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  1. Chezza

    Civvie 11's Half-Life Video

    @hybridial If part of your disdain is due to everyone putting Half Life on the pedestal but it happens to be too flawed and boring for yourself, I can see where you come from. In saying that, there's a lot I like about HF but I never loved the game like I have with Doom and others. As for Civvie's review rest assured it isn't some raving about how Half Life is amazing video, if anything criticism but does state he enjoys it. I believe he compared it to the game version of Citizen of Kane. A film renown for introducing unique camera work, story telling etc that has positively influenced other movies, however it's not the movie we all would rate as our top choice or frequently watched.
  2. Chezza

    2021: Your Most Wanted Games?

    This is IF these games are released 2021. - Stalker 2 - Dying Light 2 - Scorn - Doom Eternal DLC #2 - Warhammer Total War 3 - Evil Genius 2
  3. Chezza

    Any good Doom 2 maps to play with Brutal Doom?

    If I had plenty of time, I would update my wad for the latest Brutal Doom and create the second series of 9 maps. @Endalus127 if you're happy with BD version 2.0B I can recommend you my map set - it's for BD, so much so it won't run correctly without it. Scripted events, customer monsters, secret and traps unlock when you play in higher difficulties, balanced for BD.
  4. Chezza

    Would You Make Quake 1 Similar To Quake 2?

    Hypothetically if Quake was going to get a reboot I would want its mechanics more similar to modern Doom but less glory kills and mostly item pickups. To jazz it up, there would be some special abilities to upgrade. It would have a splash of the original intentions id software had in mind, a tad more open world with some rpg elements in it.
  5. Chezza

    React to the Username above you

    A 12 year old with a bloody knife. Or an anime woman? I dunno they're the same thing.
  6. Chezza

    The holy trinity of FPS games

    Doom, Duke Nukem, Blood - if we're referring to classic FPS But for me personally it's Doom, Half Life and Stalker.
  7. Chezza

    Share your past wholesome moments with fellow Doomers

    That's awesome! I don't suppose he woukd do it again? Haha
  8. Chezza

    Bringing back the Chaingunner

    I think there is an opportunity to bring back the Chaingunner. Similar to @AtimZarr1 (and others) thinking with the Hellrazor, it can be a ranged pressure enemy. Also a bit of a area denial enemy where once the Chaingunner begins shooting, there will be a stream of bullets that causes massive damage. The death stream's direction will move quite slowly and the Chaingunner probably would be static or walking very slowly. He would be a glass cannon, probably just as resilient as your standard zombie soldier. In the right arenas the Chaingunner could be quite deadly, such as open fields and long narrow hallways, similar to classic Doom. But if there are pillars and walls nearby, the Doom Slayer can easily navigate around and kill him fairly easily.
  9. Chezza

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    What kind of unexpected event next week?
  10. Warhammer Total War 2. Vampire Coast DLC Another playthrough of the Misery mod for Stalker. A couple Doom Eternal levels on the weekends.
  11. Chezza

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    Doom 3 is a good or bad Doom game. Although I don't really see heated arguments. Just a repeating discussion with the same opinions each time.
  12. Cheers. Yup, the 2.7l V6 slow Tiburon. Old fashion engine but also the headers and manifolds choke the airflow. The mods has notably improved airflow but weight reduction would also be a big help. It's not a terribly well designed machine, but aesthetically I think it's amazing.
  13. I still drive my first car. Hyundai Tiburon 2003. It's the poor mans little sports coupe and I love it. I've modified the headers, exhaust, manifolds, cams, higher compression pistons, tune etc to make it a fun ride. It was a shitty and expensive undertaking with an array of issues afterwards but I got it done. If I put half the effort and investment on another car, I would have recieved twice the performance. But I'm attached to this vehicle which isn't commonly seen on the road, it's quite unique.
  14. Chezza

    Can you drink snow globe water

    I too, remember post hell
  15. Chezza

    Egg Discussion #1: Scrambled eggs

    Nature dictates all omnivores and carnivores loves eggs for the huge protein boost and nutrients. I can eat eggs raw I like them that much. But I'm surprised I've never had melted cheese on them and yet I love cheese on everything,I will have to try it.