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  1. A Summoner was somehow ported to Snapmap!

    I need this. I can just script the monsters in.
  2. Things about Doom you just found out

    Do you know the story behind that? Because it's almost blatant copies of some. John Romero gave some music to Bobby Prince for inspiration, apparently.
  3. How are you doing?

    Struggling to hit my Sales Target this month. Boss is on my arse. Feeling tired and apathetic but I don't have luxury to take a day off. Otherwise all is well.
  4. Another DOOM movie being made?

    I definitely want them to give another crack at Doom. I truly hope it's strongly inspired by the latest installment with plenty of nods to the classics.
  5. If someone hacked my account they will only find a photo album with before and after death photos I took of prostitutes. In GTA, that is. A funny thought.
  6. Share a random fact about yourself

    Yes, more than a chain smoking fat man. They make me squeal like a pig.
  7. Share a random fact about yourself

    What's your secret fear? You can trust me I won't judge
  8. What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Has anyone made a "Change my mind" meme for metal yet? I often have a few select favourite songs from a variety of groups so I struggle to say. Perhaps my choice would be the Nu metal band Fear Factory. Or maybe Ramnstein or Slipknot simply for a few songs I tend to go back to regularly. Lately I've been getting into Avatar.
  9. @Bucket I did read it and it's sad. I was expecting a bad turn of events but not to that level. Did you know all these details just out of friends of friends?
  10. There is steam refund as an option. They seem pretty lenient until you reach the 2 hours mark. Buy and download the game and determine if it's for you before 2 hours. I did something like this once. I really wish it was an option when Postal 3 was released.
  11. No. As I don't like being frustrated nor overly challenged in Doom I don't want others to feel the same for my maps. As a result I tend to make my wads easy and slowly increase in difficulty per level. Unfortunately to avid Doom players my wads feel boring at the start.
  12. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    All your opinions are valid but I do want to say none of the mechanics are broken as if they can't be blocked or countered, especially the chambers. They are tough to master and reposite back but it happens aplenty once you get the vibe of it. I was a massive player of Warband's single player, mods and multiplayer to a stupid level. God help my soul when Bannerlord is released. If you're a great xbower and melee fighter in deathmatch expect to be bullied, ganked and vote kicked/banned even if you are a very friendly person. I honestly can not count how many times this happened to me. But I stopped being friendly after a while.
  13. I use to have a terrible rage issue and vast majority of it was my fault. I played multiplayer games that weren't balanced and developed a large personal ego with them. 2 monitors and 3 mice later, I consciously observed my behavior and also got a full time job to keep me distant from it all. I start with a game just for the fun. I get beaton and that's fine and fun. I admire all the skilled players and eager to give them a good game. Eventually I get quite good, excelling beyond the average player. I never back out of challenging situations and learn from them. At this point I do care about winning but not greatly. But then comes recognition from others or even earn exclusive content making me stand out. Then the ego kicks in. People knowing who I am without me having a clue who they are is kind of like being a celebrity. A minimal expectation of me performing very well or winning all the time is formed in my own head. If I get outdone and my opponents are toxic then it's the perfect recipe for anger. The games I always got into at this level always weren't balanced and it's unreasonable to expect consistency.
  14. The Doom Confessional Booth

    What? I nocliped the shit out of that map but I don't recall finding a secret exit
  15. I'm waiting for someone to mention classic Dooms. Any active member in Doomworld failed to complete any of the Doom games? Not tried wouldn't count. I suppose Doom 3 might have a couple. John Romero hasn't if I'm correct.