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  1. Chezza

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    Your pictures are having sleep paralysis.
  2. Chezza

    Make your own difficulty!

    I'VE GUN CRAZY!! - You start with a random weapon with full default ammo - 1 weapon limit + fists - Every weapon pickup has RNG on what weapon replaces your own - All weapon pickup sprites randomly change every second to resemble the wacky weapon mode Could you imagine the chaos and imbalance this would cause? It may result in players relying on infighting strategy more. I don't like this difficulty. Bad idea.
  3. Chezza

    AI generated art / pictures [megathread]

    Hey, I came across this video on YouTube jumping on the 80s style AI produced images. Doom Eternal as a 1980's dark fantasy movie There are images for most of Doom monsters. I reckon there are some pretty cool pictures in this!
  4. What? My version of Brutal Doom doesn't do that. If platinum some new special version?
  5. Chezza

    Dead Space Remake

    Playing it at the moment. Pretty good. Looks like they added more content to freshen is up a bit more. Looks really good with max settings, on occasion the RTX stands out (sparks from ceiling falling on reflective floor and some lighting from fans etc also on the armour). No bugs, errors or found any signs of micro transactions. At Chapter 4.
  6. Chezza

    Wondering what people thought of my wad so far.

    Played it. Aesthetics - you have something unique going on here. It's very minimalist but the sheer size and darkness that surrounds the map definitely gives off a sense of vast, even grandeur perception of Hell while still giving a sense of claustrophobia and uncertainty due to the darkness surrounding the non intended paths. It works, and it's different. Good work. In saying that, I reckon it will only work as a temporary part of a greater map or a small transitional level between chapters within a Megawad. Gameplay - Very minimal and lacking. The difficulty feels so easy that it should be a first level of a classic Doom wad except the minimalist and different design of the level isn't what I would consider a good introductory map. But I also understand the issue of having lots of enemies in a long open map could results in enemies sniping you or charging too early. This is your obstacle to solve. Maybe more lowering walls might help.
  7. Chezza

    So, how old are you ?

    I don't recall the last time I posted my age but I'm 34 years old. Probably have been on this forum for 7 years playing Doom but never discussing it. If only I can have those years back. That would give me another 7 years to play Doom.
  8. Chezza

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    haha almost. But to be fair, Youtube and Doomworld forums are entirely different beasts. Youtube has a lot of influence when it comes to brands, groups and individuals.
  9. Chezza

    Should I get steam?

    It's like this thread fell in a time anomaly from the early 2000s and appeared in 2023.
  10. Chezza

    2000s-era Internet Nostalgia

    Stickdeath, Newgrounds, Zthing, Tboneland, ebaumsworld etc were my introductory sources of online entertainment back then.
  11. Chezza

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Assassin Creed Odyssey, almost finished
  12. Chezza

    Have you experienced anthing paranormal?

    Nope. I am often pragmatic, stoic and analytical. I don't have any vice with substance abuse and often consider myself ignorant on the matter involving anything I can't explain. Leaves little room for imagination and confusion. Makes it very hard to be true to my Catholic faith haha
  13. Chezza

    NEW YEAR 2023

    It's 31st where I am (Australia). My year wasn't bad, but always eager to for a better one!
  14. Chezza

    Silent protagonist: yes or no?

    I'm referring to current teenage audience though. Games are different from then and now. Based on the games I've played, it appears modern voiced protagonists have little personality. The exception are games that pay tribute to old classics like Shadow Warrior and even the silent Doom Slayer still are distinct though.
  15. Chezza

    Silent protagonist: yes or no?

    I would opt in for a silent protagonist for two reasons: 1. I'm use to it from FPS and RPGs over the years of gaming. It also allows my imagination to create the character, and if necessary their motivations 2. Games with voiced protagonists rarely are characters I enjoy Granted, I enjoy Duke Nukem, Lo Wang and Caleb (albeit 2D characters). Unlike some modern triple A titles that go with overly grisly guy or protagonists from Fallout 4 and Dying Light 2 which is more of a generic passive aggressive, low energy yet agreeable character. Probably to cater for the teenage audience and dialogue options?