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  1. I encourage you to give it a good play through as barely any map even has a 100 monsters in them. But if I had to recommend 2 maps I would say; Map 8 and 9. These two contain the most unique features and higher details than the rest (it was a learn as you go project, first wad). However these maps weren't design for pistol starts and would require you to spawn the doom arsenal excluding the BFG.
  2. Sure, I hope you give it a go. There are things to note; 1. It requires Brutal Doom version 20 and GZdoom or Zandronum Sourceport 2. It is said to be ammo starved, but it's so you use Brutal Dooms grenades, headshots and melee 3. There is a total of 9 short - medium maps Wad Name: Operation UAC
  3. If you ever feel like playing the complete opposite of your tastes then let me know. I love watching people experience my beloved project.
  4. *Looks around* John Romero.
  5. I enjoyed blood 2 very much as a child when I played with cheats. I soaked up the atmosphere and Calebs one liners. I probably will never play it normally less my memories be ruined.
  6. The devil himself. But that kinda takes the mystery away and renders Hell a little smaller. Probably a mobile icon of sin that fights like a normal boss as well
  7. In case there could be a leak of evidence involving murder, combat and questionable practices they could admit something went terribly wrong but pin the issues on betruger and frame the marine as a mentally ill murderer from the disaster.
  8. Nope my Samsung has no issues. It's what I'm using to reply.
  9. Is baseball finals a big event? Superbowl is American Football right? I always want commercials to be engaging, entertaining or provide some value. Isn't that what people want from social media posts and blogs? It's a nice change to look forward to commercials. I WANT TO BUY NOT BE SOLD TO!
  10. I would like to see more content. Are there multiple rooms? I would love to see some footage. It looks good.
  11. Honestly I haven't and it kinda changes. Sometimes it's essentially a xenonorph but less aggressive and sometimes it's a shadowy cloud but with glimpses of snake like tentacles. Sometimes it's nothing at all. I think much of the world is formed by my frame of mind and intention to sleep. You know what I think is a really cool fictional universe? Warhammer with the warp. I love the idea of enough belief or raw emotion in our universe slowly forms and feeds an entity in the warp's dimension that follows the rules of our belief. All the Gods we believe and even Santa Claus may become real over time. Then they may become strong enough to start interfering with our dimension to further increase our belief in them. It's fuel to them. But entitles that are formed by emotion and action alone aren't bound to rules of belief. Rage and anger that's so frequent has created a God of Rage known as Khorne. It's a very interesting universe.
  12. I sort of have a odd universe I created in my head without ever completing it or putting much more thought. I have thought about it in bed waiting to fall asleep. It's an alternate reality that mimics our world up to the point of medieval or dark ages. Its environment is dark and gloomy with the Sun constantly smothered in smog and dark clouds but visible enough to know it's there. Most plant life and trees exist but are stagnant in a dying state. It won't grow nor die. It's an ominous environment with the constant sound of wind, yet you only feel a light breeze. Indeed the place is ominous but somewhat relaxing. It would appear there may be no animals or people but you can come across old abandoned looking cabins and camps with no one in sight. You can light a fire if you wanted, but it doesn't produce heat nor much light. This world is actually home to a deadly shadowy creature that likes really slow hunts. It tracks people in our world and attempts to force them into its dimension (not sure how, maybe via dream?). Once there, you are actually game and food for it, but it's slow, really really slow. You could live in this dimension for years without seeing the creature nor another person. You have no need to eat, drink or even sleep. Everyone is also a mute, as if they are in a dream state. That's as far as I went. For some reason this helps me fall asleep sometimes.
  13. Disclaimer on my opinion: I'm not good at study. Quite terrible honestly. I'm the guy who reads the first sentence of a book and doesn't take in anything, reading it several times over and then out load but then gets frustrated on how long it's taking, further hindering my efforts. Although I can take in knowledge well if I'm genuinely interested in it. I think one of the recurring theme's here is choosing your environment wisely. I echo this. My room is my sanctuary and great for quiet privacy but it's a trap. It's where all my major distractions are. Don't fall into the same issue. Put yourself in a quiet and comfortable environment that gives you no choice but to be productive. It may prove to be surprisingly effective. When reflecting on my own work ethic. I know at home I'm embarrassingly lazy but at work I'm extremely hard working. I'm in a different state of mind based on my environment. Try out a good environment.