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  1. Damn my edit doesn't alter your quote. I shall forever wear this error
  2. I think Goatlord believes in Necromancy as he revives threads from the dead. That's heresy talk. *lights torch*
  3. Inspired by the thread "map design tropes that annoy you" I wanted to share movie tropes that I'm annoyed by or sick of. Here are a few of mine; 1. Jump Scares in horror movies. I feel they are cheap and don't offer the fear factor I'm after. It's like taking a near swing at someone's face and saying "haha I scared you". Very obnoxious. 2. Last second saves. Would have been brilliant the first few times a movie has done this but now as I watch so many movies / shows when an important character is near death, their plot armour kicks in and someone or something jumps in to save the day. I lost count how many times I've seen this. 3. Frequent panning, extreme shaky cam, very dark scenes or anything that prevents a action scene from reaching its true potential. I believe it's a way to emulate intense action on a budget or within limited capabilities. When done right, these can be used to improve the movie but if not, the whole scene is reduced to filler I'm waiting to end. So, what movie tropes annoy you? Or share the ones you love.
  4. I was an aspiring animator as a teen. I remember starting with stick figures on power point and then moved to Flash 5. I still worked with stick figures (you guys remember stickdeath? Twas an inspiration) but gradually delved into smooth facial expressions, added effects, explored 3D, started to move on from stick figures. However for a month my computer was emitting a high pitched buzz even when switched off. It got louder every day. One day when I came home from school and switched on the computer, my power supply immolated. Lost my hard drive in the process with all my work. I lost my drive and never animated again.
  5. I just recently discovered this Metal group. I really like them. Heavy / Crunchy without going over the top, with some nice clean singing and melodies. Good on them!
  6. Stalker is the closest to the perfect fps I experienced. The heavy modding communities helped that be. There is definitely room for improvement in all areas with more features but it's the closest.
  7. Any notable wad releases or Doom news would be nice. But who would commit to consistent watching, researching and writing?
  8. How about them kids and all that music television? Back in your day I bet music was played by musicians. lol I'm just yanking your chain.
  9. If EA - it would similar to but destroyed after Doom 3 If Activision - it would be "what if doom was made today" If Blizzard - it would be fps starcraft aimed at the Korean market If Ubisoft - it would be a DRM nightmare and nothing like Doom And so on...
  10. Doom is definitely unique and creative. In fact if we introduced Doom to an alternate reality they would probably see it as a messy concept that doesn't know what it wants to be. I do believe similar FPS games would have been developed at some point by id or someone else but they would likely be more of a consistent theme and story driven. It's unlikely but what if a Warhammer 40k fps were to exist? Going around as a space marine killing orks, tyranids and chaos.
  11. I do agree with the last few posts. Brutal Doom v20 felt like an enhanced brutal version of Doom while V21 feels like it's throwing unnecessary weapons / monsters / clutter. It's touching Project Brutality space. I'm still having fun with it though, but v20 is best. Also so many of my BD map scripts are now broken :(
  12. Doom: The Icon of Sin Because we all want to face that tedious Boss again.
  13. 1. Become a I.T. school teacher. 2. Have the class play Doom for an "educational" purpose 3. Have a graded assignment based on mapping for Doom 4. Create a new generation of John Romero lovers
  14. If anyone attacked my pet I would defend and avenge it just like family. If an animal were to attack me I would harm or kill it as much as I would to a human who would do the same. The same applies to video games. I don't understand why animals must receive so much more respect in a gaming industry where we slaughter people on mass.
  15. Ok I played a good amount of Brutal Doom V21. Coming from a BD fan, I like it. The level enhancer script is welcomed in the boring Doom 2 city levels and the odd vehicle are... not needed but fun nonetheless. The little added Boss tweaks are a nice touch. I appreciate the tactical mode and the increased fire rate of the assault rifle. It is more satisfying and effective as a result. The new weapons are great except I don't really see a place for the SMG other than to use pistol ammo and the machinegun with the grenade launcher is not useful enough to be my regular choice. I dislike scrolling through several weapons within the same category, so that's bit of a negative. The gore, effects, changes etc are great. I have come across a few bugs I would like ironed out though. I pretty much don't need to play Project Brutality anymore unless I want the extra monsters and even more weapons / features.