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  1. Chezza

    What is the difference between the types of likes?

    Once a week a very simple but intriguing stats battle happens between randomly selected Doomworld members (at least 1 post per month active) pretending to be a classic Doom deathmatch but in mostly text form. This lasts about a week per battle. You get one person and avatar vs another member and avatar and some random actions per turn occur like "MoreMending picked up SSG" and now when you attack it does similar numbers to the actual Doom 2 Super Shotgun damage. However you can influence your battle based on how many likes your post gets during the battle week. If you get mostly soulphere likes you might pick one up and get 100 health. If it's invisibility sphere you get higher dodge rate for a day and so forth. It's a little game Doom world makes to encourage activity and positive posts, earning advantages for your random avatar death match simulation. Nah I'm kidding the likes are just for fun.
  2. I've never completed a master level in ultra nightmare. It's beyond my skillset and patience to do it. The best I've done is extra life mode on nightmare within super gore nest. The fact that one mistake or a glitch can ruin your entire run is too much for me to bother. The levels are takes a lot of energy.
  3. Chezza

    UAC bad to work for?

    I suppose it depends on which department and station of UAC you work for. It's suggested the UAC is the largest corporation so there should be many different sub cultures in the company. You may find some middle management very nice down to earth people, maybe some departments like software development (assuming they do some of that) is away from most of the weapon, biological, teleportation tech etc. But being the UAC, you could be very unlucky and unknowingly be part of an experiment (Fallout vault vibes) or just be a victim of their more nefarious projects. I can imagine this applies in all variations of UAC depicted in the Doom universe. Top management though, I'd say is guaranteed most are corrupted. Or just cold, driven and dethatched individuals (like many CEOs / Directors in massive corporations).
  4. Chezza

    Open World Games with a Finite Populace

    Yup the nemesis system, a cool idea hopefully other games implement. You badly wound them (or you think you've killed) and they're remember you and how you did it. They may get traits for it, e.g. if you threw an Orc captain in fire and if he survives he may get a grudge and try ambush you at very inconvenient times. You'll see his flesh is all burned and he has developed a fear of fire that you can exploit. But that game is a massive grind, despite the huge variety in orc characters the populace is far from finite. Everyone gets replaced no matter what, even very unique Orcs just might eventually reappear (or similar to) if you play enough.
  5. Chezza

    Open World Games with a Finite Populace

    I think with a little modding you can do it in Stalker series. 1. There are small groups of roaming stalkers and mutants. Many are one off characters with their own names and won't return of killee however there are a few areas that will eventually spawn new NPCs. Switch that functionally off and you can eliminate life. 2. There are a handful of plot characters and traders that can't be killed. Maybe could mod them as vulnerabke, not sure.
  6. Chezza

    New Duke Nukem Game possible

    I think according to Civvie 11 or some other Youtuber's review apparently the later levels were more better? Enemy types, weapons and map layout overall better than the first few levels. Odd design choices.
  7. Chezza

    New Duke Nukem Game possible

    I think if a new Duke game were to be successful it will have to be fairly unique and innovative. Can't just try recapture nostalgia but with modern graphics and mechanics. Would be hard though, as Duke's humour and gameplay is very particular and dated. Screw it, I much prefer a new Hexen or Blood.
  8. Chezza

    Random Image Thread

    Also if I recall right in Valentines day Japan girls gift boys. Started from some typo in the introductory campaign
  9. Chezza

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    I think you made the right choice. In saying that, I love Doom Eternal and like it more than Doom 2016. But as @Edward850 said Doom Eternal dials it up to 11 with difficulty, mechanics and lore. It's as if the developers were so hyper focused on getting the meta perfect (which they did a brilliant job) that they ignored or sacrificed the pacing / learning curve. You play by Eternal's rules, which is specific weapons for specific heavy enemies, lots of weapon quick-switching for maximum damage and a requiring you use all the tools in your arsenal less you run out of ammo and die quickly. Also I'm going to assume the Switch has a skill cap with its controls, which I'd imagine would be more fairer and enjoyable with Doom 2016.
  10. Chezza

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    I think "A piece of cake" doesn't really make sense. How is describing something as a slice of dessert mean it's a simple task to complete? Maybe it's shortened for saying that job is so simple and even desirable to do, it would be equivalent to asking me to eat nice piece of cake? I'll also nitpick these two sayings 1. "No pain, no gain" where if you analyze it literally it only applies to very specific scenarios such as weight lifting. 2. "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" again if you analyze it in a more literal sense often only applies to specific circumstances otherwise it's a foolish saying. Like what if you break a few bones from a car crash? You're not actually stronger after healed, you will have weakened your body moving forwards.
  11. Chezza

    Mars City 1 - Doom 3 to Doom 2

    I didn't think this would be possible. Very impressive. We just need that really highly detailed Doom 3 monster pack and we're onto a Doom 3 to Doom 2 mega mod.
  12. Chezza

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Pseudo Giant (Name from a Stalker mutant).
  13. Chezza

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    The classic and moderns Dooms aren't linked, they're different universes or more accurately a different version of it. There are many similarities that can result in dots being connected, making people draw these conclusions. But various parts of the lore and timelines deviate from each other. I believe many of the similarities in lore and art design are fan / nostalgia pandering. The classic Slayer's armour, demons, UAC, Cyberdemon scars, planets / moons, references to Doom 64 Hell priests etc doesn't mean the universes are linked. The only way to connect all of the games is a multi-universe theory, but I don't believe Hugo confirmed that's how or if the Doom games are linked. What's confirmed is Hell is a single dimension that can be connected to multiple universes.
  14. Chezza

    What's your Favorite Beer?

    Haufbreauhaus Weihenstephaner. Taken over top spot from their Dunkel. I find I'm leaning to dark Ales as well like White Rabbit Dark Ale.
  15. Chezza

    Is Rage worth playing?

    I've only played Rage 2. I enjoyed it enough to complete the game. Combat is nice and fluid, solid amount of open world content and skill is required to defeat some enemies. But I can't say I'm impressed with the game. Story, dialogue and villains feels like the game was made in the early 2000s. The vehicle progression is boring, especially as other vehicles aren't quite as good as your starting one with exception to flying to just skip all the travel. Needs more enemy variations. The game is quite forgettable to me. But again, combat is solid.