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  1. doctorno

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I have reported your post to the admins.
  2. doctorno

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Hey has anyone ever heard of that new rock band Metallica? I really love the song Smells Like Teen Spirit, it rocks!!!
  3. Hi Joe-Ilya, I am very interested in your project, however I am a musician and not a mapper henceforth I would like to remix the entire Dwango5 soundtrack for your project. I highly await your response :)
  4. doctorno

    Favourite automap colour

    I'm not sure you guys understand. We must discuss the OFFICIAL automap colours only!! There is so much to discuss, so much contextual relevance. For instance did you know the black background signifies Doom Marine's loss, despair and growing detachment from reality as a result of the UAC incident? We can discuss the geometric shapes of the maps as well if you wish. I like the star from e1m8 because it is shaped like a star.
  5. doctorno

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    Yes, I - as of this writing - represent the author of the original Decapitation. I believe it is in everyone's best interest for the project to be renamed to "Decapitated Deathmatch". Failure to carry out this request will result in legal action against Superluigieth1 and all related parties.
  6. doctorno

    Favourite automap colour

    By the way, I am talking about specific automap colours in doom.exe and doom2.exe ONLY. If you would like to talk about custom colour schemes in other games and source ports then please create a new thread thank you :)
  7. doctorno

    Favourite automap colour

    Hi, I am a big fan of the automap in doom.exe. It is a classic example of aesthetic design in first person shooters. I wish that they would use more automaps in modern FPSes. The Doom automap really makes you believe you are in the future, with an automap on your watch on your arm - it really makes you believe that you are a space marine with automap. What I also love is how pressing TAB is what shows the automap. It is very relieving. You press TAB and it shows automap - you say "ahhhh, now I know where I am", and the colours are also very pleasing to match this. Which comes to my topic of conversation which specifically is about the colours of the automap. I believe the automap would not be so iconic if it weren't for the usage of colours. ID Software could have relied on a black and white style automap, or perhaps a direct shade of green, but instead we have an innovative palette of reds and yellows. I am a huge fan of the yellow because it signifies that it might be a door that you can use. If you have ever tried to play Doom with just automap then it's handy that they paint the doors yellow because otherwise you might get lost! Lol! What is your favourite automap colour? Do you like the greys? Or do you think the classic red is the way to go?!
  8. doctorno

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    Following the SMB sequel theory, Action Doom 3 will be a magnum opus that goes back to the roots of where the series started. SMB1/AD1 = original SMB2/AD2 = gameplay mechanics change completely SMB3/AD3 = back to roots of game 1 - world based, expanded levels and gameplay features Soon we will have a bumper wad pack called Action Doom All Stars which will feature the lost Japan only sequel, "Action Doom: The Lost Levels"
  9. doctorno

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    Hey, stop derailing this quality thread! This is a real project in the making. Anyway, I'm not sure but I -think- I may have unearthed a very early work in progress of the continue screen. It looks like Scuba is going back to the roots of Action Doom 1 with a darker twist. Maybe things will change? Who knows...
  10. doctorno

    Action Doom 3 rumours

    Hi gang. I've heard through the grapevine that Scuba Steve is working on Action Doom 3. Just thought I'd let you all know.
  11. doctorno


    imo you should post some more images and maybe a video, and is this for Zandronum or something?
  12. doctorno

    Action Doom 3? (spoiler alert)

  13. doctorno


    Just a really good WAD please don't delete this review
  14. Maybe there should be a spiritual sequel to Mock 2 called 'kcom' or something with like 80 maps this time. (also don't forget do-tims)
  15. doctorno


    Feel bad no one's replied at all. No love for Strife. It's a nice wad. Personally I think the unreplaced weapons need some more tweaks since they seem to stand out amongst the new/upgraded weapons but hey.