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  1. Chezza

    Excited For Eternal?

    They got Doom 2016 running on the Nintendo DS and it looks good, I'm sure they can pull it off.
  2. Chezza

    Half-Life 1 or Doom 1?

    Half Life 1 has a much better soundtrack you say? Well that may be quite subjective. Overall yeah Half Life has better effects, graphics, sequences, story etc. But that's almost comparing a Horse and a Car in a race. Horse could still be damn amazing but it's unfair to race it against a Ferrari imo. It's just too outdated. As for concept, by far Doom is still truly unique, beyond Half Life. We are talking about world merging of Demons, Aliens and Humans and it did something like this first. I don't know if that justifies it as superior but personally I would give more praise to Doom for it.
  3. Chezza

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Have you heard about a parasite that's known to turn other species into obsessive cat lovers? The parasite wants to feed off felines and it reaches them through other animals like mice by latching onto their brain. They mentally slow their reaction speed and make them sonewhat attracted to cats so they are easily caught. The idea is they get consumed so the parasite enters the cat's body. The scary part is they can affect humans usually via exposure to cat droppings and can cause a obsessive affection to Cats and also slow someones reaction speeds by a small percentage. This is permanent and can't be removed. Hopefully you just love cats though.
  4. I did craft my own little system with this although sometimes I just use the Soulsphere due to laziness. It covers like, funny, insightful and epic post reactions. Soulsphere = I generally like or approve of this post Megasphere = This post is either epic or a savage comeback / statement Invincibility = I find this post funny Invisibility = I find this post informative
  5. Chezza

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Recently had a home cooked meal from my Brother's inlaws. They are from China and made us quite the feast. This is a bad thing as now I can't ever eat at a Chinese restaurant without comparing to the real thing. Westernised Chinese is just salt and bastardised dishes.
  6. Chezza

    "It's too cartoony"

    I like the Doom 3's Cyberdemon more than 2016s version. Remembering the Cherub, I found that a little out of place, like it belongs to another game with Demons.
  7. Chezza

    (Fun idea) Spell out the sounds from Doom

    @Bauul and @leodoom85 I believe you both are on the money. If I recall correctly they wanted to create that sense of innocence due to it being a healer or something. They either had or tried to imitate a child voice then modified it or "why". I believe I saw a video somewhere about this.
  8. @Ajora My guess is sarcasm. I think you're so attuned with fast food chains I still see you with a little suspicion. I like your threads though.
  9. No it won't go away. It has the potential to evolve and operate fairly differently, i.e. might someday mostly serve healthy options or become delivery only etc, but not vanish. Why? Well ask yourself this, do you think there will always be a demand for getting food, well... fast? For many Western and other societies, are they getting more time on their hands or less? I argue it's the latter. Can fatty fast foods die? I'm leaning more towards no due to humans being wired to desire fatty foods from ancient survival needs. But I think it's possible for much of the market to gradually shift where all the kfcs, mcdonalds, dominos etc has a significant smaller market to contend with. Also fast food is known to be affordable in addition to convenient but the cost attribute can change overtime. Unless fresh and healthier cooked meals become just as or more convenient and affordable as fast food, then it is here to stay.
  10. Chezza

    "It's too cartoony"

    @tempdecal.wad I share your opinion. Most of the monster designs were very adequate for that particular game. I found the pinky and Hell Knight unique and intimidating. What keeps to mind is just how repetitive monster encounters are. But that's digressing and an entirely different discusion done many times before.
  11. Chezza

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Yes 12 monster limits can prevent some creativity and slaughtermap style maps in addition enforce extra scripting to make it seem seamless but the way Doom 2016 operates vs Classic is entirely different. 12 monsters in Doom 2016 is more deadly and engaging than 12 of classic. Also turret monsters are barely supported. It can be forced in Snapmap in a way though.
  12. Chezza

    Going out to do some errands today

    My hands would drop off. They can't handle even holding a nice cold can of drink without pain, even in warm days. Some sort medical issue I think. Hopefully you survive your day.
  13. Chezza

    DOOM Eternal's Earth

    It looks like Hell's influence has spread into earth so much that they can make the maps as abract as they like. They can have large portions in that organic wall texture that mostly shapes the level but have a couple brick walls, a few alley ways, some roads, props and sprinkle some signs. Give it a good mix until it gets thick, leave it in the Ovan for 45 minutes and voila, unrestricted map design with a corrupted city theme. Throw in some large ruined strata buildings for that verticle goodness. That's how it looks to me at this stage.
  14. As a consumer I want maximum convenience with most benefits, that's obvious. Steam is my preferance for those reasons. In a business prospective I think steam is brilliant with their exit barriers such as achievements, card trading economy, massive number of games, universally understood policies, news centre, known for big sales, active (albeit toxic) forums, community groups etc. Valve is laughing all the way to the bank. In a game industry prospective Steam needs competition or at least negotiate the % with companies to be a win/win on both sides. However that's "effort" for valve and it would bring a plethora of questionable situations such as little indie developers having no power vs the AAA companies. Alternatively, different platforms and if the games are good enough people will install the launchers. They will lose some sales sure, but not 30% overall profit! Basically life would be better for me if everything is on steam but I firmly believe there shouldn't be a monopoly on anything. And yeah I think Doom Eternal will be on Bethesda launcher only, it's their opportunity to get people to install it for future games.
  15. Demons are the victims Or Fast, creepy, action sci-fi