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  1. Heh really? Your avatar made me think you were younger
  2. Giving Project Brutality credit, the starting pistol is rather satisfying and affective on all low level enemies. You can down them very fast (if you aim for the head and utilise its fast fire rate).
  3. I'm no expert but I have worked on this myself. It's important to know what Sourceport you are mapping for and what editor you are using. I used GZDoom and Slade. I created a Mapinfo, copy and pasted all the classic maps/paths of the original Doom 2 wad and made changes from there. There should be a part where you can add where a cinematic text screen will appear (I believe at the very bottom).
  4. His next release will be using Scilino's (forgot the name) zombie scientists. My BD wad already uses them. I'm curious if he is using the realm 667 names and asset ids so they automatically become brutal ready.
  5. If youmg people can enjoy classic movies such as The Godfather, Alien, The Thing and old music from Beethoven to Beetles then I can't see why younger people can't enjoy Doom.
  6. Hatchet and Brain Dead. Gory stuff.
  7. If there will be a 25th community wad I will have to contribute but I want a project leader and agreed level of consistency otherwise it will be a mess.
  8. I'm a little old fashioned. I often like context, nice visuals and purpose. I struggled to find these elements. So WTF is this?
  9. When Dead Simple is considered as a form of Slaughtermap then I have to say there is room for me to enjoy them. However, it is best to be a brief gimmicky experience rather than a ball breaking extended test of endurance. It makes for a fun little change of pace which is why I enjoy it in Doom 2.
  10. What's the other map that's shaped like a hand? I love that one as well. Maybe more? Hard to say.
  11. No viruses here. Used it plenty a couple years back
  12. The mods and rules here are great. I still see enough funny comments and the odd argument to be entertaining and most hairtearing threads / members removed.
  13. Getting into the Misery 2.2 mod for Stalker. Man... I forgot how difficult it is. The beginning is definitely the most challenging. After a couple restarts my third attempt is gaining traction, with exception of failing most of my missions (but are ultimately rewarding). I purchased a new set of armour, which is a good sign of progress.
  14. I could use more strogg in my gaming life. I prefer Q2 strogg though. But it would be great if they create pure organic abominations as well. That would be a good substitute for Q1 monsters
  15. I couldn't think of anything to say. I did say a Robocop quote and admitted I sucked at Doom 2016 multiplayer.