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  1. Chezza

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    Your subjective opinion is objectively wrong.
  2. Chezza

    Internet breaks

    I'm able to easily distinguish platforms, communities and environments I don't like pretty easily. I've always avoided public social media channels, those chan forums, and essentially all news sites. As a result, the internet serves as an effective work, information and entertainment space without the need for breaks. We all control the content we consume and communities we expose ourselves too. If the internet becomes to much, it's likely you're making the mistake.
  3. Chezza

    What's your favorite armor system in games?

    I prefer an armour system that protects based on its quality and % of protection is influenced by its durability / damage. Also, I prefer the armour pickups not to stack like a retro Doom / FPs, rather the player needs to pick it up and replace or repair it. Therefore a 50% top tier armour still may be more worth while than a 100% low quality armour. Also in some cases, I wouldn't mind including Halo's armour / shield system that grants the player invulnerability until it drains and can recharge, maybe as a added bonus to a top tier set or unique character class / upgrade.
  4. Chezza

    Art You No Longer Love

    As a teenager I use to love Insane Clown Posse. I usually hide that fact in public nowdays. But despite my thoughts on their fan base and their questionable varying levels of musical quality, I respect how they did create a unique spin to rap. Some songs were like 80s and 90s horror story telling in rap form and are fun to listen even to this day.
  5. Chezza

    A salad is just a breadless sandwich.

    Them are fighting words. I challenge your ignorant claims with this logic: Each dish is an experience that differ significantly from one another. Here are some of the various compenents to consider: Texture: soft, crunch, chew, temperature, moisture Flavour: sweet, savoury, sour, bitter, spicy Nutrients: proteins, fats, vitamins, fibre, carbohydrates etc Appearance: colour, shape, consistency, shades, presentation etc Aroma: smell, pungency, freshness etc With that said, applying these components to a salad vs sandwich comparison can alter the experience significantly, from a change of texture, added flavours, hunger quenching to even temperature and aroma, regardless if majority of ingredients are shared. Another way to look at it... would Jim from accounting simply be the same if he were to not wear any clothes to work, being butt naked in public? No, our perception, including our feelings towards Jim would differ on a person by person basis. Some want him with clothes, some want without. He isn't just Jim anymore. So to imply a salad and sandwich are no different to one another due to a change in ingredient does a great disservice to the respected culinary arts and achievements of the human race. May your next meal come unseasoned!
  6. Chezza

    What's your favourite food?

    It won't be surprising to hear from someone with Italian parents, but some of my favourite dishes are pasta, schnitzel parmigiana and pizza. I really love a charcoal flamed grilled scotch fillet steak. Oh and BBQ spare ribs are a great treat. I also favour other foods like chicken kiev, sausages, and mexican food. Burgers are great - but not all are.
  7. Chezza

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I... don't know...
  8. Chezza

    bobby prince return for new doom game?

    Would be cool for him to contribute to a project like Sigil but probably not a modern Doom release.
  9. Chezza

    What are you?

    A robot because of my avatar.
  10. Chezza

    Give some forum etiquette tips

    That's actually the golden rule in any social environment (not just about Lila Feuer), as long as it comes off sincere and in reason. In a meeting, shout out and give credit to your co-workers's contribution. Praise your family and friends achievements, compliment your partners appearance like you're dating again, show interest and ask open ended questions to a strangers or acquaintance interest if you're introduced to them etc Most of these can apply to this forum. Turn it into a habit and you'll be liked.
  11. I definitely have my criticisms of Doom Eternal but overall I think it's a great game! With a very unnecessary, poorly told convoluted story... The game is challenging and drives in only one speed and style, fast and hard. It's understandable some people don't like that but by no means the game is bad, in fact many of its mechanics inspired other fps, just as classic Doom did. As they say, when you get into the "fun zone" it makes it one of the greatest most refined fps games to date. Learning curve and tutorials are bad too, which others may have heard me rant about once before. But I do believe that is a key reason why some couldn't get into Eternal. As for the next Doom game, I wouldn't mind a change of pace and more horror elements. Sure I am concerned it will suck, just as I am with any franchise I love but the developers are quite capable, well funded and experienced in the genre.
  12. Chezza

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    Temporary developer of the original Doom but left after having some creative differences. He then moved on to creating games like Rise of the Triad. Some classic Doom maps were partly his work.
  13. Chezza

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    I just found out they ditched Wolfenstein 2 for some silly new space hell game. I'm boycotting id Software.
  14. Chezza

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    If Mick Gordon's claims are 100% true I am inclined to agree with you, which is a damn shame to hear. But in a way I'm a little suspicious of his side of the story and if his "evidence" is reliable. In fact a part of me thinks his released story was him going ahead with a small threat / blackmail because he didn't get what he wanted. In saying that, even with my speculation, I still think id software likely to have mistreated / poorly managed him one way or another.
  15. Chezza

    Best videos for altered consciousness viewing

    I never thought I would have something to contribute but I guess I've seen some strange music videos. Cyriak's work is pretty unique. He made a whole bunch of videos like this. Incidentally makes a great Doom wad as well. This one is pretty well known for being crazy but can't keep my eyes off it when it plays. My god I've seen lots of weird videos.