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  1. I'm gonna mention it. Brutal Doom. Mid to strong monsters have a particular weakness and death animation based on the chaingun head shots. It sounds better than vanilla too.
  2. Dead by Daylight is a good Horror multiplayer game. Although it depends on your definition of Horror. It gets you very tense, it is dark and changes to Terror when the Killer is on your trail. I impulsed purchased it a while back just for a quick little experience but I've been playing it quite a bit to this day.
  3. Congratulations, that's another successful step taken in your life journey. May its experiences for good and bad help you get ahead in life. Just don't expect a job, degrees aren't for that :p
  4. I really like mango lassi and the conservative values of their families, at least based on the people I met. But I'm not fan of spicy flavours in Indian food, with exception of Chicken Tika. Also I never want to visit India with its crowds and poverty. It probably smells too. Also selling to Indians is such a pain in the arse.
  5. That made me laugh out loud. Thank you!
  6. It would be complete if you can do Christopher Walken
  7. How many have they made? I would like to check them out too. I made a map trying to mimic most campaign elements. Check out "Memento Mori Machina". You might like this.
  8. It's interesting, this fad. It was very sudden for me. One day someone brings it home and yet I had idea wtf it was and then my youtube feed is full of them and I see little stands everywhere around the city. Looks like a company or two is forking out lots of dollars to make this big and quick. I'm just curious if they really do bring a good roi.
  9. I'm impressed with Snapmap albeit a bit disappointed in the extreme load time, separation from main menu, size limitations, weak community engagement and memory limit. However I understand why it's the way it is. I made a map I'm proud of utilizing a good portion of its functionality without attempting to break its rules. I'm hoping the next installment of Doom will improve a little in all fields. Snapmap is fine but I cbf testing random maps due to the inconvenience, poor quality or repetition.
  10. My close friend's grandfather passed a couples years back. My mate gave me his rayband sunglasses.
  11. In regards to 7 days to die, I can understand why people can hate the game. It has so many damn flaws that can punish a player significantly for its issues that begs to question the developer's priorities or competency. However, if you somehow manage to get past the painfully slow start the game can be addictive. Unlimited content with minecraft mining / building mechanics in a zombie survivor can work when you start carrying a reliable gun, effective melee and start breaking into buildings looting for goods and hiding from zombie hordes. But the game demands too much patience and tolerance from a player before it's entertaining.
  12. I quite enjoyed Blood 1 and 2. And the creepy soundtrack of The Chosen is pretty awesome. Personally I want to see a remake with mix of the two. I want extreme dark humour with inspirations from horror pop culture and nods to classics. Meanwhile I want the gore and killing to be questionably dark as well. Shooting zealots limbs off and having them scream about and zombies able to be shot apart, limb by limb (and heads kicked around). What I'm saying probably sounds way over the top, but I always loved Blood for its dark comedy style. Of course the gunplay and mechanics needs to really stand out too. Fluidity in movement is important and the kills must be satisfying. It's also important to have interesting levels with great decor within many of the beloved themes such as carnival, cemetery, churches, trains / networks, boats, snow etc to keep. I hope I'm not alone in this. I definitely would love this Blood to happen. btw, a couple years back wasn't there a small piece of news of many classic blood developers gathering again for a project?
  13. I don't know why, but Australia got John Wick 2 quite late. Anyway I watched that with my friends today. Great action and gunplay. However the plot, villains and pacing is not as good as the first. A good watch nonetheless.
  14. You ask a good but confronting question, Linguica. I mean, what if we really are machines but simply in organic form? What if by society standards us wage slaves are just self aware intelligent cogs? Deep stuff. I'm bored.
  15. Does most viewers truly hate Alien Resurrection that badly? It's holywood cliche and deviates from the atmosphere of the classic Alien but I find it a fun watch with good costumes.