hearts in NieR, Deus and Augus in Asura's Wrath (if only that game wasn't muddied by tedious gameplay), Nargacuga and Gogmazios in Monster Hunter, and Spectre Knight in Shovel Knight.
  5. Jimothy

    2016 Goals

    Not being terribad at Doom.
  6. Jimothy

    Do you enjoy Dark souls? And if so why?

    As it is, I can't think of any other PS3 games off the top of my head besides Demon's Souls that I'd want to get a PS3 for. Maybe older inFamous titles? I'd have to do a bit of research for that one. I was keeping tabs on that teaser image when it was released, but sadly nothing seems to have come of it after a few months. I'd love to hear anything about a PS4 remaster, it's the only Souls game I haven't played to date. Who knows, maybe some news will come out after Dark Souls 3 has run its course?
  7. Jimothy

    Do you enjoy Dark souls? And if so why?

    The entire Souls series is one of my favorites of all time; the only one I haven't played is Demon's Souls and that's because I can't be arsed to buy a PS3 just for the one game lol (I say this yet one of my chief reasons for getting a PS4 was for Bloodborne. Hypocrisy, ahoy!) When I got Dark Souls in 2013, I was looking for a hard-as-hell game and it delivered. Once I got my Man-Serpent Greatsword and started tearing things up, I got hooked and it all snowballed from there. Now I'm waiting excitedly for April to come about so I can get Dark Souls III and get my head smashed in a few hundred times. To me, though, I feel like Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are about equal when it comes to strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, they've both got shoddy hitboxes and good ones alike (a common argument from Dark Souls "elitists" is to constantly crap on Dark Souls II for having bad hitboxes; e.g. awkward enemy backswings hitting you for full damage when Dark Souls itself wasn't free of this), and on the other they're genuinely fun, if challenging games that demand the most out of the players lest they keep getting their asses handed to them, and even then it'll probably just flip them off and kill them anyway for fun. As for which one's my favorite, I'd probably have to say Bloodborne is my personal favorite Souls title. Even though it doesn't reference Souls in the name, many of the same mechanics are still there, and it was still developed by From Software, so ultimately I'd reckon it still counts as part of the series, even if it is an offshoot of sorts. The level design feels way better than Dark Souls did with actual shortcuts helping out a ton and being sprinkled throughout the game, the boss fights can get pretty challenging, and the artstyle is great. I reckon that's enough preening over Bloodborne, though. Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are tied for a close second when it comes to favorites. Here's hoping that Dark Souls III keeps up the trend of being a fantastic game as its predecessors have.
  8. Taking "bite-size" to a whole new level, eh? ;) Shoddy joking aside, the proof-of-concept through E1 as presented in the alpha wad is actually pretty neato for something of its small size. I was worried that things would've been a bit more cramped but it turned out to be a bit less scary on that front than I imagined, so no worries. Definitely excited to see how E2 and E3 turn out, so I'll keep my eye on this one. Great work Phil!
  9. Jimothy

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    Some of these games are old flames, others are ones I've been on quite a kick of for a little while. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Sleeping Dogs Bloodborne Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  10. Gave this bad boy a pair of run-throughs, and it was fun in the devilish, kick-you-in-the-shorts sort of fun that hurts like hell but still remains enjoyable. I went through it on a lower difficulty to get a feel for it, then took to it on HMP (which argumentably was most likely easier than UV, because what I experienced on HMP made me not want to touch it on UV lmao). One big difference I noticed between the lower difficulty and HMP was the...well, beginning window showed two AVs and a Cyberdemon on HMP instead of just two Viles, complete with a need for new shorts. After that though, the experiences were mostly similar, with the early BFG being replaced by a plasma gun on HMP compared to lower difficulties. I did die quite a few times on HMP though, mostly due to early Revenant wombo-combos and the Cyberdemon and AV fight catching me rather viciously off-guard. There were points in the map (such as the trek to the blue skull key and the sudden battle against the previously shown Archies and Cybie) that made me say, "Goddamn Doomkid, this is fiendish!" And it shows; I got my ass kicked around quite a bit, but I still had a rollicking good time all the same. Even if I did catch a few Revenant fireballs and Cyberdemon rockets with my face.
  11. I'm always a fan of smaller, bite-sized maps, so seeing these three was great, playing them was even more of a blast. I played on a lower difficulty to get a feel for it, then tackled it more seriously on HMP to see what changed for the difficulty levels. I suck too much to do UV just yet lol, it's been ages since I've properly played Doom. From what I saw, the maps were all tight and concise and generally just fun to play. My personal favorite would have to be MAP02, if just for the background music. It's great for getting pumped up and it sets the tone of the mapset well for me: fast-paced in your face goodness. I did notice that MAP03 did indeed turn out to be quite the difficulty spike, both in comparison from the first two maps and from the lower difficulties to HMP; going from a few Barons at the end to a full-blown Baron and AV encounter made for a bit of a surprise that killed me a few times. Thankfully the BFG helped mitigate the pain a little. All the same, it was still great fun even if I died the most on that map. If you do add on more maps to the set, that'd be pretty awesome. I can't get enough of the smaller maps myself, so seeing more would be cool. Great work my dude!
  12. Jimothy

    Favorite Drink

    I've been knocking back Dr. Peppers, Coca-Colas, and Pepsis for so long that they don't even affect me anymore in terms of "crashes" and the like. (Either that, or I just don't notice.) Personally, I love normal Pepsi, though cherry-flavored Pepsi has been getting to become a personal favorite of mine as of late.
  13. Jimothy

    Air control: The best game ever made

    And I thought Rock Simulator was bad. At least I tried to call Pebble and Boulder DLC packs for that one.
  14. Jimothy

    xaserpic (-complevel 2)

    900+ monsters? Oh lawdy. Had to fire up Russian Overkill because I usually don't play slaughtermaps. It was a whole lot of fun, but I figured something was up when I hit the end of the map and realized there were still hundreds of monsters to kill. I turn around, and...well, let's just say I almost needed a change of pants. Pretty well-designed, detail-wise, and the fights, if not cramped and packed full of enemies like a typical slaughtermap, are pretty fun, especially on the return trip. -shudder- all dem monsters
  15. Jimothy

    Friday The 13th: Jason's Doom

    Pretty interesting WAD. One thing I did notice: Besides that, this was plenty of fun to play, even though Jason was a bit of a pain to kill. Even though it definitely has survival horror elements (very little ammo, etc.), I never really felt like I was in significant danger, even on Ultra-Violence. Still, it was well-crafted and a bucketful of fun. I hope to see more things in the vein of this WAD (hopefully ones that might make me require a new pair of shorts!)