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  1. Hard to say if that reflects the quality of the game in any way. If they essentially made an improved Stalker with new content and new maps I would be thrilled. If they included micro transactions with a heavy focus on multiplayer then that crosses the line.
  2. Stalker 2. And GSC had it in early production too.
  3. Being around shyer and more introverted people than myself turns me into a extrovert
  4. Dead by Daylight nearly every moment
  5. Doom is a prime example of old and dated still worth being appreciated. It has actually taught me that lesson. Also, Doom has helped me through many moments of boredom
  6. Triggered events motivates me to map, oddly enough. Since I could remember, sequences such as the introduction to the IOS in map 30 or the many mini moments in Half Life motivates me to create my own experiences. I'm also eager to see the player reaction when coming across them. Some people can find them too linear of an experience but I believe unexpected rare occurrences can keep a game fresh - until over played
  7. Remix of Clock Work Orange theme. Although its origin is Funeral of a Queen.
  8. Well fair enough but to me you're basically saying you do get annoyed by some map designs and won't play them but won't provide us an example. You're right though, anything can work - as long as it works
  9. Nope I know Valiant only has 1 slaughtermap. My primary point is the constant intensity of many Megawads for majority of the maps. Be it high monster counts or small lethal encounters.
  10. High difficulty and high pressure megawads. Since so many of us (especially the known mappers) are veterans of Doom, most large projects tend to focus on high monster count levels that really tests your reflexes, stamina and weapon prioritization. Don't get me wrong. These factors are mostly positive and helps prevent the experience from being stale but I get tired of their pacing. Give me smaller and easier gimmicky moments and make me aware when a big fight is going to happen. I don't want to clear a room with 100 monsters only to face another 100 in my very next fight or smaller encounters that are very difficult. And of course the following levels gets worse. Wait am I just whining about Slaughtermaps? But I suppose even megawads like Valiant get tiring.
  11. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9
  12. Haha I haven't made a single map without BD in mind. But maybe you never played a great one. I know I haven't. Sgt Marks is the best I can find.
  13. We may share a similarity there. I'm generally quiet and apparently have a serious face. Although I'm content and don't want to show anger or any negative emotions if possible.
  14. Oh I have more! Black & White could use another. Also I'm ready for another Fable.